Love Is Harder Than Death Protagonist Author: Ghost House

The story tells the story of a female protagonist, Akko, who inherited the old house and wealth left by her mother, but knew nothing about her biological father. Akko's mother often dressed up and waited for someone at night. Akko was curious about this but never learned the truth. After her mother's death, Akko became a wealthy orphan and remained frugal during college, feeling uncertain about the future. After graduation, A Ke met Lao A, a man who ran an antique shop in Shanghai. The two fell in love and got married. After getting married, they moved back to their old home. On a full moon night, Lao A threw A Ke into the frozen pool of his old house in an attempt to catch the legendary male fish. However, Akko is actually the descendant of Heng Gongyu, whose mother once ate a heartless man and gave birth to her. In the end, A Ke drained Old A's blood in the pool and returned to the depths of the pool with the real Henggongyu. al.

I heard people say that before I was born, there were deaths in the old house. The protagonist, a man whose love is harder than death , was torn at the main artery in his neck and died of excessive blood loss. A forensic autopsy later determined that the man died from an animal bite.

This man was my mother’s husband, but not my father.

I never got any definite information from my mother about who my biological father was. In short, my mother has never dated a man as long as I can remember.

Except at night.

Yes, when night comes, my mother will dress up very nicely, sit under the window of the room on the first floor, and keep looking around.

There were a few times when I wanted to know who my mother was waiting for, so I stayed up and lay on the floor of the bedroom on the second floor, looking down through the gaps in the wooden floor. But as I watched, I fell asleep.

How strange.

So, I never knew who the person my mother was waiting for at night was.

2. Orphan

My mother passed away when I was a freshman in college. So, I completely became an orphan. Although it sounds pitiful for the protagonist of Love Is Harder Than Death , in fact, I am a rich orphan.

The money on my mother's bank card alone is enough for me to live without worries in this life. Not to mention that there are many antiques and sets of old mahogany furniture in the old house.

But even so, I still live frugally.

Perhaps, it is because of uncertainty about future life.

After graduating from college, I went to Shanghai alone to develop. Although I shared a small apartment with strangers, I was very happy.

In fact, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t like old houses. It was too gloomy and depressing there.

3. Attract

Maybe it’s because I saw a lot of antiques in old houses since I was a child, so I like to visit the antique market in Shanghai. After going back and forth, I got to know Lao A from Feng Puzhai.

Old A is ten years older than me and runs an antique shop by himself. He doesn't look bad. When he smiles, the corner of his mouth tilts to the right. He looks a bit bad and a bit scoundrel, but he is my type.

Old A is very good at making women happy and generous with his actions, so there is always an endless stream of women around him. As for me, what first attracted his attention was not because of my own charm, but because of the large ruby ​​ring I wore on my hand.

This is the ring my mother often wore when she was alive.

I knew this ring was worth a lot, so I wore it while I was fasting. Well, I just wanted to attract Lao A’s attention. So, I succeeded.

Old A and I became very familiar. He began to look at me differently, especially when I mentioned some antiques in the old house, his eyes shone.

"Ake, when will you take me to visit the old house?" Sitting in the Red House Western Restaurant, Old A was personable and like a true gentleman, taking good care of me.

"Any time." I was intoxicated by his gentleness, and no matter what he said, I would just nod in agreement.

So, we agreed that a week later, I would take him to the old house.

But the next day, I went to the old house by myself. The house has been closed for a long time and is filled with dust. The moment I opened the door, I felt a little sad.

"I'm back." I shouted to the empty room.

Naturally, no one answered me.

4.Get married

When I took Lao A to the old house, the house had already been cleaned by me. Not surprisingly, I saw his whole face lighting up as he gazed at the furnishings of the old house.

"Ake, are these all yours?" He began to stutter when he spoke. I smiled and nodded.

Because of the excitement, Old A's cheeks flushed lightly.

I watched him carefully look at every collection in the house. I don’t know why, but in my mind I pictured him having many children, staggering around the house in the old house.

The corner of my mouth curled up into a yearning smile.

Old A was deeply intoxicated by the antiques and furniture in the old house. Later, he walked to the garden of the house.

"Ake, there is a frozen pool here!"

Old A shouted in a fuss. His voice oscillated back and forth in the garden, startling the birds perched on the tree trunks.

I nodded and said calmly: "This pool is very deep and is frozen all year round. However, the ice layer is relatively thin and will break if you tap it lightly. But it will freeze again in a few hours."

"Are there any fish in the water?" Old A asked curiously. I was stunned and said hesitantly: "Fish? I don't know."

Old A turned around and stared at the pool for a long time. At that moment, I panicked.

On the third day after returning to Shanghai from my hometown, Old A proposed to me.

"Ake, I really like you. After we got married, we gave birth to many children and watched them grow up." Old A touched my arm, put his mouth close to my ear and whispered softly. A strong numbing sensation made me feel dizzy.

"Yeah, okay." I said calmly, but actually I was already filled with joy.


The wedding between Lao A and I was very low-key, with just a few wedding banquet tables. I have no relatives, and he has very few relatives. However, the place we chose to hold our wedding banquet was in the most luxurious hotel in Shanghai, which somewhat satisfied my vanity.

But during the wedding, something went wrong. A well-dressed woman suddenly walked in from outside the restaurant, took out a bottle of water from her bag and threw it at my face.

My first reaction was that I was finished and had acid thrown on me. It wasn't until I smelled the stench later that I realized that I had just been splashed with sewage all over my face.

The wedding scene got out of hand for a while. However, with the support of everyone and security, the commotion was quickly brought under control. The woman who threw dirty water on me was like a beautiful lunatic, screaming at me heartbreakingly: "Old A, you just chose a woman like this? So ugly, so tacky. Old A, you are blind."

Old A walked up to the woman with a livid face and slapped her twice in the face without hesitation. The sound of the sound made me shudder.

Later, Old A announced to everyone: "I, Old A, will be married to A Ke in this life. Only life and death can separate us."

This loud and clear declaration of love made me burst into tears, and I was intoxicated with the wedding that was paved with money.

6. Falling into the water

After marriage, Lao A and I moved to our old house. He even left his fasting to others.

"I just want to be here with you, living a quiet life without being disturbed by others." When I said this, Lao A hugged me, stood in front of the window on the first floor, and said looking at the garden.

The place where he stood was where my mother would sit and wait for someone after dressing up at night. "There have been deaths in this old house. Aren't you afraid?" I said quietly.

"Why are you afraid?" Old A laughed dumbly, "Tell me, what does a ghost look like?"

I was speechless and couldn't help but chuckle.

For a whole month after moving into the old house, we both sorted and numbered the antiques in the house. After the last antique was tagged, Old A finally sighed with satisfaction, stared at me and said, "Ake, you are really a huge treasure trove."

I don’t know whether the treasure house he refers to is me or these antiques. But as long as he can be tied to him, anything is fine.

It was a full moon night, the moon was bright and bright. I wandered around the garden with him. When we reached the frozen pool, Lao A pulled me and looked down: "Ake, do you think there are any fish in this pool?"

"I don't know." I frowned and tried to break away from his hand holding mine, but I found that he was so strong that I couldn't break free at all.

"So, A'ke, why don't you go down and help me take a look?" Old A's words contained a hint of excitement. I raised my head and looked at him in horror, only to see his pupils shrink and he instantly lifted me up high. Before I could even shout out my words for help, there was a gust of wind in my ears.

With a "gudong" sound, I was thrown into the pool.

Feeling cold all over.

"Old A, help me." I struggled desperately, but when I opened my mouth, cold water poured into my stomach. At this time, my hands touched the cracks in the rocks on the smooth wall of the pool, and I suddenly became energetic and kept digging at the cracks.

Through the water, I vaguely saw a tall man appearing quietly behind Old A. But old A has no idea.

The man opens his mouth and his tongue is long and can be forked. Then, he wrapped his tongue around Old A's neck.


I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tears fell.

Following a rustling sound, a burst of exclamation came from above. My whole body was shaken, and I used all my strength to climb up. After moving a few inches, my head was already above the water.

There was a man somewhere, clearly a red "carp" seven or eight feet long, surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

"Old A, pull me up." I raised my head and shouted loudly.

"Did you see it? We finally caught this male fish." Old A was so excited that his face turned red. He held a dagger in his hand and slashed at the fish in the net. However, the fish tossed about in the iron net but was not harmed at all.

"It's exactly the same as what's recorded in the ancient books." Old A said to himself.

"Pull me up first." I said anxiously, feeling that I was about to lose the strength to support myself.

According to the plan, after catching the male fish, he should pull me up immediately, but… my heart sank again and again. Could it be that Old A really wouldn't pull me out?

The male fish in the net looked at me with a look of pity in his eyes.

"Born in a stone lake, this lake is always frozen. It is seven or eight feet long, shaped like a carp and red. It is in the water during the day and turns into a human being at night. It cannot be stabbed, but it will not die when boiled. If you boil it with two black plums, it will die. If you eat it, it will die. It can dispel evil diseases." Old A muttered something.

I know that he is talking about the record about the male fish in the "Book of Mountains and Seas: Strange Beasts".

"Old A, pull me." I begged him sadly. At this moment, I don't care about that much anymore. I just want to get ashore quickly.

"You go ahead." Old A finally moved his eyes to me. There was a terrible look on his face.

I watched him pick up a brick from the ground and slap it on my face that was out of the water.

"No!" I screamed and fell into the water after being hit by him.

At this time, I heard Old A say on the shore: "Ake, all the antiques in your house are fake. Don't you think I can't tell? Only this male fish is a real treasure."

When I heard this, I let out a long sigh, let go, and fell into the pool.

Like a mermaid, I swam to the depths of the pool.


Deep in the pool, there is an underground passage leading to the old house. Five minutes later I emerged in the garden dripping wet. Old A is concentrating on picking the barbed wire fence off the tree.

This website was originally created by me, and it took a lot of time. Therefore, Lao A did not untie it all at once.

I walked up behind him and he was completely unconscious. It wasn't until I stuck out my forked tongue and sucked the aorta in his neck that Old A suddenly screamed.

Turning his head, he saw my reflection on the water.

"Ake?" Old A's eyes were wide open and he squeezed out a few words from his throat, "Are you a female male fish?"

I ignored him, concentrating on tearing open his major arteries and sticking my tongue into his veins.

This is a bone-crushing ecstasy.

I closed my eyes and greedily enjoyed the sweetness of the blood. I knew that soon, there would be groups of children running around the old house.

At some point, the male fish in the wire mesh changed into a human form again and stood behind me. He looked at me lovingly and smiled.

Just a barbed wire fence can trap a mythical beast from ancient times?

Humans are so whimsical.

The information about the male fish recorded in "The Classic of Mountains and Seas: Strange Beasts" is very incomplete. I think it's because the author doesn't know that the reproduction of male fish requires the blood of a heartless man.

Why does one have to be a heartless person?

Because my mother said that a woman’s infatuation and resentment will blend into a man’s blood. And the more men who hurt more women, a strange secretion will precipitate in their blood.

This substance is the nutrient that our male fish rely on to nurture the next generation.

So, my mother ate the heartless man and gave birth to me.

And I lured Old A to the old house. I planned to eat him on a full moon night, but I didn't expect that he actually knew about the male fish and thought that the male fish was the guardian of the old house.

So, he asked me to pretend to fall into the water and then lure out the guardian.

I smiled and agreed to him.

No matter what, Lao A's ending was for me to slowly drink up the blood in mouthfuls. So, how about playing a game with him before he dies?

After sucking the last drop of old A's blood, he and I looked at each other with a smile and jumped into the pool hand in hand. He is the man my mother waits for at the window every night.


The male male fish can transform into a human at night, while the female male fish can transform into a human being during the day and night.

story evaluation

The story blends elements of suspense, thriller, and mythology to create a complex and compelling narrative world. Akko's character is filled with mystery, and her true identity and purpose are gradually revealed, adding depth to the story. The image of Old A represents the greed and betrayal of human nature, and his actions ultimately led to his own destruction. The male fish in the story is not only a mythical creature, but also a symbol of female characters' emotions and strength. Overall, this is a story with rich emotions, twists and turns, and full of thriller elements, which can trigger readers' profound thinking about human nature, love and betrayal. The ending of the story is unexpected, providing readers with an unexpected twist and adding to the appeal of the story.

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