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Laozi said: "From birth, enter into death." Human life begins with birth and ends with death. The human body is composed of 360 parts, among which the limbs and nine orifices such as mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, urethral opening, and anus are the most important organs. Therefore, it is said that "three out of ten people will be born, and three out of ten will die." In other words, people live because they have these thirteen organs. Then when life is exhausted, these thirteen organs will die in this state of death. Although those organs are dead,

And my story has just begun.


When I was a child, I would run to the neighboring village every three days, nominally to find my classmate Cheng Cheng, but actually to see her sister. Her sister is very beautiful, with willow eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes and a bold nose, and she is loved by everyone. I have been reluctant to let go of her since I was a child. Then one day, I heard someone said that a woman drowned in a neighboring village. I quickly ran to the neighboring village and saw a group of people surrounding me from a distance. I got into the crowd and saw my classmate's sister lying on the ground with a piece of white paper covering her eyes. She was wearing a blue checkered vest and her lower body was naked. A kind man took off some clothes to cover her. I don't know where I got the courage to step forward and lift a corner of the paper from her eyes, and her eyes widened with resentment and resentment. I finally understand what it means to have no eyesight until death.

People in the village said that she was gang-raped and then committed suicide by jumping into the river. I suddenly felt very sick and dizzy. When I got home, I started to have a fever, and all I could think about was those eyes full of resentment. Then I fell asleep for three days and three nights. When I woke up, I learned that my family had hired a mage to exorcise evil spirits and catch ghosts. After I recovered from my illness, I developed a habit of looking into other people's eyes.

Later I went to college and was assigned to a seaside city after graduation. I met Qin Ying and married her. I happened to meet Cheng Cheng again, and he was also assigned to this city. We both sighed when talking about his sister. It's not easy to meet old classmates, so naturally Cheng Cheng often comes to my house as a guest.

On this day, Cheng Cheng came to my house to play chess.

"General! Ha, you have no moves." I stared at him proudly.

"Let me think about it." He lowered his head and looked at the chess pieces carefully.

"He's saved." He suddenly raised his head in excitement and looked at me.

I also discovered that he had a clever chess move, and I felt so angry about the death curse that I looked at him with a murderous look in his eyes. Even I find it strange, isn’t it just a game of chess?

Cheng Cheng also seemed to be shocked by my gaze. He was a little distracted and made a bad move to cut himself off.

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"Old classmate, you can't do it any more. Come and have another round." I said happily.

"Look at how proud you are, Cheng Cheng is letting you." Tan Ying helped him find the steps.

"Haha, it's because I'm inferior in skills. I'll come back for advice another day." After that, he said goodbye and left.

"Don't you think you're just a game of chess? Why are you staring so wide?" Qin Ying blamed me.

"Good wife, I'm a little serious, I like to show off my energy."

"Okay, why didn't you have the energy to pursue me in the first place?"

"When I first saw you, my bones were all numb, and I couldn't use my strength." I picked up the trick of being a talker.


On the way back from the hospital morgue, neither of us said a word. I never expected that Cheng Cheng, who was fine yesterday, suddenly died today and was crushed into a human shape by a truck. The driver seemed to be an honest man, kowtowing in front of the body and agreeing to any financial compensation demands from the family of the deceased. But I couldn't accept this cruel reality, so I impulsively pulled him up from the ground and wanted to beat this damn guy severely. My wife and the doctors quickly grabbed me. I stared at him. If looking at him could kill, I really wanted to kill this kid with this light knife.

When I got home in the evening, I collapsed on the sofa helplessly, and Qin Ying made me a cup of Biluochun.

"It's really unexpected, man." I sighed.

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"Yes, the world is really fickle. If you go out in the morning, there is no guarantee that you will be back at night." My wife also felt the same way.

"I really want to kill that kid." I said bitterly.

"Why are you bothering? The driver looks like an honest man. Maybe it was an accident."

"Whatever, he was the one who killed my old friend anyway."

"Ahem, people can't be reborn after death, so don't be sad." My wife still persuaded me nicely.

"Okay, go to bed, it's quite late." That night, I was not even in the mood to have sex with her. I kept forcing myself to sleep, but I couldn't fall asleep. The childhood memories swirled in my mind like smoke: the alluring green mountains and green waters, the barren villages, the kind but ignorant and backward villagers, the loyal and sincere Cheng Cheng and his sister's eyes that were haunted by death. His thoughts gradually stopped on those eyes, what an extremely resentful eyes they were. I felt a little scared and couldn't sleep anymore. Light a cigarette, hoping that the smoke will dispel the haze that has accumulated in your heart for a long time.


The next day, when I came home in the evening, I found several strangers sitting in the house chatting with my wife. I felt very strange.

One of the tall, thin men in a black jacket took the initiative and handed me a cigarette: "I'm sorry, we are the death curse of the Ministry of Public Security, and we are here to investigate some situations with you." I was even more surprised: I I haven't done anything bad, and no one is running away.

How could a foreign friend get into trouble with such a group of people?

"Okay, just tell me what you are investigating and see what I can do to help?" I said very politely.

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"The thing is, the driver who killed your friend yesterday died this morning. Someone found that his tongue had been cut out when he died. The method of committing the crime was quite cruel. We heard that you had a little unpleasantness yesterday, so Let me ask about your situation and hope you will cooperate." A man wearing glasses who looked like a leader next to the tall and thin man said to me.

I was shocked, it was incredible. Is there really such a thing as retribution in the world?

I truthfully told them my whereabouts throughout the day. They took notes carefully, interrogated me about some other things, and then left.

"I'm scared." Tan Ying hugged me tightly, "I always feel that things are not that simple."

"Don't think blindly, it's just a coincidence. Besides, he deserves to die." I comforted her by patting her back with my hand.

"I hope this is true." That night I dreamed of those eyes again, eyes full of blood. Drop by drop slowly dripped into my house from outside, and then approached my bedroom and my bed step by step. Suddenly it stopped, and the black eyeballs suddenly rolled out of their sockets and fell on our quilt, like two black dark elves, twisting wildly, trying to swallow everything.

I screamed and woke up.

"What's wrong?" his wife asked.

"It's okay, it was just a nightmare." I wiped the sweat from my forehead and said.

"Don't be too stressed out and have a good rest." My wife kissed me.

I fell asleep in a daze.

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After a few weeks, nothing happened, and I gradually forgot about it.

But I never expected that another murder would happen that day.

That day, I was copying documents in the company's data room. Ma Lifang walked in unexpectedly and insisted on copying the information in his hand first. I had always been extremely disgusted with him and scolded him on the spot. This idiot threw the information at my face angrily. I was furious, staring at him with a murderous aura in my eyes, and then tore his information into pieces: "Come on, come here, I will do it myself." I'll print it for you!" The colleagues nearby were afraid that we would make a move, so they hurriedly dragged him out. Before leaving the house, this kid was very aggressive: "You bitch, just wait! I'll kill you even if I pay for it!" It's a pity that I didn't die, but he explained it clearly. When he was discovered, there was a big hole in his throat and blood was pouring out.

Normally I would be extremely happy to know that this kid is done playing. But now I don't feel any pleasure at all in schadenfreude, and I even feel like a rabbit is dead and a fox is sad. Things are so strange. Why do people around me die for no reason? To be honest, I have no thoughts of their death at all.

As a matter of course, the police officers interrogated me again. As a result, they left in frustration with nothing.

From then on, I would dream about those hateful but lingering eyes every night. Almost mentally broken.

Sometimes I think: It's time to call it quits.


On this day, I was in a better mood, so I didn't go to work so I listened to music with Tan Ying at home.

But when the CD player played the song "Eyes Long for Eyes to Meet", my temper suddenly changed. I grabbed the ashtray and threw it to the ground. My wife was shocked by my crazy behavior. "The meeting of eyes again took away the lonely hearts and decorated the world as beautiful as heaven." I covered my ears and didn't want to listen to this song anymore, but every word in it was like The flash of light in the darkness penetrated so clearly and freely.

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"What's wrong with you?" My wife came over and grabbed my hand for some unknown reason.

"Leave me alone!" I covered my ears and rolled over on the sofa in pain.

"What's wrong with you? Don't scare me!" My wife cried, still holding my hand, wanting to see what was wrong with my ears.

I became furious, raised my hand and slapped her to the ground hard. There is a vicious light in the eyes, like the core of a poisonous snake, the courage of a peacock, and the top of a red crane. My wife was completely stunned by the look in my eyes, and she didn't even cry anymore. He was curled up on the ground, his hands constantly rubbing the floor tiles, and his eyes staring directly into my gaze.

I suddenly woke up and began to realize something. I went from regret to resentment and then to despair. He threw himself on his knees and hugged her tightly, crying loudly. What kind of sadness is that. I can't live without her, really can't live without her. I didn't let go until her arm was bruised: "Ying, I will never leave you, and you should never leave me." My wife nodded indifferently, unable to speak.

No matter what I said that night, Qin Ying never said a word.It was late at night, I didn't dare to sleep and kept lying on the bed, watching her enter

As I fell asleep, my hanging heart gradually relaxed.

After watching her for nearly two hours, I was also confused because I was tired and sleepy.

It was still the same nightmare. The bleeding eyes were getting closer and closer to me, and my breathing became more and more difficult. It felt like there were hands strangling my neck, a pair of such familiar hands! I wanted to struggle, but I had no strength; I wanted to shout, but I couldn't make a sound. It is a kind of despair that is close to destruction. But what was even more desperate was that I woke up and opened my bloody eyes: my wife, with disheveled hair, was pinching me hard like a female Satanist with her hands that had once been so gentle, as if she were treating a mortal enemy. At the same time, he bit my throat with his teeth and made a beast-like "ouch" sound, determined to suck out my blood! The thought of survival immediately overwhelmed everything else. I grabbed her head and slammed it against the metal edge of the bedside table lamp: once, twice, three times. Finally, the hand holding my throat was weak and loosened, but my wife was still biting my soul with her eyes of resentment and resentment, shining brightly in the darkness and refusing to close her eyes until death.

I have forgotten the joys and sorrows like a person who is staying out of the situation. But the blood in my eyes hadn't dried yet, and the soul in my heart hadn't died with her. An unwavering thought made me get up.

I quietly walked to the cabinet mirror and used all my remaining strength to stare at the bloody eyes in the mirror: they were laughing wildly, getting carried away, and flying happily. Gradually it became smaller and smaller, until finally it turned into a vortex that completely swallowed up all darkness and sin.

The end of one life may be the beginning of another.

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