Call Me Piggy Ghost Eyes Chapter 724 Party

Dachang City has indeed been very peaceful since the Hungry Ghost Incident.

Zhang Xiangui even dared to hold a party at the end of the year. He would never have dared to do so for a period of time after the accident. He promised to stay in seclusion and avoid encountering supernatural incidents. He was called "Pig Pig Ghost Eyes" , but after many confirmations later, After that, he dared to move around the city with confidence.

The annual meeting was held in a local five-star hotel.

There were many people invited, but Zhang Xiangui gathered a group of company CEOs with strong financial strength or the successors of some wealthy families through various contacts, relationships, and introductions from friends in the business world.

In short, Zhang Xiangui invited everyone he could.

Originally this party was a week ago.

But Yang Jian went back to his hometown and had to decline for a while.

In order to retain these people, Zhang Xiangui spent a lot of time, but there were still some people who couldn't wait and left early and missed the party. If Yang Jian had come a few days later, the number of people attending the party would probably be reduced.

After all, they are all big bosses. Being able to wait these days is already a great honor. In the past, it would have been absolutely impossible for him to gather these people.

Because this time they were all attracted by supernatural events, no, they should be attracted by the name of Ghost Eye Yang Jian.

The real top figures in the supernatural circle, many wealthy businessmen, and bosses have already learned more or less about this news.

The party hall was luxurious.

The people who attended were all rich or noble. In addition, Zhang Xiangui also invited some third- and fourth-tier actresses and some supermodels to the party to add to the atmosphere of the party.

The men were in suits and leather shoes, the women were wearing heavy makeup and dresses, and the elegant piano sound echoed in the hall.

The beauty is beautiful and unique, and the wine is rich in aroma.

Everyone brought their female companions with them to say hello and chat with each other, taking this opportunity to get to know each other, expand their connections, and see if there are any opportunities for cooperation in the future.

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Do pig ghosts exist? The eyes of pig eyes are called pig ghost eyes’/>

But in an inconspicuous corner.

But two young men were squatting in the corner, holding skewers in their hands and juice and drinks on the floor. They were eating and talking at the same time, which was incompatible with the surrounding environment.

"Let me just say, this party is very boring. Look at those people. Everyone is talking about business. Are you interested? I'm not interested anyway. I might as well go back to the company and play on the computer." Zhang Wei sighed, Even if he is the son of a billionaire, it does not affect his silk-draping temperament.

I really don’t know how Zhang Xiangui usually raises Zhang Wei, like a child from an ordinary family, without asking.

What about the elite education promised?

Why can't I see it at all?

"Brother Leg, what are you looking at? You have been staring at that photo since just now." Zhang Wei came over curiously.

"Nothing, it's a piece of information Zhang Hua gave me yesterday." Yang Jian stared at the photo in his hand and frowned slightly.

The address on the photo is No. 869, Jianshe Road, Dahan City.

There is also a coordinate display next to it.

It was the coordinates that Yang Jian asked Zhang Hua to investigate.

But when I actually found the location, it seemed a little weird.

It wasn't some weird place, an old house, or a wasteland like in the impression, but an abandoned building six or seven stories high.

The building looks like a shopping mall and office building, but it has not been completed and has become an unfinished building. There is only an empty shelf left there. There are weeds growing nearby and there are walls around it and it is blocked off.

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Do pig ghosts exist? The eyes of pig eyes are called pig ghost eyes’/>

Such unfinished buildings are ordinary and exist in every city. Even in busy streets, there will be one or two occasionally.

Yang Jian read the introduction above.

This land was bought by a businessman more than ten years ago, and they later planned to build a hotel together. However, an accident occurred at the construction site as soon as the construction started, and then the businessman resold it. The construction site was taken over by a second person and the construction continued, but just now After laying the foundation and building a layer, the boss died.

The site was then auctioned off, and a third owner took over and continued building.

As a result, when the third and fourth floors were built, the boss encountered a financial crisis and went bankrupt. The land continued to be resold… After repeated attempts, in the end this place became an unfinished building. It is currently owned by a bank in Dahan City. But it became insolvent and no one took over, leaving it abandoned until now.

"There is a ghost. This place must be haunted. Brother Leg, you must not go there." Zhang Wei pointed to the unfinished corridor in the photo.

Yang Jian said: "How do you conclude that that place is haunted? It seems normal, and there are many residential buildings nearby. There are shops more than ten meters away. If it was haunted, these people would have been finished long ago. Can they still survive? ?”

He wasn't just looking at the pictures, he was also observing his surroundings.

There is a lot of traffic and people nearby, so it is obviously a relatively prosperous area.

"It must be haunted. Call me Zhuzhuguiyan . This location is so good. If I had used the land to build a building and resold it, I would have made at least tens of millions. Such a good piece of land has been abandoned until now. It is not haunted." "Zhang Wei said: "Any unfinished building is likely to be haunted, just like our previous community. If it weren't for you, Brother Leg, wouldn't it almost be unfinished?"

"…Your method of reasoning is simply amazing." Yang Jian exclaimed.

However, Zhang Wei's words are not unreasonable. This place is actually the coordinates of the knocking ghost. It must be abnormal. It's just that there are some things that ordinary people can't find, but ghost controllers can.

"Of course, my reasoning has always been well-founded." Zhang Wei boasted unceremoniously.

"Two handsome guys, what are you doing squatting here? Aren't you going to the party?" At this time, a beautiful woman walking in the hall suddenly saw the two people in the corner. I don't know if it was out of curiosity or because Unable to find the target, he walked over and said hello with a smile.

Call me pig ghost eyes. Do pig ghosts exist? The eyes of pig eyes

"What do you mean by not attending the party? Didn't you see that you were attending?" Zhang Wei shook the skewers in his hand.

Yang Jian raised his head slightly at this time, and he saw a pair of black high heels and a pair of white and long beautiful legs. It was obvious that this beauty had a good figure, but she had heavy makeup on her face. She looked quite beautiful, but I don’t know how it looks with the makeup removed, but I think it’s not particularly pretty.

"My name is Tang Yanyan, nice to meet you two." The woman was quite polite, extending her hand and saying hello with a smile.

"You're welcome, I'm the double wielder of golden guns, Ah Wei, this is…"

Zhang Wei pondered for a moment, stood up and shook hands, suddenly becoming very formal.

Yang Jian also stood up in a hurry, shook hands and said, "Dachang ghost catcher, Xiao Yang."

"Hello, Ah Wei." The woman named Tang Yanyan immediately laughed: "But who is Xiao Yang, the ghost catcher? Are there any ghosts here?"

"Of course there are, not just some, there are many." Zhang Wei said.

"Where is it? Why didn't I see it?" Tang Yanyan said.

Yang Jian said: "If you are caught by me, of course you can't see it."

"Oh, that's it, then you are really awesome." Tang Yanyan laughed, feeling in her heart that these two people were definitely evil.

Why would such a high-end party have these two weird things mixed in?

Even if he didn't go to the party, he was still hiding in a corner squatting on the ground eating skewers. He was actually curious about these two people. It was really crazy.

"Then you eat slowly, I won't disturb you anymore. Goodbye, Awei, bye, Xiao Yang." Tang Yanyan didn't want to waste time, but she still had to work hard on the scene. She smiled and waved her hand, then turned and left.

The eyes of pig eyes_Do pig ghosts exist? They call me pig ghost eyes

"I thought she also wanted to eat skewers, which made me a little nervous. After all, the master didn't prepare much, only enough for two or three people." Zhang Wei frowned.

Yang Jian said; "I thought he was here to do something for me? It made me nervous."

"Let's continue."


The two people continued to squat in the corner, eating skewers, and then continued the topic.

"Hey, who are those two people over there? They look very special." When Tang Yanyan returned, a beautiful woman who also attended the banquet asked in a low voice: "Are they the rich second generation brought here by some bosses? Can you bring me too?" Let’s get to know each other.”

"How can it be that he is a rich second generation, looking like a man hanging on a silk thread, squatting in the corner and eating skewers, please don't go, this is just two evil words." Tang Yanyan rolled her eyes.

"Hehe, I don't believe it. I have a general understanding of the guests attending the party this time. As long as they are men, they are either rich or noble. The older ones are the bosses and the younger ones are the rich second generation, except for the waiters." The one next to him. The beauty said: "Are you eating alone?"

"How is that possible? If you don't believe it, just go and say hello yourself." Tang Yanyan said angrily.

"You're welcome then." The beautiful woman next to her said with a smile.

However, this scene was seen by Jiang Yan not far away.

Jiang Yan was also wearing a dress today. She dressed up carefully. She was sexy and slim. She was fascinated by herself.

"Damn it, you dare to say hello to my Yang Jian. What does that stinky woman want to do? Does she want to seduce my husband? Bah, shameless, no, I have to go over and guard. I must not let anyone else wander around in front of Yang Jian. .”

She immediately puffed up her face and walked over angrily, like a jealous little woman.

The eyes of pig eyes_Do pig ghosts exist? They call me pig ghost eyes

"By the way, when did you become a dual-wielder with golden guns?" Yang Jian suddenly asked.

Zhang Wei looked around and said in a low voice: "You don't know this? On the surface, I am just a manager of a company. In fact, I often go out at night to do chivalry and maintain local security. You also know that, so It’s a big city. If you’re not here, it’s all up to me. I’ll manage the company during the day, and at night I’ll transform into a double-wielding golden gunman to protect the city for you. Fortunately, I’m a hard-working person and can withstand it.”

After saying that, he patted Yang Jian on the shoulder, as if he had left it to me.

"You are really busy." Yang Jian looked at him, not knowing what to say.

I just want to go out and play with guns at night, right?


But at this time, Yang Jian's expression suddenly changed, and he felt something, and he looked in the direction of the door.

Someone is coming in.

It's a group of people.

But there is a special atmosphere among the crowd.

It's…a ghost master.

Yang Jian sensed it. It was a kind of reminder from ghost eyes, but it was not strong, indicating that the danger was not very great.

Are there any other ghost masters invited to this party?


If you think about it carefully, it is still possible. After all, it is not impossible for a ghost controller to make money and become a boss.

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