Chapter 25: The Painted Door

I was leaning on the rock alone, and I just pondered over the meaning of "there are mountains in the ground" in my mind. I felt that this image belonged to the hexagram of "modesty", and it should also have the meaning of "stopping with tranquility and being as modest as a valley". Lurk and hide, waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

Later, I felt sleepy. I slept with one eye open all these years, but I don’t know what happened today. I had a vague idea—how can we all sleep in the gloomy mausoleum area of ​​"Coffin Gorge"?

Immediately, I woke up suddenly. The temperature difference between day and night in the mountainous area is very large. I feel that the night is as cold as water. Deep in the bottom of the canyon, there is no moonlight, and the surroundings are dark. It turns out that I have slept for a long time. I shook my head vigorously. I became more awake, my eyes gradually adapted to the environment of the night, and I vaguely felt that something was wrong with my surroundings. When I looked carefully, a miraculous scene appeared in my eyes. The gate that was drawn on the stone screen of the cliff with the "Mountain Viewing Brush" earlier , is quietly and slowly opening.

The stone screen of the dry waterfall can be hundreds of meters high. Even in the dark night, you can see a large fuzzy white rock formation. I suddenly found that the gate painted on the stone screen was opened, revealing a dark mountain. hole.

At the beginning, I was surprised and surprised. I thought it was in a dream or in the dark night. I rubbed my eyes hard and watched intently again, only to see that the dark cave was still squirming slightly. Not only that, Immediately, I became aware of a strange, slightly vibrating sound in the air.

I didn't dare to be careless, and hurriedly pushed Shirley Yang and others out of their sleep. Everyone was surprised when they saw the strange shape on the rock wall. , watching the movement intently.

I could only hear the sound of buzzing and flapping wings everywhere in the bushes at the bottom of the canyon, and the buzzing sound gradually became denser, and I felt that this sound seemed familiar, it should be some kind of flying in groups. Insects, but not like the "Mao Xiancao ghost" in the canyon.

At this time, Professor Sun blurted out: "Stinging bees! Use a brush to draw a door on the rock wall full of stinging bees…" As soon as he said that, he quickly stretched out his hand to cover his mouth tightly, but the sound of panic was too loud , alarmed the wild bees in the mountains.

I have also noticed a little bit of squatting. It turns out that swarms of wild bees are rushing over from all directions. It seems that the ink left by the "Guanshan Magic Brush" contains some kind of bee-attracting medicine, which makes the swarms of bees Most of the wild bees in the mountains are "wasps" when they come out of their nests. It's no joke to sting people, but the fat man and I have poked countless hornet's nests before, and we have always been familiar with the habits of wild bees. There is something weird about the method, but he didn't feel panicked by the large swarm of wild bees in the canyon.

Seeing that Professor Sun was a little panicked, I told him in a low voice: "Don't panic, wild bees won't easily attack irrelevant people unless the hive is threatened. As long as they lie here and don't move, there shouldn't be too much harm Danger."

After hearing this, Professor Sun felt a little relieved, but when he went to the countryside to collect cultural relics, he used to go to the countryside to collect cultural relics, and he was stung by wild bees in the mountains. It was like clouds and mist floating, it was a spectacle, the sound of wild bees fluttering in the forest, he had experienced the power of stinging bees, once bitten by snakes, he was afraid of well ropes for ten years, always thought that even if it was The bears, lions, tigers and leopards in the mountains are not as terrifying as such a large-scale bee colony.

Seeing the black swarm of bees coming over the sky and covering the sky, Jiuye Sun couldn't help but feel his heart tremble, and his brain twitched, so he closed his eyes and covered his ears with his hands, not to listen to the "buzzing buzzing" of the bees. There was a flying sound, but the sound was still like a thick and powerful wasp trying to burrow into a person's head, and the expression on his face was extremely ugly.

I didn't expect ink marks to be so effective, driving a large swarm of wild bees, regardless of the continuous turbulence in the middle of the night, if the wild bees suddenly exploded into chaos and hurt people, we would be unable to escape in the canyon. Li Li wanted to be in danger, and secretly scolded Guanshan Taibao Feng Shigu, the old landlord leader, for deceiving people to use pens and inks to attract bee swarms. What the hell is he going to sing?

Shirley Yang lowered her voice and whispered in my ear: "Old Hu, I think this seems like a magic trick to move mountains and divide armies. Let's not act rashly. It is the best policy to wait and see how things change."

I nodded, and gestured to the fat man who was about to run to the river, telling everyone not to run away in a hurry, but to have a look before talking.

Not long after, the wild bees seemed to have been intoxicated by the ink marks left by the "Mountain Viewing Brush", and they secreted wax on a tree branch next to the mountain wall, forming several hive.

The wild bees gathered from all directions do not seem to belong to the same group. Some hairy wasps build their nests using earth and rocks, and some wall wasps build their nests on the wall of the wild wasp's nest, but the wild wasp with black tail and black head has the largest number. They are much more numerous than other bee colonies, and they are experts at building nests. They build their own hives bigger and bigger, and gradually connect several large hives into one, forming a huge nest, and the rest of the surrounding hives are Wrapped in it.

In about an hour, the beehive was two to three meters square, and densely packed bee pupae crawled in and out on it, making noises, and the big tree branches hanging from it were bent down and trembled. Slightly almost pressed to the ground.

The more we looked at it, the more strange it became. Suddenly, there was a white light flashing on the mountain wall. The gate painted on the rock, under the friction of the wild bees, gradually produced some changes. At night, it looks like a strange white will-o'-the-wisp.

The wild wasps gathered in the huge hive seemed to be frightened by the will-o'-the-wisps on the rock wall, and flew out of the nest one after another, circling around the nest in the air in chaos.

I suddenly realized that the ink marks on the rock gradually appeared in the shape of night light over time, which actually created an illusion of rising flames and burning fire, which made the large swarm of wild bees in the nest bewildered and mistakenly thought that A fire in the forest endangered the nest, so they got out of the nest in a mess.

We managed to suppress the anxiety in our hearts. Although we knew that Guanshan Taibao was good at strange arts, except that his mastery of yin and yang, geomantic omen was not inferior to that of "Mojin Xiaowei", and he was also good at restraining alchemy and other strange ways. Compared with the "Taoist who moved the mountain", I am afraid that he will not show his strength, and he cannot see through the mechanism for a while, so he has to hold on and continue to peep.

What happened next was even more jaw-dropping. After the swarm of bees came out of the nest, they quickly recovered order from the chaotic situation. Although the bees were small, they seemed to have their own orders, and there was no sign of fleeing from the swarm Instead, in order to prevent the flames from burning the nest, they gathered one after another and flew to the top of the hive to drown and wet the hive. A kind of secretion, transparent and odorless, a wild wasp can secrete a "bee drowning" the size of a tear at most, and only when the hive is on fire, the wild wasp will produce "bee drowning".

Tens of thousands of bee colonies scrambled to be the first, and quickly drenched the hive with "bee drowning". After a while, the "bee drowning" had already filled the beehive, dripping continuously onto the bluestone slab directly below.

"Bee drowning" touches stones, such as sour and rotten iron. On the surface of the underground bluestone, a large pit with a diameter of several feet is silently etched by "bee drowning" in an instant. With more "bee drowning" Dripping, the rocks and soil under the honeycomb were pierced, and a deep hole was quickly formed.

When I saw this, I finally saw the clue. It turned out that it was such a "painting the ground as a door". The entrance of the ancient tomb of Dixian Village is not at the dry waterfall, but under the old tree on the opposite side. I also have to admire the technique of "Viewing the Mountain and Taibao" is really strange and ingenious, and I also remembered that there was a similar record in the technique of "Moving the Mountain and Dividing Armor".

The wild wasps in the deep mountains are non-toxic and have the effect of piercing earth and breaking rocks, but they cannot be kept after dripping from the hive, so the hole can only be made straight up and down. In addition, if wild shallot juice is mixed with it, it can make Voodoo, apply it to arrow clusters, use it to stab the raccoon, the raccoon will die after taking one step, and then shoot the bear with this arrow, and the bear will also die after taking one step after being hit by the arrow. If the raccoon takes two steps and dies, the bear will also die Take two steps and die. The principle is that it is difficult for outsiders to see the secrets, and now these native witchcraft have been lost for a long time. Among the tomb robbery techniques, only the method of "bee drowning and piercing the mountain" has been handed down.

When I think of this, I can't help but feel a burst of emotion. Most of the strange secret arts that I have seen and heard in my life are now lost, and all kinds of inverted fighting secret arts have also declined, and the content handed down is getting less and less. In a few years, it will also be completely lost and extinct, just like the ancient tombs we have entered, the ancients liked to take away the secrets and wealth of their lives when they died, and would rather rot underground into mud than leave it to others. relevant people.

Seeing that the hole on the mountain rock is getting deeper and deeper, and we still can't see the bottom, we all started to mutter in our hearts. We really don't know how deep the ancient tomb is hidden in the ground, and what will happen in Dixian Village?

Professor Sun regained his composure at this moment, seeing that there were silver-white rock formations under the turquoise soil, he immediately became very excited, and said in a trembling voice: "It must be the ancient tomb of Dixian Village…the white rock formations are all It's dead silver, this is the iron wall and silver screen."

It is said that when silver accumulates for a long time, it will rot into silver mud, which is also commonly known as "dead silver". Therefore, if the "silver screen" is used as the barrier of the tomb wall, it is far stronger and more stable than the ordinary rammed earth wall.

Moreover, the silver screen is thick and the sound is difficult to transmit. Even those with keen ears cannot use the technique of listening to the wind and thunder to detect the direction of the underground tomb. Dead silver has another advantage, if there are silver-gathering ants nearby Insects, there is a break in the middle of the silver layer, and it breeds and fills it up through the activities of insects and ants. That is to say, the entrance of this ancient tomb only appears temporarily, and then the silver screen and iron wall will be closed again, still covered by soil, vegetation , People who don't know the specific location can't find the exact location at all.

This method originated from the technique of "Golden Miao". It is an ancient "charm" that can only be mastered by the leaders of ancient Jinmiao. The number of people who know it is very limited, and because it is too secretive, it has been lost for hundreds of years. There is no one in the world who knows the hidden mission of crossing ghosts . It's just that most people who study alchemy know that there was such a set of mysterious "talismans" hundreds of years ago. The so-called "fangshu" used by Jin Miao can also be called "magic". In fact, this "fa" means "method", which is the "method" of using "shu". A general term for many methods including songs, props, and secret recipes. There is a leader in each group of golden seedlings, who is regarded as a "golden head", and only the golden head masters the ancient and mysterious alchemy "holding the golden curse".

The gold and silver treasures buried deep in the ground will become vital after a long time. This set of ancient reverse curses that hold back gold is specially used to force the "golden soul and silver soul" out of the ground, and then stick it with a needle , follow the clues, you can find the underground treasure. But if there is no "golden head" charm to return the soul of gold and silver, all the gold and silver dug out will rot like black mud and rotten wood, worthless. The natives call it "gold and silver dung", but dead silver has physical properties. Special, strong and abnormal, a white spot is chiseled by an axe and a hammer, so it is called Yinping Iron Wall.

It's just that a large amount of "dead money" needs to be accumulated over the years, and it is not easy to form a silver screen and iron wall in a short period of time. It is rare in tomb collections. Only the "Dixian Village Ancient Tomb" has such legends, so Professor Sun immediately concluded that under the silver corpse rock layer, there must be the entrance to the "Dixian Village Ancient Tomb", but no one expected that the entrance to the ancient tomb would appear in front of everyone in this way.

The smell of ghost gunpowder at the old path of the dry waterfall gradually dimmed, and the swarm of bees kept dripping "bee drowning". The huge hive on the ground flew into the air, and the hive split into several petals, some fell into the forest, and some hit the cliff. The many wild hornets were washed away by the white smoke in the crypt, and they were either killed or injured. A large number of dead bees were left on the ground, and the rest saw that their nests were gone, so the trees fell and the monkeys scattered, and they all escaped completely.

We were hiding under the nearby rocks to watch the movement, when suddenly we saw white smoke erupting from the crypt, and there was a rain of bees in the air, countless dead bees fell down, covering their heads and bodies , The thick white mist spreads immediately.

Everyone hurriedly covered their mouths and noses and dodged backwards, but it was half a step too late. They felt as if someone had suddenly sprinkled a handful of lime on their faces. I was coughing, but fortunately it was on the side of the crypt, and the distance was not too close. I was not directly sprayed by the white smoke from the ancient tomb. Even so, I felt nauseous and retched. The white mist from eyes, mouth and nose came and went quickly, and disappeared without a trace in an instant. After we got rid of the dead bees on our bodies, and looked under the old tree, there was only a bottomless ground. cave.

The fat man spit twice on the ground, poked his head in and opened a sheet in the crypt, cursing, "What's the smell? It's so fucking choking to death, I said, don't underestimate the landlord class, comrades." , This group of Guanshan Taibao is also a small demon in the temple, and a lot of kings in the pool. Looking at this posture, there must be everything in the tomb. Let's not hesitate, just go in and copy it."

I also went over to take a look. The iron wall and the silver screen were very deep, and I couldn't reach the end with the "wolf-eye flashlight". Professor Sun pulled out the gas mask and put it on his head, impatiently wanting to go down and have a look. I stopped him and said : "This time it's time to get serious. How can I really ask you to go to the ancient tomb to mine mines? I should go down first, and you will follow after I find out the situation."

I don't allow everyone to fight, I will go down first to check later, if everything is normal, then the whole group will go in together, I don't want Yaomeier to follow the risk, but I want to rely on her to crack the ambush in the tomb, consider Seeing that she had participated in militia training, she was also very clear about the "Simple Communication Method for Militia" that was commonly used at that time. In addition to being bold and careful, she also had a certain military quality, so she decided to let her go with her, but told her not to leave Shirley Yang at every step. , and never be at the front of the expedition or at the end.

I let everyone start the final preparations, throwing away all the things that are not useful, putting on all the protective gear that can be worn, and counting the equipment, and sharing the lighting tools with each of them equally, and the gas masks for three people In addition to the spare ones, after distributing to five people, there is only one left for emergency use. The carrying bags of the gas masks are all hung on the chest, so they can be used anytime and anywhere.

After hasty preparations, more than an hour had passed, and it was expected that there was enough wind in the tomb passage, so I first threw a cold smoke into the cave, and saw that the cave was about ten meters deep, so I put on a gas mask casually. , Grabbing the ground with flying tiger claws, hanging down to the ground with the "golden steel umbrella", the bees on the Yinping rock formation have dried up, but the air is full of impurities, and the underground visibility is extremely low.

I fell to the ground and stepped on the ground with my feet. Then I looked around in the light of cold smoke and fire. Under the thick silver layer was a natural cave, which was not too spacious. It was about the size of four houses. There are simple stone steps leading to the dark and deep place with twists and turns. The terrain of the entire cave is narrow and the environment is humid and depressing.

I first took off my gloves and touched the tomb bricks on the wall, only to feel cold wind blowing through the cracks in the rock strata. There may be air circulation in the ground, or the dragon's qi in the Feng Shui level. Maybe I don't need a gas mask, but yes. Not daring to overdo it, he lit a candle in the tomb passage, and seeing that the candle flame was normal, he took off the gas mask, blew the whistle, and sent a signal to the people on the ground.

When Shirley Yang and others heard the whistle, they came down one after another, stood still and looked around, Professor Sun looked at the terrain and environment in the cave, and said to me suspiciously: "It's strange…it doesn't look like an ancient tomb here. "

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