A Vanished Mortuary Watchman (2)

So, everyone told everyone about the past events in the mortuary in detail, and then went home to sleep.

Early the next morning, the mage ordered Pengfei to cut the grass in front of the mortuary door, and ordered Sun Wei to invite Granny Li over. Not long after, Sun Wei came back alone. It turned out that Granny Li wasn't at home these days, but Pengfei went there all morning and didn't come back. It wasn't until dusk that he ran back with a dusty face, panting like a cow, with a grass sticking to his leg, and a foul smell on his body.

"I was scared to death… I thought I wouldn't be able to come back." Pengfei was almost out of breath.

"What's wrong?" the village secretary asked anxiously.

"I went to mow the grass early this morning. How did I know that the grass in the morgue was getting tougher than the other, so I mustered up my energy and prepared to do a big job. At this time, strange things happened again. I cut it down and found the grass Bright red blood flowed out of the cut of the ghost, Morgana , damn it! At first I thought I was dazzled, but then every grass I cut would bleed. I was flustered at the time, looking back , Terrible! The place I mowed just now has grass growing again. I am trapped in the grass alone, and I can’t tell the difference between the south, the south, and the north. I want to escape, but how do I know that I can’t get out after running for more than an hour. At that time I'm scared… I sat down on the ground.

Just wanted to take a breath, god damn it! Ears started buzzing again. "Bride, my bride…" Those screams came from far to near, and then from near to far, they kept ringing in my ears. At that time, I remembered what the master said yesterday, what is tortured to death by a kid, what is never reborn. To tell you the truth, I was so scared that I wet my pants. Strange to say, as soon as my urine came out, those screams stopped immediately. In a flash of inspiration, I remembered that I heard an old man say that if you encounter a ghost hitting the wall, peeing is the most effective way. So I immediately took off my pants and went, and sure enough, as long as my urine was poured, no grass would grow, faster than I could mow. If I had known that I would not bring a sickle today, I would pick a few barrels of shit and pee there, which would save trouble and be safe. But now I know it’s too late, I’ve walked more than ten meters into the grass at that time, my pee can’t last that long, but I have no other way. I just squatted on the grass and suffocated, suffocated, suffocated again! I ended up holding back for a whole day, and I finally spilled a ten-meter-long urinal outside the morgue…" Pengfei said while gulping down a bottle of mineral water.

After Sun Wei heard this, he was both surprised and funny. Even the usually expressionless master raised his mouth and asked, "Did you really only hear 'Bride, my bride' outside the morgue?" I will never forget it for the rest of my life. There are only two words that can't be wrong, but it's evil enough." Pengfei said.

"Okay, then please Sun Wei and Pengfei benefactors come with me to the mortuary again tonight." The master's voice was a little loud. When Pengfei heard this, he couldn't drink half a bottle of mineral water anymore.

——The first fight

This night. Sun Wei and Pengfei followed the master to the grass in the mortuary, set up the altar, set up the incense burner, pasted the talisman… and finished a series of preparations. The master has been standing in front of the altar ringing the bell, muttering mantras. After reading for half an hour, the talisman placed on the altar rose without any wind, and the candles on both sides also flickered and flickered, as if they were about to go out, but they never went out. At this moment, both Sun Wei and Pengfei felt their hearts jumping up their throats, and they looked around with full energy. The master continued to chant the mantra as if nothing had happened. Suddenly, the black smoke from the candlelight on the altar became thicker and thicker, and soon surrounded the master.

At this moment, those shrill cries sounded in everyone's ears again. "Bride, my bride…" The wailing came from the top of the head and reached people's ears. It felt like it was going to penetrate your body through your ear hole, slowly torturing you. Sun Wei and Pengfei couldn't see the mage through the black smoke, and their hearts were only raised by their throats. Sun Wei squeezed his five fingers tightly into the palm of his hand, and Peng Fei had already recited "Namo Ani Tuo Buddha" dozens of times in his heart. The master's hand stopped suddenly, and he slammed the bell on the black mist forcefully, and the black mist suddenly opened a corner.

After the black smoke opened a gap, the mortuary suddenly blew up on the ground, making people feel bone-chillingly cold. The wind stopped, and the surrounding area was suddenly shrouded in a sudden thick fog. The three of them were trapped in the thick fog, and their vision began to get smaller and smaller. At this moment, the screaming in the ear suddenly stopped. The night was eerily quiet. Sun Wei and Pengfei hugged each other, sweat dripped from their foreheads, and they kept an eye on every move around them. It's not that they don't want to run, it's just that they have no strength on their four legs now.

Ghost Bride Morgana ending_Ghost Bride Morgana_What flower is Ghost Bride Morgana holding

One minute, two minutes… I don't know how long it has passed, there is nothing unusual around, and the two of them vaguely feel that the fog is starting to disappear. Of the two, Sun Wei was the bolder and took a few steps forward. Sun Wei took a closer look through the mist, and his heart immediately eased a lot. It turned out that Nong Mu was gathering towards the master's right hand bit by bit, the master's left hand was erected in front of his chest, and he was still chanting mantras, it seemed that the master was subduing the ghosts. Not long after, the mist cleared, and Sun Wei could see clearly that the master's right hand was holding a human skull, and the six holes in the skull's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were sucking away the surrounding air. Pengfei also saw this scene clearly, and let out a long breath.

The two walked over quickly, and Pengfei asked first, "Master, did you manage to catch Ah Liang?"

"No." The master smiled peacefully.

"Master, please explain clearly." Sun Wei said respectfully.

"Didn't benefactor Pengfei encounter a ghost hitting the wall here today? Just imagine, if benefactor Pengfei met a ghost like Ah Liang today, would he be driven away by benefactor Pengfei's piss? The evil ghost who wailed over your heads just now just mechanically repeated these two sentences, "Bride, my bride…" I expected that the big villain would not be able to control Ah Liang to deal with us today, so I found a few little ghosts Come to scare us. Now the little devil she placed in front of the morgue has been captured, and we can clear the grass early tomorrow morning. If we can form a battle here, our chances of winning will be much higher. By then, I also want to invite the two of you to come over and help." The master was obviously a little excited after speaking.

"Then what are we doing here today?" Sun Wei was puzzled.

"Today, I thought it was just to catch the little ghost, and it wasn't too dangerous. So I'll take you to see it, to strengthen your courage, so that you will have some experience when you actually go to catch Ah Liang, and you won't be in a hurry." The master said earnestly. "Master, where did you get that thing in your hand? Can you give me one? I think I also have a treasure like this, so I will be more courageous." Pengfei said happily.

"This is the ghost-hunting skeleton commonly used by our Taoist priests on Mount Mao. There is a glutton in it. It is said in ancient books that he can eat all the grievances in the world to support himself. Just one thing to be careful is that this skeleton must not be broken. If the skeleton is broken, all the grievances in it will be released, which is extremely dangerous. Since you sincerely want it, Pengfei benefactor, why not give it to you." The master's tone was calm.

Pengfei happily took the skeleton with both hands. He thought of the fright he had received this morning, and seeing how powerful this skull was, he wanted it a long time ago.what to be careful about

——Second fight

After dawn, the three returned to the village meeting hall together. Pengfei immediately described the situation to everyone vividly and vividly, and even added details about how brave he was and how adaptable he was at that time. Sun Wei just sat quietly on the side the whole time. When the others heard that the mage had captured the little ghosts outside the morgue, everyone clapped their hands and applauded.

What flower is the ghost bride morgana holding_Ghost bride morgana ending_Ghost bride morgana

Suddenly, the mage said to Pengfei: "Pengfei benefactor, please go to the mortuary again and help me arrange these spells."

Pengfei was startled, hesitated for a moment and said, "Go again?"

Sun Wei asked: "May I ask how the master's talismans are arranged outside the mortuary?"

The mage took out seven three-meter-long talismans from his luggage bag, and ordered Sun Wei to hang them on the trees around the altar, and then find a plate of black dog blood in the circle surrounded by the seven trees. Draw a gossip diagram according to the lines of the gossip in the Book of Changes. "Dry three times, kun six breaks, shake the bowl, gen cover the bowl, leave the center empty, ridge full, fill the gap, and sun down break." Sun Wei secretly recited the formula instructed by the master several times in his heart. As soon as Pengfei heard that he was looking for Heigouxue, he flew out. The village party secretary recommended himself to the master to mow the grass outside the mortuary, and said that he would help the master catch ghosts tonight. In fact, after listening to Pengfei's words, he felt more at ease about catching ghosts, and he could take this opportunity to establish a heroic image in the hearts of the villagers so that he could compete for the next village head.

It wasn't until the last twilight of the afterglow disappeared in the west that the three of them did their jobs well. The master changed into a Taoist robe and came to the door of the mortuary. He solemnly said to the village party secretary and the three of them: "The ghost is invisible to the naked eye. I will wash your eyes with pomelo leaves later. Pengfei and Sun Wei each hold a corner of my cinnabar ink net. If you see a huge black shadow coming straight towards me, spread out this net and wrap it tightly.

Village Party Secretary, use this willow branch to drive away the little ghosts who came to stop Pengfei and Sun Wei from collecting the net. One thing you have to keep in mind is that no matter what happens, you must not go out of this Qifu gossip circle, otherwise there will be ghosts haunting the ground, and evil spirits will emerge from the ground, and the situation will be extremely dangerous. "The three village party secretaries swallowed hard and nodded.

After the mage gave all the instructions, he wiped the eyes of the three of them with cow's tears, handed them the cinnabar net and willow branches, and sat cross-legged beside the altar, closing his eyes and meditating. The village party secretary and the three of them held the magic weapon handed to them by the mage tightly in their hands, and they looked around with all vigor in their hearts.

An hour passed, two hours passed…it was twelve o'clock in the middle of the night.

The village party secretary and the three of them suddenly saw groups of human-shaped shadows struggling out from the ground, and at the same time, the miserable cries for help came to their ears from far and near in all directions, and the three of them felt hairy.

Suddenly, all the shadows seemed to turn around and stare at them, motionless. After a pause for a while, they rushed towards the village party secretary, Pengfei, and Sun Wei as if they were ordered by someone, and the wailing sound suddenly increased by dozens of decibels, accompanied by the shadow of a human figure. At this moment, the mage shouted: "Xuantian is above, the ghosts appear!" The cinnabar on the seven talismans flashed, and then each talisman glowed with yellow light, forming a circle. At lower levels, only a fraction of the shadows can burst into the aperture. The shadow rushing into the aperture suddenly turned into a "person" with arms and legs! It's just that the movements of these "people" were sluggish, and they walked towards the village party secretary and the others with their teeth and claws open, as if they were about to pounce forward and bite them down, which made people very surprised. The mage turned his head and yelled at the village party secretary, "Hit." The village party secretary was stunned for a moment, and immediately understood. "Willow branches beat new ghosts, and every dozen will be shorter by one foot." It turns out that the words of the older generation are not false at all. When the village party secretary is everywhere with willow branches, those "people" suddenly become "shorter". A few more hits and they retracted to 10 underground. The village party secretary kept his hands down, and the offensive of the evil spirits finally slowed down. The shadows outside the aperture suddenly spiraled upwards, and began to gather bit by bit. The village party secretary won the first battle, proudly holding a willow branch to challenge the big shadow. The shadow outside the aperture is getting bigger and bigger, and the wind blowing outside is getting bigger and bigger, when everyone is watching the shadow's next move intently. With a "hoo" sound, the shadow flew towards the wind and rushed straight over. But this time it was not the village party secretary and the three of them that it charged at, but the seven spiritual talismans. The Seven Divine Palaces were hit by shadows one by one, and there was a "rumbling" explosion sound, and the seven talismans fell silently. also disappeared. A huge shadow rushed down from the top of the head towards the mage, and while Pengfei was still in place, Sun Wei had already grabbed a corner of the French net and rushed towards the shadow. Pengfei, reacting immediately, also ran over, and the two of them put a net on the left and right sides of the mage, covering the shadow. Immediately, both of them felt that the French Open seemed to enclose a ferocious beast, rushing left and right. Pengfei and Sun Wei couldn't hold their hands for a while, so they let go, and the shadow immediately rushed out of a gap and escaped. The village party secretary looked aside with intuitive regret.

The black shadow who escaped from the law circled above their heads, ready to attack. Pengfei looked back at the mage anxiously, and saw a sudden white light between his brows, and then the white light spread from the brow to his arm, and then moved from the arm to the fingertips. The mage shouted angrily: "Go!" , The black shadow fluttered down, and the mage immediately shouted: "Quickly use the magic net to catch the ghost, the mana can't last long!" Sun Wei rushed up in three steps at a time, leaned over and covered the black shadow with the magic net, Pengfei rushed over and pressed on Sun Wei again. Although the shadow in the French Open was still struggling, both of them felt that the shadow in the French Open this time was not as strong as before.

Ghost Bride Morgana

Scattered shadows rushed over one after another, and the village party secretary beat them away one by one with willow branches. Everyone felt that this time it should be a success.

The mage also got up and wanted to go to take back the French Open. But the situation took a sharp turn at this moment! The sorcerer's feet were suddenly held tightly by two hands that came up from the ground. Seeing that the meat on the blame's hand had completely rotted, and countless worms were coming in and out on it, Pengfei and the others felt their stomachs churning. Before the three of them had time to be surprised, their own feet were also held by these two hands. The black shadow in the net immediately took advantage of this moment to rush out, hovering in the sky and wailing loudly: "Bride! My bride…"

The mage was shocked, and said to himself: "Obviously the black dog's blood has been used to draw a gossip map to seal the remains of the dead underground, why can they still break through the ground?" As soon as this sentence came out, the mage immediately thought One very important thing, he yelled at Pengfei: "Pengfei, did you bring the blood of a live black dog or a dead one?"

"How would I know? That dog dealer at the street sold it to me cheaply!" Pengfei replied loudly.

When everyone heard this, they were shocked. The mage let out a long sigh. Only Pengfei kept scolding, if he had his life to go back, he would immediately cover the dog dealer's stall. The village party secretary immediately cursed, "If I have the life to go back, I will release you immediately… The village party secretary's word "employment" has not yet been spoken, and suddenly a black shadow circled down in the sky, forming a snake-shaped black belt , wrapped him tightly. Outside the morgue, the village party secretary's distressed cry for help was heard, and there was a faint sound of bones breaking, which made everyone flustered.

Just when everyone was feeling desperate, Pengfei had a flash of inspiration. He took out the human head and skeleton given by the mage yesterday from his arms, and said to Morgana, the ghost bride of "Namo Anituofo", the village party secretary, "Tianling "Spiritual Earth Lingling" ran through the random thoughts, but the human head and skeleton didn't respond at all.

"Master, didn't you say that this thing can absorb all grievances in the world?" Pengfei shouted.

"It's written like this in ancient books, but think about it, if this thing can deal with Master A Liang, would I just give it to someone?" The mage also seemed very impatient.

Pengfei cursed, threw the human head and skeleton on the ground, and cursed that the ancient Chinese books were full of lies, just like the work reports they usually wrote. A strange thing happened again at this time. As soon as the skeleton fell to the ground, thick black smoke burst out from the six holes on it. When the mage saw it, he was taken aback, and screamed: "Pengfei benefactor, you smashed the skeleton, all the resentment inside will be released, and my life is over."

The black smoke became thicker and thicker, and condensed on the skull, forming a black hole. Suddenly, the skeleton stopped emitting black smoke, and the black hole mouth was full of strong winds, as if it was going to suck the whole world in. The black shadow and the strange hand disappeared as soon as the wind blew up, and there were screams and screams outside the mortuary, but at this time the village secretary had been strangled unconscious, how could he fight against the black hole's suction? Sun Wei immediately rushed forward with one arm around the village party secretary and a big tree in the other. At this time, Pengfei and the mage also hugged a big tree with both hands. The strong wind "whistled" in the ears, and the suction of the black hole was getting stronger and stronger. The surrounding sand and rocks had been sucked in by the black hole, and they were about to be sucked away. The master let out a long sigh, and took out a knife from his bosom with one hand and cut it with the other. Blood gushed out, but strangely, the master's blood was not red, but golden. The master threw down the knife, stretched out his hand to catch the blood he shed, and kept chanting mantras. After reading for tens of seconds, he sprinkled the blood in his hand on the black hole and shouted, everyone run away. After the black hole was sprinkled with the master's blood, the suction force decreased immediately, and the four of them left the morgue immediately.


When we returned to the village, it was already dawn and everyone was exhausted. Sun Wei immediately went to the hospital in the village to bandage the village party secretary and the master. It's a pity that the village party secretary has been dead for a long time, and there is hardly a complete bone on his body. But the master just lost a lot of blood, and he got better after the blood transfusion. Sun Wei saw the master was slumped, and asked what happened? Why does the master shed golden blood?

"Actually, my blood is also red in the eyes of ordinary people, but you can see that it is golden after you have applied cow's tears." The master said sadly, "That is not ordinary blood, but the crystallization of my decades of Taoism. After the battle last night, even though I didn’t die from exhaustion, I also lost all my mana.” (It turns out that Maoshan Taoist priests can still condense their life’s mana in their own blood after failing in a fight, and can cut their veins and sprinkle blood in an emergency Hearing this, Sun Wei felt so guilty when he heard this, Pengfei sighed straight away: "We lost, we lost this time!" But at this moment, the mage said another even more surprising news: " We lost the fight, and within seven days, the big villain will definitely call the ghosts to come…"

The next day, Sun Wei, Pengfei and Master all went back to the village meeting hall to discuss countermeasures. As a result, bad news came again. A child in the village died for no reason. Everyone was shocked, and the mage stayed in place for a long time without saying a word, with a serious expression on his face. Ten minutes later, the mage said to Sun Wei: "Go, go and see the dead body of the child." So, the three rushed to the home of the villagers who had the accident. The dead child's eyes were blackened, and the skin on his body was tightly attached to the bones, as if all the flesh in the middle had been emptied out, and he looked dead. Everyone was silent.

On the third day, another child died for no reason and under the same circumstances. For a while, rumors spread around the village, some said that Ah Liang wanted to kill everyone in the village!

On the fourth day, the third child died for no reason, and people in the village began to talk about moving out. Pengfei and Sun Wei were bored, but the master came over and said that things are starting to turn around!

Sun Wei and Pengfei looked at each other, and the master asked them, "Have you heard of 'Siluo Bottle'?" Both of them shook their heads. "Our cultivators call those head-bending masters who practice sorcery but have not yet mastered the practice as 'Siluo Ping'. , if the vitality is seriously injured, you must rely on the essence of virgins to heal. Now seeing that the children in the village are killed one after another, and the death conditions are the same, it is very likely that the villain was also injured. It is estimated that the benefactor of Pengfei hit by mistake It released all the resentment in the skull and skeleton, which hurt A Liang. At this time, the villain who controlled A Liang had already united with A Liang, so his vitality was also greatly injured. Now it depends on absorbing the essence of boys and girls Come to heal my wounds. Although I have lost all my mana, during this period of time, the big villain can't do harm to others." Pengfei and Sun Wei both felt hopeful when they heard this. "The essence of the 'Siluo Bottle' boys and girls must fly out of the page~ant at night, as long as we catch him at this time, put him in the French net or prevent him from returning to his body before dawn, The head of 'Siluo Bottle' will turn into a puddle of blood, and his body will die immediately, and the crisis in the village will be resolved at that time." The master's joy was beyond words when he said this. So the three of them began to nervously plan the "head arrest" operation.

–season finale

The setting sun reluctantly fell on the western hills, and everything was ready. After these few days of fright in the small village, almost no one dared to go out at night, and every household turned off the lights early and went to sleep. The night was eerily quiet.

Sun Wei was lying in ambush by the road leading from the mortuary to the village, and Pengfei was lying in ambush in the house of an ordinary farmer's family. They each held a cinnabar ink net (the cinnabar ink net had been cut in half by the master). And the master took out a tape with a baby crying, put it on the window of the house, and played it loudly. The two village party secretaries also deliberately found a bold peasant woman holding a toy baby and pretending to put the child to sleep. The tape recorder played for less than two hours, when Sun Wei's vision blurred suddenly, a black shadow flew past like an arrow, the whistling wind blew past his ears, and Sun Wei followed closely behind with his law enforcement net. Sure enough, the black shadow flew straight to the place where the baby was crying, and then broke through the window. Seeing the strange head without body, the peasant woman screamed loudly and rushed out of the room. Pengfei immediately jumped out from a corner of the wall, and pulled out the net to cover the monster's head. The strange head was taken aback, and he exited the window, and Pengfei chased him out with a stride. Sun Wei surrounded him from behind and blocked the monster's retreat. The monster had no way to escape and stopped in mid-air, and the mage followed closely.

At this time, the three of them took a closer look, and saw that the hair on the strange head was like silver threads, and the face was full of dimples. Could this be Granny Li? Both Sun Wei and Pengfei were really taken aback.

It turned out that two years ago, after Li Xuanyue turned into a ghost, she had no intention of harming others, but she couldn't be reincarnated even if she was full of resentment. Granny Li, who is eager to love her daughter, looked for a solution everywhere, but she couldn't afford the money, and almost all the mages rejected her outright. Until one day, she met a mysterious black-clothed Miaozhu in front of the Zhongkui Temple. He said that he could teach her a way without charging him, but he was afraid that she would not do it. How could Granny Li refuse? So Miao Zhu told Granny Li to put a mentally disturbed person in Li Xuanyue's coffin on the first seven days of September, and let the two of them be cremated together, and all the grievances on Xuanyue would be transferred to the person who died in vain. If you recite the mantra and bless it again, that person who died in vain will turn into a loyal ghost for your order. Then, Miao Zhu told Granny Li the incantation and the specific refining method.

Granny Li repeated Miao Zhu's words secretly several times in her heart, and then went back to the mortuary to see Xuanyue. In the end, she found that A Liang was taking off her daughter's red wedding dress and wanted to help her wash her body. A Liang also said that Xuanyue is his bride, and he will take good care of her so that she won't be dirty all day long. Granny Li was startled at first, and after asking a few tentative questions, she discovered that A Liang had some mental problems. He mistook Xuan Yue for his dead girlfriend. So Granny Li's evil thoughts were born in vain. She lied to A Liang that the coffin where Xuan Yue slept was their new bed, and asked him to sleep in it with Xuan Yue. Ah Liang believed it. Until he was burned to death by the fire, he thought he was in the bridal chamber with his ex-girlfriend. Later, Granny Li began to practice surrender.

The camera turned and went back to two years later.

"You killed so many people!" Sun Wei shouted angrily.

"Many? They all deserve to die." Granny Li sneered. "Two years ago, when Xuanyue died, my family was so poor that I couldn't afford a penny. I wanted to borrow some money from the people in the mortuary to help Xuanyue hold a funeral. What I got was countless cold eyes and insults! I thought that two people who also lost their loved ones would understand each other, but it turned out that this was just my own wishful thinking. After I became a ghost descendant, the first thing I did was to use them to try to surrender. I want them to despise the poor. taste."

"The dozens of lives on the TV station and the construction site, and the death of the rich man are all your masterpieces!" Pengfei continued to ask.

"That's right, although I got rid of Xuan Yue's resentment, she still refused to reincarnate. That silly girl had to wait for that heartless man no matter what she said. So she stayed in the morgue. A few little ghosts outside the morgue I put it up, as a warning to them not to harass my daughter, but what happened? They all came here to seek death by themselves, it’s not that I didn’t let them go.” Granny Li spoke with confidence. "What about the village secretary? Shouldn't he be dead?" The mage stepped forward and asked.

"Don't deserve to die? Ever since my wife got sick, he has been withholding our family's relief money. If it wasn't for him to fill his own pocket, would my wife have to go to work on the construction site and fall to his death? Everyone in the world deserves to die! A few days ago Those two kids deserve to die just to make me replenish my strength! If it wasn’t for the fact that you two gave me a few hundred dollars, I would have killed you on the day of the Yin wedding, but now I won’t soften my heart.” Li When the mother-in-law spoke, her eyes were red at the end, and the corners of her mouth were bleeding. She opened her mouth and rushed towards Sun Wei like crazy.

"Don't quibble, your viciousness will be punished today!" Sun Wei said loudly, and at the same time opened the French Open to meet him. Granny Li was startled and moved away from the side. Pengfei immediately turned around and guarded the corner of Granny Li's escape with the law enforcement net. The two of them stood in front of each other, and the two French nets were about to close Granny Li's hood in the middle. Granny Li suddenly flew from the middle of the net to the sky. Both Sun Wei and Pengfei didn't expect it, and they stayed in place for a while. Seeing that Granny Li, who was just a step away from being caught, was about to run away, suddenly, a black object flew over Sun Wei's head and rushed straight to Granny Li's head. The sound of "Bo" has already hit Granny Li. It turned out that the mage had sharp eyesight and quick hands. As soon as he saw Granny Li leaving the net, he immediately picked up a stone from his feet and threw it over. Granny Li fell to the ground, and Sun Wei rushed forward with a stride, and opened the French Open to wrap Granny Li tightly. In the French Open, Granny Li's head was still desperately thrusting left and right. Suddenly, Granny Li screamed, turning into blood and flowing out from the side of the net.

"Injustice…" The master stood aside, clasped his hands together, and let out a long sigh!

The next day, the mage said that he would go back to Maoshan, and asked his senior brother to take Ah Liang back for salvation. Also, that black-clothed temple wisher, he wants to check…

A few years later, at the village head's appointment meeting, Sun Wei delivered his inaugural speech: "In the days to come, I want to shift the focus of the village's work from protecting the interests of high-income groups to protecting the interests of low-income groups. I hope I can give the most cordial care and the most timely help to the villagers living at the bottom…"

The audience, thunderous applause!

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