Chapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

"Sir, Ke'er thinks that Chen Yuanyuan still likes Wu Sangui. Chen Yuanyuan, surnamed Xing, named Yuan, styled Yuanyuan, is from Wujin, Jiangsu Province. Ke'er smiled calmly: "Senior Qiubo, Ke'er has nothing else to say, I only hope that you can use the Fenghou Ghost Pot Get rid of Peng Gu in Xianggong's body, and then I can wander around the rivers and lakes with him as a concubine and stay together for the rest of my life. Secretary Xing nodded, confirming that what Keer said was true. Xian Shengzi was stunned, now he finally understood the relationship between Secretary Xing and Ke'er as concubine and concubine, and what surprised him most was that the "ghost pot" was actually on Secretary Xing's body. … Continue readingChapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

Youwei Guiluo Commented On The No. 1 Scholar Monument

To be more realistic, although I have a talent and reputation, it is not easy to stand out from the thousands of students in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The people in Liangzhou City were all moved when they saw it. They buried the lovers together and erected a monument, but the name of the monument was not written on it. … Continue readingYouwei Guiluo Commented On The No. 1 Scholar Monument

Prince Fash’s Story

The story of Prince Fashi Once, Prince Fashi was led by the prime minister to meet the king’s favorite concubine. But the prince said: “If the king wants the minister to die, the minister has to die; if the father wants the son to die, the son has to die.” The princess narrated the tragic experience that Prince Fashi narrated with the sound of the piano. Prince Fashi and his wife went back to their own country The king asked: “Are you my son Fash? Fashi’s wife told the king exactly how Fashi was ordered to gouge out his eyes. … Continue readingPrince Fash’s Story