Who Took Away The Right Of The First Night Of The Chinese Emperors

1. Ninety-five respects,

must take it easy in bed

In ancient times, both men and women got married early. Even so, almost all the little emperors and princes in China have had sex with women before they officially got married. They have experienced sexual experience, and some have even had children.

The foolish emperor of the Western Jin Dynasty, Jin Huidi Sima Zhong, married at the age of 13 when he was the prince.

Before Sima Zhong got married, his father Jinwu Emperor Sima Yan sent a harem talent Xie Jiu to the East Palace to teach the prince by himself and let the prince know about the male and female houses. When Xie Jiu left the Prince's East Palace, she was already pregnant. Xie Jiu later gave birth to a son in another palace. A few years later, Prince Sima Zhong saw a child in his parents' palace. Emperor Wu of Jin told him that this was his son, and he was very surprised. Similarly, Tuoba Jun, Emperor Wencheng of the Northern Wei Dynasty, got married at the age of 17, but at the age of 13, he had just entered puberty and had a court lady, and he became a father at the age of 14.

Dou Yifang and Empress Dowager Bo quarreled_Why did the Queen Mother let Cao Qinmo die_The Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Empress Dowager Dou died

It was clearly stipulated in the palace of the Qing Dynasty that before the emperor got married, eight older and good-looking court ladies were selected by the palace for the emperor to visit. These eight maids of honor are all famous, and since then they have become women of status in the palace, receiving a monthly salary, and no longer doing labor like other ordinary maids. Therefore, this job has always been expected by the court ladies, hoping to get rid of the sea of ​​suffering and reach the sky in one step. The titles of these eight court ladies are generally given the titles of the four court ladies, namely the master of ceremonies, the gatekeeper, the bedroom secretary, and the accountant secretary. The purpose of this regulation in the palace of the Qing Dynasty was to enable the emperor to gain some experience in intercourse between men and women before marriage, so that he would not be embarrassed and flustered when living with the queen, and could take it easy.

Which women the emperor had sex with before marriage was not stipulated in the courts of all dynasties in China, and it could not be stipulated, it all depended on the emperor's personal interest. For the young emperor, the issue of sex makes him nervous, and he is still in a state of being enlightened without taboos. In this state, it is easy to be teased or impulsive, and it is easy to have sex with the women around you. The prince lives in the East Palace. After the crowning ceremony, the prince is considered an adult, and without the emperor's edict, the prince is not allowed to enter and leave the harem at will, in order to prevent entanglements with the concubines in the harem. The prince has no scruples in the East Palace, he can do whatever he wants, he can molested any maid at will, and he can also have sex with any of them.

From the perspective of possibility, who is the first woman of the little emperor or prince to have sexual experience? Is this woman going to be a queen or concubine? This is really difficult to answer definitively, anyone can become the emperor's first woman, and after being blessed, she usually has a corresponding name. But generally speaking, the most likely to be the first woman of the little emperor or prince is the maids around them, and sometimes their wet nurses.

Both court ladies and wet nurses are maids in the palace, and they are a category without status. If a court lady is favored and favored, she will gain a status, thereby changing her humble and low status. A wet nurse can enter and leave the palace freely, and even if she is temporarily lucky, her wet nurse's status will never change and cannot be changed. People can't accept that the wet nurse who raised the emperor can become the emperor's concubine, let alone become the queen who is the mother of the world.

Second, they are also favored by the emperor,

Fang and Empress Dowager Bo quarreled_Han Wu Emperor Dou Dou died

Why is there such a big difference

From a psychological point of view, the emperor who is the only one who respects me has shallow feelings for his first woman, which will not last long and will not be nostalgic. This woman made the emperor ashamed and reminded him of the tension and timidity of his first sexual life. The emperor would never be easy in front of her, and would naturally avoid her and pounce on other beauties.

Ming Shenzong Zhu Yijun was the third son of Ming Muzong. Zhu Yijun was established as the prince when he was 5 years old, and became the emperor when he was 10 years old. At the age of 17, Zhu Yijun once passed by the Palace of Compassion and Ning, and saw the palace queen, and he was so excited for a while that he couldn't control himself, so Zhu Yijun was lucky enough to visit her. Since then, Wang has become pregnant. Of course, the eunuch who accompanied him had recorded such an important matter, and the diary also had records to check, but after being impulsive, Zhu Yijun didn't like Wang Shi, and he didn't visit her anymore, and he didn't care about her. This matter was learned by the Empress Dowager Cisheng, who took care of Wang Shi, who was eager to embrace her grandson, and Wang Shi gave birth to a son smoothly in the palace.

Once, the Empress Dowager excitedly told Shenzong about the death of Empress Dowager Dou, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty , and told about the incident, but Shenzong responded indifferently and pretended not to hear it. With Shenzong's indifference, Wang's canonization as a concubine is of course hopeless, and Wang's son was also innocently neglected.

But in history, there are exceptions for the emperor and his first woman, such as Ming Xianzong Zhu Jianshen and court lady Wan Shi. Wan entered the palace at the age of 4 and became a court lady. Wan Shi initially served in the palace of Yingzong's mother, Empress Dowager Sun. Yingzong is the father of Xianzong Zhu Jianshen.

Dou Yifang quarreled with Bo Empress Dou Yifang and Bo Empress Dou Yifang died_Han Wu Emperor Dou Dou died_Why did the Queen Mother let Cao Qinmo die

After Wan entered puberty, she became more and more delicate and beautiful. In addition, she was smart, good at observing words and expressions, and served the Empress Dowager considerately. Therefore, she was very favored by the Empress Dowager Sun and became her confidant and her little promise. Xianzong Zhu Jianshen was the eldest son of Yingzong, born in the twelfth year of Zhengtong. Two years later, Yingzong was captured in Tumubao, and the queen mother ordered Zhu Jianshen to be crown prince. Daizong Zhu Qiyu came to the throne. In the third year of Jingtai, Zhu Jianshen was abolished and became King Yi. After Yingzong was restored, he was established as the crown prince again. This year, Zhu Jianshen was 18 years old.

Eighteen years later, Yingzong died, and Zhu Jianshen took the throne as Emperor Xianzong of the Ming Dynasty. As early as when Xianzong was the crown prince, the queen mother sent her confidant maid Wan Shi to serve the crown prince. Prince Wan is 18 years old. The prince grew up day by day under the care of the court lady Wan Shi, who was about the same age as the nurse, and gradually became a handsome boy. The extremely clever Wan Shi did not know when, where, and by what means, he seduced the young prince. The two had sex, and the prince couldn't extricate himself from then on. The crown prince is attached to Wan Shi and cannot do without Wan Shi, and Wan Shi has become his life sustenance. In addition to his emotional and sexual needs, the young Zhu Jianshen also had to be submissive and in awe of Wan Shi. Zhu Jianshen ascended the throne at the age of 18, and Wan Shi was 36 years old.

Zhu Jianshen, who is in the prime of his youth, still dotes on Wan Shi, a middle-aged woman. She was given a title and even became a noble concubine. Concubine Wan Gui is proud of being favored and runs rampant in the palace. She bosses around in the harem and uses cruel means to abort other pregnant women. Everyone in the palace fears her. Concubine Wan Gui after old age, Xianzong still loves her very much. When Concubine Wan Gui was 58 years old, she once angrily beat a court lady. Because of her obesity, she closed her breath and never woke up again. After hearing the news, Emperor Xianzong was heartbroken and sighed: Concubine Wan Gui went to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Empress Dowager Dou died . How long can I live? Within a few months, Xianzong grew up with Concubine Wan Gui in depression and worry, at the age of 40.

Both were emperors of the Ming Dynasty, so why are the fates of the Wang family and the Wan family so different? The two have the same looks, and the identity of the court lady is also the same. From a reasonable guess, it may lie in the emperor's feeling in sex life, whether it is happiness, fear or pain. Wang Shi was completely passive, she herself didn't have much to do, fear and nervousness went without saying, let alone being able to make Shenzong relax. Wan's is different. She grew up watching Xianzong and knows everything about him. Wan Shi and Da Xianzong were 18 years old, equivalent to his mother. Wan's mature charm, calmness and long-term cultivation of attachment and feelings will naturally make Xianzong feel relaxed, free and carefree in the sexual experience. Therefore, the Wang family and her son were neglected, while the Wan family had no heirs but still favored the harem and was named a noble concubine.

Three, the emperor who is young and inexperienced,

Empress Dowager Dou dies

How can I resist the alluring nurse

The Wan family is only equivalent to Xianzong's wet nurse. However, there have been historical events in history that a real wet nurse had sex with the emperor who was nursing him. This is Emperor Tianqi of Emperor Xizong of Ming Dynasty and his wet nurse Hakka. The Hakka family was famous for their promiscuity in the palace of the Ming Dynasty. How could she let the young emperor go? The relationship between her and Emperor Tianqi is different from the relationship between a general nurse and adopted son. From the following historical records and analysis, it can be seen that the relationship between Keshi and Emperor Tianqi is unusual. From this, it can be concluded that Keshi first seduced the weakly crowned Emperor Tianqi, Until the death of Emperor Tianqi at the age of 23, the relationship between the two remained ambiguous.

First of all, the Ke family raised Tianqi Emperor with milk and raised him day by day. Generally speaking, after the emperor grows up in the palace, the role of a wet nurse has been fulfilled, and the emperor no longer needs a wet nurse to get along day and night, but the Ke family is different. It is said in history that he entered the Nuan Pavilion of Qianqing Palace in Tianqi Emperor's bedroom every morning to serve Emperor Tianqi, and did not return to his palace, Xian'an Palace until after midnight. If it is said that the wet nurse takes care of the emperor, there is no need for this, and it is superfluous.

The emperor has grown up, and there are many servants in the palace, why does he need a wet nurse? If it is said that Keshi is out of love, like a mother, she has to watch over the young emperor every day, guarding him, so that she can feel at ease, then this is contradictory to the next fact-Keshi later had an affair with Wei Zhongxian, and one day , she and Wei Zhongxian drank happily in Taiye Pond, the two were in love, and the tenderness was like water. Not far away, Emperor Tianqi, who was climbing a tree to catch birds, suddenly fell, his clothes were torn, and his face was bleeding. Ke Shi was indifferent, and still chatted and joked with his lover Wei Zhongxian.

Secondly, Keshi is beautiful and coquettish, and she never regarded herself as a nursing mother and loving mother in front of Emperor Tianqi, but a lively woman who yearns to be favored. It is said in history that even when Ke Shi was in her 40s, she still looked like a twenty-eight beauty, and her clothes were fashionable, her beauty and clothes were not commensurate with her age and status. But Keshi's beauty and coquettishness are amazing, even the young court ladies and concubines cannot match.

Dou Yifang and Empress Dowager Bo quarreled_Why did the Queen Mother let Cao Qinmo die_The Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Empress Dowager Dou died

It is said that in order to maintain beauty and keep youth forever, Ke Shi always combed his hair with the saliva of young court ladies to keep it black and smooth. The cloud-like hair undoubtedly adds to the charm, making it more feminine and affectionate. Such a woman showed her coquettishness in front of the emperor and served her day and night, she was no longer a wet nurse.

Thirdly, as the nurse of Emperor Tianqi, the Ke family became jealous and killed several concubines who had been blessed by Emperor Tianqi. Among them, Concubine Zhang Yu was the most pitiful, she became pregnant after being blessed by Emperor Tianqi. When she was about to give birth, Hakka ordered that Concubine Zhang Yu be cut off from all food and drink, and did not send anyone to deliver the baby.

As a result, on a stormy night, Concubine Zhang Yu was so hungry and thirsty that she dragged her heavy body, crawled to the eaves to catch rainwater to quench her thirst, and finally died of hunger and cold crying. In addition to Concubine Zhang Yu, there were three other princes and two princesses who unfortunately died young due to Hakka's persecution. As for the number of palace maids who were lucky enough to pass by the emperor or who were just pregnant to be killed by the Ke family, I am afraid it will not be a minority. How is this different from the concubines fighting for favor and killing in the harem of the past dynasties? If the Ke family is just the emperor's wet nurse, she can take advantage of the emperor's light to dominate the village, and her family is prosperous. There is no need to disturb the harem and hate the emperor's concubines and beauties.

Moreover, it is said in history that the Hakka family often cooked the zibian called dragon eggs and presented them to Emperor Tianqi to nourish yang energy for them. The purpose of nourishing, of course, should be to benefit oneself.

Even so, the Ke family was not as lucky as Concubine Wan Gui, who gained a title and entered the ranks of the emperor's official concubines.

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