Aoye Netherworld's Horror Resurrection

To be honest, Xiong Wenwen's mother, Chen Shumei, is indeed a very beautiful woman, mature, beautiful, and gentle. Although she is about thirty years old, for a modern urban woman, she does not appear older at all. Full of charm and temptation.

If it were normal times, there would definitely be many suitors.

However, she is very unlucky. Her son Xiong Wenwen is a ghost controller, and he is also indirectly involved in the supernatural circle.

This circle is terrible and cruel, and death is a common occurrence.

A woman's beauty has no value in this circle, because most ghost masters are no longer normal people, and after the body is eroded by ghosts, human emotions will gradually become indifferent, and the same goes for desires.

Of course, not only the beauty of women, but also the handsomeness of men have no meaning.

Chen Shumei was holding her palms nervously at this moment. Her face was ashamed and sad. She risked everything, even put down her dignity, to plead with Team Yang, but she didn't expect that what she got in exchange was a ruthless rejection.

The beauty and figure that I was usually proud of were not attractive at all in front of this young man from Yang Jian.

Even less interesting than a cup of tea on the table.

But she had no choice, because Chen Shumei didn't know many people in the circle and couldn't find anyone to help. Only the Yang Jian in front of her had met before and had contact information.

Yang Jian felt that he was speaking too harshly. He looked at the silent and ashamed Chen Shumei in front of him, and then said, "I can give you Cao Yanhua's phone number. He is the deputy minister of the headquarters. Tell him about your situation." The situation may be useful, but I still say the same thing, it is impossible to risk your life for Xiong Wenwen, whose life or death is uncertain."

"If it were another task, I would help you because of Xiong Wenwen's precognitive ability, but the incident Xiong Wenwen is involved in is too dangerous now… So Aunt Chen, let's end the conversation today. "

"Just treat everything that just happened as if it never happened."

Yang Jian wrote down Cao Yanhua's phone number and asked Chen Shumei to call him, but he didn't know whether it would be effective.

"Okay, Aoye Youming , I'm leaving."

His attitude was very firm and did not change at all. He just left a phone number and was about to get up and leave.

"I-I'll see you off, Captain Yang." Chen Shumei said absently, staring at the phone number on the table.

"If there is any news from Xiong Wenwen, please let me know. I know another way to leave the painting. If they get lost, they can find me." Yang Jian gave a little help when he left.

To be honest, this help is optional.

Each ghost painting represents an exit. There are at least five ghost paintings at the headquarters, which means there are five exits. The exit of the ghost painting in his hand is not particularly important.

"Okay, thank you, Captain Yang." Chen Shumei nodded.

Although Yang Jian refused her help, she did not become angry or resentful. Instead, she was more polite than when she first came to the door.

Chen Shumei also knew in her heart that her request was too much. Otherwise, Xiong Wenwen would not have intentionally left her phone number for help before leaving last time. Perhaps Wenwen had foreseen the danger at that time, and it was only her fault that she did not insist on refusing Li. military request.

It's too late now.

Yang Jian glanced at Chen Shumei, who looked haggard and dazed, and then left without looking back.

To be honest, she would have to experience something like Xiong Wenwen sooner or later.

From the day you become a ghost controller, you will not be able to learn and grow healthily like a normal child. Sooner or later, you will die from the resurrection of the ghost, or from a supernatural incident.

"But Xiong Wenwen's loss of contact proves that the ghost painting incident has become more complicated… I should leave here as soon as possible and not stay here any longer." Yang Jian walked on the street, thinking to himself.

Now that he has resigned, he does not need to bear this responsibility for many things, and orders from the headquarters will not be given to him.

Although he lost a lot of rights, it also reduced a lot of troublesome things. If it were normal, this ghost painting incident would probably involve him again.

"There are some things that need to be done before leaving here."

Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly.

He quickly called a taxi and said, "Go to Ping'an Hotel."

Since he couldn't leave alone, Yang Jian decided to officially confirm the team formation and take away several ghost masters.


He came to Ping An Building again, and had already contacted him by phone on the way.

At this time, Huang Ziya, Zhang Lei, and Wang Jiang were already sitting in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, waiting.

"Captain, here." Huang Ziya immediately waved and said,

Yang Jian walked over and said directly: "To make a long story short, I have dealt with my own affairs in the past two days, and now I am ready to return to Dachang City. We must have discussed the team formation before, and I have a few places in my hand for you to join. Among my team, the authority of the corresponding headquarters will be reduced to a certain extent."

"If nothing else happens, I will leave today. Please think about it and give me an answer."

"Of course I will follow the captain to Dachang City. I don't want to participate in the mission assigned by the headquarters. It is too dangerous and I might die at any time." Huang Ziya took the lead.

Her purpose after becoming a ghost controller was the same as Yang Jian's, just to survive. This time she came here just to try and solve the problem of the ghost's resurrection.

Now that Huang Ziya has temporarily solved his own problems, he will naturally not stay any longer.

The college student Wang Jiang's eyes moved slightly, seeming to be hesitating. Although he admitted that Yang Jian was very capable and a qualified captain candidate, but he lost his identity as the leader of a city and went to Dachang City to become a team member. A bit hard to accept.

"If I go to Dachang City, will the identity of the person in charge be retained?" he asked.

Yang Jian said; "You should have checked my information, and you should know that my situation is quite special. Although I am the captain, I only have a name. The area under my jurisdiction is very small, and I am responsible for the security of Dachang City. If it is The other captains must have extra cities allocated to you."

"You still want to be the person in charge? Don't you know that being in charge of a city is a very dangerous thing?" Huang Ziya curled her lips and said.

Wang Jiang remained silent.

He still couldn't bear to be the person in charge of a city. After all, that's what he came to this city for. Originally, there was no conflict with joining Yang Jian's team. After all, a captain was responsible for many areas and cities. It was not appropriate to give someone the identity of person in charge. Disaster.

"Where are you, Zhang Lei?" Yang Jian didn't say much to Wang Jiang.

The person he values ​​​​is Zhang Lei.

This person's abilities are terrifying, but also quite dangerous.

"I won't live long unless I find a way to control the second ghost." Zhang Lei said.

The clothes on his chest bulged slightly, and a terrifying human face emerged, with the vague outline of the person's limbs next to it. It was as if there was a corpse growing with him.

If he continues, Zhang Lei will die soon, and his body will become the nourishment for this ghost.

Yang Jian said: "Your ability is too strong. The more ferocious the ghost you control, the faster the ghost controller will die. You have not been a ghost controller for a long time, and you do not have the ability to use ghosts indiscriminately. Such a quick recovery It has exceeded my imagination… If you want to control the second ghost, you need to apply, and after passing it, you will need to wait for a while."

"Theoretically it's too late."

Zhang Lei smoked a cigarette and frowned: "I know, I might have been able to catch up, but the incident at the base last time broke my plan. The situation was worse than I imagined, and I was sleeping last night At that time, I could already feel the ghost on my chest struggling, trying to get out of my body."

"In the next half month, I will definitely be killed by a ghost one night. Although I really want to go to Dachang City and stay away from trouble, I'm afraid I won't be able to leave like this."

After finishing speaking, Zhang Lei sighed helplessly.

He was also here to solve the problem of the resuscitation of the evil ghost, and he only became the person in charge to make meritorious service so that he could apply to control the second ghost.

Yang Jian thought for a moment and said, "I have a spot in my hand that I can pretend to give to you. You call Wang Xiaoming and say that this is my condition."

Wang Xiaoming had promised him three conditions before, and he decided to let Wang Xiaoming solve the problem of Zhang Leili's ghost recovery.

As long as he succeeds, Zhang Lei is a very strong teammate.

"Is it too late?" Zhang Lei looked at him in shock.

"Try it. If you die, forget it. If you survive, go to Dachang City to find me." Yang Jian said.

Zhang Lei's deathly face showed a bit of human excitement. He stood up hurriedly and said: "Thank you, Yang Jian, no, captain."

"It's okay, we're just helping each other." Yang Jian said

Wang Jiang on the side saw it and immediately became envious.

It was really generous to give away a place at the request. He immediately said shamelessly: "Captain, can you also give me a place?"

Yang Jian looked at him and said: "I only have one quota, you have to find a way on your own, and you have not joined my team."

A very direct refusal.

Wang Jiang was startled for a moment, then lowered his head angrily, but still refused to give up and said, "Then it's not too late for me to join now."

"No need, you are more suitable to be the person in charge of a city." Yang Jian refused directly.

The ability to find teammates is one thing, and the most important thing is a trusting relationship.

Wang Jiang had resisted before, hesitated for a long time, and had too many thoughts. Yang Jian didn't want this kind of person.

"By the way, where is Feng Quan? He has disappeared for a while. Where did he go?" Yang Jian ignored Wang Jiang and asked again.

He remembered that the last time Feng Quan left was to find Tong Qian.

As a result, there was no news from the two of them. Logically speaking, it shouldn't take so long to find someone. After all, Tong Qian is also in the city. Now that he is leaving Aoye Netherworld , Feng Quan and Tong Qian are two indispensable teammates. .

One is a veteran ghost controller with rich experience.

One is an alien created by Yang Jian using the method of human skin paper.

"I don't know." Zhang Lei and Huang Ziya shook their heads together.

"Captain, didn't you call and ask?" Huang Ziya said.

Yang Jian said, "I lost my mobile phone and I can't contact him for the time being. You can locate Feng Quan through your mobile phone and I will go find him in person."

"Okay, that's no problem." Huang Ziya said.

She quickly took out her satellite positioning phone and tried to contact him, but she said, "I don't have enough permissions to locate too far away."

"Contact your operator and ask the operator to report that I, Yang Jian, want to find Feng Quan and ask him to give me an address." Yang Jian said.

Huang Ziya nodded.

The headquarters' work efficiency is very high. After a while, an address was sent directly to Yang Jian's mobile phone.

"I've received the text message here. I'm leaving." Yang Jian checked the text message and frowned immediately.

The address has changed. It is no longer in the city, but in a small county town relatively close to the city.

"Captain, do you want me to go with you? Anyway, I have nothing to do now, and I also want to get to know that Tong Qian." Huang Ziya shook her long black hair and stood up from the sofa with a smile. said.

Yang Jian nodded and said, "Okay, when we find Feng Quan and Tong Qian, we will leave here directly. Zhang Lei, you go to Wang Xiaoming to deal with your situation, and be quick."

"I'm also afraid of death. Don't worry, I'll contact Professor Wang right away." Zhang Lei immediately started to connect with his operator.

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