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In the third year of Qiande in the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Yuanwai, the largest silk merchant in Liangzhou City, had a son in his old age. Li’s family regarded him as a treasure, so Yuanwai named the child: Li Bao. This Li Bao was intelligent since he was a child, he was familiar with Confucius and Mencius when he was seven or eight years old, he wrote splendid articles when he was ten years old, and he was famous in the countryside when he was twenty years old. Because the family is rich, Li Baofan opens his mouth and stretches out his clothes, calls friends every day, recites poems and composes poems, and lives a very carefree life.

However, misfortune fell from the sky on this day. For some unknown reason, the warehouse where the Li family stored the cloth suddenly caught fire. Innocent was implicated and sent to as many as seven homes. Li Yuanwai, who was over sixty years old, couldn’t bear the blow. As soon as he couldn’t get sick, he let go and went west after a month.

Li Bao buried his father and compensated the neighbors for their losses. Because he didn’t know how to manage the family business, the family business quickly declined, and later he became impoverished. For the sake of his widowed mother and his family’s livelihood, Li Bao set up a table at the gate of the city.

At noon that day, Li Bao was secretly lamenting the injustice of fate to him, when a hurriedly looking man saw him and suddenly stopped in his tracks. The gentleman looked Li Bao up and down again, with an expression of disbelief on his face, and said: “Young master, I see that your five elements are short of water and have a taste of ghosts . You have a strong fire, a golden body, and purple on the top of your head. ” Qi, although this life is bound to encounter Zhu Rong’s fire, but it is a unique “champion fate”. Instead of selling words here to survive, you might as well go to the capital to try your talents. If you listen to what the old man said, you will wear red in the future Hanging flowers and straddling the streets, enjoying the glory and wealth of a lifetime…”

Li Bao couldn’t help laughing when he heard that gentleman’s words. It is true to say that the family suffered a fire, but if he said that he is “the champion of fate”, how is this possible? If people’s destiny really has a definite number, why do people in the world bother to work hard? To be more realistic, although I have a talent and reputation, it is not easy to stand out from the thousands of students in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Another biggest difficulty lies in the fact that the capital city is far away, so how can we get there without spending a lot of money? Now that his relatives and friends are separated, and it is difficult to sustain three meals a day, where can he go to raise nearly a hundred taels of silver?

The gentleman saw through his intentions at a glance, immediately took a bag from his shoulder, and said sincerely: “My lord, I know you don’t believe what the old man said, but how can the old man have the heart to hide a ‘champion scholar’ in this village?” In this way, I have a hundred taels of silver here, and I would like to lend you as a bondage on the way to Beijing. If you fail to win the first prize, I will treat the one hundred taels of silver as wasted money, and never come to ask for it from the young master again. Yes, what do you think?”

Hearing what the gentleman said with such certainty, Li Bao couldn’t help believing three points, thinking, if you don’t hit, you won’t hit, if you really hit, wouldn’t it be a million times better than this time? It’s just…he was hesitating whether to take the money or not, Mr. Xiangmian had retracted his bag and put it back, he said with a smile: “I wanted to give you the silver taels, so that I can get some benefits in the future, but I don’t need it now.” , I just taught a lesson in secret, the lesson said, tomorrow at noon you will get a windfall, the amount is only a lot, but you got this windfall, you must go to Beijing to catch the exam, because this year’s new champion student is really very special You belong to…”

After Mr. Xiangmian said it, he went leisurely. Li Bao was dubious, and also accepted the four treasures of the study, so he didn’t mention it when he went home.

At noon the next day, Li Bao was about to go to the gate of the city to do his “old business” . His widowed mother said that there was a white chicken in the yard that was planing food, so he caught it and stewed it in the afternoon. There was already rice noodles at home. There is not much left, how can there be chickens? Li Bao thought his old mother was dazzled, but when he went out, he looked up, hey, there was a white chicken flapping its wings in the yard, and he was happy to catch it, but the white chicken was very clever, and it jumped out of the yard when something was wrong. He ran up the mountain behind, and by the looks of it, it might be a pheasant.

Li Bao was chasing after him, the white chicken evaded him three times in front of him, and finally hid himself behind a big rock. Li Bao thought he could succeed this time, but unexpectedly he touched the big rock lightly. Later, they suddenly found that the white chicken had disappeared! This is really a strange thing. I watched it hide behind the stone, how could it disappear? Did it hide under this rock? Li Bao wanted to move the stone to the side, but what he didn’t expect was that there was a jar under the stone, and his curiosity was aroused, he pulled out the jar and opened the cover to look inside. Li Bao was dumbfounded, and it was clear that there was a pot of white money in it. Li Bao was horrified. The gentleman said that he had a windfall at noon today, and it was noon now. He really hit the mark… At that moment, He admired that Mr. Physiognomy very much, and thought to himself, this man’s physiognomy is so miraculous, he might not be too far behind the gods in the sky, right? What made him even more excited was that he was rated as the “National Scholar” with a golden body, a hidden purple energy, and one of the ten thousand. I’m afraid it is also a nine out of ten. I used to be shy and never thought about becoming an official, so why not fight now? last fight? Li Bao did what he said, and soon packed up and went to Beijing.

One month later, the imperial list was posted, and the whole world was shaken. Li Bao was indeed the top student in high school, but the story is far from over… Then Li Bao returned to Liangzhou and was already the prefect of Liangzhou. Even Luo Qiye, a well-known tycoon, also sent generous gifts. This Luo Qiye used to be a close friend of Li Bao’s father, and could be regarded as Li Bao’s uncle, so Li Bao naturally couldn’t do without a warm greeting. Before leaving, Luo Qiye took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and said: ” My nephew, your father and I are brothers and sisters, and we also take care of each other in business, but it is unexpected that a fire will cause things to change… There is one thing, I wonder if he explained it to you when he was alive? Back then, we had The fingertips have made an engagement between you and my daughter, if my nephew does not dislike my daughter’s vulgarity—”

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Li Bao was taken aback: “My father ordered a marriage for me?”

Luo Qiye handed over the piece of paper and said cheerfully: “Yes, look, this is the marriage letter we signed later.”

Li Bao took a look and saw that it was really a marriage letter, written clearly in black and white, it was his father Li Yuanwai’s own handwriting. I heard that Luo Qiye had a daughter who was not out of the court, named Miss Yuxiu, with a dignified and graceful personality, and a beautiful face. Li Bao couldn’t be dissatisfied with joy. He recognized his father-in-law on the spot, and promised to marry her on the third day of the twelfth lunar month. Miss Yuxiu walked through the door.

The wedding day is approaching in a blink of an eye, and the Li Mansion is full of joyous lights and festoons, and the Luo family is also in a festive atmosphere. In the boudoir, Miss Yuxiu had already put on a new dress, she already had a very good appearance, and now she is even more beautiful… Everything has been packed, and she is waiting for the sedan chair from Li’s residence to pick her up. Luo Qiye was greeted and sent off, he was so happy from ear to ear, no wonder, his daughter is going out of the court, marrying the new top scholar, and the magistrate of Liangzhou City, how could he not be happy? But that day was really strange, the Luo family waited eagerly, from 1:15 noon to 3:00 p.m., until the auspicious time for worship had passed, but the Li family’s sedan chair still did not come, Luo Qiye was so anxious that his head was on fire, He hurriedly went to Li’s mansion to urge him, and the boy came back not long after, and he said in disbelief that Uncle Li Bao had already married someone else, and the bride was Zhang Dahu’s daughter, named Xi Son. Luo Qiye listened, “Teng Teng Teng” took three steps backwards, sat down on the grand teacher’s chair, and was speechless… That night, Luo’s house was in chaos, the adults cursed, The child was crying and fussing, and there was no peace for a moment, but no one noticed that Miss Yuxiu had already hung herself on the beam of the house, and by the time she found out, she had already died.

The wedding turned into a funeral, and Luo Qiye was distraught. He arranged the wedding hall as a mourning hall, and planned to go to Beijing to sue the imperial court after burying his daughter. However, the arresters from Liangzhou Prefecture arrived soon after her daughter’s body was not completely cold. , the one in the lead gave Luo Qiye a shackle and a shackle, and then dragged and dragged him to the lobby of Liangzhou Mansion. A mirror hangs high in the lobby, and the prefect Li Bao sits in his official uniform. Luo Qiye yells in pain, “Li Bao, you are a beastly, treacherous beast, why did you kill my daughter? Why did you do this? You are not as good as pigs and dogs…” The servants in the hall whispered, but Li Bao kept his face cold and said nothing. When Luo Qiye finished crying, Li Bao slapped the gavel, stared straight at Luo Qiye, and said word by word: “Luo Qi, you said that I have a human face and a heart of treachery, so let me ask you, two years ago How did you treat my Li family? My father treats you like a brother and takes good care of you in business, but you are so ambitious to do such earth-shattering evil things. Seven is the first!”

Hearing this, Luo Qiye turned pale. At that time, the Luo family and the Li family were both big gentry in Liangzhou City, and both were involved in the silk cloth business. Mr. Li managed his business well, and the business grew bigger and bigger, but Luo Qiye never stopped. Every day went downhill. In order to replace the Li family and monopolize the silk business in Liangzhou City, Luo Qiye bribed the store manager of the Li family, which led to the fire in the Li family’s warehouse… Li Bao is not only extremely smart , and his heart is as thin as a hair, he has long expected that someone must be secretly doing something wrong, otherwise the cloth is flammable, and the warehouse has always been fire-proof than tiger-proof, so how could it be possible to catch fire, and it can’t be saved in time? At that time, he was unable to find out the truth, and the Luo family was powerful and did not dare to report to the officials, so he could only swallow the bitterness in his stomach. Later, he became the prefect of Liangzhou. His eyeliner was all over the place, and the matter quickly came to light… Just when he was about to investigate Luo Qiye, Luo Qi came to his door that day. In order to make his enemy lose face in Liangzhou City, he pretended to agree to the marriage. Only today’s game.

In the hall, Luo Qi couldn’t stop crying, and confessed to the old case two years ago, but each of his daughters died unjustly. Li Bao also felt deeply guilty about this matter, regretting that he should not have hurt Miss Yuxiu because of the feud between the two families. But… He let out a long sigh, and was about to order Luo Qiye to be taken into prison, when the hall came down to report that a Mr. Face-to-face was asking to see him. Li Bao was overjoyed when he heard that, and he personally greeted the person outside the gate. It was Mr. Xiangmian who awarded him the “Number One Scholar” that day. When he saw Li Bao, the gentleman knelt on the ground: “My lord, please send my master lightly. Although he is sorry for you, our lady I have deep affection for you, and there is also the grace of regeneration!”

Li Bao’s whole body…shocked when he heard it, but he understood everything in an instant.

The words of that “Mr. It hurts in her eyes and in her heart, she couldn’t bear her sweetheart to sink down like this, so she asked the old man at home to disguise himself as a face-mian and put on such a good show for Li Bao at the gate of the city. There must be something to gain from taking the exam, and then the current embarrassment can be changed, but I didn’t expect that Li Bao would be the number one scholar. But it was such an intelligent woman who arranged such a shocking and wonderful situation for herself and poured out her deep affection, but in the end she was ruthlessly humiliated to death by herself… .

In the autumn of the second year, Luo Qiye was beheaded at Caishikou for arson and murder, and Li Bao also passed away on the same day, and has never been seen since. Five or six years have passed, when people have almost forgotten about this incident, someone accidentally found Li Bao in front of Miss Yuxiu’s grave, to be precise, his body was found, Li Bao’s forehead was broken Lie had already been dead for many days, and there was a letter under the boulder beside him, to the effect that Luo Qi had ruined his family, such a great hatred must be avenged, and Miss Yuxiu’s kindness to him was as great as a mountain, and such affection could not be ignored. No, he can only steal his life these few years because of his widowed mother, but now everything is gone, and all the “yes” and “nos” are returned to God. Be a cow or a horse…

The people in Liangzhou City were all moved when they saw it. They buried the lovers together and erected a monument, but the name of the monument was not written on it. The “No. 1 Scholar Monument” is still on a hill in the southwest of Liangzhou City.

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