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The eyes in the corner (6)

I took a breath and lit the lighter. When it was illuminated, the scene at that moment scared me so much that I put out the fire and stood there blankly.

"What's wrong!" The second uncle quickly ran to my side, looked at the darkness inside, and took out his lighter in confusion and lit a fire. At that moment, he was also stunned. The scene in front of me was indeed the same as yesterday. Grandma's body was hung high on the beam of the woodshed, shaking slightly…

"Impossible! I was at the mourning hall the whole time last night!" The second uncle took a few steps back nervously, his eyes trance-like.

At this time, I turned my head and looked at my second uncle who was at a loss, and gradually became suspicious of him. Last night, he and Xian Yuan were the only ones in the old house. He might have known that Xian Yuan had sneaked in and made Xian Yuan like this, but why was he only half dead? Wouldn't it expose himself? Also, he kept vigil at the mourning hall all night last night. Who else could move the body? If this wasn’t done by my second uncle, then it was really done by ghosts!

But there is still one thing missing in all things, and that is purpose. Perhaps if you know the purpose, you can understand everything. It would be nice if someone saw what happened here last night.

I turned my head to look at the calm pond and pondered. Suddenly I felt a chill on my back. I noticed a look looking at me in the darkness of the woodshed. I turned my head sharply, but it was still black. Grandma’s The body was still hanging inside. I didn't dare to go in and take a look. Maybe it was my imagination. With doubts, I slowly left here.

The atmosphere in the new house was a bit solemn. In the yard, the nannies and workers were all whispering. Everyone in the family stood anxiously at the door of Xianyuan's room. At this time, the doctor opened the door and came out.

"How is it?" the second uncle asked anxiously. I didn't know whether he was worried that Xianyuan was dead or not.

"He was fed a lot of pesticides. He's lucky to have persisted until now, but I don't know how long he can last. Find someone to watch over him. I'll come back tomorrow to take a look." The doctor shook his head and left.

Everyone walked in, and my second uncle walked at the front. I seemed a little uneasy.

"Hey, this child is so pitiful. He has lost his parents since he was a child, and now he is like this." Old Qian stood aside, his voice was hoarse.

"Let me take care of him. He has been in my house for so long and he can be considered half of my son." My mother couldn't bear to sit on the bedside and touched Xianyuan's face.

Everyone was depressed and scared.

"Then who will keep the vigil tonight?" Suddenly a childish voice broke the silence, it was Xiao Yang.

Everyone turned to look at her, and I suddenly remembered this question.

"I…did I say something wrong?" Xiao Yang looked a little nervous.

"It's better not to go before we find out more! We can't let anyone get into trouble again!" Lao Qian looked at everyone, his voice still hoarse.

"Why don't you go to the wake?" The second uncle glared at Lao Qian, but glanced at me slightly.

"I'll go! I agreed with Xian Yuan yesterday!" I said calmly. In fact, I was still a little scared. After all, I didn't know what would happen. "No, you can't go?" Mom looked panicked when she heard what I said.

"I'll be fine! My second uncle didn't go alone. Are you back well now?" I looked sideways at my second uncle.

"I'll go with you!" Xiao Yang suddenly stood up and said. It could be seen from her smiling face that she just wanted to play.

"Nonsense! You don't understand the rules!" The second uncle looked at Xiao Yang angrily.

"It's against the rules for me to go! Besides, I'll be scared alone!" I looked straight at my second uncle.

"Yes! I'm very brave!" Xiao Yang said seriously, completely ignoring her second uncle's glare at her.

"I won't let you go anyway!" The second uncle looked at Xiao Yang sternly and said.

Xiaoyang lowered his head, not daring to speak, and kept looking up at me, looking a little aggrieved.

"It seems like you shouldn't have the final say here!" I looked at my uncle sitting aside. He stared blankly at Xian Yuan on the bed, his eyes still looking very scared.

The atmosphere was a bit tense. My mother stood up and tugged at the corner of my clothes and told me to stop talking. I ignored her.

"The eldest brother is the father, this is also the rule!" I stood in front of my second uncle and whispered, then turned and walked towards my uncle.

The second uncle seemed to have no idea what to say.

"Uncle, let Xiao Yang and I go to the wake tonight." I looked at my uncle with a smile.

The uncle raised his head and looked at me strangely without speaking.

"If you don't ask us to go, grandpa will hang you up at night!" I leaned into my uncle's ear and whispered softly.

"Go! Go! You and Xiao Yang go to the wake!" The uncle's face was suddenly full of fear. This trick was indeed very effective, although I shouldn't scare him like this.

As if I had won the game, I stood up and looked at my disgraced second uncle with a smile. Xiao Yang standing aside looked very happy and made faces at me. What a silly girl, I didn’t know there was a purpose in taking her there.

"It's okay. Let's all get busy and prepare lunch. Just leave Arlene here alone." Lao Qian greeted everyone and exited the room.

"Take care of my daughter!" My second uncle moved to my side and whispered in a very serious tone.

"You are back safely, I think she will be fine too." I smiled strangely at my second uncle.

"Is my nephew doubting me?" The second uncle frowned and looked at me in surprise.

I sneered at him and didn't answer.

The second uncle looked at me for a while, shook his head helplessly, and left. My mother stood at the door and looked at me, looking uneasy. I nodded to her, smiled and left. When I left, I couldn't help but look back at the old house on the hill.

Regardless of whether my second uncle did this or not, tonight, I can finally enter the old house. Sometimes, I think, I am just an "outsider", why should I be so persistent on this matter? Maybe, what I care about is just the eyes in that corner.

The eyes in the corner (1)

Grandma passed away. I originally thought it was just a simple funeral. Unexpectedly, from the first day, I knew I was wrong. It was not that simple…

In the countryside, people seem to get up early to work. I was woken up by the noise outside the house, and stood sleepily at the door, watching relatives and nannies busy with the funeral, and I felt like an outsider. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that I am an outsider. This is the second time I have been to my grandma’s house. At that time, the new house had not been built yet, and we all lived in the old house on the mountain. So, I couldn’t help but raise my head, I looked at the old house halfway up the mountain that was blocked by a bamboo forest. It had been five years since the new house was built, but my grandmother had been unwilling to move in, so Qian Qian, who had been with her all her life, and several nannies stayed there to take care of her until she passed away yesterday.

In my childhood impression, the old house was very big, with a main room, a side room, a pool, and… and some strange things. When I was young, I didn’t know if I had seen it wrong. I told the adults that I saw an unknown woman hiding in the corner of the woodshed looking at me. At that time, my mother scolded me, and I didn't dare to say anything anymore, but at that time, my mother's eyes seemed to have a little fear. So, my mother, who originally planned to take me to stay for a few more days, hurriedly took me back to the city the next day and never took me back again.

"Hey!" Suddenly someone patted me from behind.

I turned around and saw a very ferocious mask, but as soon as I looked at the height, I knew who it was.

"Why aren't you scared?" Meng Xiaoyang took off his mask and looked at me strangely.

"How can a ghost raise his head and look at people?" I said with a smile.

"You're laughing at me again! I was taller than you when I was a kid! Don't you remember?" Meng Xiaoyang looked at me pretending to be angry and threw the mask to me.

I picked it up and looked at it. This distorted human face was indeed a bit scary. I never thought that my cousin would like to play with this kind of thing.

"Hey, it's not fun here. It's more interesting to live in the old house." Meng Xiaoyang looked at the mountain.

"Really? Don't you think it's spooky there?" I said with a yawn.

"No, it's a big place and there's a pool. Every summer I ask my classmates to catch lobsters together. Unfortunately, after the funeral, my father said that the door of the old house will be sealed to prevent entry." Xiao Yang Sorry to say.

"Why?" I asked puzzled.

"Leave it to grandma!" Xiao Yang deliberately lowered his voice, trying to scare me.

"You think it's a pity." I looked at him reluctantly.

"Yes, tonight it's our turn to keep a vigil, and my father won't let me follow!" Xiao Yang said unhappily.

"It's your turn? Was there anyone last night?" I was suddenly curious about the customs here.

"Yes, I haven't passed the first seven days. Someone has to watch every night. Last night was the first night. Of course it was the uncle, but it seems that he should come down now." Xiao Yang frowned in surprise.

Suddenly, there was a scream, breaking the tranquility of the morning. Everyone put down what they were doing and looked towards the old house on the mountain. My mother looked at me, I looked at my cousin, my cousin looked at my second uncle, and my second uncle looked at Xiao Yang. The three of us men quickly rushed to the back door, which was the only way to the old house halfway up the mountain. The door of the old house was unlocked, so we rushed in and were stunned for a while when we saw the scene in front of us. The uncle passed out on the ground, and in the middle of the mourning hall, grandma's coffin was opened! The lid was half on the ground. My cousin and I hesitated for a while and looked at each other. The second uncle rushed forward, looked inside the coffin, and looked back at us with a puzzled look on his face. If I guessed correctly, it's empty inside!

"Uncle! Uncle!" My cousin ran over, helped up the uncle on the ground, and shook him hard, but he didn't respond.

"Xian Kai was with him last night to watch the funeral!" The second uncle stood aside, frowning, and suddenly ran to the back room, and I ran after him. The door of the first room in the wing is open. This is a room specially cleaned for those who keep vigil every night. We walked in slowly and saw that the bed was empty, and we became more and more confused. At this time, other people in the family also rushed over.

Suddenly, I found a trembling quilt in the corner. The second uncle walked over slowly and pulled away the quilt.

"Ah! Ah!…" Inside was the eldest cousin Meng Xiankai. He shouted in fear and looked at the people around him in horror.

"Stop making noise! ​​What happened!" The second uncle knelt down, pressed Xian Kai's shoulders with both hands, and looked at him seriously.

"Mom! I saw my mother!" Xian Kai looked at his second uncle in panic and pulled up the quilt on the ground to cover his head.

The people in the room looked at me and I looked at you, with panic written on their faces. Because even I know that my aunt passed away a long time ago.

"Don't talk nonsense!" The second uncle pulled off Xian Kai's quilt and said to him in a low voice.

"I saw my mother! She opened the door and came in last night. She came to see me. She went out through that window! I was so scared! My mother died so miserably! It was full of blood!" Xian Kai cried in fear and pointed behind The window on the wall.

At this time, the second uncle stood up, and the mother and the second aunt walked to Xiankai to comfort him. We looked at the open window, the curtains were blowing in the wind, and there should be a pool outside. My cousin and I walked over. There was nothing unusual about the pool outside. At this time, I looked up and saw the woodshed on the other side of the pool! The door is slightly ajar. My nerves suddenly became tense, and I remembered the woman I saw when I was a child. She was there at that time.

"Old money!" The second uncle looked at the woodshed in the distance.

Qian Shengde came over in fear.

"When the house was sealed, the doors were all closed?" the second uncle said softly to Lao Qian.

Lao Qian nodded.

The second uncle thought for a while, looked at Xianyuan and me, and then walked out. We followed him and turned to the woodshed.

"It's okay! Let's all go back to the mountain to work. There are still a lot of things to do!" Old Qian greeted the confused people and walked back down the mountain.

The three of us walked slowly along the pond towards the woodshed. It was very quiet here, with the only sound coming from the toads in the pond. No one has been here for a long time. Long weeds have grown in the cracks of the gravel road. When I walk by, my pants scratch the weeds and make a continuous rustling sound.

Standing at the door of the woodshed, it was very dark inside. Xianyuan and I were a little worried. We stood at the door and hesitated for a while. The second uncle walked in without thinking, his leather shoes making a crackling sound as he stepped on the dry wood. After walking a few steps, the second uncle suddenly took a step back. His head seemed to hit something. We vaguely saw something shaking slightly. Just as the three of us were wondering, Xianyuan took out a lighter and lit a fire. , illuminating everything in front of you.

The sight in front of us made both of us speechless in horror. Even the bold second uncle was so frightened that he stepped back. What the second uncle came across was my grandmother’s corpse! At this time, "she" had a rope around her neck and was hung on the beam of the woodshed, swaying slightly…

Doubts, I am full of doubts, who would do such a thing? How much hatred does one have to do such a thing? I looked carefully at the woodshed. Could it be the "her" I saw then?

The eyes in the corner (2)

Grandma was moved back to the coffin in the main room with great difficulty by her second uncle and Lao Qian. They closed the coffin lid and hammered a few more nails on it. Xianyuan and I just stood aside and watched, not daring to make any move. Afterwards, the courtyard door of the old house was locked by Lao Qian, and we hurried back down the mountain.

All the relatives sat in the living room of my second uncle's house, and the curtains were drawn. Through the gap, I saw the nannies and workers outside the house whispering. Lao Qian was the only outsider in the house, and compared to my understanding of this family, I was actually more like an outsider. Everyone looked solemn and the atmosphere was very quiet, as if no one wanted to break the silence.

I closed my eyes, and what I saw just now was vivid in my mind. From time to time, the unknown woman I met when I was a child flashed through my mind. She couldn't be the "mom" my silly cousin mentioned, right? I touched my forehead and tried to wake myself up. There are no ghosts in this world! It must have been done by someone! Who would do such a thing?

I looked at everyone in the room carefully. My uncle was huddled on the sofa, his eyes a little dull. I heard that since my aunt died, he occasionally had intermittent mental abnormalities and was afraid of everything he saw. The person hiding under the quilt just now was the uncle's son Meng Xiankai. He was born with a mental retard. From his eyes, it could be seen that what he saw last night frightened him. He was very dependent on his uncle, so there was nothing the second uncle could do last night. That's why I took him with me to watch the wake.

My second uncle and his wife sat directly opposite me, with the gloomiest expressions on their faces. They are the backbone of the family and they take care of all the business. Their daughter Meng Xiaoyang sits behind them and snickers at me from time to time. She is really a little girl who doesn’t know the heights of the world, even though she is only two years younger than me. .

Meng Xianyuan, who was sitting by the door, lit up a cigarette absentmindedly. He was the son of his third uncle. He lived in my house when he was studying in the city, so I was very familiar with him. His third uncle was unfortunately killed when he went to sea a few years ago. Because of this, One thing, Xian Yuan seems to be somewhat separated from his second uncle.

My mother sat next to me, her expression looking very uneasy. She was my grandmother’s youngest daughter, but it seemed that because she married my father, my grandmother had never paid attention to her, and she rarely came back. But I think the reason for not coming back seems not that simple.

Standing behind the uncle is Qian Shengde. He has followed his grandmother to this home for fifty or sixty years since she married her grandfather. Grandma trusts him very much and leaves almost all trivial matters to him. I think he should know the most.

"Brother, do you really remember nothing? Who knocked you unconscious?" The second uncle looked at the elder uncle seriously.

The eldest uncle raised his eyes slightly, looked at the second uncle, and shook his head in confusion.

"We really shouldn't let them go to the funeral. Now we don't know what happened, and they are causing gossip." Xianyuan blew out the smoke coldly, looked at the uncle and his son, and shook his head. Xianyuan said this It was for my second uncle.

"These are all rules!" the second uncle said coldly.

"Rules? According to the rules, the person in charge of going to sea in the family should be in descending order, right?" Xianyuan glanced at his second uncle.

"Now let's think about who did this! Don't talk nonsense!" The second aunt held down the second uncle's legs.

"I don't think this was done by humans!" Mom suddenly spoke, as if she had been deep in thought for a long time.

Everyone turned to look at her in surprise.

"Arlene, don't talk nonsense!" The second uncle glared at his mother.

"I think my aunt is right! Who would want to do such a thing? You can't do it! Carrying a corpse in the middle of the night? You're scared to death even if you're exhausted!" Senyuan stood up and walked to my mother's side.

"It's mom, mom is carrying grandma…" Silly cousin Xiankai said without thinking, eating candy in his mouth.

The uncle immediately covered Xian Kai's mouth and turned his head to look at everyone in fear. "That woodshed has killed people, you don't know it!" Mom turned her head and looked straight at Lao Qian, her eyes trembling.

"That female thief? She fell to death when she climbed the wall to escape after stealing something. That happened when we were children." The second uncle said in confusion.

The others looked confused. It seemed that only my mother and second uncle knew, and the eldest uncle and Lao Qian should also know.

"Really? If you don't have deep hatred, why would you do such a thing as whipping corpses?" Mom looked straight at Lao Qian and said coldly.

I looked at Lao Qian in confusion. He had no expression or looked at anyone. Why was my mother looking at him like this? Was it just casual?

"Arlene, do you know anything?" the second uncle asked strangely, and everyone looked at my mother curiously.

"It's okay, let's not discuss it anymore. It's time to prepare for the noon banquet. Don't delay the business." Mom forced a smile, stood up and opened the door.

Everyone looked puzzled, and those outside the house also looked puzzled when they saw the door open. The second uncle thought for a moment and then walked out of the door, followed by the others.

"Did you see it too?" Xianyuan walked to me and whispered.


"Your mother looks at Lao Qian a little strangely." Xianyuan said suspiciously.

I nodded and looked at the old man working from a distance, with an indescribable feeling.

"There must be something wrong with this old guy. Only you can ask me about it now." Xiankai patted my scared shoulder, looked at me with a smile, and walked out of the door.

I suddenly felt that there were many secrets in this family that we little ones didn’t know. My mother must have thought of something just now. Why did she want to say it but refused to say it? Could it be related to something I saw when I was a child? The woman they were talking about…

The eyes in the corner (3)

The crowd finally dispersed, and the noon banquet seemed very long because I was eager to know some answers. Everyone drank some wine and seemed to have forgotten what happened today.

I walked up to the second floor of the new house and went straight to the lowest-end mother's room to ask questions.


Suddenly, I heard a very low voice calling me. I looked around and found that it was my uncle. He opened the door slightly and stood in the room looking at me. I walked over in confusion.

"I won't tell them! They are not trustworthy. You are from a foreigner, so I will tell you that I know who did it!" The uncle stuck his head out, looked around, and said in a low voice.

I also looked left and right, and moved closer to hear it clearly.

"It's your grandpa!" The uncle's voice sounded scared.

"Grandpa?" I looked at my uncle in surprise, because grandpa died when they were very young. The uncle looked a little at a loss. What he said seemed to be true, but it also seemed that he was ill again.

"He hates your grandma!" My uncle said seriously when he saw that I didn't believe it.

"Why?" My voice was a little urgent.

"I…I can't say, I don't know!" The uncle's eyes suddenly became dull again, and he slowly began to close the door.

"Uncle, I'm not finished yet!" I blocked the door with my hand.

"No, I still want to keep vigil. He…he will hang me up too!" The uncle retreated into the house in fear.

"Qingyuan!" I was about to walk in when I heard my mother calling me at the door of her room. Maybe I spoke a little too loudly and she heard me.

I was startled and found that my mother's expression was serious. I slowly walked towards her.

"Don't discuss extreme issues with your uncle, he will get sick." My mother whispered to me.

"He's telling me who did it!" I looked at my mother seriously.

"What nonsense did he tell you?" Mom walked back to the room without paying attention.

"I also think he is talking nonsense, but I want to know more, who is the person you are talking about?" I stood outside the door looking at my mother expectantly.

Mom suddenly froze and turned to look at me, thoughtfully.

"Can you tell me the 'ghost' you are talking about? Is it the one I saw when I was a child?" I frowned.

"I also saw her when I was a child. She died miserably in that woodshed." My mother lowered her head and recalled.

"You saw how she died, right? So you're afraid that I'll see something terrible? Who is she?" I asked eagerly.

Mom thought for a while and shook her head.

"She shouldn't be a thief, right?" I asked.

Mom raised her head and looked at me, still silent, but her expression told me that my guess was right.

I know there are many things my mother still doesn’t want to tell me, and I can’t force her. I closed the door for her and let her take a good lunch break.

I thought that woman must have some kind of connection with my grandmother, and it was a bad connection. The female thief's statement must have been what the family told the outside world at that time. That woman's death was most likely related to her grandmother or her grandfather. The point is, what relationship was it?

I stood on the balcony alone and looked at the old house in the distance. Perhaps, you can learn more by going there. If possible, you can ask her "person".

"Qingyuan!" Just as I was deep in thought, my cousin waved to me eagerly from downstairs, motioning for me to come over. He seemed to have something to tell me…

The eyes in the corner (4)

I walked downstairs quickly, and Xian Yuan stood at the top of the stairs waiting for me.

"Did your mother tell you anything?" Xianyuan asked eagerly.

"She said there is a ghost there! I saw it when I was a child! She also saw it! Do you believe it?" I sounded a little unconvinced.

"What else?" Xianyuan didn't seem to care much about ghosts.

"No, she seems to have a lot of things she doesn't want to say. I think it's for my own good that she doesn't tell. This matter should be quite complicated." I shook my head.

"I suddenly thought of something just now. I think it is related to someone." Xianyuan looked at me seriously.

I looked at Xianyuan curiously.

"Don't you think the second uncle is suspicious? He was scared half to death in the woodshed in the morning, and when he and Lao Qian resisted the corpse, he was so natural, just like resisting flour. What kind of strength can Lao Qian's body have? It's all two Bo is resisting, so in the same way, he alone can move the body from the main room to the woodshed, and then cover it up with ghosts." Xianyuan said with certainty.

"Then why did he do this?" I didn't believe it. Maybe it was Xianyuan's prejudice against his second uncle.

"Everyone knows that he is very capable, but what's the use of being capable? Grandma's least favorite son is the second uncle. Grandma's last words are very clear. There are only 20% of the second uncle, and 60% of the crazy uncle. The second uncle knows Are you willing?" Xianyuan said disdainfully.

"Doesn't this mean he did it?" I was still very doubtful.

"This matter may have an ulterior motive, or it may just be revenge. He must have a series of plans next, for property! Deal with the uncle, deal with me! And maybe you!" Xianyuan became more and more sure.

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What Xianyuan said seemed to make some sense. I turned my head and saw my second uncle discussing something with Lao Qian over in the kitchen from a distance.

"Your mother should know something. Why didn't she say anything this morning? She must have some concerns. The concerns definitely don't come from grandma, because everyone is dead, and the only person who can make her worry is the second uncle, right?" Yuan saw that I was still a little skeptical and continued to add.

"Why don't we think about it first? What did Xiankai say about seeing his 'mother'? Just now I heard my uncle tell me…" I want to change the topic.

"Grandpa did it, right? He started saying that a long time ago!" Xian Kai said disdainfully.

I suddenly felt stupid. It turned out that my uncle was really talking nonsense, and I still believed it.

"You would believe it even if you were a fool or a lunatic. Maybe Xiankai thought the fluttering curtains were ghosts?" Xianyuan smiled. "I think we should confirm it, there's no point in guessing!" I saw my second uncle in the distance noticed that we were chatting.

"How to prove it?" Xianyuan asked curiously.

"Come!" I pulled him towards the direction of my second uncle.

"Don't you guys take a nap at noon?" The second uncle looked at the two of us.

"Second uncle, Xianyuan and I want to go to the wake with you tonight, aren't you alone?" I said with a smile.

Xianyuan was a little unhappy that I mentioned him and slapped me with his hand.

"You should stay here, and I should go alone." The second uncle looked at us both suspiciously.

I was a little disappointed and looked up at the old house on the hill.

"You can go with Xian Yuan tomorrow night. He is timid and will be alone then." The second uncle said with a mocking tone and walked into the kitchen.

"Why mention me!" Xianyuan looked at me angrily and walked back to the new house, and I followed him back.

"I really want to go and see it, although I'm a little scared." I walked up to Xianyuan and said.

"How did you guess that I was going to go tonight?" Xianyuan suddenly turned his head and smiled strangely at me.

"Aren't you tomorrow night? Huh? Are you going to sneak in tonight?" I said in surprise.

"I have already planned to go in, but there is no one there during the day and it is all locked." Xianyuan looked at the mountain.

"Isn't that appropriate?" I looked at him cautiously.

"There's nothing inappropriate. I'm going to see what this guy is doing in there tonight. Let's go together tomorrow night!" Senyuan patted my arm.

"This…" I was still a little worried.

"Okay, don't think about it. I'm going to bed first. You can go and get some sleep too. See you tomorrow!" Xianyuan smiled at me, turned around and ran up the stairs.

I always feel that this matter is not what he said, at least not that simple. Xianyuan may have been influenced by his own subjective emotions, so he persistently doubted his second uncle. Maybe the people related to this matter are still hiding somewhere?

Suddenly, for some reason, the ghost mother was free . I looked at Xianyuan's leaving figure, and I felt a little uneasy for no reason, as if I would never see him again…

The eyes in the corner (5)

When I woke up, it was already past four in the afternoon. Somehow, the more confused my thoughts were, the easier it was to fall asleep. I stood on the balcony and saw that dinner was already being prepared in the kitchen in the distance – it was really early to eat in the countryside.

The second uncle put on his mourning robe and started preparing things for the night vigil. Strangely enough, when I saw my uncle in the old house in the morning, he didn't seem to be wearing a mourning robe, but this might just be an accident.

I walked downstairs and didn't find Xianyuan. His door is also closed. Maybe he is hiding somewhere waiting to sneak into the old house, or maybe he has already entered.

"Where did Xianyuan go?" My second uncle suddenly stood behind me, startling me.

"He… he seems to have gone to town?" I said casually.

"He told you that? Maybe he went to do ghosts again?" The second uncle looked at my ghost mother for free , and couldn't help but look at the mountain.

"Are you doubting Xian Yuan?" I whispered.

My second uncle smiled weirdly at me, said nothing, turned around, picked up his backpack and walked towards the old house.

Looking at the second uncle's retreating back, I felt that he was suspecting that Xianyuan was responsible for the incident. Thinking about Xian Yuan's reasoning at noon, his guess about his second uncle seems to apply to himself. He has made a lot of efforts in business over the years, but the property he received is less than that of his second uncle. He is also very unhappy. I'm glad to see my uncle get so much. But Xian Yuan is very familiar with me. He should not be such a person, but money can often change people. Could it be that one of them directed and acted in this matter? What's the purpose? Are there no ghosts? But my mother’s tone seemed to be very sure that it was the female ghost who did it! Thinking of that look in the corner of the woodshed when I was a child, I want to see that ghost again more and more.

I still know too little now, everything is like loose sand, making it difficult for me to sleep at night. I hope that when Seoyeon comes back tomorrow, he can tell me some new discoveries.

The sunlight filtering into the room slowly woke me up. It was already nine o'clock! I don't know why I feel so sleepy all of a sudden. I quickly got up and rushed to Xianyuan's room. The door was still locked. I knocked on the door and called him, but no one answered. I ran downstairs and saw that my second uncle had come back and was sitting in the living room drinking tea, but there was no sign of Xianyuan.

"Are you looking for Xian Yuan? Lao Qian said he didn't come back all night!" The second uncle glanced at me and continued drinking tea.

I was a little uneasy. I thought something might have happened to Xianyuan, so I turned around and ran to the kitchen. "Old Qian, give me the key!" I said breathlessly.

"What?" Lao Qian was confused.

I didn't have time to explain to him. When I saw the bunch of keys on his waist, I pulled him over and Lao Qian fell to the ground. I took the key and ran up the mountain quickly, opened the door of the old house and rushed in.

Grandma's coffin was still well placed in the main room. I rushed to the side room. It was clean inside. My second uncle probably didn't come in to sleep last night. The window was still open yesterday morning and the curtains were fluttering in the wind. I slowly Go to the window.

The pond was still so calm. I raised my head and saw the woodshed from a distance. The door was still slightly open. I frowned. I remembered that they seemed to have locked it yesterday! Suddenly, I saw from a distance that there seemed to be a head sticking out from the ground between the door. Is that Xianyuan?

"What are you doing!" At this time, everyone else came to the old house panting, standing at the door of the wing, looking at me in surprise.

I ignored them, rushed away from the people standing at the door, and ran towards the woodshed. Getting closer and closer, I clearly saw Xianyuan’s face! I pushed open the door of the woodshed, but it was still dark inside. I didn't dare to look inside, so I quickly dragged Xianyuan out. He seemed to have passed out, but his breathing was very weak.

"A Yuan!" I leaned him against the stone and pressed his philtrum hard.

He suddenly opened his eyes wide and stared at me in horror. I was startled and fell to the ground.

Slowly, I realized that he seemed not to be looking at me, but at the woodshed, and his eyes seemed to be getting more and more frightened.

"A Yuan! A Yuan! Tell me, who made you do this! What did you see!" I stepped forward and patted his face, saying eagerly.

At this time, he suddenly began to foam at his mouth and passed out again. No matter how much I screamed, he didn't wake up.

Everyone rushed over and looked at the scene in front of them. Their faces were full of fear and confusion. Xianyuan was quickly carried back by several people.

I stood up and stared blankly at the woodshed. It seemed to be shrouded in something terrifying. I pondered for a while and found one thing that I had ignored since yesterday – the light outside. So good, why was it so dark inside just now?

I swallowed and slowly walked towards the woodshed. From time to time, I remembered the look I saw in my childhood.

"Qingyuan!" My second uncle stood not far away and called me uneasily. Perhaps what happened in the past two days made him feel that this woodshed was a bit strange.

I stood at the door of the woodshed, took out a lighter attached to Lao Qian's key, and prepared to light up the inside. etc! I suddenly hesitated, and the coffin of my grandmother in the main room flashed through my mind. Would I see the same scene as yesterday?

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