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Our branch has a driver, Lao Cui, who used to work as a transport soldier in Tibet. He was demobilized and assigned to drive in our branch. I had a drink with him once. He told me such an incomprehensible story.

Lao Cui’s uncle was also running transportation in Tibet at the time. One time he drove a long distance. At that time, the dirt road was sparsely populated, and there were no people in a radius of hundreds of miles. Relatively simple, people who encounter difficulties on the road will definitely help,

Rebirth and Light Death_Rebirth of the Witch's Return as Light as Dust

My uncle got out of the car and saw that he was a lama. He was quite old. He looked like he was in his 70s. He looked like a pilgrim in the clothes he was wearing. In Tibet, he often saw devout believers walking a few steps and kowtowing before going to Lhasa. Pilgrims, these people are monks with more faith. The uncle quickly supported the old man, and seeing that he was still breathing weakly, he quickly brought the water with him and fed it to the old lama, and the uncle gave the old lama some dry food with him, and the old lama took a few mouthfuls , regained some strength, uncle asked him where he was going on a pilgrimage, and wanted to pick him up in the car.

The Witch Returns As Light As Dust_Rebirth Light Death

The old lama said, no need, it turned out that there was a storm yesterday, and I was a little exhausted. The lama refused to take his uncle's car. The uncle thought that maybe he had to walk the rest of the way to show his piety, so he didn't force it, so he had to distribute the water and dry food to some old lamas. The old lama nodded. Speaking, his uncle was about to turn around and get into the car. The old lama stopped him and said to his uncle: I have nothing to repay you. After ten years, I will give you a chance to be born again. Then went off alone.

Uncle didn't understand what the old lama meant, so he drove away without thinking too much. After a few years like this, my uncle felt unwell for a while, resuming life and neglecting death . When he went to the local hospital, he was found to have advanced cancer, and the surgery didn’t work, so he was sent home to take care of him. Yes, the family is secretly preparing for the funeral,

One day, when my uncle was sleeping, he suddenly dreamed of the scene of rescuing the old lama 10 years ago, and heard what the old lama said clearly in his ears: Ten years later, I will give you a chance to be born again. When my uncle woke up in the morning, the more he felt the strangeness of the words, he seemed to understand something in his heart, so he quickly called his family over and told them that if he died , he must wait three days before burying him in the ground, because according to According to the local custom, a person must be buried the next day after death, no more than 3 days. The family agreed.

After a few days, my uncle died. The local hospital came to check and confirmed that there was no heartbeat or breathing. After the examination, the doctor left. The family followed his instructions and put the corpse in the courtyard hall without burying it. On the second night, the family suddenly found that the blanket of the corpse was fluctuating. Seeing that the uncle was breathing, they hurriedly released him. I went to the house and got on the kang, and it was delayed for another day. My uncle opened his eyes and was able to speak. The family members were very surprised, and complained about whether the doctor in the hospital had made a mistake in the examination. People do die. Later, I stayed at home for a few months and went to the hospital for reexamination. The doctor was even more surprised that the tumor had disappeared by itself. This has become a local legend.

After hearing Uncle Cui's story, I complied with that sentence, a kindness and a blessing. I also teased Lao Cui, this lama is almost dying of thirst, is he still capable of giving others a chance to be reborn? Lao Cui told me, don’t underestimate these lamas, maybe it’s a test, who knows…

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