Is Li Lianyi Dead? Chapter 36: The Tiger Comes Out Of The Mountain

"It's my Li Village's misfortune to have such a bastard in the village!" The village chief Li sighed, and began to tell about the strange things in the village all the time.

It's not too evil to talk about Li Gang's wife's miscarriage, and the more evil is yet to come. In Li Village, there is a professional rabbit breeder named Li Shuangquan. He is not the richest man in the village, but the second richest. Because he made some money from raising rabbits, he not only has a refrigerator and color TV at home, but also married a daughter-in-law from the city. Life was good, but not long ago, all the rabbits raised by Li Shuangquan died suddenly, there were hundreds of them, and Li Shuangquan was so distressed that he almost hanged himself. The dead rabbit was taken to the Agricultural Technology Center, and the technician said it was poisoned to death. Li Shuangquan immediately reported the case. The police who solved the case extracted some weeds containing the highly toxic pesticide parathion* from the hay that was fed to the rabbits at his house. And the content has far exceeded the level of normal agricultural spraying. You must know that most of this highly toxic pesticide is used to soak cotton seeds*. The entire Xiaozhan Town has no sales and use records of this highly toxic pesticide in recent years. , so the police classified the case as man-made poisoning.

Li Shuangquan stood at the entrance of the village and scolded him for a whole week. The villagers also thought that someone in the village or neighboring villages might have poisoned him because they were jealous of Li Shuangquan's money. At the meeting, a reward of 1,000 yuan was offered for the arrest of the poisoner, but nothing came of it until the end.

In the end, Li Shuangquan had no choice but to use his savings to prepare for a comeback, but misfortunes never come singly. Just when Li Shuangquan bought dozens of breeding rabbits from outside to prepare for a comeback, his wife fell ill again. This kind of disease is very strange. At first, it is no different from normal people. It can still wash clothes, cook and work, but after a few days, it stops eating food and only eats grass. After a few days, I can't even get off the ground, so I can only lie on the bed, my eyes are dull and I can't speak. If I say I'm sick, I'm not sick. I don't have a fever or a cold. All my physiological indicators are normal. I can't even go to the hospital to find out why. Come, but I just don’t eat, but the grass is delicious…

"The rabbits are all dead…? Eating grass…?" When Village Chief Li mentioned this, Liu Dongsheng couldn't help but think of his daughter's problems back then.

"That's not enough…" Li Fugui spoke up again, "In the middle of the night, it seemed like a different person again, standing with his hands on his hips in the village and cursing, just scolding my old Li's family! Scolding my father, scolding me, scolding my son , you said my family recruited her to provoke her…?"

According to Li Fugui's description, although Li Shuangquan's daughter-in-law is a woman, she swears like a man in the middle of the night. The swearing is as harsh as it is louder than the village's loudspeaker, disturbing half of the villagers' sleep. Sleep.

For this phenomenon, the villagers were not surprised at first. At first, Village Chief Li wanted to find Zhang Guozhong, but when he heard that he was on a business trip, he asked a few gentlemen to show him. They all left vomiting blood. Gradually, the villagers also began to feel that this matter was not so simple, because the person who scolded at night was all the family of Village Chief Li, and there were many rumors in the village* **, it is said that the ancestors of the village chief's family were wicked and harmed people, so this village chief Li is even more anxious about this matter than Li Shuangquan himself.

"What did she scold? What did those gentlemen say?" Liu Dongsheng asked.

"It's just cursing, what else can I scold…? It's just those words…" Li Fugui spread his hands and said, "Mr. said that he has too many things on his body, and he can't keep up…"

"Can't make it?" Liu Dongsheng frowned, and put his mouth to Village Chief Li's ear, "Uncle Li, do you know that Zhang Guozhong has a son?"

"I know, that's my nephew and grandson, what's the matter?" Village Chief Li said.

"He may be able to help you with this matter in your village…" Liu Dongsheng said, "My daughter also had this problem at the time, and according to the gang of dance gods, there was not only one thing on her body, and the boy cleaned it up… "

"He… can do it?" Village Chief Li was dubious, "He's still a child…"

"Hey, I just asked you to ask…" Liu Dongsheng also felt very guilty. His child helped him so much, and instead of saying he would find a way to thank him, he made trouble for him all over the world. Hey…"Uncle Li , you are much closer to his house than mine, so I don't care about it, you can find him yourself… Please, please, please don't say that I said it…"

"Okay…turn around, I'll ask him…" Village Chief Li nodded suspiciously.

At this time, the truck driver just came over, "Comrade policeman, how can I thank you…" The truck driver bowed as he said that.

"Oh! Come on, I'm a policeman, this is my duty…"

"Brother, I am the head of the child's family…I'm sorry for what happened just now…" Village head Li also came up with it, "Big brother, we know it's not easy for you, our village has to use bricks now, or else How about you sell all the bricks to our village? I will never let you lose money…"

Hearing that Village Chief Li wanted to buy bricks, the driver was overjoyed, and immediately went to negotiate the price with Li Fugui. At this time, the crane could be regarded as coming, and a group of villagers began to help unload the bricks. After a while, the semi-trailer was hoisted to the side of the road, and the traffic began to slowly resume…

After rejecting Village Chief Li's kind invitation, Liu Dongsheng pulled out the first-aid kit from the car, wrapped up his wound and continued on his way. Along the way, Liu Dongsheng had to re-examine his suspicion of Zhang Guozhong. If Li Shulin had really insulted him As for Li Erya, then Zhang Guozhong and this Li Shulin should have a grudge against each other. How could the two of them work together… Could it be that I was really worrying too much…?

At the same time, Li Village.

After returning home, the first thing Village Chief Li did was to send his youngest son, Li Sangui, to the city to invite Zhang Yicheng in the village committee's "Later Sangui". …

Zhang Yicheng's school has entered the final review stage, and there is nothing else to do in class every day, except for doing papers or papers, which makes Zhang Yicheng feel worse than death all day long. At this time, the third uncle came to him, wouldn't it be the best way to get out of the sea of ​​suffering? opportunity? Before Li Erya could speak, she agreed first. They were all relatives. Although Li Erya said she was worried about her son, she didn't have the nerve to refuse. She thought that she hadn't been home for a while, so she might as well take the opportunity to visit her father. On the second day, the two were dragged by Li Sangui and went straight to Li Village.

To be honest, Zhang Yicheng had been to Li Village before, but he was still young at that time, so he couldn't remember clearly whether Li Lianyi had died . This visit can be regarded as reliving his childhood memories. After a few words of politeness, Village Chief Li dragged Zhang Yicheng aside and muttered about the village affairs in a low voice.

At first Zhang Yicheng thought it was just an ordinary farmer or someone was "hunted" by something, but the more Village Chief Li described it, the more something went wrong. It seems more complicated.

"Grandpa (the seniority has been messed up to the point where it's almost casual), can I go and see her…?" Zhang Yicheng said.

"Okay, I'll go with you!" Village Chief Li called Li Dagui and Li Ergui, and accompanied Zhang Yicheng to Li Shuangquan's house.

At the door of Li Shuangquan's house, Zhang Yicheng knew what the richest man in the village was. At this time, the main source of income for the villagers of Li Village was nothing more than farming and vegetables. Even the village head Li lived in an adobe house during the Cultural Revolution. This professional household has already built a large tile-roofed house. The area of ​​the yard is three or four times larger than that of Village Chief Li's. The old "Daifa*" looks like a private car.

Li Shuangquan is a very handsome young man. It is said that his mother is a cadre of the Hebei Provincial Highway Administration Bureau, and his father is a cadre of the army. They are both in other places. Because his parents have a bad relationship, he grew up in his uncle's house since he was a child. Later, his parents have a good relationship. I used to do everything possible to make up for the child, but Li Shuangquan was always indifferent to his parents. He would rather refuse the tens of thousands of dollars from his parents and start from scratch.

Hearing that the village chief was looking for someone to watch again, Li Shuangquan forced a smile on his face, but when he saw that the crowd hugged him was a ten-year-old child, he couldn't help but sighed again. nodded.

"Hello, Uncle Li!" Zhang Yicheng bowed, "Can I take a look at Auntie?"

"Okay…in the room please…" Li Shuangquan let everyone into the room, opened the door, and saw a woman with a pale face and a blue face wrapped in a thick quilt on the bed. A person with heavy makeup. There was a basket of green grass beside the bed, and next to the woman's pillow, there seemed to be grass residues that hadn't been chewed.

"Isn't he hot?" After approaching, Zhang Yicheng also frowned, thinking that he was wrapped in a quilt on a hot day, and he would be sick if he was not sick… "Why…why is this posture?"

"She trembles every day, so she's wrapped up like this so she doesn't shake…" Li Shuangquan cried mournfully, "She's like this during the day, but she goes out to scold at night…" Li Shuangquan glanced at Captain Li behind him, and didn't continue.

Zhang Yicheng slowly moved his head up, feeling a strong smell of smell coming from his nostrils, and saw that the eyes of the woman wrapped in her back were dumbfounded, she didn't blink, and she didn't respond to shaking her hands, as if she was blind , while the body seems to be lying on the bed, and the lying posture is quite special, with two arms, the elbows are on the bed, the forearms are flared outwards, and the legs are the same, the knees are on the bed, and the calves are outwards. Zhang Yicheng gestured for this position with his arms, but it was quite difficult to hold.

"How long has it been?" Zhang Yicheng said.

"It's been more than a month since I found out…" Li Shuangquan said with a sad face.

"Can you lift the quilt and have a look?" Zhang Yicheng asked.

"Okay…" Li Shuangquan slowly lifted the quilt, and saw that the woman was holding her hands and feet tightly, motionless, her pants were wet, "Ah… peed again…! Sigh!" Lifting the quilt , Li Shuangquan sucked his teeth and sighed deeply, "Uncle Li, can you go out first…?"

When several people came to the courtyard, Village Chief Li kept frowning, "Yicheng, you can do it if you can, but if you can't do it, don't be brave…"

"Hmm…" Zhang Yicheng's eyes kept rolling, "Grandpa, have any animals died in the village recently?"

"Dead! Their rabbits are dead, didn't I tell you…" Village Chief Li said.

"Well… That's right…" Zhang Yicheng said, "The rabbit 'mi' is on…"

"Rabbits can also 'seek' people?" Village head Li was a little unconvinced.

"It's not just one… As many as his family died, there will be as many 'seeking' her…" Zhang Yicheng said.

"Then… how come the rabbit can still curse…? Our old Li's family has never eaten his rabbit…" Li Sangui next to him was also very depressed.

"There are other things…" Zhang Yicheng looked like a little grown-up, with a full face of thought, "It's good to see it tonight… I've seen this kind of thing once… Hanged ghosts and snakes, but this body doesn't seem so simple… By the way, Grandpa, our family…has any enemy who died recently…?"

"No… I've never had an enemy…" Village Chief Li was also taken aback, "It's just that Li Shulin. Could it be that the kid died?"

"Who is Li Shulin?" Zhang Yicheng was taken aback.

When Zhang Yicheng asked this question, Village Chief Li immediately thought it was bad, saying that he had slipped his tongue. At this moment, Li Shuangquan came out of the house with a big basin in his hand, "Li Shulin is not dead… He came to me not long ago…"

"What?" Li Fugui's eyes immediately widened when he heard this. It's a good feeling. The criminal police comrade told him to let him know the situation. What are you doing!?"



Parathion: a highly toxic pesticide, commonly known as 1605, has been banned from being used on food crops, fruit trees, vegetables, tea leaves, and tobacco leaves by most provinces and autonomous regions in China because of its excessive toxicity.

About soaking cotton seeds with parathion pesticide: As we all know, cotton bollworm is a pest with strong resistance to pesticides. In order to avoid the eggs or larvae of cotton bollworm in cotton seeds, the method often used by some cotton farmers is to use high concentration Cotton seeds soaked in highly toxic pesticides. Among them, parathion is a pesticide with a high usage rate.

The last three: the "Dongfeng three-wheel" that was more common in the middle of the reform and opening up, using a 250cc displacement single-cylinder gasoline engine, which was a relatively popular means of transportation at that time.

Daihatsu: namely "Tianjin Daihatsu", is the first generation of minivan jointly produced by Tianqi and Japan Daihatsu Industry Co., Ltd. Most of the early "noodles" in many cities used "Tianjin Daihatsu".


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