short Ghost Story

Everyone knows that people have souls after death, but they don’t know that snakes also have souls after death.

The Webster family has made a living by showing people the feng shui of cemeteries for generations.

On this day, a villager named Chen Ming from a neighboring village found Weiqi and asked him to go to his mountainous area to help him look at a Feng Shui cemetery. Wei Qi glanced at the respectful Chen Ming, took a deep breath of dry tobacco, counted with his fingers for a long time, and said coldly to Chen Ming: "There will be a good day in four days. Come at 11 o'clock at noon on that day." Pick me up and we'll go to your mountains to see if there's a suitable cemetery. &rdquo

Chen Ming bowed and nodded and said a few words of thanks to Weiqi before leaving Weiqi's home. Chen Ming thought that the more respectful his attitude towards Weiqi was, the more Weiqi would sincerely help him find a good cemetery.

Four days later, Chen Ming arrived at Wei Qi's house early in the morning. It was not until nearly eleven o'clock that Wei Qi slowly stood up with his tools and went with Chen Ming to the top of his hill to find a suitable tool. cemetery.

Wei Qi took the compass and walked from the top of Chen Ming's hill to the top of another man's hill in Chen Ming's village. Weiqi looked at the environment on the top of the mountain, and a look of joy immediately appeared on his face. He counted with his fingers, and he couldn't believe that he would find the real dragon's lair here.

Weiqi concealed his excitement, pointed to a place not far from the real dragon's cave, and told Chen Ming that that was the dragon's cave. As long as the bones of the ancestors were buried there, they would be able to protect the prosperity of future generations. Chen Ming was immediately excited when he heard this. He decided to find the owner of the hilltop and buy it as soon as he returned to the village.

Weiqi looked at the real dragon's lair with tears in his eyes. He remembered that before his grandfather died, he held his father's hand and said that he must find the real dragon's lair and be buried in the real dragon's lair.

That night, Wedge relied on his memories from the day and went alone in the dark with a hoe to the cemetery he had been eyeing during the day. He only planned to dig a place big enough to put his grandfather's bone altar. After all, it belonged to someone else. On the top of the mountain, there was no way he would dare to bury her grandfather's bones here openly.

For the sake of reputation, he did not dare to buy the hilltop directly from the owner, because he was afraid that everyone would say that he was nominally helping Chen Ming find a cemetery, but in the end he took the real dragon's cave as his own. Then there would be more people in the future. Who will ask him to see Feng Shui again?

In order to keep his job and bury his grandfather's bones in the real dragon's lair, he secretly came here alone.

But as soon as Weiqi dug the real dragon's lair, he found that there were a lot of small snakes in the real dragon's lair. The snakes huddled up in a ball, stared at Weiqi fiercely, and kept spitting out their red cores at him. Qi was shocked. He picked up stones from the ground and hit the small snakes. However, the snakes did not run away because of the sudden stones. Instead, they raised their heads high and spit out their cores, viciously. stared at Wedge.

Seeing the group of snakes in front of him, Wedge made up his mind, picked up a wooden stick and hit them viciously, but the snakes neither ran away nor attacked Wedge, they just stared at him viciously.

Weiqi looked at the group of snakes staring at him fiercely. Although he was afraid in his heart, when he thought about his grandfather's wish, he thought about the legend about the true dragon's lair. Wedge was uncharacteristically uncharacteristic. He was no longer as cold and calm as usual. He started to go a little crazy. He picked up some dry firewood from around the real dragon's lair, placed the dry firewood on the pile of snakes, picked up a lighter and threw it into the firewood pile.

Wedge looked at the snakes motionless in the fire, just staring at him fiercely. He felt his heart beating rapidly, his hands and feet were cold, and his hands were full of sweat. It was obvious that he was in such a nervous mood at the moment. , so fearful.

Brother Ghost was really kind when the snakes were burned, and there was an extremely unpleasant stench. Although the snakes were burned, Wedge still felt that there were countless pairs of eyes staring at him viciously. Not human eyes, of course, but snake eyes.

Weiqi wanted to quickly bury his grandfather's ashes in the real dragon's lair and leave immediately. However, when Weiqi turned around to take his grandfather's ashes, he was surprised to find that his grandfather's ashes were buried in the urn. A group of snakes were tightly entangled. They all raised their heads, spit out their cores, and stared at him fiercely. Wedge shouted in fear: "Snake, snake demon…"

"I am a snake, not a demon." ” A small voice reached Wedge’s ears. Wedge looked four times and saw no one at all. He comforted himself in his heart and said that he was too nervous, so he had hallucinations.

He swallowed in fear. He wanted to run away immediately, but when he saw that the ghost brother of the ashes surrounded by snakes was really kind , he immediately felt confused. He knew that he had to get himself back no matter what. Grandpa’s ashes urn and buried him in the real dragon’s lair. Otherwise, all his previous efforts will be in vain.

Wedge picked up the wooden stick on the ground that he had used to drive away snakes. He used the stick to tease the snakes, hoping to drive them away, but the snakes still tightly surrounded Grandpa Wedge's ashes. On the altar, he looked at Wedge provocatively. Wedge saw the snakes staring at him with provocative and contemptuous eyes. He was very angry and wanted to kill these hateful snakes immediately. He was almost driven crazy by these snakes. He took a wooden stick and fiercely smashed at the group of snakes surrounding Grandpa Wedge's urn.

There was a loud noise, and Wedge saw that there were no snakes or corpses on the ground. He was horrified to see the fragments and bones all over the ground. He squatted on the ground and held his grandfather's bones in pain.

Weiqi wiped away his tears and respectfully put his grandfather's bones into the cave he had dug before. However, as soon as Weiqi finished placing the bones, the bones automatically caught fire. Wedge was so nervous that he forgot about his own danger, since he directly tried to put out the fires with his hands.

Wedge was surprised to find that the fire was not hot at all, but cold. He felt as if his hand had been put into an ice cave, it was bone-chilling cold. Wedge immediately pulled out his hand, and he could only watch helplessly as his grandfather's bones were burned to ashes.

A cold and slippery feeling came from Wedge's legs, as if something was walking quickly on his body. The sudden feeling made Wedge shiver involuntarily.

Wedge was about to reach out and grab the thing that was crawling quickly, but his whole body was surrounded by this cold and slippery feeling. An unspeakable fear occupied his heart, and his whole body stopped. He couldn't help but tremble, how much he longed that this was just a nightmare that was close to reality.

But reality is reality. No matter how much you try to escape, it is still reality. Wedge saw that his whole body was covered with snakes. Those snakes were cold and slippery. Wedge was so scared that he only knew how to run forward, but those snakes still vomited. He held his core and stared at her fiercely. Wedge nervously wanted to pull away the snakes with his hands, but he could only watch the snakes worm their way into his hands without leaving any wounds. He yelled, but the snakes came one after another. into his body.

Wedge watched helplessly as the snakes wormed their way into his body, unable to do anything. He yelled like crazy and tore his stomach with all his strength, as if he wanted to tear open his stomach and put the contents inside his body. The snakes were pulled out.

Wedge suddenly felt an overwhelming pain in his stomach. His eyes turned white and his whole body convulsed uncontrollably and he fell to the ground.

Weiqi died little by little, but never thought that his daughter-in-law would give birth to a boy that night, a boy who could only crawl like a snake, had no tongue, and could only spit out his core like a snake.

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