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Sisters ghost maple_Sisters haunted by ghosts_Ghost sisters


Late at night, with the cold wind blowing, Lianyi walked alone in the alleys of the ancient city. The ancient buildings were eerie and terrifying under the pale moonlight, making people feel numb.

Lianyi tightened his windbreaker and walked quickly towards the inn. Suddenly, an old and withered hand stretched out from behind Lianyi and grabbed Lianyi tightly. Lianyi almost screamed.

Lianyi looked back and saw an old woman. The old woman lowered her head, holding an ancient wooden comb in her hand, and said quietly: "Buy a comb!"

The old woman's strength was strangely strong. She held on to Lianyi tightly. Lianyi couldn't break free and had to panic and took out some money from her pocket and gave it to the old woman. Just as she was about to leave, the old woman grabbed Lianyi and stuffed the wooden comb into her clothes. in his arms.

Lianyi had no choice but to run away with the wooden comb. When Lianyi got out of the alley, he looked back and saw that the old woman had disappeared.

1. Nightmare

"Tick tock! Tick tock!" A sound like dripping water rang in his ears. Lianyi opened his eyes in a daze, only to find that the surroundings were dark.

The air was moist and decaying. When Lianyi reached out and touched it, he only touched the thick liquid and the cold stone wall. There was a faint light in the distance, and Lianyi cautiously walked towards the light source.

Stumbling to the exit, a thin woman dressed in white suddenly appeared in front of her. She squatted on the ground, her head buried in her knees, her shoulders shrugged, and a suppressed cry came from her mouth.

For some reason, Lianyi felt suffocated when she heard the girl's cry. That feeling made Lianyi unable to breathe.

Lianyi was about to step forward to comfort the girl, but the girl suddenly stood up, turned around suddenly, and glared at Lianyi fiercely.

Seeing the girl's appearance, Lianyi almost fell to the ground. Lianyi opened his mouth, but found that no sound came out.

The girl slowly approached the jumpsuit, which clung to the stone wall, unable to retreat.

The girl's eyes protruded and seemed to fall down in the next second, and blood flowed from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth. His face was black and blue, as if he had been poisoned.

At this time, Lianyi discovered to his horror that blood was flowing down the stone wall! There was a disgusting fishy and rotten smell all around.

The girl stretched out her eagle-claw-like hands and shook the jumpsuit crazily, "Sister, why, why!"

The girl's blood spurted onto Lianyi's face, and the violent shaking made Lianyi almost vomit and almost feel dizzy.

"Why!" The last shrill scream made Lianyi feel like his eardrum was about to be perforated.

"Dingle bell!" The familiar alarm bell woke up Lianyi.

Sisters haunted by ghosts_Ghost sisters_Sisters ghost maple

It turned out to be a dream!

Lianyi stood up and sat in front of the dressing table. She looked more and more haggard in the mirror. The room was in a mess, and Lianyi felt as if someone was staring at him in the dark. A cold air rose from the soles of his feet, threatening to engulf Lianyi.

On the table, the wooden comb lay quietly, seeming to be emitting a strange laugh.

Lianyi screamed and threw the wooden comb to the ground like crazy.

Since the old woman in the ancient city gave this wooden comb to Lianyi, Lianyi has thrown it away several times, but the next day, it will appear on the dressing table again. Lianyi even began to wonder if he had not thrown it away.

Lianyi was afraid of it, and Lianyi couldn't explain it clearly. When he saw it, he felt an inexplicable sense of panic.

After returning from a trip to the ancient city, Lianyi's life has never been peaceful. The nightmares have kept Lianyi out of shape at work.

She made many mistakes at work, and later she fainted for no apparent reason. The company gave her a month's leave and asked her to go home to see a doctor and recuperate.

Lianyi knew that if he continued like this, he would be fired soon. No matter how outstanding his performance was in the past.

"Ding dong!" The sound of the doorbell brought Lianyi back from her thoughts.

Lianyi quickly stood up and opened the door.

It's my neighbor, Grandma Wang.

Grandma Wang is a kind old lady. As soon as she entered the door, she took Lianyi's hand and said with a worried look: "My child, look at how pale you are. Even if something big happens, you can't live with your body." ah!"

"Grandma, I…" Lianyi was about to speak.

Grandma Wang interrupted Lianyi, "My child, grandma heard you crying in the room all night! Child, if you feel unhappy, just talk to grandma!"

"Grandma…" Lianyi's nose felt sore and she threw herself into Grandma Wang's arms and cried bitterly. Her nerves, which had been highly tense these days, also relaxed a little.

Under her grandma's persuasion, Lianyi decided to see a psychiatrist. Maybe there was something wrong with her psychology.

At least, now we can know why the room is in a mess every morning. According to Grandma Wang, maybe she is sleepwalking because of too much pressure!

There must be no ghosts in this world!

2. Ask for help

Sisters haunted by ghosts_Sisters ghost maple_Ghost sisters

In order to stop herself from having random thoughts, Lianyi decided to see a psychiatrist immediately.

The next day, Lianyi arrived on time at the clinic of Dr. Xing, a well-known psychiatrist in the city, who had already made an appointment.

The clinic is clean and tidy, and the decoration is warm and loving. It shows that the owner has put great care into it.

Dr. Xing is a kind-hearted uncle who always has a peaceful smile, which makes people feel inexplicably calm.

Dr. Xing asked Lianyi a few questions and decided to perform hypnosis on Lianyi to find out Lianyi's inner demons.

Lianyi sat on the chair and looked at the pocket watch swinging in front of his eyes. He felt sleepy and soon fell into a dream.

Lianyi had many dreams, but the images were too blurry and Lianyi could not see anything clearly. Just when Lianyi was about to open her eyes and take a closer look, Dr. Xing's cry woke her up.

Lianyi opened her eyes and was shocked. He was strangling Dr. Xing tightly. The doctor was about to die, so Lianyi quickly let go.

Doctor Xing suddenly fell to the ground, gasping for air.

Lianyi was about to step forward to help Dr. Xing, but Dr. Xing, who had always been gentle, suddenly lost his composure.

He knocked off the outstretched hand of the jumpsuit and shouted in horror: "Devil, go away!"

Lianyi was afraid that Dr. Xing would be too emotional, so she handed Dr. Xing to the nurse to make sure that he was okay and left.

Lianyi walked down the street in despair, maybe there really was a ghost! Could it be that he is really being haunted by an innocent ghost?

The terrifying woman in white in her sleep appeared in front of her eyes again.

Lianyi couldn't care about that much anymore. Although she had never believed in these theories about ghosts and gods, she could only give it a try now.

Lianyi called her friend Jian Mo. Jian Mo's grandmother was a witch. Jian Mo had been interested in these witchcraft since she was a child. After graduating from college, she traveled around to those weird towns, saying she wanted to catch ghosts.

Lianyi often laughed at her before, but now she had to use witchcraft that she least believed in.

Jian Mo got on the plane and flew over after receiving Lianyi's call.

That afternoon, Lianyi met Jian Mo.

Jian Mo was shocked when she saw Lianyi, "Lianyi, why do you look so ugly!"

Sisters ghost maple_Sisters haunted by ghosts_Ghost sisters

"Oh~ stop talking…" Lianyi told Jian Mo what happened in the past few days, including the mysterious old woman in the ancient city and the wooden comb that could not be thrown away.

In the evening, Jian Mo came to Lianyi's home, and Lianyi handed the wooden comb to Jian Mo.

Jian Mo took the wooden comb and looked at it for a moment, then said to Lianyi seriously: "Lianyi, there is a very resentful soul in this wooden comb. I need to figure out the grudge between you and her." To resolve her grievances.”

After speaking, Jian Mo took out various props from her backpack, including a mahogany sword, a Bagua mirror, various charms, and Buddhist beads.

Lianyi sits in a formation surrounded by candles. Jian Mo was chanting a mantra in her ears.

After a while, Lianyi found that he seemed to be floating up, passing through a white mist, and came to an antique mansion.

3. Previous life

Lianyi was standing on a winding corridor, and a sweet and pretty girl wearing a snow-white gauze skirt came towards her.

Lianyi was about to avoid it, but found that he had nowhere to hide. However, the girl didn't seem to notice him and actually passed through him.

"Du Lang." A clear, sweet yet very familiar voice sounded.

Lianyi saw the girl talking and laughing with a handsome boy dressed as a scholar. The girl's face was as bright as spring, and her big watery eyes were clearly filled with emotion.

I don't know why, but seeing this scene, Lianyi felt inexplicably uncomfortable. Obviously I don’t know them!

Lianyi heard the boy call the girl: "Lian Xin."

Lian Xin, Lian Xin, why is this name so familiar?

Lianyi felt like her head was about to explode, as if dusty memories were bursting out of the ground.

Lianyi squatted on the ground holding her head in pain. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a woman in ancient costume gently stroking the wooden comb given by the old woman.

Lianyi was horrified to find that the woman in ancient costume looked exactly like him.

Could it be that she is his previous life!

The woman's eyes were full of seeping hatred, with a vicious smile on her lips, "Lian Xin, don't blame your sister! Who told you to rob Du Lang from your sister? Du Lang can only belong to your sister. Hahaha!"

It turns out, that’s how it is.

Ghost sisters _Sisters ghost maple_Sisters haunted by ghosts

The woman's terrifying laughter made the jumpsuit feel like it fell into an ice cave.

Lianyi watched helplessly as Lianxin happily took the wooden comb and said with a sweet smile: "Thank you, sister!"

Lian Xin sat in front of the dressing table and picked up the wooden comb to comb her hair.

Lian Yi knew that the wooden comb was smeared with poison. If the wooden comb accidentally scratched even a little scalp, Lian Xin would die.

"No!" Lianyi shouted, about to step forward to stop him.

Lianyi grabbed Lian Xin's hand and Lian Xin turned around. Staring at Lian Yi fiercely, Lian Xin's originally sweet face was covered in black blood, and her eyes were wide open.

"Sister, why!" The shrill cry sounded again.

"Ah!" Lianyi screamed and woke up from his dream.

Lianyi almost lost her consciousness when she opened her eyes. She saw Lian Xin staring at her, her eerie face almost touching Lianyi's face.

Lianyi looked aside, searching for Jian Mo's figure. At this time, she could only rely on her, but she was horrified to find that Jian Mo had already fainted on the ground.

"Sister, why?" Lian Xin's face became more and more terrifying, like the bark of a thousand-year-old tree, and her eyes were bulging, as if they were about to burst in the next second.

Lian Xin's hands like eagle talons pinched Lianyi's neck hard. Lianyi tried to open Lian Xin's hand, but found that his strength was getting weaker and weaker, the air he breathed was getting less and less, and his head was extremely swollen. , Lianyi felt like she was going to die.

It was me who felt sorry for Lian Xin, but I didn't expect that in my previous life, I was such a vicious person, and he actually killed his own sister. Now, if you die in Lian Xin's hands, just treat it as Lian Xin's still alive!

Lianyi gradually stopped struggling, "Yes… I'm sorry, Lian Xin." A drop of crystal tears ran across Lianyi's cheek.

Seeing Lian Yi's tears, Lian Xin's mechanical eyes flashed with clarity, and finally shed a drop of turbid tears.

4. Afterlife

Lian Xin's hand suddenly let go and she yelled like crazy: "Sister, why?"

Lianyi collapsed on the ground, gasping for air.

Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder outside the window, and strong winds. Lianyi only saw the ghost sisters in white clothes stained with blood inside the house, Lian Xin's terrifying face dangled in front of his eyes, and Lian Xin's ear-piercing screams lingered in his ears.

"Ah!" A scream sounded, and Lian Xin fell to the ground, unable to move.

Sisters haunted by ghosts_Sisters ghost maple_Ghost sisters

Lian Xin glared at Jian Mo fiercely.

Jian Mo didn't know when he woke up, and when Lian Xin wasn't paying attention, he put a charm on Lian Xin's body.

"Lian Xin, sister, I'm sorry for you." Lianyi crawled in front of Lian Xin, tears falling to the ground.

Lian Xin, who couldn't move, seemed even more angry. There was a faint black energy surrounding his body, even with a little flame.

"Lian Xin, do you want to become an evil ghost who will never be reincarnated?"

Jian Mo shouted, "Look at yourself now."

The black energy in Lian Xin's body stopped deepening. She looked down at her terrible hands and started crying.

"Sister, why?" After a moment, Lian Xin suddenly raised her head and shouted, "I hate you, I hate you!"

The black energy on Lian Xin's body deepened rapidly, and the spell kept trembling, as if it would break in the next second.

The rain outside the window floated in and slapped on Lianyi's body, bringing a slight chill to her heart.

"Lian Xin, do you know that Du Sheng has died for you." Jian Mo saw something was wrong and shouted quickly.

"Du Sheng, he…he is also dead." Lianxin felt lonely for a moment, lowered his head and kept mumbling to himself. "Why, fool, fool…"

"Yes, you are the only one Du Sheng loves. Your sister, Lianyi, has already atoneed for her sins in her previous life as the Qingdeng Ancient Buddha." Jian Mo sighed softly, "Let go of your hatred! In the next life, you and Du Sheng will definitely be together. Together. No one will tear you apart again."

As soon as she finished speaking, the black energy on Lian Xin's body gradually receded, and a cloud of white mist came over. Lian Xin became the lively and innocent girl she once was.

She smiled sweetly and kept saying: "Du Lang, wait for me!"

Lianyi finally couldn't hold on anymore and fainted.

The next day, when Lianyi woke up, Jian Mo was sitting on the sofa aside and looking at her. The room was neat and tidy, as if everything that happened yesterday was just a dream.

"Lian Xin has left. She asked me to tell you that she no longer hates you."

"I'm sorry, Lian Xin." As he said that, Lianyi's tears fell again.

Lianyi stood up and placed the wooden comb that was still lying quietly on the dressing table in a beautiful wooden box.

"Lian Xin, sister, I'm sorry for you. In the next life, we can be sisters again, okay?"

A faint voice came from my ears: "Sister!"

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