Dormitory Night Terror – Toilet

It is said that the toilet is often filled with evil spirits because of the strong yin energy. They must find a substitute before they can be reincarnated. So this process took place during my overnight stay… Our school is located in the cracks of the mountains. It is said that the government chose it to save money. The place is often filled with smoke and the trees have high crowns, so the feeling of eeriness suddenly arises. When we first moved in, we were always overjoyed, but what happened next was enough to make our hearts sink into hell.

There were ghost stories about the school when I first came here . The school was not perfect yet and there were workers working on the school. There was someone I knew among them, so I often went to talk to him. According to him, the school here used to be a mass grave. Soldiers who resisted Vietnam dragged them here to bury them because time and conditions did not allow. During construction, they often found white bones, including those of hands, feet, and ribs! I looked at him in surprise and suddenly said, "Isn't there an archaeological skull of the Malipo people?" He breathed. Dry smoke, after spraying the spray, he seemed to have something in mind, then he looked down at the stone and said: "Yes… yes… yes, but… only one skull has been dug up so far!" I became more and more shocked and strange. "So many limbs and only one head?" He seemed to have something to say, "It's better you don't know!" I couldn't bear to ask the source, but he only said that it was in the middle right of the school. I looked around and saw Go, surprise…that's not the direction of our dormitory. I turned around and asked more questions, but he had already gotten into the ghost story of the shed school , and I didn't dare to ask anymore. On the way back to the dormitory, I was always surprised, and suddenly I felt that there seemed to be some secret in the dormitory.

I went back to the dormitory and lay down, thinking about what my friend had said. Maybe I was too tired from playing golf and fell asleep accidentally. As I was sleeping heavily, I began to dream in a daze. I stood up and opened the door to the dormitory. The corridor was unusually quiet but bright, with a small amount of black smoke floating in it. I walked straight to the toilet and started urinating, whistling, and in a trance, I seemed to hear a whistle accompanying me. At first, I just wanted to have a vacation and there were people like me who were far away from home, but when I thought about the people on the overnight list, I know everyone! They made an appointment to go to the Internet cafe to play CS. I started to feel strange, but when I listened quietly, there was no sound at all. I thought it was because I was visiting my grandfather recently. After inquiries, I found out that the other person was the grandfather of the so-called suicide student in the second year of high school. I finally understood everything. The head I saw was specifically looking for Awei and the sophomore classmate. It turned out that he was here to seek revenge.

A friend at the construction site also said that the old nun at the Guanyin Temple knew the whole story and the story of how he surrendered the evil ghost. Who knows? Let’s live happily for the time being!

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