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Stop struggling, I won't let you go. A voice remembered behind Amu. Heart? Amu was stunned there, and slowly turned around. He looked in the direction of the sound. There was no one there, only a dark light bulb, about the same size as a 40-watt household light bulb. However, the sound was clearly the heart.

Heart, is it you? Where are you? Amu was floating on the water, looking around and pulling around. I am right in front of you. Following the waves pulled by Amu, the light bulb floats up and down, slowly emitting a faint blue light. The light is getting stronger and stronger, making Amu unable to open his eyes.

Amu, you are finally here. Where is your Xiaoying? Hahahaha, the light bulb suddenly became bright with a long laugh, like a searchlight during construction at a construction site, illuminating the stagnant pool. As the lightbulb turned on, the water in the billabong suddenly rose with strong winds, rolling waves, and tightly surrounded Amu. A very powerful force formed around it, rolling up the water into a whirlpool.

Amu was swirled into the whirlpool. The current was so fast that Amu couldn't see everything in front of him. The water had already submerged Amu's whole body, and he was about to sink to the bottom of the pool. "No? Xin, let him go." A voice sounded in the bamboo forest. The light bulb suddenly dimmed, the water gradually became quieter, the whirlpool subsided, and Amu was spit out of the water.

Xiaoying? The lightbulb let out a long cry. You are finally here, hahaha, you still can’t let go of him, you still can’t let go of him. After a moment of frantic silence, the lightbulb began to spin on the water surface again. With the intensity of the rotation, the water surface stirred up waves again, and Amu, who was still awake, was tossed into a new whirlpool by the water waves.

No, heart, don't be like this, it was an accident, no one wanted to harm you. You have killed my son, what more do you want? Over the years, I have kept my name anonymous because I don’t want to mention the past anymore. Now that Amu is here, you are making trouble again. Why?

The lightbulb gradually subsided, the water waves stopped fluctuating, and the water surface returned to calm. The light bulb floats slightly up and down on the water surface with the water waves. Amu gradually woke up and heard Xiaoying's voice vaguely.

Xin, that day, you tied me to a bamboo, carried me here, and wanted to immerse me in a stagnant pool. I really didn’t blame you. I knew you loved Amu, so you wanted me to die. We have been good friends for many years. Sister, I have never blamed you for seducing Amu. I still regard you as a good sister. Please indicate "Haunted House Ghost Story" when reprinting.

Bah, do you think I'm a good sister? But it was me who died in the end! It was you who killed me, it was you. The lightbulb spun in the water, spinning faster and faster, spinning as hard as it could, as if trying to spin all the water away, and the splashing water hit Amu's face. Amu shouted into the depths of the bamboo forest, Xiaoying, are you not dead? The white shadow deep in the bamboo forest shook slightly.

Amu, listen to me. Xiaoying walked to the edge of the pool and pulled Amu up. Amu sat next to Xiaoying, breathing heavily. Amu, after I saw you being drunk with her and you were pregnant, I left you and wanted to never appear in front of you again.

Unexpectedly, you drove away my heart, and I haven’t heard from you since. Later, the heart came back here, found me, and apologized in front of me. But at that time, we here could never tolerate a woman who had no husband but was pregnant with a child. I originally thought that the heart really knew what was wrong. , but I didn’t expect that she wanted me to die.

Humph, you deserve to die. Ever since we were young, you were better than me in everything. I was by your side, your maid, and listened to you in everything. You were better than me in everything, and I tolerated it, but you Falling in love with Amu, don’t you know that I fell in love with him first? he's mine! The light bulb in the water swayed rapidly up and down.

Heart, I'm sorry. Xiaoying lowered her head. Amu looked at the light bulb in the water and Xiaoying next to her. Her head felt so swollen that it hurt.


Zhao Lin is a carpenter who often comes back from the dusty night in the middle of the night. On this day, he was passing by the stagnant bamboo forest while carrying a saw on his back and humming a tune. I heard that this place is haunted and you will be haunted by ghosts if you go in at night. Zhao Lin was a little skeptical. Who believes in ghosts in this day and age? It’s an era of advanced science and technology, and the Shenzhou has gone to heaven, but are there still ghosts? Do not believe.

A village woman was carrying a pole with sold-out cakes. She saw a tall and burly man looking into the bamboo forest from a distance. It was haunted there. This man had something wrong with his brain. What was he looking at? The village woman was just thinking about it, but unexpectedly, this eight-foot man got into the bamboo forest carrying a saw.

It was very dark in the forest, and there were bamboos one after another. It was difficult to walk, and the soles of the feet were soft and soft. It was obvious that no one came there usually. Of course, who would come to this ghost place with nothing to do? I walked around but didn't find anything. I turned on a lighter and saw some garbage. There were worn-out clothes and shoes, someone's broken toilet, and those scraps of metal. It seemed like this was a garbage station. .

Zhao Lin lit a cigarette, put down the saw, leaned on a bamboo, and looked towards the stagnant pool deep in the bamboo forest. Um? It's quite beautiful there. The moon shines on the water, and there are sparkling waves that sway with the wind. It's quite quiet. Why is it so haunted? It's all bullshit, I don't believe it.

Zhao Lin rushed to the stagnant pool in two steps, squatted down, grabbed a handful of water, and splashed it on his face. The water was very cold, as if he couldn't get the sun all day long, but the temperature in summer was as biting as in winter. This pool was really It's stagnant water. No wonder no one comes. It doesn't have oxygen. It can't flow away or flow in. It's weird that it doesn't feel cold.

Zhao Lin waited for a long time, but there was no movement. He blew out the cigarette, cursed mother, picked up the saw, turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly there was a bright light behind him, making Zhao Lin's shadow stretch very long in the bamboo forest. His grandma, it’s so late at night, which other construction site has searchlights turned on?

Zhao Lin turned around and was stunned.

On the water, there was a lamp floating with no lampshade and only a bulb. The bulb looked like the 40-watt bulb usually used at home, but the light from it was like a searchlight at a construction site. The light was white and dazzling. Zhao Lin squinted and looked hard. The light bulb was still swimming along the water, floating up and down.

Zhao Lin suddenly became frightened, and a chill crawled up his back. The light gradually became weaker, and Zhao Lin could not move his legs. He opened his mouth wide, but could not shout. The light changed from white to cyan, flickering and appearing slowly. Slowly it turns gray again, looming, and finally only a faint blue remains like a phosphorus fire, wrapping the entire bulb and swimming slowly along the water.

Can this lamp, this, this, this water be electrified? Oh my god.

Zhao Lin closed and opened his eyes. The lights were gone. The water was empty and terrifyingly quiet. It was like he had entered another world, where only he and the endless emptiness were left. Feet, feet, my feet, Zhao Lin began to tremble all over, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead one by one. Oh my god, there is really a ghost.

My feet can move, I can move. Zhao Lin ran away without using the saw. He ran all the way home, closed the door and locked it. In the hot summer, he hugged the quilt and got inside, shivering.

It was late at night and there was no movement. It was very quiet outside and quiet inside the house. Zhao Lin didn't dare to say anything. Are you okay? Is it an illusion? Or who is pranking? Are you trying to scare me? Zhao Lin's mind gradually calmed down, he collapsed on the quilt, curled up into a ball, and began to feel sleepy.

"Creak…" The sound of opening the door.

Zhao Lin's muscles all over his body tightened, and his mind was filled with mush. Oh my god, my god…


Three people died in three days, which is really evil. Amu was sitting at home smoking a cigarette. The first one, Zhao Lin, was an older bachelor and a tall man. He died in the quilt with a fierce expression on his face, as if he had seen a ghost. He was scared to death. The second one was a young man from the Zhang family. Fourth, Fourth Gouzi was only sixteen years old. He also died at home. His face was as fierce as a ghost. He looked like he had seen a ghost and was frightened to death?

Amu smoked a cigarette, stood up, stomped to the entrance of the village, and lifted the cloth covering the face of the third deceased again. This old man was also pitiful. He died in the same way. His family members all carried him out and threw him out. What a bad luck. What's going on?

Aunt Liu said that when she came back from selling cakes three nights in a row, she saw that the three of them had entered the backwater bamboo forest. Could it really be related to the legend? Amu, threw down the piece of cloth that covered the dead person, stood up, and walked straight to the village neighborhood committee.

"Secretary Gao, I would like to inquire about the origin of the stagnant bamboo forest at the entrance of our village." Amu is a foreigner and has only lived in Hetan Township for three months. When he came here, he didn't hear much about the strange things about the stagnant bamboo forest. , there seems to be something unusual these two days.

"Mr. Sun, we know that you prefer to study these strange phenomena, but we really have nothing to say." Gao Weimin didn't seem to have any inclination to tell him. Amu knew that asking further would be useless, so he simply smiled and left.

"Is Mr. Sun at home?" There was a woman's voice outside the door.

"Who? Come in," Sun Chengmu came to his senses, stood up and opened the door.

"Oh, it's Liu's sister-in-law. What's the matter?" Amu saw Liu's sister-in-law standing at the door. She said at the entrance of the village in the morning that she had seen the three deceased people entering the bamboo forest. She had a grimace on her face, and half of her face looked like it had been I've been injured by sharp objects, and it's really ugly.

"Mr. Sun, that forest and water are haunted. You must not go there. If you die, you will die. They are asking for it. Why go?" Liu's sister-in-law said in a very serious and very serious tone. She looked worried, but there was a deserved look in her eyes.

"Oh, Sister-in-law of the Liu family, do you know anything?" Amu looked like he had caught a life-saving straw in the vast ocean, his eyes shot straight towards Sister-in-law Liu.

"Haha, I don't know. I only know that anyone who has entered the forest or seen anything in the water will die." Mrs. Liu said, turned around and left.

Just leave like that? Hello? Aren't you teaching me to hang myself? I came uninvited, thinking I would say something, but it turned out to be foggy again. What is hidden in this stagnant bamboo forest? ghost? Is there really a ghost? I have been cheating in the world for so many years, but I have never seen a ghost. I really want to see what kind of ghost this is? Male ghost? Female ghost? Or some kind of ghost who is neither male nor female?

Amu was so angry that Mrs. Liu was so angry that she slammed the door, lit a cigarette, and sat down again, recalling twenty years ago in her mind.

"Amu, I hate you, I will never let you go even if I die." The words that are still fresh in my memory were left behind when she left. If I hadn't been young and ignorant, how could I have hurt her? Amu smoked deeper, blew out the smoke rings, and watched them disintegrate in mid-air.

"I'm going to take a look, I have to figure it out." Amu's eyes suddenly became empty, as if there was endless sadness in them.

I must understand that I can't go on like this. Now that I'm here, now that I've come to the backwater bamboo forest, now that the truth is about to surface, I can't give up. I can't just watch more people die innocently.

Amu shook off the cigarette and opened the door. It was very late at night and he couldn't see the road ahead. Amu didn't look back and walked towards the entrance of the village.

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Amu came to the stagnant bamboo forest with dull eyes. It was peaceful here, as if the night had just arrived, comfortable and tranquil. Amu looked around, but there was no movement. Xiaoying, I'm here, wait for me.

Amu rolled down and reached the edge of the stagnant pool. The water was very quiet, without even a ripple . The water was terrifyingly calm. Amu squatted down and picked up a handful of water. The water slipped between his fingers. Go down.

Xiaoying, I know you hate me, but you can't harm others. I've been here for three months and you killed three people. They were all innocent. Why did you do this? It's me you want, why don't you let them go?

Amu's eyes were full of guilt. They were killed by him because of his own sins. Just as tears welled up in Amu's eyes, a thin mist rose from the water surface of the stagnant pool. The fog slowly spread in all directions. Amu stood up straight and watched the fog cover him bit by bit.

The fog, like the falling snow, soon hid all Amu's sight. Amu seemed to have come to a world of ice and snow. It was completely white inside. He couldn't see anything but white. Amu looked around. , nothing, deathly silence.

Suddenly, a door popped up directly in front of Amu. The door was made of wood and looked tattered. As the door appeared, the surroundings were like a mirage, with many images of ghost sisters and many people appearing. Men, women and children, many houses, and then heard noisy sounds.

People gathered in a circle. There were so many people. It was so noisy that you couldn't hear what was said. The lights in every house were dim and you couldn't see clearly what people were surrounding. Suddenly, someone emerged from the crowd. Amu saw her. It was her. , is the heart, why is she there?

Amu rubbed his eyes and saw what Xin was saying to a middle-aged man. Why did that man look so familiar? Amu took a closer look, why did he look so similar? picture? he? Oh my god, why does he look so much like the third deceased? That old man? Could it be that he is the old man's son? Amu rubbed his eyes again.

Heart, what is the heart saying to him? Amu squinted his eyes and pricked his ears, but he couldn't see or hear anything clearly. At this moment, the man who looked like an old man waved his hand, and the commotion of the crowd immediately stopped. People dispersed to both sides in twos and threes. Amu stared hard and looked into the gap where people stepped aside.

A woman in a white skirt lowered her head and sat on the ground. Her back was shaking. It was obvious that she was injured. If you guessed correctly, she was beaten by the group of people just now. Were they beating a woman? Amu was shocked. The man who looked like an old man walked up to the woman in the white skirt.

She raised her head, Xiaoying? Amu rushed forward in panic, stumbled and fell into the stagnant pool. The water in the stagnant pool was ice cold, and everything in front of Amu suddenly disappeared without a trace. Xiaoying, that woman is Xiaoying, what happened to her? Why are people surrounding her? Amu struggled to climb out of the stagnant pool, but no matter how hard he tried, it was to no avail, and all the strength in his body seemed to be drained.

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