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Death Curse_Curse a person to death quickly_Death Curse Picture

In the year when farmland responsibility was contracted, Hu Er bought a bay-red horse. One evening, Hu Er went to walk his horse outside the village. Suddenly a child emerged from the crop field. The bay-red horse was frightened and kicked up, hitting the child in the head, and then ran away.

Hu Er looked around and saw that there was no one else around. He was afraid that the bay red horse he had just bought would not recognize his home and run away. He left the child behind and chased in the direction of the bay red horse. He waited until he caught up with the bay red horse that was chewing grass by the roadside. While riding the horse, I was secretly glad that the scene just now was not seen by others. I was glad that the child kicked to the ground was not my son. He led the horse and deliberately made a big detour, and did not return home until dark.

As soon as he got home, he heard his wife say: "The life of Zhang Huai's son may not be saved."

Hu Er was taken aback and asked pretending to be surprised: "What disease is it?"

The daughter-in-law said: "I don't know who suffered a thousand blows and broke the child's head. When he was found, the child's head was covered with blood and he fell unconscious on the roadside. He was sent to the hospital."

Zhang Huai and Hu Er were originally in the same production team. One of the two families lived in the east of the village and the other in the west of the village. They had some contact with each other on both big and small matters. One year, Hu Er borrowed two liters of black beans from Zhang Huai for planting. When it was time to return the black beans after harvesting in autumn, Zhang Huai said he didn't want anything. To this day, he still owes Zhang Huai a favor. Zhang Huai has two daughters. He hid in Tibet and snatched such a precious son. If there were two shortcomings, Hu Er would be a sinner.

Death Curse_Death Spell Picture_Curse a person to death quickly

That night, Hu Er tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. At dawn, he sent his wife to the hospital to visit Zhang Huai's son. He looked at his son who was surrounding him, and the child always appeared in front of his eyes. The child was about the same age as his own son. He looked about three or four years old. He must have lost his way while working in the fields with Zhang Huai and his wife. He has been wondering whether he should take responsibility for the accident.

Hu Er's daughter-in-law came back from the hospital and kept sighing, saying that Zhang Huai's child had been in a coma. The life of Zhang Huai and his wife was hard enough. They had finally robbed a son, but even if they saved their lives, they would become a vegetative state.

Hearing the news brought back by his wife, Hu Er felt dizzy. He took advantage of the darkness and came to the scene of the incident again.

In the distance, he saw a fire shaking there, as if someone was there. When I got closer, I saw that it was Zhang Huai's daughter-in-law who was melting paper and calling out her son's soul. I heard her shouting in a hoarse voice:

"My son, Death Curse , please come back! Otherwise, tell mother who harmed you, and I will make that beast cut off his descendants!"

Hu Er suddenly got goosebumps when he heard this.

When he got home, Hu Er fell down on the kang, shivering all over from the cold.

Death Curse_Death Spell Picture_Curse a person to death quickly

Hu Er's daughter-in-law was frightened and quickly called the village doctor to treat Hu Er's illness. The village doctor took Hu Er's pulse, prescribed some cold medicine and asked him to take it. After Hu Er took the medicine, his condition not only did not improve, but worsened. His limbs were cold and he was talking nonsense, sometimes in the voice of an adult, sometimes in the voice of a child. Hu Er's daughter-in-law immediately realized that Hu Er had encountered an evil spirit, and hurriedly took the burning paper to the old site of the Earth Temple in front of the village to burn it. Whenever the villagers encountered evil, they would go there to melt the paper and pray for the blessing of the Earth God. Oddly enough, Hu'er's daughter-in-law had just walked halfway when it started pouring rain. By the time she got there, the burning paper was soaked and couldn't be lit at all.

Early the next morning, Hu Er's fever subsided and he came to his senses. His wife quickly made him his favorite dumplings and asked Hu Er, "Have you done anything bad?"

Hu Er lay on the kang and shook his head. When he was sober, he told himself that he could not admit it even if he died, because he was afraid of the expensive medical expenses and the endless burden on Zhang Huai's family in the future.

My daughter-in-law boiled a pot of water and cooked the dumplings. She looked around and couldn't find a grate to hold the dumplings on, so she hurried to a neighbor's house to borrow one. At this time, Hu Er, who was in the house, heard a noise coming from the stove and didn't pay attention. When his wife came back after borrowing the fence, he heard her heartbreaking cry: "It's not good, the child fell into the pot." It’s—”

It turned out that the son wanted to catch dumplings in the pot, but his foot slipped and he plunged into the boiling pot.

Hu Er rushed out of the house. He saw that his son had been burned beyond recognition, and his own fence was held in his little hand.

The sky is falling!

Death Curse_Death Spell Picture_Curse a person to death quickly

When Hu Er and his wife sent their son to the hospital, his son had already stopped breathing. Hu Er cried loudly, but suddenly he stopped crying. He thought of the word retribution. Could it be that this was really retribution?

After burying his son, Hu Er has been obsessed with it. At dusk that day, he accidentally arrived at the old site of the Earth Temple, sat down, and fell asleep. In his sleep, he saw an old man with a white beard, holding a whisk in his hand, walking towards him with a smile.

The old man said: "Hu Er, you don't dare to admit the evil things you have done. Have you received retribution?"

Hu Er said: "Old man, please give me some advice!"

The old man said that Hu Er was under a curse. There is a spirit three feet above the ground. Yesterday, Zhang Huai's wife's evil curse turned into a cloud of turbid air, which happened to hit a passing god. In order to resolve the turbid air, the passing god used a retribution, This turbid air enveloped Hu Er's body. As a result, Hu Er fell ill, lost his son, and would really have no descendants in the future.

After hearing this, Hu Er grabbed the ground with his head and burst into tears, asking the old man to solve the curse for him and give him guidance.

The old man twirled his beard and said, "There is one way to do it, and that is to accumulate virtue and do good deeds. In this case, there is still hope." After saying that, the old man disappeared.

Death Curse_Curse a person to death quickly_Death Curse Picture

When I woke up, it was midnight. Hu Er kowtowed in the direction of the Earth Temple and returned home. He did not think that what he was dreaming was a dream, but believed that it was a vivid reality.

From then on, Hu Er kept the old man's warning in mind and did good deeds in the village. He took care of the elderly who had no one to support him, and often helped some families in need. He also helped Zhang Huai and his wife seek medical advice. Five years later, Zhang Huai The son can also speak and recognizes Hu Er as his godfather.

This year, Hu Er's wife really gave birth to another son. The couple was afraid that their old tricks would happen again, so they kept a close eye on their son.

Ten years have passed in the blink of an eye, and the contracted fields in the village have undergone many changes. The former site of the Tutu Temple in front of the village happened to be assigned to Hu Ersili for farming.

It was the day of autumn harvest. Hu Er was cutting corn alone in the field, and it suddenly became dark. He lay down and wanted to rest his tired body. During this break, he became confused and had a short dream. The old man with the white beard appeared in front of him again.

The old man said: "Hu Er, have you forgotten what happened twenty years ago? Tomorrow is your son's death anniversary! If you want to save your son's life, you must remember that when you get up in the morning, you don't want your son to wear any clothes. Shoes. You have done a lot of good deeds over the years, and this is the last step to break the curse."

When Hu Er woke up, he was very puzzled. Hasn't that evil curse been broken yet?

Death Curse_Curse a person to death quickly_Death Curse Picture

He took the old man's words to heart.

Early the next morning, while his wife was making breakfast, Hu Er touched his sleeping son and put a shovel into the cooking stove.

The daughter-in-law asked puzzledly: "Hu Er, what kind of evil disease did you have that caused you to put the shovel in here and get in the way?"

Hu Er kept laughing.

At this time, the shovel in the stove was already red-hot. He looked at his sleeping son and suddenly stood up from the quilt with a sudden jerk and said he wanted to go to the ground. Soon enough, Hu Er shouted a death curse , pulled out a red-hot shovel from the stove, and patted his son's shoes on the ground. The son was frightened and sat on the edge of the kang.

The moment the shovel hit the shoe, Hu Er clearly saw a giant black scorpion crawling into his son's shoe. This is a highly poisonous scorpion unique to the local area. If it stings anyone, it will almost die.

Hu Er calculated with his fingers that it took him twenty years to resolve this evil curse. He looked at the happy son in front of him and took a breath of relief…

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