Devil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

I can't sleep at night, and I am used to sitting alone by the computer and writing something.

Suddenly, the power went out.

"The electricity was turned off by the old man." A thick and gloomy voice suddenly came out in the darkness.

Fear jumped out from the bottom of my heart, and I tightened my heart vigorously. I clearly felt that the pores all over my body were desperately shrinking into my body.

I stood up from the stool in horror, leaned against the table, and looked around in a panic, only to see the city lights reflected in the sky outside the window, it was a dim yellow, and there was silence everywhere. My body tightened under the oppression of darkness. That terrifying voice completely subdued me in an instant.

"Fortunately, fear didn't knock you down." The deep voice came again from the darkness.

I was bewildered, my eyes flicked desperately in the darkness, trying to search for the source of the sound.

Difficult to go to the country and see death suddenly as home Cao Zhi_What does it mean to die? what does it mean

"The old man is the devil, the villain of your legend, standing in front of you now."

My first instinct was pretty sure that he was the devil. Only the devil can unscrupulously destroy people's body and mind, and only the devil can instantly activate people's consciousness.

"You…" I tried to make a sound, but found that it was really difficult to speak.

At this time, I found a black figure looming in front of me, but I could see the outline of the body, but I could not see the facial features. His lines are indeed perfect.

"People always like to complicate simple things. What they see is never as scary as imagined. The devil is not scary, what is scary is to demonize the devil." Seeing the perfect figure, my sense of fear disappeared for a little bit, and my mind A little settled down.

"I don't know Mr. Devil is here…" The visitor must be polite, let alone a hacker. I realized that I should do my best to be a landlord, and give a polite welcome verbally, but it felt awkward when I said it.

"I haven't been in the human world for a long time. I just want to talk to someone." The devil ignored my existence and didn't care what I said. He moved slowly and quietly, as if he was looking around my room, and he kept talking to himself: "Internet chatting is popular in the world nowadays, regardless of men, women, young or old, rich or poor, high or low, whatever you like , talk about everything, the sea and the sky, happy life.” At this time, he stopped, as if he had just noticed me, and said to me: “We have chatted before, and now we can be regarded as friends meeting.” With such a person Netizens meet and chat, I understand that I must have the courage to face death as home.

"You are old and talented, you know everything, you know everything, you are omnipotent…" I believe: even the devil will benefit from a humble attitude and respectful words.

_What does it mean to go hard?

"The love in the world is hard to give up after all!" A talkative person often only needs an audience. The devil is in such high spirits that he doesn't seem to need his chat partner to speak at all.

"Although the hell on earth is two worlds, there are similarities. However, the world is more lively and interesting, and new things emerge one after another. It is unheard of and unseen in hell, so I always remember to come to the world and take a look." The devil was full of emotions, and I felt that he was getting closer to me.

"I have heard a lot about you traveling around the world, but most of the people you associate with are celebrities, such as Faust from foreign countries, Qian Zhongshu from China…" No way, dealing with the devil, everyone would want to deal with the devil. Build a good relationship while keeping a certain distance.

"A good person likes to show off the old things and become famous. A vulgar person is happy to talk about the wild news and anecdotes of celebrities, and a vulgar person is tireless in the saint's moral articles. The old man is humble, but he is not vulgar. He likes to be fresh and refined. , People who dare to do something. Faust and Qian Zhongshu were just borrowing from unknown people at that time, but I still have the wisdom and wisdom to know people.” Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be appreciated by the devil. Hearing the devil's secret praise, I felt a little relieved, and my heart was further relieved, and my courage grew stronger.

"You are always showing love so much, the juniors are afraid to take it." Normal people know that for a sudden gift, timely modesty is necessary.

"That's not necessarily it!" The devil said coldly, "The old man and Faust can do soul business, and Qian Zhongshu can talk about the past and the present, and the boy is just following the fate." I was startled, He hurriedly observed his words and expressions, and was alert to his body movements.

The devil took his time, bent his knees, and sat down on the head of the bed not far from me. I held my breath and watched the changes, and the devil said slowly: "The child's name Zhongyuan, although it has a kitschy meaning, it is also in line with the meaning of natural integrity, and there is something arrogant and refined in his words and deeds. With such a temper, how can you be so arrogant?" It’s good enough for this old man.” It seems that the devil did not go wrong, he came here specially to appreciate me.

"The boy behaves rashly in the world. He can't be elegant, and he can't be a great weapon. You are always laughing at me." I feel that the devil is not a bad comer, and I speak a lot smoother.

_What does it mean to go hard?

"Your son is stubborn, you can't succeed in your career, and you are disdainful. I really can't stand it. Since I have become acquainted with you, I will drop by to give you advice. I hope that my son will benefit from it." I don't know if it can be regarded as three lives after being taught by Mr. Devil. Fortunately.

"It's a great honor to be humiliated by labor, and I would like to be taught!" I hurriedly smiled, looking flattered. To be flattered before the devil is to tremble at the brink of a precipice.

"Ruzi has ideals, morality, culture, and discipline. He believes in walking straight, but it is too pedantic. The ancients called 'walking straight', but it actually means that Tao can be straight and can be bent. Ruzi has only a half-knowledge of 'Tao', and he does not understand it, so he acts. Restrained, depressed and aggrieved, it can be said to be mediocre." The devil is definitely a genius mentor, he sees people with penetrating insight, and his diagnosis is right in his words, and his words are soul-stirring.

"The boy just doesn't want to be vulgar." In front of the devil, even the defense is pale. Feeling guilty for a while, I couldn't help lowering my head.

"'The understanding of world affairs is knowledge, and the comprehension of human relations is the article.' Those who are wise and eager to learn study the principles of yin and yang in the world, and understand the changes of human relationships and the world. Change, what do you mean not being vulgar?!" Although Mr. Devil's words were harsh, his tone was gentle, just like warm wind blowing gently, quietly blowing open my heart.

"What you said is very true!" Once you accept the temptation of the devil, you will enter the way of the devil. I think, all obsessions are voluntary.

"It's admirable that you are obsessed with the Tao, but you don't understand the truth." Mr. Devil continued to say softly: "To people, the Tao is indistinguishable, indistinct, 'look ahead, and suddenly behind'. If you live in the Tao, if you are not firm Confidence, without firm belief, you can't feel her charm, and you can't touch her breath. "Dedicated to death, death is endless", this is the persistent belief and relentless pursuit of the Tao." The person who speaks the truth is not necessarily A great man is not necessarily a good man.

Mr. Devil paused for a moment, and continued: "However, as the saying goes, the future is bright, but the road is tortuous. If you simply have faith, you may not be able to overcome difficulties and avoid dangers; The principle of the dark willow and the bright flowers is the only way to understand the Tao and practice the Tao." Mr. Devil sits and discusses the Tao, clearly and logically; but his papaya student is still clouded and confused.

_What does it mean to go hard?

"The boy is stupid, please ask for advice." For those with mild demons, it is always difficult to accept the theory of the devil.

"The child's fault is not in belief, but in method." Mr. Devil adjusted his sitting posture, put his hands on his knees, leaned forward slightly, and cleared his voice again, and continued to speak softly: "Remember! Don't be rigid in everything. As long as your heart Keeping faith, even if you are playing with the world, you can still pursue the truth. The monks have been drinking and drinking, and the Buddha’s heart is flowing, laughing at the world, punishing the strong and helping the weak, and finally attaining enlightenment and becoming a Buddha, the world praises." The experience of dying suddenly as if returning home is difficult , and the voice raised one degree, and continued: "Although the matter of immortals and Buddhas is something that people dare to expect extravagantly, the reason is not unusual, that is, people can be willing Faith, but not necessarily suffering in life. Faith can be consistent, and life can be chaotic. Pursuing faith is the ultimate happiness, and enjoying life is simple happiness. In the world of mortals, people who are easily satisfied are often keen on simple happiness, and people with lofty aspirations Often pursue the ultimate happiness. Adhere to the belief, let go of life, and pursue the ultimate happiness, why not enjoy the simple happiness. Therefore, in the pursuit of faith, why should we regret going all out in life and death, why should we bother in the ascetic practice, and why should we be sensual. Faith is like the sky , Happiness is not sinful. Faith and happiness do not contradict each other. Those who lose faith indulge in happiness, and those who persist in faith have no reason not to be happy, just as poverty is not socialism, and socialism has no reason to be poor.” The devil is also a genius speaker , put the facts and reason, explain the profound things in simple terms, and be persuasive.

"What kind of life is this?" I asked myself to myself. Only those who don't know how to enjoy life will be confused about a happy life.

"Life as you want!" Mr. Devil responded decisively. He understood that for a person with entangled thoughts, epiphany is often just a stick away from shouting. He strikes while the iron is hot, and continues: "Life needs wisdom, and wisdom lights up life. Happiness is actually very easy. A wise person can enjoy the joy of life anytime and anywhere. A happy life can be spent on money and money, but you don't have to be addicted to it. Just laugh it off." It really takes wisdom to let ordinary people enjoy the aristocratic life without indulging in it.

"Ashamed! I have neither wisdom nor capital, so I can only laugh it off." Mr. Devil's stick knocked me down instead.

"Constrained by material things, constrained by prejudices, bad habits will not change!" Mr. Devil's tone was displeased, and he straightened up and stood up. I quickly put on a gesture of respect, not daring to show my air. I saw Mr. Devil pacing in front of me with his hands behind his back, still saying softly: "The heart of understanding is the source of wisdom and the fountain of happiness. Being a man can afford it, let it go, know the current affairs, and keep pace with the times. Mastery can be handy. I am enslaved by things, not by things. I can do whatever I want without being stagnant in shape. substance."

"What Mr. said is very true. But the reality is complicated. There are many unfairness and justice in the society. How can people understand it." I didn't dare to insist, so I had to follow along.

"Things have to be divided into two, and existence is reasonable." Mr. Devil turned his face and said to me: "Without contradiction, there is no world. The world expects a high standard of living, but is frightened by the 'three highs' of blood; expects high development of the country , but complains about the "four highs" in the society. As everyone knows, things are universally connected, mutual generation and mutual restraint. If you understand this principle, you will not be disturbed by mediocrity. High housing prices can increase taxes for the country, and lower blood pressure for people; Vitality can lower blood lipids for people; high pollution can promote development for the country, and lower blood sugar for people; high corruption can adjust distribution for the country, but it can get rich quickly for people. Therefore, the so-called fairness and justice are just like Japan. The warm one hates its intensity, and the cold one depends on its warmth. Physical changes should be natural; I can maintain physical harmony and self-health; my spirit is not hindered, so I can be healthy physically and mentally." At this moment, Mr. Devil stopped and looked at me sideways, as if waiting for something.

"Mister's high opinion, I admire you." I didn't have time to think about it, so I quickly complimented Mr. Devil, who knows the fate and human affairs well. I can't help feeling that Mr. Devil is quite humorous and cute.

"You can see a different view by changing the angle, and you can appreciate the exotic style by breaking away from the stereotype." Mr. Devil walked a few steps towards me, stared at me, and still said softly: "Now let's talk about you." Then he turned around and paced, and continued: "In life, you don't have many ideas. Along the way, you want to be a big official, and you want to make enough money. It's human favor. But a lifetime of officials and money is not enough to make a living, but it has nothing to do with luck." At this time, Mr. Devil quietly bent his body, He said to me solemnly: "See through the world of mortals, let go of your figure, enjoy life, and do everything!"

Mr. Devil is so close to me, and his tone is so intimate. I suddenly discovered that the devil's face was unusually beautiful and moving, just one after another, changing constantly, as if flipping through the beauties illustrated book, they were all fresh beauties downloaded from the Internet.

All of a sudden, these beauties came out one after another, and Shi Shiran snuggled up to me. They were all charming and charming, with their fragrant lips parted lightly, blowing like orchids, whispering softly: "Am I pretty, do you like me?"

I knew I couldn't bear it, and was terrified, as if I had seen a raging beast, and shouted desperately: "Don't come here! Don't come here!"

After all, there was no way to hide, the beauties suddenly turned into black shadows, and rushed towards me, engulfing me all at once, I felt as bored as the top of Mount Tai!

"Don't…" I screamed.

"In the middle of the night, I had a dream called spring, and I was not allowed to sleep!" A familiar voice, like thunder on the ground, woke me up suddenly.

I do feel like something is weighing on my head. I tore it off casually, and the pitch-black mass suddenly became clear, and my eyes lit up: a window light, a quilt, … and a puddle of "The Last Idealist" drenched in saliva.

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