Dog Girl's Story

I once had a friend, a very good friend. He especially liked raising dogs. Whether it was a precious breed or a puppy wandering the streets, as long as he saw it, he would never let it go. He would definitely take it home and raise it well. But he has a very free attitude towards dogs, coming in and out at will, so that sometimes he tells me that there are many stray dogs that after being nursed and fed at his house, they poop piles of excrement and then leave with their tails wagging and their butts wagging. . But he didn't care and kept repeating it happily, which made me very strange.

His love for dogs seems to have gone far beyond normal human emotions. I vaguely felt that there should be some other stories. Since I have known him since childhood, I know his family very well. Unfortunately, his father is a butcher and specializes in killing dogs. However, it is said that this industry also has a founder, and his reputation is quite resounding. This person is Fan Kuai, the first warrior of the Han Dynasty who helped Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty, to conquer the world. According to "Historical Records": the general "Fan Kuai" under Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, He is a native of Pei, and when he was young, he made a career out of butchering dogs." Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty, and Fan Kuai were good friends since childhood. They later became brothers-in-law and married the Lu family. Fan Kuai was poor since he was a child. He lived by Wulong Pond (now Fanjing) on ​​the outskirts of Peiyi and made a living by butchering dogs. , he washed the dog meat with water from Oolong Pond, and then boiled the dog meat with water from Oolong Pond. The taste was particularly delicious and mellow. Therefore, many people have a special liking for dog meat, so the stall of my classmate's father was very prosperous for a time. He even provided meat sources for many dog ​​meat hotpots in the early days of reform. He made a fortune very early. But for some reason, when his career was in full swing, It was really strange that he gave up and sold the business to others. I originally wanted to ask, but after thinking about it, since others didn’t take the initiative to say it, it was naturally inconvenient to say. When asked, the answer was no, and lying was neither, so I simply asked I kept it in my heart and stopped talking.

I have been to that meat stall once, and that was because my father once asked me to buy some dog meat to go with wine. Although I don’t like eating dog meat very much, for children, especially in that era, I was still happy to eat some meat. Then I remembered my classmate. He once said that if I want to buy dog ​​meat, I must go to his father's place, it can be cheaper.

Naturally I found him, and my friend agreed. As a child, he always likes to show off his ambition. In fact, he rarely goes to his father's place.

It was a huge vegetable market. As soon as you entered, you could smell the stench of sweat, rotten vegetable leaves, a strong smell of blood, and the smell of animal feces. This strange smell made me very uncomfortable, so my friend jumped up and took me to his father's meat stall.

His father was quite tall, with his upper body bare, revealing strong bronze muscles and broad shoulder bones. He wore a long, greasy and shiny dark blue apron, which seemed to be stained with specks of blood. There were two young men nearby, greeting the guests and taking change from the meat. I looked at the meat stall. There were strings of red meat pieces and offal hanging on the hooks on the left. There were several cutting boards next to them, but they were already blood red and stained with a lot of red minced meat and bone residue. Next to me were two guests who had arrived first. Each of them had their mouths half open, looking at the dog meat with satisfied eyes, and kept pointing.

At the feet of my classmate's father, there were several iron cages. The light was very dark, so I had to walk over and take a look. It turned out that there were many dogs locked inside.

I can't forget the look in their eyes. It was very desperate. Indeed, it was a very desperate look. Most of them were only more than one meter long, not big in size, and had mixed coats. They were all local dogs. One of them was a black puppy, with his eyes wide open. Her round, dull, plastic eyes were looking straight at the red chopping board with tears in her eyes, and then she was staring at me. I was a little scared by being stared at. At this time, my classmate’s father kept urging me.

"Baby, hurry up, I still dare to drink." The voice of my classmate's father was as loud as thunder, and I had no choice but to point at one at random.

"That's it." I pointed at the black dog. When it saw my finger pointing at it, it began to tremble violently, and its whole body was shaking. The classmate's father waved his hand and dragged the puppy out of the cage. At this time, all the dogs in the cages began to bark. Not an angry roar, but a low whine.

I finally saw how they killed dogs.

My friend's father grabbed the black dog's ears with one hand and lifted it up like a rabbit. The puppy was lifted up without any resistance. Perhaps it knew it was futile and just shrank its limbs dully. The classmate's father's The other hand picked up a strange iron tool, which looked like a rack to hold clothes. It was actually modified from this, except that the front was bent into a U shape. He pressed the front end against the dog's neck, black The dog's entire body was stuck on the ground, and no matter how much its limbs moved, it could not break free. Its neck hung around for a long time, and finally it stopped moving. It put its little head on the cold ground, and it just kept crying and whining in its throat. Woo chirping.

The classmate's father took out a hammer. I saw him raise it high and hit the black dog on the head. In an instant, I heard a dull sound, like broken firewood.

The dog was not dead yet, with a large dent in its head. It was spitting out foam and hot air, its mouth was wide open, and its pink tongue was hanging out, like a red ribbon.

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Soon, after the second muffled sound, the black dog stopped moving, and the light in his eyes gradually dimmed. The classmate's father skillfully lifted up the dog corpse and hung it on an iron hook. He picked up a sharp deboning knife and skillfully made a slit on the dog's neck. Then he peeled off the dog's skin like a banana peel. He lowered himself, revealing his steaming pink flesh. I was completely stunned. The dog blood mixed with white brains soaked into my sandaled feet. My classmate's father cut off a large piece of dog hind leg meat. I paid the money and walked out slowly.

My classmates and I didn't talk after we left the market. The excitement and joy we had felt before was gone. After breaking up with him, I walked home with a blank mind.

After that time, I stopped eating dog meat, and so did my classmates.

But I only know this, but I don’t know why my classmates like to pamper dogs so much.

At his house, I looked at the puppies running around on the ground and my friends who were tirelessly feeding them dog food with squinted eyes. I finally asked him why he loved raising dogs so much and talked about his dog-killer. Father.

"Do you remember that time you went to watch the dog killing with me?" He tilted his head and looked at me with a smile, and then his expression became serious again.

“Tell you something and maybe you’ll understand why I like dogs so much.

When I was born, my father was not around. Since the dog meat market was very popular at that time, he could hardly do without the meat stall. In addition, it seemed that my mother was not due yet, so he went back to kill dogs and sell them for meat. As a result, just now After killing a few dogs, the neighbor's aunt ran over and told him that my mother was going to give birth. As a result, I landed in a hurry before he could get to the hospital.

It is said that I cried a lot when I was born and hated my father. Every time he opened his hand and walked toward me, my mother said, my whole body would tremble, and since I couldn’t speak, I would let out a miserable cry from my throat, and then I would burst into tears. This made my father very embarrassed and embarrassed.

He didn't understand why this was happening, and I always got sick whenever he was at home, and strangely enough, whenever he was away, my illness never healed.

So everyone agreed, and my father and I had a conflict. "Speaking of this, he suddenly changed the subject.

"Do you know the Fetus God? It may also be called Fetus Sha."

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I shook my head. I had never heard of this before.

He lowered his eyelids with a hint of disappointment, and then slowly explained to me.

"I actually have the blood of an ethnic minority. I'm afraid you don't know this. My mother is a Buyi ethnic minority. Although she has been integrated into the Han nationality for a long time, the Buyi ethnic group has always maintained its own set of habits regarding childbirth. It is said that my maternal grandparents were very opposed to my mother marrying a butcher because they felt that my father was too murderous.

However, they still got married, and it seemed to be going well. My father relied on the money from selling meat to shoulder the important task of raising a family, and everyone was very coordinated and smooth.

The Buyi people believe that the formation of a fetus is a great event, and that the fetus in the womb until it is delivered is always in a state of being inhuman and inhuman, wandering between two worlds, so they are very fragile and need protection. .

Legend has it that there has always been a kind of spirit around pregnant women. They are transformed from the mother of the dead child. People cannot distinguish their good and evil qualities, because if it is beneficial to the fetus and protects the fetus, everyone will respect it and call it " "Fetal God", if it is harmful to the fetus and harms the fetus, everyone is afraid of it and calls it "Fetal Evil". This is also the origin of their name.

Moreover, when a pregnant woman is pregnant, her husband is not allowed to hunt or fish because the tribesmen believe that the souls of animals and fish are afraid of men, so they will seek revenge on the fetus. My mother reminded my father not to kill too many people when she was pregnant with me, but Since he was in urgent need of money after giving birth and being hospitalized, although his father agreed on the surface, he still killed dogs and sold them for meat.

My grandparents blamed the disharmony between my father and me and the retaliation for my father's killing of too many dogs. My father had no choice but to go around looking for a solution. So an old man proposed a solution to his father.

That is to recognize a dog girl. "He seemed a little emotional and paused between words, and I was also very surprised.

"Dog girl?" I said it loudly. As soon as the words came out, Fang felt a little abrupt and smiled sheepishly. Fortunately, his classmates were not surprised.

"Yes, it's no wonder you had such a big reaction. My father was also surprised and even very angry at the time. Because when ordinary people insulted him, he often called him a son of a bitch. It's better now that he rushed up to identify one. Although a dog is a mother, it is just for luck, and it is similar to those who call their children with mean names for fear that they will not be able to raise their children, but after all, it is really embarrassing to spread the word, so the father firmly disagreed at first. But when he found out that as long as When he was at home, I bit my lips and refused to drink milk. I had no choice but to sigh and agreed to the old man's proposal.

But a new problem emerged.

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How on earth do you find a dog girl?

Of course, the parents went to ask the old man, and the old man said that they must find a female dog that gave birth to puppies for the first time, and all the puppies must be born young to meet the conditions. It sounds easy. My father is in the dog-killing business, so he knows a lot of dog owners, but it is actually very difficult to find them.

The dog farm is very large, with tens of thousands of breeding dogs and puppies, but the people my father knows are meat dog breeders. They are very enthusiastic about finding female dogs that meet the requirements for my father, but after a search, he He was so tired that when he almost gave up, a friend told him that he happened to have a female dog that gave birth for the first time and was less than one year old. She gave birth to three dogs, but none of them survived within a day. When he came down, his father was overjoyed and quickly took the female dog back home.

Strangely enough, that female dog became very attached to me as soon as she came to my house. She liked me very much. He always lies next to my cradle, and I am no longer so inseparable from my father. He can actually hold me without being upset by my crying.

This is a very ordinary dog. It has always been with me in my childhood impression, and my family never calls it dog, but dog. And I call her a dog girl. I couldn't tell what kind it was, but I only knew that the dog's fur was very smooth, short, and white, like a wall that had just been painted with white paint. It always likes to use its long furry head to nudge my little hand. Having such a companion as a child really made me feel less lonely.

But as my relationship with my father slowly improved, my relationship with my father became worse and worse. She would yell at my father almost every time he came in. Her demeanor was completely different from how she treated me. , my father often walked around it carefully with a frown on his face, but it was not an option in such a day. My mother often persuaded my father to give up the job of killing dogs, but my father would always sigh and shake his head, or use words to deal with it. If he couldn't get through it, he could only sigh with a wry smile.

'If we don't sell dog meat, how will our family live? Our children will have to go to school in the future. Do you think I like doing this bloody business every day? 'When my mother saw her father like this, she had no choice but to stop talking. She just hoped that the business would be better, save some money, and start some other small businesses.

However, life always backfires. Just when my father decided to put down the butcher knife, my mother got seriously ill and almost all the family savings were spent. In desperation, my father had no choice but to continue selling dog meat, and killed more than before, and the dog girl It has almost reached the point of being intolerant of him. It even hates or bites the meat that its father throws to it or anything that its father has touched. Sometimes when his father got up in the middle of the night, he would actually see Inu Niang sitting on the edge of his bed with her teeth bared and gurgling in her throat, staring at him. My mother often coughed and said that the dog girl was spiritual. It could smell the blood of the same kind on my father's body that we couldn't smell. My father just used the excuse that Inu Niang didn't like him, so he always went out drinking with a group of friends. My mother and I didn't like those people. They were always full of dirty words and always made people feel uneasy. Of course, Inu Niang was more I don't like them.

Days like this lasted until I was twelve years old.

Generally, the life span of dogs is not too long. Although it depends on the species, dogs in their teens are generally considered to be old. The dog girl has indeed lost her former liveliness and exuberant energy, but what is very strange is that since she came into my house, she has never been in contact with other dogs, and she has not given birth to any more dogs in the past twelve years. The puppy is always by my side, even though sometimes I have to go to school. At first, my mother kept it at home, but when she came back, she saw that everything that could be torn into pieces had been bitten by it. She had no choice but to allow it to stay with me, so my classmates and teachers at school could see one every day after school. The big white dog squatted very obediently at the door, motionless, shaking its head from time to time, waiting for me to come over. Every time I walked over and stroked its head as usual, and the dog girl touched it with her black and moist nose. He touched my hand, licked the back of it with his warm tongue, and then walked happily in front of me.

But these days are over, because I am going to junior high school, which is a good key school. My parents spent a lot of effort to get me in. I don’t want to go there because that school is boarding, which means that everyone I can only go home on the weekends and see Inu Niang, but I can't refuse the expectant looks of my parents. I know that they save money to let me go in, and in their view, I can only go to junior high school if I can get into it. High school, only by going to a good high school can you go to a good university, and only by graduating from a good university can you have a good job and support yourself. And they have been saving money. Mother always told father to buy the cheapest medicine, and father also cut off contact with those friends and gave up drinking.

This seems to be an interlocking chain in the hearts of all parents.

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The dog girl seemed to understand. She was not angry or angry this time. She just kept her eyes open and her head down, wandering around my feet with cute pictures of dogs , and from time to time she made a sound similar to that of a toy doll being squeezed. In fact, I know that it no longer has the energy to run and roar. It is getting older and eats less every day, and it prefers to lie there with its head buried in its forelimbs and remain motionless. Unless I go over to pet it, otherwise the dog girl will You might lie down for hours.

Life at school is very good. I have just met so many peers who live, eat, play and study together, which makes me feel that I can be so happy without Inu Niang. As a result, I went home less and less often, and every time I went back I was busy talking to my parents about what I had seen at school, and I played with the dog girl less and less. Every time I stopped talking and glanced at me unintentionally, I glanced at the dog girl and saw her disappointed, lowered ears and tail between her legs, walking slowly away. When she walked to the corner and lay down, I felt uncomfortable for a moment, as if my heart had been hollowed out.

It wasn't until that incident that I realized that the bond between me and my dog ​​girl was still there.

When school started, it snowed heavily. Snowing at this time is relatively rare. When I left home, I saw the dog girl squatting at the door and looking at me. It was snowing heavily. In my mind, that was the only time it snowed so heavily in this city. It kept falling, as if it never stopped.

Back at school, I chatted with my classmates who had been missing for the winter vacation, and then packed my things. The day passed quickly, but when I went to bed, I always felt that there were some things that I hadn’t put down. It was strange that the cute dog pictures kept falling asleep. No, even though I was very tired that day.

Now that I think about it, there is indeed such a thing as a premonition.

In the quiet campus, I suddenly heard a familiar cry. At first I thought it was an auditory hallucination, but when I turned around I heard it, and the cry was rapid and hoarse.

It was the voice of a dog girl. I couldn't believe it. I quickly got up and put on my clothes. I walked to the window and wiped the glass window that was blurred by everyone's breath.

There were street lights outside, so I could see more clearly. The snowy ground was very white and very empty. I didn't see the dog girl at first glance, but when I looked carefully, I found that the fur on her body was originally white. There was a thick layer of snow, and it was squatting on the snow, still raising its head and screaming.

The shouting had already woken up some classmates, and they were all complaining. I had to quickly get dressed and run downstairs to the dormitory.

It's really a dog girl, I confirmed again, but I've never brought it here. And it's quite far from home. It would take eight or nine hours on foot.

But it really came running, and I happily stroked its head, which was covered with a thick layer of snow. The dog girl also seemed very happy, wagging her tail happily. I haven't seen her like this for many years.

Is a dead dog harmful to people_Pictures of dogs that are so cute_Photos of dead dogs exposed

But I suddenly found that there seemed to be something in the dog girl's mouth. It bit hard and refused to open its mouth. Under the dim street light, I tried to open its mouth to see what it was.

Finally, the dog girl vomited out, and there was something on the white snow.

It's a severed finger. There is still blood on it, probably because it has been in the dog girl's mouth. The blood has not solidified yet. It flows very slowly, revealing a light red semicircle on the ground, but it flows very slowly, as if It’s the same as the maltose I ate as a child.

The finger had turned a little black. I was surprised, but after taking a closer look, I saw that finger was very familiar. There was a large triangular scar on the finger. It belonged to a tall man named Huzi, who was his father. One of my many friends was very fond of gambling and drinking. Because he once touched my face with his hand, I looked at his hand and remembered that there was a scar on his finger.

Something must have happened at home.

I patted the dog girl on the head and picked up the fingers on the ground. The school teachers came out and I told them that something might have happened at home. The teachers woke up the school driver, drove me back, and called the police. When we got in the car, the dog girl started to act a little weird. She didn't lick the back of my hand as enthusiastically as before. Instead, she lay down at my feet docilely. I could feel her belly rising and falling with her breathing on my legs. . But now I have no intention of caring about the dog girl. I am more worried about my parents at home.

When I got home, I found that the police had already arrived. It turned out that Huzi had lost all his money and knew that my father had saved some for my study, so he drank wine and took a boning knife and robbed the house with another guy at night. . The mother said in shock that Huzi had helped her parents with ropes and was looking through things at home. As a result, Dog Girl rushed over and bit Beard's hand holding the knife. Bearded's other friend was frightened, put a knife on his mother's neck and shouted for Dog Girl to let go. Dog Girl bit off Beard's finger, and then walked out of the door. Ran out.

When the police arrived, Huzi and his accomplices left, but he was still caught based on his severed finger.

My parents were very happy to get their stolen money back, but the dog girl could no longer jump around me.

It originally took eight or nine hours to travel, but it actually took less than two hours to arrive. This consumption burned the last energy in its body.

But the dog girl was very peaceful when she left. I always thought it found me because there was a bond between me and my dog ​​that no one could understand or see.

After that, I stopped raising dogs, and my father stopped killing dogs.

But I will take in some very poor puppies that wander the streets, or abandoned pet dogs, but I will not keep them. Although I will try my best to find new owners for them, in my opinion there is really no A dog can take the place of a dog girl in my heart. "My friend finished speaking, but I could see that his eyes were a little moist.

Although I have solved some questions that I have had in my mind for many years, I do not feel relaxed.

"You know, sometimes after I fall asleep in bed, I can often feel something licking my hand on the edge of the bed, just like before, like a dog girl, very warm." He smiled I picked up a Chihuahua that was blind in one left eye and kept barking at my feet, and took me out of the house.

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