Huang Chang Slaying Ghosts And Ascension To Immortals Chapter 48 Roll Call Certificate

Partridge Whistle shook his head and said, "Heishui City in Xixia was buried by quicksand, and the art of moving mountains and filling seas is really helpless. But since ancient times, it has been said that there is a captain who touches gold in the world, who is good at searching mountains and finding dragons, and divides gold and Ding acupoints. There is the secret art of celestial stars and feng shui in the dragon-seeking tactic, one can look up at the stars and look down at the veins of the earth, if you can learn this technique, you can ask Captain Mojin for help, and looking for the historical site of the Tongtian Great Buddhist Temple in Heishui City is like picking something out of a bag."

Blind Chen said: "Lieutenant Mojin? It is said that in the generation of Mr. Zhang in the late Qing Dynasty, there are only three Mojin talismans left in the world. After the Republic of China, there has never been a story of Mojin in the world. There are still three or two experts who know how to divide the Jinding acupoint, so where can we find such an expert?"

It is said that the abbot of Wuku Temple was a captain of Mojin before he became a monk, but there are a lot of swindling and deceitful things in the world today. Blind Chen and Partridge Whistle have never dealt with the elder, so they don't know his true and false origins, and Although the old monk is superb in Zen, but after all, he is very old. God knows if he is still alive. Besides, it is still hard to say whether Xiaowei Mojin's Tianxing Fengshui secret technique can be used in the desert.

Partridge Whistle and Chen Xiazi each have a big thing they have to do, and they both think that "the other party's idea is vague and unfounded, and it is difficult to succeed." Both of them have made up their minds, and they can't turn back. In the end, I only said that "everyone has his own aspirations, you can't force them", but in Xiangyin, we are going to split up to find the Xiangong Tomb and Heishui City.

In the next day, there was another news that bandits near Laoxiongling made a big move to filter pits in the ancient tomb of Dangong in Pingshan. There was a fierce armed conflict between all parties, and many people were killed and injured. They were all destroyed, and they also tasted the sweetness. They thought that tomb robbery could make a fortune, so they assembled a team to break up the local county town, and used explosives to blow up the "Fengming Ancient Pagoda" in Nuqing County.

This ancient pagoda is ultra-right and mysterious. It has been covered eight times in history. Each time within ten years, it must collapse. It was not because of cutting corners or man-made destruction. The repair has just been preserved until today, and it is a famous historical site in the local area.

Huang Chang Slaying Ghosts and Ascension to Immortals_New Book of Slaying Ghosts_The Legend of Slaying Ghosts Is a Demonic Satire Novel

Bandits and local warlords took advantage of Pingshan's tomb robbery and tortured the old monk who guarded the tower. They learned that there was a tomb buried under the ancient Fengming Pagoda, which might be a foreign monk who died with Pingshan's Yuan Dynasty general.

The group of thieves got the news and immediately blew up the ancient pagoda. Sure enough, several thousand-jin stone gates were found under the pagoda base. In the chaos, someone ignited the dynamite, and the dead were never counted. The common people said that the ancient pagoda was destroyed, and the corpse king in the mountain could no longer be suppressed. Every household posted Chenzhou talismans, and the whole Laoxiongling was in a mess, making everyone feel uneasy.

Blind Chen was furious when he heard the news, and the opportunity that Xiling group of thieves missed, instead fulfilled those low-level thieves.

It happened to be the fifteenth day of the third month in the lunar calendar, which happened to be the day when Master Guan sharpened his sword, and there would be an annual reward and punishment ceremony. The thieves from all walks of life in Changsheng Mountain will come from all over the world to gather on this day. At the moment, an incense hall is opened in the Wusheng Temple in Xiangyin, where gods and icons are placed, and the thieves and thieves from all walks of life are brought together. The leaders gathered together, seven or eight hundred people gathered in front of the hall.

Every year on March 15th, there is no rain, and the response is unsatisfactory, and the same is true on this day. I saw that the sky was covered with cloudy clouds, and the drizzle was like sorrow. Deep in the dark clouds, there was faint thunder rolling. Although the hall was spacious, it could only accommodate a hundred people, and the rest of the hundreds of people had to stand in the rain. The occasion of the new defeat was not as good as in previous years, the atmosphere was extraordinarily dignified, and nearly a thousand people were silent.

First, the leader of the bandits, Blind Chen, came out and led the crowd to beat Guan Gong's knife, and then burned incense and prayed in front of the altar. Different from ordinary burning incense on the green forest road, thieves and thieves burn three and a half sticks of incense according to the ancient rule. Among them, there are many allusions and conventions of "advocating robbers and righteousness", implying three and a half sticks of loyalty.

Legend is a magical satirical novel_Huangshang kills ghosts and ascends to immortals

The first one is Yangjiaosheng and Zuo Botao, which were burned to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods. At that time, these two people went to the state of Chu together, and they were short of food and clothing on the way. Zuo Botao committed suicide in order to make the goat horns fail to reach the state of Chu, and left all the clothes and food to his friends. Declining horns make achievements. The style of the ancients is still moving.

The other two sticks of incense were burnt to Liu, Guan, and Zhang who were sworn brothers in Taoyuan, and the one hundred and eight generals in Shuibo Liangshan. They have both the "righteousness" of brothers and the "loyalty" of monarchs and ministers. In addition, the two sheep and the left were unwilling to bear each other until their death. It is a good story, and it can make future generations worship and enjoy the whole fragrance.

And the last "half a handful of incense" was burned to the heroes of Wagang Village. Why can't Wagang heroes receive the whole incense? It turns out that during the Sui and Tang Dynasties, when Emperor Yang of Sui was innocent and the world was in chaos, thirty-six friends of Jiajialou formed a righteous rebellion and gathered in Wagangzhai. But later, this group of people surrendered to Li Tang according to the will of God. Only Shan Tong and Shan Xiongxin would rather die than surrender to Tang, and lost their lives. When he was taken to the court for execution, among his sworn brothers, only Qin Qiong and Qin Shubao came Send off to the court. Therefore, Wagang's righteousness has an incomplete ending, and only half of their incense can be enshrined to warn future generations.

After burning incense and worshiping the Holy Spirit of God, the bandits of Xiling will be rewarded once a year for meritorious deeds, and those who commit crimes will be punished one by one. The so-called "thieves have their own way", thieves and robbers are the true nature of Liangshan. Officials force the people to rebel, fall into the grass and become bandits, or Xinghuai's talents are not met. It is not shameful to take shelter in this green forest temporarily. However, thieves also have thieves' rules. Whoever breaks the taboo will seek his own death. The punishment in Changsheng Mountain is extremely harsh.

Blind Chen ordered the deacon in charge of punishment to go forward and reiterate the commandments of Changsheng Mountain. The deacon first set up all kinds of torture instruments on the incense table in front of the hall, and then read in public: "Pick up the ashes and pour the stove (Pick up the ashes and pour the stove (Pick up the ashes and pour the stove, eat inside and outside, break your promise.) Forget loyalty , broken feet and broken hands, dug a pit and buried; the following criminals refused to accept the present, eighty red sticks, skin and flesh were scorched; greedy for water and ventilation (greedy for water and ventilation, water is money, and wind refers to confidential information, leaking secrets, embezzling stolen goods.) Related photos , three knives and six holes are hard to forgive; words damage the name of the mountain carelessly, chewing with your own tongue…"

After the deacon read each item one by one, as soon as Blind Chen waved, someone bound seven or eight robbers to the front of the hall. These few people were all cowardly people who escaped with the deserters from the warlord army when the Pingshan landslide happened before, and they were all captured later. They saw the bandit leader's face sinking like water, and the whole temple was filled with murderous aura, and they knew that they would die this time, and everyone was like sifting chaff.

Magical Satirical Novels_Slaying Ghosts New Book

I only heard Blind Chen ask the deacon: "According to my Changshengshan rules, how should we deal with those who swallowed water before the battle and returned back?"

The deacon replied: "This is a serious offense that cannot be forgiven. According to the rule, the body should be decapitated under the sword, and the whole body cannot be buried after death." The seven or eight thieves heard every word clearly. Clearly, his face was ashamed, and when the situation came to an end, he couldn't blame others, so he had to accept it and close his eyes and wait for death. The rest of the gang of thieves also watched in fear in front of the hall.

But Blind Chen said: "Many of our brothers were lost in the ancient tomb of Pingshan. .Although these brothers have committed crimes, they are not worthy of death. Just turn off the lights and punish them (turn off the lights for punishment, gouging out their eyes.) That’s enough.”

The group of thieves admired the bandit chief's openness to confess his mistakes, and hurriedly dissuaded them, saying that what happened to Pingshan was God's will, and I should also take this setback in Changshengshan, which cannot be reversed by manpower. , In the future, I still hope that the helm will lead everyone to make a comeback.

Blind Chen was also reluctant to give up his own – more than a hundred catties. He pretended to die and lived a life. After being persuaded by everyone, he hurriedly went down the donkey. He also took the opportunity to spare the robbers and ordered them to follow him. offence. Several thieves took their lives back, tearfully, and wholeheartedly obeyed the order.

Blind Chen went to the front of the hall and said loudly in front of the bandits: "The decline of the world today is just the autumn when heroes make contributions. Our generation, with hundreds of thousands of bandits, scattered in all directions and gathered in the mountains and forests after the defeat of Yimei in the Han Dynasty. , so hidden in the mountains and has been in the rivers and lakes for a long time. Although they only do some deeds of fighting for profit and sharing spoils to gather righteousness, there are often big schemes involved. Looking at the situation in the world, the world is in turmoil, and people's minds are changing. How can we not stop thinking about it? Those who know the current affairs can be called heroes, and those who know the way of the world should be called heroes. On this golden opportunity, we wait for the heroes to unite, and the heroes have the same heart. One life, one autumn of grass and trees."

The gang of thieves were all reckless people, and after hearing Chen Xiazi's provocative words, they immediately said yes. It's just that the warlords in the north are powerful now, and they all have foreign guns and cannons, which are extremely sharp. Although there are a few warlords in Changsheng Mountain, it is difficult to compete with them.

Blind Chen said that the Xiling group of robbers has always been mainly based on looting tombs for profit. In ancient times, any emperor's tomb would have collected more than half of the world's wealth at that time. Jewelry, jade, and even ancient treasures are inexhaustible for tens of thousands of people. A few days ago, I just learned that behind Zhelong Mountain by the Lancang River, there is a tomb dedicated to the king. The tomb is extravagant and solemn, and most of it is not a human thing. If you can steal this tomb, great things will happen. Endless.

But after all, Yunnan has high mountains and long roads. It is not a one-time achievement to go to the mountains and rivers. Moreover, it is a wild land far away from the sphere of influence of Changsheng Mountain. Windfall opportunity. The group of thieves wanted to follow if they were ambitious, while those who were mature and prudent didn't advocate going. There were also many who were hesitant, and there was a lot of discussion at the moment.

Since Blind Chen suffered a setback in Pingshan, he felt that many people are not easy to accomplish. This time, he only needs to bring a few dozen people to the south to Yunnan. No one, even if others don't say anything, I have no face to be the helmsman anymore. He thought about it, and he had an idea. When the voices in front of the hall subsided a little, he said that he would lay out the yellow paper. Please come from the "Passing the Red Rooster" curse handed down from ancient times. Who goes and who doesn't.

The group of thieves immediately agreed, this is a move of resignation, not to let you linger half-heartedly, those who have committed crimes and meritorious service will naturally go, and the rest who are hit by the red chicken have nothing to say.

The so-called green forest is the underworld, and the opening of incense and standing meetings is inseparable from the actions of "cutting off chicken heads, burning yellow paper, and swearing oaths". "Crossing the Red Chicken" is also one of the "Chicken Cutting Orders", but it is not a sworn sworn sworn sworn brother, but a so-called death squad for grave robbers.

How to name the "Passing the Red Rooster"? I saw that under the haze of rain and mist, the lights in Guandi Temple were burning high. First, please get out your "writing pen" and write all the names of the Xiling bandits on a huge yellow paper. Because there are too many people Yes, after finishing writing, there are almost no gaps on the paper. The helpers who followed the robber to Zhelong Mountain in Yunnan to rob the tomb will be selected from this list. How many people will go and who will go, all depends on God's will.

Another chicken-cutting deacon chose a big, vigorous and lively rooster, and sang it in front of everyone—"The praise of cutting chickens" is nothing more than those "this chicken originally existed in the sky, why did it come from the lower realm?" It is useless for ordinary people to use it, but my disciples use it to cut red chickens…" After singing the praise, the deacon pulled out the shining knife and knelt on the ground with one knee to Chen Blind: "Dare to ask the steering wheel, today cut this phoenix Chicken, should we use civil or martial arts (Wen Cai, cut off the chicken neck; Wu Cai, chop the chicken head.)?"

Blind Chen was originally sitting in the hall, but now he stood up and bowed to the phoenix rooster, and said to the deacon: "According to the old rules of the red rooster, this is the name certificate of the red rooster, neither literary nor military talent is required, it depends on the brother's eloquence. "

The deacon received the "Eloquence" command, held the frost blade in his mouth, held the big rooster in front of his eyes, flicked his head, the sharp blade in his mouth cut the neck of the chicken, and then the deacon opened his mouth and let go of the knife. Cry out: "It's too red!" Grasping the golden rooster with its trachea cut open with both hands, it swept across the head of the yellow paper covered with names on the incense table from west to east, and the blood of the chicken just gushed out. Drop by drop on the yellow paper.

All the names on the list paper that were marked by chicken blood, even if they are "offenders", these people will go to Yunnan to work with Blind Chen. After counting more than 30 people, they announced their names and surnames immediately.

The thieves, who were not famous, all clasped their fists to congratulate the offender, and toasted them one after another; the one whose name was named had to drink three bowls of blood wine to suppress the shock, and spilled it into the cup. The blood is golden rooster blood, and the wine is Dukang wine. After drinking the blood wine, it can be regarded as eliminating the red evil spirit on the "roll call certificate". The robber gave everyone a sum of money on the spot, which was called "death money" to settle down the family.

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