Interview With The Vampire

VAMPIRE looked up at the wall clock on the wall, the time was ten forty in the evening. He took a deep puff on his cigarette, snapped his fingers like flying, and skillfully typed a URL on the keyboard, then pressed the Enter key, and the interface of the chat room scrolled. VAMPIRE felt very kind.

VAMPIRE is an old net nerd. He started surfing the Internet probably when the Internet first entered the country. Almost every major website and chat room has his name. He not only registered "VAMPIRE", but also forcibly acquired all the names related to "VAMPIRE", such as "Vampire Zombie", "Vampire", "VAMPIRES", "DARKENVAMPIRE" and so on.

VAMPIRE does not own a machine, he surfs the Internet at an Internet cafe. The owners of many Internet cafes in Beijing remember seeing this young man with a pale face and cold expression, with shoulder-length curly long hair. VAMPIRE wears a long black coat.

The chat room is a very popular one recently. VAMPIRE has many friends here, and they all chatted very well. VAMPIRE said to them: "hi lol vampire soul eater , hello!" No one answered, which made VAMPIRE very strange. There was a lot of silence in the chat room. Some stopped talking, and some hurried offline. VAMPIRE thought: The world is so cold, I haven't been here for a month, and they don't know me anymore.

The clock points to zero, when it should be the busiest time, but there is almost no one in the chat room, only a few unfamiliar faces are left talking nonsense VAMPIRE thought, let's change the chat room.

At this time, something unexpected happened. The chat room announcement said: Dark vampires have entered the chat room. VAMPIRE clearly remembered that the name "Dark Vampire" was registered by himself, and no one knew the password, so who is this Dark Vampire now?

VAMPIRE thought: Maybe that network administrator friend was joking. He said to the dark vampire, "Who are you?"

Vampire Eater_Vampire Eater_lolVampire Soul Eater

Darkness said, "I am a vampire."

VAMPIRE said: "Don't make trouble with me, you Y is the mistress, right?"

Darkness said, "I am a vampire."

VAMPIRE said: "I am VAMPIRE. I am the only VAMPIRE on the Internet. Everyone knows that I have many friends."

Darkness said: "But I am really a vampire, this is an indisputable fact."

lolVampire Soul Eater_Vampire Eater_Vampire Eater

VAMPIRE sneered, "You mean, you're a ghost?"

Darkness said, "Yes."

VAMPIRE laughed: "There is a famous saying on the Internet: No one knows if you are a dog. Now there is a ghost talking to me."

Darkness said, "Don't you believe it?"

VAMPIRE felt something was wrong, he found that the dark vampire's speech was followed by a sticker, which was a zombie's face. There is no such texture on the server, he has never seen it.

lolVampire Soul Eater_Vampire Eater_Vampire Eater

VAMPIRE said, "I'm sorry, please wait for me." He exited the chat room, started IPXRAY, and searched for Dark Vampire's IP. After about a minute, the result appeared. The other party's IP was "-1 -2 -3 -4", and all the servers passed through the route were unheard of.

VAMPIRE's movements became sluggish, and for some unknown reason, he entered this chat room again. The situation in the chat room has taken a new turn. The originally white speech interface turned blood red, the fonts became blurred, everything was flickering, and the icon on the homepage was a zombie's face.

The dark vampire said to VAMPIRE: "Poor man, do you believe it now?"

VAMPIRE said: "Believe what? Do you think these tricks can frighten me?"

Darkness said: "Interesting, this is the first time I see someone like you. Do you know, this place has been our world for the past month."

lolVampire Soul Eater_Vampire Eater_Vampire Eater

VAMPIRE said, "Why?"

Darkness said: "I believe you just checked my IP and went to lol Vampire Soul Eater . You are the first person who dared to come in after seeing my IP. You are very interesting, I want to see you."

The monitor in front of VAMPIRE flickered and then went out suddenly. After a while, a face gradually faded out. It was a vampire zombie with a pale complexion, deep-set eye sockets, and gleaming teeth. VAMPIRE stared blankly at the screen without moving.

The zombie opened his eyes and said, "Are you VAMPIRE?"

VAMPIRE said, "That's right, I came before you."

lol Vampire Soul Eater_Vampire Eater_Vampire Eater

The zombie stared at VAMPIRE and said, "It's so bright here, I feel bad."

"I'm used to it," VAMPIRE said.

The zombie said: "I didn't expect that."

VAMPIRE said, "Really?"

"I'm leaving," said the zombie.

VAMPIRE said, "Okay, bye."

The zombie's face is gone, and the chat room is back to normal. VAMPIRE sat blankly for a while, got up and left the Internet cafe.

In a dark alley, the tall and thin VAMPIRE hugged a beautiful woman, his slightly curly long hair and black windbreaker fluttering. VAMPIRE looked at the woman in his arms with his sunken eyes, a smile appeared on his pale face. He opened his mouth, revealing his teeth.

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