Seven Star Lu King Chapter 25 Jade Figurines

I was very shocked. I took a few steps back, all the muscles in my body tensed, for fear that the corpse would suddenly stand up and rush towards me. I asked softly, "Why is this corpse panting? Have you ever encountered such a thing before?"

Da Kui said tremblingly, "Of course not. If this happens frequently, I'd rather clean the toilet than fight."

I looked at Pan Zi, he was covering his wound, his head was covered with sweat, and said: "Don't care what it is, give him a shuttle, he will die if he doesn't die! It will be troublesome for him to stand up later." I heard It makes sense, in this underground place, it’s better to do more than to think more. You’re sure to be right when you take a quick step in anything. You hurriedly raised your guns, and the third uncle and the fat man waved their hands and shouted at the same time: "Wait…wait!"

As he said that, the third uncle had already approached the corpse. While waving his hands to me, he looked at the armor on the corpse. He was so surprised that he couldn't close his mouth. He pointed to the black armor and said, "This… this is not a jade figurine. Is it? My God, it turns out that this thing really exists!"

I was at a loss, and asked what it was. The third uncle was so excited that he almost burst into tears, and stammered, "Cao… good luck, I, Wu Laosan, have been fighting for a long time, and finally… finally let me find it." I bought an artifact, it’s a jade figurine.” He grabbed my shoulder, “As long as you wear this thing, you will rejuvenate. You saw that Fatty Wang Jianguo didn’t die , it’s true! This corpse is the proof! "

In that era, 40 to 50 years old was already considered very old. Although the muscles in this body were shriveled, the appearance of this person was really very young. I couldn't help being secretly surprised, and thought to myself, is there really such a thing as rejuvenation in this world?

The fat man stared straight into his eyes, and said, "I didn't expect that Qin Shihuang couldn't find this thing. It turned out to be on his body. That third master, do you know how to take this thing off?"

The third uncle shook his head, "I heard that this thing can't be taken off from the outside. This is also a trouble. Should we carry the whole body out?"

The two of them checked back and forth, and I saw that the corpse was pulling arms and legs for them. He didn't have any temper at all, and he didn't seem to be in any danger. I couldn't help but gradually calmed down, and asked, "If you take off this jade figurine, what will happen?" What will happen to the people in there?"

The fat man didn't think of this, and said, "I really don't know about that fat man, at worst, he'll be wiped out."

I said: "Then he was living a good life, didn't we become murderers like this?"

The fat man almost fell down laughing, and said: "Little comrade, if you have the ideological consciousness to fight against you, then you don't have to do anything. The ancient princes and nobles, who didn't have bloody hands, even if they were caught, they would have to be killed." Shoot. You are still worried about this, you are full."

I was right when I thought about it. Seeing that they were busy, they were not idle, so I went to check the coffin to see if there were any good things in the funeral objects. There was a thick layer of scaly things on the bottom of the coffin. , inside layer by layer were unnamed objects, I grabbed a handful of these scales and asked, "What are these?"

The third uncle was absent-minded, sniffed it and said: "This is the human skin that he fell off." I was disgusted, threw the thing away immediately, and cursed: "Damn, did King Lu Shang suffer from a skin disease? So much skin."

The third uncle said: "Don't talk nonsense, it's the old skin that he shed. Every time he sheds it, he becomes younger. Judging by the amount of skin, there are always five or six layers of skin that have been shed."

I thought these things were disgusting, like snake skin, and I was not interested. At this time, the fat man yelled: "There is a door!"

We looked around and saw that there was a piece of gold thread on a piece of jade in the nest of the jade figurine. I wondered: "I said, fat man, your **** eyes are too sharp, and multiple threads here can do it." I can tell."

The fat man gave me a blank look, and muttered there: "You comrades from the southern faction, you are too murderous. You can even pour pots into any tomb. This inversion is a meticulous craftsmanship. Have you seen it? If you don’t have your fat man today Me, you have to dissolve this corpse to get this jade figurine out."

The third uncle couldn't get up and down, and scolded: "Fuck you, I don't know if it is, maybe there is an extra thread here."

The fat man laughed, and said, "Don't believe in evil, your mother." As he spoke, he pulled the end of the thread, and when he stretched his hand halfway, he heard a "hoo", and I felt something flash in front of me, it was lightning. Like a flint, the third uncle reacted very quickly and kicked the fat man out. As soon as the fat man got out of the way, a black knife was nailed to the tree with a bang, and most of it missed. I was shocked, if it wasn't for the third uncle's kick, the fat man's head would have been pierced.

When we looked back, we saw Poker Ping standing at the bottom of the steps, covered in blood, and a cyan unicorn tattoo appeared on his body at some time. Things, when we saw them clearly, we all gasped.

What he lifted on his right hand turned out to be the head of the blood corpse.

Poker-Face looked at us, and staggered up the steps. He was breathing very heavily. It seemed that the situation was not good. Judging from the scars all over his body, it should have been a fierce battle. He first looked at the coffin, Then he waved to us and said softly, "Get out of the way."

The veins on the fat man's forehead burst out, how could he buy it, he jumped up and cursed: "What the hell did you do just now!"

Poker bottle turned his head, gave him a cold look, and said, "Kill you."

The fat man was furious, rolled up his sleeves and was about to rush forward, but Dakui hurriedly hugged him, the third uncle saw that the atmosphere was not right, and the fat man was not a kind person, so he hurriedly smoothed things over and said, "Don't panic, my brother must have a reason for doing things." Yes, let's hear it clearly first, he saved your life a lot along the way, right, take it easy."

The fat man thought about it, that's right, it's not good to do it again, he broke free from Da Kui, sat down on the ground angrily, and said: "You have so many mothers, Fatty, I can't beat four hands with one punch, there is no way, what do you say. "

Poker bottle put the head of the blood corpse in his hand on the jade bed, coughed, and said: "This blood corpse is the last owner of the jade figurine. King Lu Shang found him when he was fighting and took off the jade figurine. , He became what he is now. Entering this jade figurine, the skin is shed every five hundred years, and the jade figurine can only be taken off when the skin peels off, otherwise, it will become a blood corpse. Now the living corpse in front of you has already died. It's been more than three thousand years, you just pulled the end of the thread, and the dead body inside will immediately rise, and we will all die here."

After he finished speaking, he coughed a few more times, and I saw blood oozing from the corner of his mouth. I was in a bad mood, and he might have injured his internal organs.

Pan Zi had already leaned to the side in discomfort and hadn't spoken. At this moment, he suddenly said: "Brother, I, Pan Zi, have a straight mouth. Don't take offense. You know too much. If it's convenient for the dead fat Wang Jianguo , you might as well say something. I understand, what kind of god are you, you saved my life, if I have my life to go out, I might as well come to the door to say thank you."

What Pan Zi said was very coincidental. I thought that Poker Ping would not be able to deal with it, but he remained silent, as if he had never thought about talking to us. He walked up to the corpse of King Lu Shang, I looked at him in disgust, and suddenly a cold light flashed in my eyes. Before I saw his movements, his hands had already grabbed the neck of the corpse, and he was lifted out of the coffin. There was a scream from the throat of the corpse. It kept shaking. All this happened so fast, I couldn't react at all, Poker Face said coldly to the corpse: "You have lived long enough, you can die." A vein burst on his hand, and a bone burst , the limbs of the corpse kept trembling, and with the last kick, the skin quickly turned black.

We all stared at him dumbfounded. No one knew what to say for a while, but he threw the body on the ground, as if the jade figurine was nothing but rubbish, so I grabbed him and said, "What are you? Who! What kind of hatred do you have with King Lu Shang?"

Poker bottle looked at me for a long time and said, "So what if I know?"

The fat man said unconvinced: "What's the reason for this? We worked so hard to get down to this tomb and finally opened this coffin. If you strangled the corpse without saying a word, you should at least tell us the fucking truth." One sound!"

Poker Bottle turned his head and looked at the head of the blood corpse on the jade bed with a very sad expression. He pointed to a purple jade box at the back of the painted lacquer coffin and said, "Everything you need to know is in there." in the box."

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