"Light Fear Afternoon Tea" Horror And Scary Ghost Stories Full Text

Today I'm going to tell the story of the netizen Ah Hou in the building. Early the next morning, Ah Hou, who had not slept all night, had a pair of panda eyes, and told his classmates about what happened last night in shock, but the classmates refused to believe it anyway, and joked that he hadn't seen him in such a long time. It's too weird, could it be that the Shushu in Chinese tunic has a predestined relationship with Ah Hou? Until now, Ah Hou still doesn't know what the origin of the man in the Chinese tunic suit is. There are only two things that he can be sure of: one is that he was awake the whole time, and he was definitely not dreaming. In this world, who hasn't had a thrilling supernatural experience that sends chills down the spine just thinking about it! … Continue reading"Light Fear Afternoon Tea" Horror And Scary Ghost Stories Full Text

Ghost Stories At Home

The old people in the village often say that ghosts are also very romantic sometimes. They will run out of the grave after dark and come to the village to desecrate those young and beautiful girls and daughters-in-law. This kind of situation is called ghost rape. From this point of view, that black shadow is Liu Ermao’s ghost. It turned out that Liu Ermao was very romantic when he was alive, and he didn’t want to be lonely after death, but even came to be a ghost. Li Shen discovered the reason, and immediately invited a yin-yang Taoist priest who knows yin and yang to come to the house. Yin-yang felt that the yin energy was very heavy, so he asked Li Shen to refine the oil. Liu Ermao’s ghost caught him and killed him. … Continue readingGhost Stories At Home

Ghost Story Network Tells About The Massacre

When looking back on the perverted murder cases I encountered in those years, the first person that popped into my mind was the “executor” who claimed to punish the world for God. The incident happened in a villa in Yuanyang District, Anhua, and later this case was also known as the “Yuanyang Villa Extermination Case”. But Dad doesn’t seem to know much, he just said that these dead people at the scene killed each other to death, and they are all relatives! He said: “We have locked down major criminal suspects and are searching for them on the Internet. The case is about evidence, it is a very serious matter, not talking about stories! … Continue readingGhost Story Network Tells About The Massacre