The Ghost Story Of The Castle And The Evil Dormitory – The Lost Ball Can Be Read Online

When I am bored or thinking about something, I will pick up a baseball that is always on my desk and throw it towards the wall. Watch the baseball hit the wall, fall down, catch it, and throw it up again. This series of mechanical movements has become my habit.

When the baseball hits the wall, it will make a "dong" sound. Coupled with the continuous movement of the machine, it will cause a continuous sound of "dong dong dong". Then, people in the dormitory on the same floor would come to me to protest, saying I was too noisy. Yes, it was indeed very noisy, and my roommate Scrambled Egg also expressed strong dissatisfaction with my action, but the action of throwing the ball is already a habit that I unconsciously have, how can it be so easy to change?

So the castle evil spirit , the thump-thump sound I made when I threw the ball, became one of the features of our dormitory, a rather annoying feature. However, this night was different. The continuous thumping sound was not made by me. Rubbing my eyes, I looked at the alarm clock placed by the bedside. At two o'clock in the morning, I was woken up by the banging sound.

The Castle Evil game_The Castle Evil comic book_The Castle Evil

"Fuck, who is it?" I cursed unhappily. It's so late, what imbecile would throw a ball against the wall and make a thumping sound now?

Unhappy, I fell back to sleep, but the sound kept me awake. After struggling for ten minutes, I got up. Is there any mistake? It's been ringing for ten minutes and no one has protested?

"Fried eggs, are you asleep?" I asked aloud in the dark room.

The Castle Evil_The Castle Evil comic book_The Castle Evil game

no answer.

"Scrambled eggs?" I squinted my eyes and looked carefully. The bed with scrambled eggs was empty, and he was not on the bed.

"Where is the person?" I asked myself, and saw the open door. Got it, Scrambled Egg probably went out to use the bathroom.

The Castle Evil comic book_The Castle Evil game_The Castle Evil Castle Evil

The thumping sound got louder, I frowned and climbed out of bed. Holding a drowsy head, I staggered out of the room. The yellow light bulb shines on the deserted dormitory corridor, giving it the smell of an evil castle. Damn it, it’s so noisy, I’m scolding you as I walk. It's okay to throw the ball away, but why do it at this time? Do you want to be scolded by all the boys in the dormitory?

In the corridor, there was no other sound except thumping, which was normal. That's bullshit. It's not normal. With the temper of the boys in our dormitory, if you hear this disturbing sound in the middle of the night, how can you not find the murderer and try your best to find it?

But why is it so quiet now? It seems that everyone in the dormitory is already asleep. There must be a ghost. As I walked along the corridor , the thumping sound got louder and louder, and I got closer and closer to the murderer. Walking all the way to the dormitory at the end, there is nowhere to go. The door to the last bedroom was half-covered, and the sound came from inside.

Castle Evil_Castle Evil game_Castle Evil comic book

I opened the door with one hand and looked inside. The lights inside were not turned on, and it was dark. Against the faint yellow light in the corridor, a figure could be vaguely seen sitting on a chair, holding something the size of a basketball in his hand, and he kept throwing it towards the wall, making a thumping sound.

"Classmate, it's very late." I walked into the dormitory, "What are you doing?"

In the darkness, I felt the figure smile slightly, and a lifeless voice came: "Throw the ball."

The Castle Evil_The Castle Evil comic book_The Castle Evil game

"What?" Before I could react, I noticed from the corner of my eye that there seemed to be a lot of things piled on the ground.

When I calmed down and took a look, I was shocked. They were actually people and corpses one by one, and they were all headless corpses. I didn't scream because I was too scared to scream. A figure stood in front of me at some point, holding a head with scrambled eggs in his hand, and a smile on his face.

"Want to play?"

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