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It was the spirit of the boy statue that was captured. I made a spirit-seeking secret and followed it all the way to the end of the passage.

The thing was like smoke and mist, a pitch-black mass, and it was escaping with something wrapped around it.

"I'll go first! You follow me!" I told Jiang Shaotian and rushed forward quickly.

It was eventually blocked in a gallery on the fourth floor of the museum.

It was a ferocious sword spirit. Perhaps it had killed too many people before, so this sword spirit was much more ferocious than ordinary weapon spirits.

It is gradually devouring the spiritual power of the boy's weapon spirit, and continues to grow its own power.

It is already somewhat demonized.

It must have been responsible for all the weird things happening in the museum during this period!

The male doll wearing a small bellyband kept struggling, his cries became weaker and weaker, and his body became more and more transparent.

I rushed straight over there.

When the distance from the black smoke was less than one meter, a yellow talisman was directly photographed: "The evil spirits retreat!"

Black Smoke let out a sharp scream as if it had been burned.

I reached into the black smoke and fished out the weak boy like a spirit.

When he came back to his senses, the black smoke had disappeared.

I snorted: "You run really fast!"

Jiang Shaotian finally caught up.

"Sister Ruyi, you are too fast!"

He panted heavily and sat on the ground. I held the boy's weapon spirit in my arms and said, "Let's go."

When I passed by Jiang Shaotian, I stopped in my steps and turned to look at him: "Where is He Sheng?"

Introduction: A friend called me for help in the middle of the night.

"Help me quickly! A naked person came into my house!"

I called him crazy and was about to close the phone.

He has already sent the video.

In the surveillance video, a white humanoid skeleton is walking around the living room.

My classmate Lu Ke is very happy recently.

When asked why, she said that her grandmother, who had been paralyzed in bed for three years, could actually stand up and walk!

She met me at the school gate, and we happened to be waiting for someone, so we started chatting directly.

"As expected, the doctor said it is a miracle that my grandma can stand up again!"

I smiled: "That's great."

She told me a lot about her grandma again.

After chatting for a while, a car stopped in front of us.

The car window rolled down behind, and there was a kind-hearted old man. She shouted in this direction: "Xiao Ke!"

Lu Ke looked happy: "I'm going to take my grandma to the hospital for a review! Ruyi, I'm leaving first."

I nodded, but my eyes fell on her grandma, and I frowned slightly.

Something seems not quite right. Why does it feel like there is a kind of evil spirit?

"What are you thinking about!" Jiang Shaotian walked up to me at some point.

He followed my gaze and saw Lu Ke getting into the car.

The old woman in the back seat smiled at him.

Jiang Shaotian returned the gift with some embarrassment.

I looked away: "It's okay, let's go."

In the middle of the night, Jiang Shaotian woke me up with several fatal calls.

I gritted my teeth: "You better be fine!"

Jiang Shaotian's voice was a little trembling: "Sister Ruyi, help me, a sexually explicit person has entered my house!"

A row of crows flew overhead.

I wanted to curse, but I held it back: "I'm not interested in your personal life, thank you."

Jiang Shaotian didn't say anything, but directly sent over the surveillance video of the living room at home.

In the video, a white humanoid skeleton stood in the center of the dim living room. It looked left and right, then slowly walked toward a room.

It stopped at the door of the room, stretched out its hand bones, and knocked on the door.

The finger bones collided with the door, making a "click-click" sound in the silent night, which was very strange.

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But at this point, my thoughts were a little off track.

This skeleton is surprisingly polite.

And so damn explicit!

Jiang Shaotian was about to cry: "My Taoism is too shallow and I can't accept it at all. Sister Ruyi, please come and save me!"

Jiang Shaotian is a descendant of the Jiang family in Fengcheng, one of the top ten spiritual sects. He is somewhat virtuous, but not much.

He has always been following me to gain experience.

Watch that video again.

I suddenly woke up.

He got up from the bed, quickly packed his things and rushed to Jiang Shaotian's house.

My name is Yun Ruyi, and I am a demon master.

A week ago, Xingcheng Wu Family, one of the top ten spiritual sects, released a message.

It was said that a bone demon suppressed by his family had escaped.

His whereabouts are still unknown.

It turns out that he really came to Fengcheng!

Ha, it really takes no effort at all.

Bone Demon, as the name suggests, uses bones to transform into demons.

Also known as the White Bone Demon, the one who tried to eat Tang Monk was the leader among the White Bone Demons.

Legend has it that more than a thousand years ago, a plague broke out in Xingcheng, causing many casualties and no one dared to step into the city again.

Those who died from the epidemic had no one to take care of them, and their bodies were exposed in the wilderness, and over time they turned into bones.

The ghosts of the white bones attach themselves to each other and absorb the essence of day and night. If things go on like this, they turn into monsters.

At that time, the bone demon was rampant in Xingcheng, and there was almost no living person.

The ten major spiritual sects sent people to exterminate and suppress them.

It was also at that time that the Wu family began to gradually move to Xingcheng.

The Wu family has always been responsible for subduing and suppressing the bone demon.

By the way, this is the first time that the bone demon has escaped.

He also happened to find Jiang Shaotian.

A bit novel.

I hurriedly hurriedly and slowly arrived at the downstairs of Jiang Shaotian's community.

Just as he was about to go upstairs, Jiang Shaotian called again.

"Sister Ruyi! Are you here?"

I gasped: "Downstairs."

Jiang Shaotian was shocked: "Who is that knocking on the door?"

What a mess.

While I was waiting for the elevator, I cursed: "Are you stupid? Bone demon!"

"No!" Jiang Shaotian said anxiously, "The bone demon is knocking on my door, but my front door was also knocked on!"


The elevator has arrived.

I hung up the phone with my backhand: "Give me a minute, I'm here."

A mechanical female voice sounded in the elevator: "The 18th floor has arrived."

When I got off the elevator, I saw three young people in fashionable clothes standing in front of Jiang Shaotian's house.

Two men and one woman.

Ah, they are the friends Jiang Shaotian plays with on weekdays.

As I got closer, I heard their conversation.

"Why didn't Jiang Shaotian open the door? Are you asleep?"

"How is that possible? He is a night owl!"

Someone glanced at the phone: "His birthday is in ten minutes, can we still celebrate his birthday?"

She actually came here specifically to celebrate his birthday. She had good intentions, but it wasn't the right time.

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It's almost midnight, and the Yin Qi is at its strongest.

I walked over quickly and was about to persuade them to leave.

But there was a "click" and the door was opened from the inside.

"The door is finally open, boy!"

They laughed and rushed in.

My eyes narrowed.

not good! This is not the door opened by Jiang Shaotian!

There was a flash of white light in the room.

I quickly passed between the three of them, formed a seal with my hands, and shouted: "The evil spirits retreat!"

The golden light suddenly appears!

Nothing happened.

It's a bit embarrassing.

The three people all looked at me: "Who are you?"

Before I could say anything, Jiang Shaotian's door was opened.

He carefully poked his head out and saw us standing in the living room. He was so excited that he almost burst into tears.

"Sister Ruyi!"

He rushed over and hugged me shivering.

I twitched my forehead and knocked him to the ground.

"Shaotian, is this your girlfriend?"

"You kid, you actually have a girlfriend!"

The three people looked at us blankly.

When Jiang Shaotian heard this, his face turned pale with fright: "No, no, no, don't talk nonsense, this is my sister! I have a brother-in-law!"

After he finished speaking, he suddenly reacted.

She turned to look at me in horror: "Sister Ruyi, where is that thing?"

I set up a soul-hunting array alone and searched the entire house.

He said in a deep voice: "Still here."

Jiang Shaotian's face turned pale and he moved closer to me unconsciously.

His appearance made the three friends a little unhappy.

"Jiang Shaotian, you are so uninteresting. We are here to celebrate your birthday, why are you not happy at all?"

"That's right, you are too attentive to your sister."

"Are we still friends?"

Jiang Shaotian suddenly became as big as one with two heads.

The three of them looked at each other with confusion on their faces.

One of them turned to look at Jiang Shaotian, reached out and tapped his head: "Shaotian, there seems to be something wrong with your sister here."

Jiang Shaotian also looked at me in shock: "Sister Ruyi, what did you say?"

I pulled him back a few steps.

He turned his head and whispered: "The bone demon is the best at attaching bones. It will attach itself to the spine of a living person and control the behavior of the living person."

"The moment I entered the door, the bone demon disappeared. Logically speaking, I wouldn't be unaware of it at all."

"So I guess it's now possessed by one of your friends."

Jiang Shaotian was shocked when he heard this and stopped in front of the door with a big step.

His eyes swept across the three of them: "My sister is right, you can't leave now."

Not only did he close the door, he also found some leather straps and prepared to tie them up.

The three of them were shocked: "Jiang Shaotian! Are you crazy?"

There is no flaw in their expressions or movements.

I sighed and stopped Jiang Shaotian.

"Forget it, even the Demon Subduing Mirror can't scare it, let alone these broken belts like yours."

I cleared my throat and sat down on the sofa slowly.

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"Since you don't want to come out, let's talk about the conditions directly. What do you want?"

"You have to tell us so we can help you, right?"

The three of them looked at me and I looked at you, and they all seemed at a loss.

But after a while, one of the girls shouted: "Chen Siqi, why are you laughing?"

The other one also looked at the boy in horror: "You have such a weird smile!"

Chen Siqi ignored them and turned to look at me: "Master Ruyi is really refreshing."

I looked at him without speaking.

Jiang Shaotian was also stunned.

It's that simple?

He came back to his senses, pointed at Chen Siqi and stammered: "He! Over there! Sister Ruyi, please take him in!"

I pursed my lips and asked Jiang Shaotian to send the other two people out.

It’s not that I don’t want to accept it, I just can’t accept it!

This is the tricky thing about the bone demon. Once it attaches to the spine of a living person, it is equivalent to living and dying with him.

Any spells or spiritual weapons will no longer work.

In the troubled times of ancient times, it was easy to say that it was better to kill one person with a stick than to kill a group of people.

At that time, people possessed by the bone demon were already considered dead.

I said before that using the Demon-Conquering Mirror is just to scare it.

But now in a civilized society, what if someone dies for no reason?

I don't want to be invited to tea.

I glanced at Chen Siqi speechlessly.

Chen Siqi smiled at me, then bent down and bowed: "I'm a young man, I've seen a girl before."

Yo ho.

It looks like an old bone.

When Jiang Shaotian came back, Chen Siqi had just finished introducing himself.

I repeated it to him succinctly.

"His name is He Sheng. He was a scholar a thousand years ago."

After that, I looked at He Sheng: "Speaking of which, I want to ask something."

He Sheng nodded: "Miss, please ask."

I raised my eyes and looked at him: "Is it your fault what happened to my classmate Lu Ke's grandma?"

He smiled: "Yes."

"She has been paralyzed for many years and has run out of energy. I used the art of attaching bones to give them a few more happy days. This is a good thing."

I looked at him coldly: "What now?"

The bone demon left the body, so what became of Lu Ke's grandma now?

He Sheng sighed: "We don't have much time."

There was a moment of silence.

I asked him: "Why are you here?"

He smiled: "I came here to find something."


He Sheng looked at Jiang Shaotian: "Did this young master bring back a pottery figurine a few days ago?"

Jiang Shaotian was stunned.

"pottery figurine?"

He thought for a moment, walked straight to his bedroom, and took out a box from the cabinet in the bedroom.

"Is it this one?"

"I went to an auction a week ago and fell in love with a painted pottery dancing figurine. I bought it because it looked good."

He brought the box over and opened it in front of us.

The painted pottery and dancing figurines inside are lifelike, with their colors and shapes well preserved, and they are indeed very beautiful.

He Sheng looked at it obsessively: "This is it. It's mine."

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Jiang Shaotian's face darkened: "What's yours?"

"I bought this for two million!"

He Sheng looked at him: "No, it was mine a thousand years ago. I just lost it."

I had a headache from hearing their quarrel, and couldn't help shouting: "Okay, stop quarreling!"

I pointed at Jiang Shaotian: "You, give him this thing, and I will go back to Jiang's house to explain to your grandfather."

I pointed at He Sheng again: "You, accept this pottery figurine, and then get out of Chen Siqi's body!"

After you get out, I will take you in!

It's so late at night, I'm so sleepy…

But who would have thought that as soon as I finished speaking, I heard them both say in unison: "No."

I was stunned and turned to look at He Sheng.

Jiang Shaotian also turned to look at him: "Forget it if I don't agree. What do you have to disagree with?"

He Sheng smiled at us.

He pointed at the pottery figurines: "These pottery figurines were originally a pair, but now there is only one. Please help me find the other one, Miss Ruyi and this young man."


He also kicked his nose and slapped his face.

I was about to get angry when I heard him say again:

"If not, I will stay in this young master's body and never leave."

Not only does he slap people in the face, he also threatens people!

The bone demon is a demon after all.

The longer it remains in a person's body, the greater the harm it will cause.

For the sake of Chen Siqi's life, we can only agree to his request.

Before setting off to find another pottery figurine, I first caught up on my sleep in Jiang Shaotian's house.

When the sun rises three poles, I feel full of energy and come alive.

Jiang Shaotian carried his equipment and walked over: "Where should we find it?"

I looked at another room: "Just follow He Sheng. Since he can find your pottery figurine, he will definitely be able to find the other one as well."

After that, I shouted over there: "He Sheng, come out quickly, we are about to set off."

After a few minutes, the door was opened.

He Sheng was wearing a blue gown, and his movements exuded an air of elegance.

I raised my forehead and asked, "Where did you get this clothes?"

Jiang Shaotian yawned: "He forced me to buy it for him last night."

"He said his wife likes to see him wearing cyan the most."

He Sheng smiled and walked towards us.

"You can go."

Jiang Shaotian acted as the driver, and He Sheng sat in the passenger seat and directed him to turn left and right in the city.

I lay in the back seat with my eyes closed and meditative.

I don’t know how long it took, but the car stopped.

I wiped the saliva from the corner of my mouth: "Are we here? Let's go down and find something."

The two people in front didn't move.

I was stunned for a moment: "What's wrong? Why don't you leave?"

Jiang Shaotian slowly raised his hand and pointed forward: "Sister, look where he brought us!"

I looked in the direction of his finger and my pupils shrank suddenly: Fengcheng City Museum.

Standing at the entrance of the museum, ten thousand grass and mud horses roared past in my heart.

He Shengyao's pottery figurines are on display in the museum. Where can I get them for him?

The three of us standing here are particularly awkward.

Some passers-by looked at us a few times, then came over and asked, "Do you want to go to the museum?"

Jiang Shaotian nodded.

The man said again: "Go back, something happened in the museum these two days, and it can't be opened for the time being!"

<img src='' alt='Sword and Soul Death Video_Sword and Soul + Right and Small Death_What's the Punishment for Sword and Soul's Death?


Jiang Shaotian and I looked at each other, and he quickly asked: "What happened?"

The man came closer and whispered: "A week ago, the night guard of the museum heard crying coming from the museum. He resigned the next day. In the next week, some people said that there was someone in the museum. Crying, I heard someone calling for help!”

"Anyway, it's very evil! The director of the museum is really under pressure. The museum has been closed for the past few days, and it's not certain when it will open!"

He muttered a few more words and left.

Jiang Shaotian turned to me and asked: "What should I do next?"

Before I could speak, I heard He Sheng, who had been silent next to me, speak up.

"I want to go in." He kept looking at the museum. "I can feel that my pottery figurines are inside."

I pursed my lips and said, "Not now, it's too eye-catching."

"Find a place to stay for now, and we will go in at night."

The two of us had no objections. We walked around the neighborhood and then found a small teahouse and sat there all afternoon.

Until nightfall, the street lights on the roadside are all on.

The waiter at the teahouse came over and gently reminded us that they were closing.

I don’t know how many times I walked out of the toilet with Sword Spirit + You Xiaosheng and patted Jiang Shaotian on the shoulder:

"Go check out, it's time for us to get to work."

After coming out of the teahouse, we used some tricks to sneak into the museum at night.

Jiang Shaotian hesitated: "Sister Ruyi, won't we be seen by surveillance cameras like this? Do you want to cover your face?"

I glanced at him: "The surveillance here has failed."

He was stunned: "What did you do?"

"It's not me." I looked around the dark museum, "It's something inside that caused the surveillance to malfunction."

"Be careful with Sword Spirit + You Xiaoshi , something is very wrong with this museum!"

He Sheng could not detect the exact location of the pottery figurines, so we could only start looking for them layer by layer.

Although the Fengcheng City Museum is not big, there are quite a lot of cultural relics inside.

After searching for a while, Jiang Shaotian started to look around like a tourist.

"Wow, this hibiscus, stone, flat-eared stove is so beautiful!" He clicked his tongue again after finishing speaking, "It's a pity, it's a crack, it's a fly in the ointment."

He walked to the next exhibit and praised: "This Yaobian Tianmu tea cup is also very beautiful!"

"Huh? Why is there a crack?"

Jiang Shaotian was stunned for a moment, then looked at the glass lamp next to him. There was also a crack on it.

"Sister Ruyi!" Jiang Shaotian called me, "Look at these cultural relics, something is not right!"

I said solemnly: "I just said that I always feel that something is not right."

"There are so many cultural relics on this floor, but there is not even a single artifact spirit."

The so-called weapon spirits are actually objects that have passed through the hands of many people and have been influenced by popularity to cultivate spiritual and intellectual obsessions. They have no real form and can change at will according to the image in their own memory.

Without exception, all these cultural relics have cracks, and there is only one possibility that they have lost their artifacts.

While he was talking, a child's cry suddenly came from the exhibition hall upstairs.

Without thinking any more, I took the lead and walked up: "Go up and have a look!"

We quickly reached the second floor and moved in the direction of the crying.

Finally we stopped in front of a pair of bean green glaze gilt statues of a boy and a girl.

I looked at the cultural relics in the glass cover, my expression gloomy, and I made seals with my hands.

"The laws of heaven are clear, the laws of earth are spirited, the yin and yang are connected, and the water spirits appear!"

I took out a yellow charm from my waist and slapped it directly on the glass cover.

There was a flash of golden light, and a small figure gradually appeared inside.

Jiang Shaotian pointed inside with a shocked look on his face: "Holy shit, shit, there's someone inside!"

He Sheng explained: "This is the spirit of the weapon."

I saw a translucent little girl with braids floating on top of the virgin statue, her mouth wide open and crying.

"Stop crying." I frowned and reached out to pat the glass cover. "Tell me first, what exactly happened here?"

The little girl opened her eyes and looked at me. After being stunned for three seconds, she stretched out her chubby little hand and pointed to the passage next to me.

"My brother has been taken away! Go and save my brother!"

Jiang Shaotian quickly asked: "Who was kidnapped?"

The little girl was crying and said: "Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo more… yeah…, yeah… I that's a weapon spirit!

I turned around and chased towards the passage over there: "It's a demon or a ghost. Let's catch up and see if we can find out."

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