Taste Of Ghosts Reviews Three Meats

1. Meat for foxes

Once upon a time, there was a butcher named Su Sanhao in Zhangqiu, who mainly killed pigs and sold meat. This Su Sanhao has a problem, that is, she is greedy for alcohol, and she has to get very drunk before giving up.

Every time Su Sanhao puts the food and wine in a basket, and then hangs it on the beam with a rope, and then puts it down when drinking. This is to prevent mice from stealing his food and wine.

On this day, Su Sanhao came back from the market, put down the basket, and prepared to drink. It can be seen that there are obviously fewer appetizers in the basket. Su Sanhao was a little suspicious. Drinking that wine again, it is obvious that the taste is not right, it is much weaker than before. Su Sanhao became even more suspicious. Someone must have drunk his wine and mixed it with water. But the doors and windows are closed, who can steal a drink?

The next day, Su Sanhao went to drink again. There is a restaurant near Su Sanhao’s home, the owner is Lao Hai, and all the wine Su Sanhao drinks is from Lao Hai. After a long time, the two became friends, and sometimes they would sit together and drink a pot.

Su Sanhao made a jug of wine and took a sip by herself, it tasted that way. But put it in the basket, drink it again at noon, and the taste will change again. Su Sanhao was puzzled by Wei Guiluo’s comment , could it be that the mouse has become a spirit?

On the third day, Su Sanhao had an idea when he went to drink again. He made two jugs of wine, but put drugs in one jug of wine.

When he came back at noon, Su Sanhao saw a fox with a white spot on his nose lying on his bed and sleeping soundly as soon as he entered the door. Su Sanhao didn’t feel it was funny, it seems that there are also drunkards among the foxes. Although he was a different kind, Su Sanhao didn’t touch the fox, but took out another jug ​​of wine, and fell asleep next to the fox after drinking it.

When Su Sanhao woke up, the fox on the bed had long since disappeared. It seemed that it ran away after waking up. After that, the fox never came to steal Su Sanhao’s wine again, and his wine tasted delicious again.

A few days later, Su Sanhao came back after finishing the market with a load, and met a hunter on the way. The hunter rode on the horse and passed by Su Sanhao. Su Sanhao saw a fox with white spots on its nose hanging on the hunter’s horse’s buttocks. The fox was wounded and dripping with blood. Isn’t this the fox who passed out drunk in his own house a few days ago?

Although Su Sanhao is not related to this fox, but seeing it like this makes her feel very sad. He stopped the hunter and said, “Can you give me this fox? I think it’s very pitiful.” The hunter didn’t want to. Seeing that there were three pieces of pork left in his meat burden, Su Sanhao proposed to exchange the meat for the fox. 3 pieces of meat is not a lot, the hunter agreed.

Ghost in the World Cantonese_Ghost in the World 2 Ghost in the World_Taste of Ghost Reviews

Su Sanhao rescued the fox and said to it: “Old drinking buddy, go back quickly, and be careful in the future.” The fox looked at Su Sanhao gratefully, then turned around and ran into the dense forest and disappeared.

Although Su Sanhao sold three pieces of meat less, she was very happy in her heart, and bought wine from Lao Hai to take home to drink.

Second, the iron case is hard to break

A few months later, the fox never appeared again, and Su Sanhao had long since forgotten about it.

In the evening, Su Sanhao went to the Laohai Hotel to get wine, but Lao Hai stopped him, saying that he had bought new wine today, and asked Su Sanhao to try it together.

Su Sanhao was very happy. He took out a piece of meat from the burden and asked Lao Hai to cook it as an appetizer. The two of them had a good pot.

Lao Hai shouted to Xiao Lian who was on the counter: “Cook this piece of meat quickly, and then bring us some wine. Remember to get that jar of new wine!” Xiao Lian is Lao Hai’s wife. It is countable.

After a while, Xiao Lian called the wine and cooked the meat, and the two of them drank. Lao Hai’s new wine was indeed very fragrant, and the two of them drank a little more without realizing it. But after drinking a few cups, Su Sanhao felt that the spirit of the wine had picked up, and he felt dizzy. Seeing that Lao Hai lay motionless on the table first, he also wanted to go home and sleep, but before he could stand up, he became dizzy for a while, and fell unconscious on the table.

Su Sanhao’s sleep was really long enough, and it was already daytime the next day when she woke up. He felt that his head was as heavy as lead, but when he looked up, he was immediately scared out of his wits. I saw Lao Hai who was sitting across from him yesterday evening, and now he was lying on his back on the ground with a knife stuck in his chest. Su Sanhao was so shocked that even the wine from three days ago was gone! Looking at the knife on Lao Hai’s chest again, isn’t it the knife he usually uses to kill pigs and cut meat?

At this time, a few servants broke in. Seeing Su Sanhao without saying a word, he locked him up with a flick of the chain, then pulled him up and left.

Taste of the World Cantonese

Su Sanhao was taken to the lobby of the county government office by the guards. The county magistrate slapped the gavel and said, “Bold Su Sanhao, are you convicted?”

Su Sanhao knelt under the hall, tremblingly said: “My lord, I really don’t know what happened?”

At this time, Lao Hai’s wife, Xiao Lian, cried and shouted in the hall: “My lord, the husband of the civilian woman died unjustly, please be the master of the private woman!” The county magistrate asked Xiao Lian to tell the truth about the incident. Come.

Xiaolian said that Su Sanhao and her husband, Lao Guan, got up to drink in the hotel yesterday evening, and she went to her mother’s house. She stayed a little late at her mother’s house, and her mother asked her to stay. She thought, anyway, there was nothing to do at home, so she stayed overnight. But when I returned to the hotel early the next morning, I found that my husband, Lao Hai, was lying on the ground, already dead… “The person who killed my husband was Su Sanhao. He was in the store when I left, and when I came back Then my husband died, and his knife was still stuck in his chest, so who did he kill?”

Su Sanhao’s mind buzzed, he really couldn’t argue at this moment, he could only yell for injustice. The county magistrate ignored him, saying that there were all witnesses and material evidence, and the ironclad evidence was as strong as a mountain. He was sentenced to be executed in autumn and sent to death row.

After a few months, Su Sanhao’s death was approaching day by day. On the night before the execution, Jackie Chan, the imperial envoy of the capital, passed by Zhangqiu, and a group of people drove forward with lanterns and carriages. At this time, I suddenly heard someone shouting in front of me: “Zhangqiu Su Sanhao is wronged!” He shouted several times and spread far in the night sky. But there was no one around.

Yu Chenglong who was in the carriage also heard it. He opened the sedan chair curtain and asked, “Who is calling for injustice?”

The servant said, “I don’t know, but the sound is far and near, it seems to be a ghost!”

Yu Chenglong thought that maybe ghosts were making trouble, so he lowered the car curtain and let the carriage go on.

But before walking a few meters, Yu Chenglong suddenly felt a sharp pain in his leg, which made him almost cry out. He thought he had been stung by a scorpion, but when he lifted his trouser legs, there was nothing. At this time, there was another cry of grievances ahead, and the voice was louder than last time.

Yu Chenglong still ignored him and let the sedan chair move on. But just after the carriage traveled more than a dozen steps, Yu Chenglong felt a sharp pain in his leg again, and there was another cry of grievances in the distance.

Yu Chenglong still didn’t take it to heart and continued to walk forward. Unexpectedly, before I took a few steps, there was another pain in my leg, which was worse than the last two times.

This time Yu Jackie had to think: Could it be that Zhang Qiu really had a grievance? He immediately ordered to go down and change the way to Zhangqiu to have a look.

3. The fox repays the favor

When Yu Chenglong entered Zhangqiu, he asked the county magistrate the first sentence: “Is there a man named Su Sanhao in your county?” I’ve got someone, and I’ll be executed tomorrow.” Yu Chenglong waved his hand and said, “I found out that he was wronged, so I want to retry the case.”

Yu Chenglong read the file of Su Sanhao’s case, and saw that when the officers went to arrest Su Sanhao, he was still sound asleep. It is against common sense that a person can sleep at the scene of a murder after killing someone. He felt that there must be grievances in it.

The next day, Yu Chenglong, led by the county magistrate, went to Laohai’s hotel. After Lao Hai’s death, the hotel suddenly became deserted, only Xiao Lian stayed in the shop alone.

Xiao Lian led Yu Chenglong to the scene of the murder. Since it was too long, the inside was cleaned and nothing could be seen. Yu Chenglong was about to go back, but something fell from the beam and almost hit him. What fell was a burden, and some places on it had been soaked red and black with blood. When he opened it, there was a blood-spattered robe and a blood-stained dagger in the bundle. The gown is made of fine silk and satin, and is worn by people of status.

Yu Chenglong turned around and asked Xiaolian: “What’s going on?”

Xiaolian’s face turned yellow with fright, but she still said she didn’t know.

Ghost in the World Cantonese_Ghost in the World 2 Ghost in the World_Taste of Ghost Reviews

Looking carefully, the word “Suo” was embroidered on one corner of the robe, and the county magistrate casually said, “Could it be Suo Zhen?”

Yu Chenglong asked who Suo Zhen was? The county magistrate said that Suo Zhen was a well-known rich man in the local area, and people called him Suo Daguanren. Usually he doesn’t do any business, just wanders around all day, he is a playboy.

Seeing that she couldn’t hide anymore, Xiao Lian collapsed on the ground and told the whole story.

This Xiao Lian was originally a brothel girl, but was bought back by Lao Hai with money. But her problems in the brothel have not changed, and she pays attention to food, clothing and dressing all day long. Lao Hai was in a small business, so how could she have so much money for her to spend, so she couldn’t help but quarrel with Lao Hai. Suo Zhen often goes to the Laohai Hotel for drinks, and soon flirts with Xiao Lian. Suo Zhen can satisfy Xiao Lian’s desire, but Lao Hai is an obstacle, so they discuss to kill Lao Hai. Suo Zhen thought of a way to make Su Sanhao a scapegoat.

That day, when Lao Hai asked Su Sanhao to stay for a drink, Xiao Lian saw this opportunity and quietly put drugs in the wine they drank. Look for Suo Zhen, then deliberately hide in her mother’s house, go back to the shop early the next morning and pretend to discover the murder, and then report to the county government…

Yu Chenglong immediately sent someone to arrest Suo Zhen. When he threw the burden in front of Suo Zhen, Suo Zhen was paralyzed with fright when he saw the bloody clothes and dagger. What he said was exactly the same as Xiaolian. After he stabbed Lao Hai to death, he buried the bloody clothes and dagger in the ancestral grave. He thought that with Su Sanhao as a scapegoat, he would not have to worry about anything, but he didn’t expect this thing to appear in Lao Hai’s house. on the beams of the house.

The truth of the case came to light, Yu Chenglong immediately sentenced Suo Zhen to beheaded, Xiao Lian was hanged, and Su Sanhao was also released.

Su Sanhao regained her freedom and thanked Master Yu for saving her life, but Yu Chenglong said: “If you want to thank, you should thank the god who hides in the dark and calls for your injustice. This is called heaven has eyes!”

When Su Sanhao returned home, a man who looked like a book boy came to him and said that his master Hu Gongzi had invited him. Su San really thought, didn’t she make friends with Mr. Hu?

Su Sanhao followed the book boy to a luxurious courtyard in a daze, and the book boy led Su Sanhao to a bed. Su Sanhao saw a fair-faced man lying on the bed, as if he was very weak.

That Mr. Hu had a very sweet face, but he got up and called Su Sanhao “Grandfather”. Su Sanhao asked suspiciously: “Mr. Hu, have we met?” Mr. Hu smiled slightly and said, “Grandpa, why haven’t we met? Half a year ago, I drank too much and got drunk at your house.” On the bed, I slept in the middle of the night!” Su Sanhao frowned, her doubts deepened. Mr. Hu said again: “Have you forgotten? Three months ago, if you hadn’t redeemed me with three pieces of meat, maybe I would have been killed by a hunter long ago.”

Only then did Su Sanhao realize that this Mr. Hu turned out to be the fox with the white spots on his nose. Su Sanhao said: “So it’s you, why are you lying on the bed?”

Mr. Hu lifted the quilt, only to see that his leg was wrapped in layers of white cloth, and blood was still soaking out. Su San was surprised and said, “Are you injured?”

Mr. Hu said plainly: “It’s just a small injury, I just gouged out three pieces of flesh on my leg with a knife.”

Su Sanhao vaguely understood something: “The god that Master Yu mentioned is you!”

The young master smiled slightly, and told Su Sanhao the ins and outs of this matter:

A few months ago, he was accidentally shot by a hunter. Fortunately, Su Sanhao saved him with three pieces of meat. He went to the mountains to practice for several months before healed up. When he returned to the city, he wanted to repay Su Sanhao, but he heard that Su Sanhao was sentenced to death for murder. He inquired secretly and found out about the adulterous relationship between Suo Zhen and Xiao Lian, but he was unable to avenge Su Sanhao. It happened that the imperial envoy Yu Jackie was going to pass by here, so he thought of a way to call for grievances on the way, trying to get Yu Jackie’s attention, but he still couldn’t keep Yu Jackie. As soon as he was cruel, he used magic to attach his soul to Jackie Chan, and then used a knife to gouge out his own flesh. He gouged out three pieces of meat from his thigh , and Yu Chenglong was in pain three times. After his painstaking efforts, Yu Chenglong finally understood that Zhangqiu really had grievances, and he changed his way to Zhangqiu. He also secretly took Suo Zhen’s murderous bloody coat and dagger out of the grave and put them on the beams, which meant that when Jackie Chan came to check, the burden would fall off, which made Su Sanhao’s grievance clear.

Su Sanhao was very moved and knelt down to thank Mr. Hu. Mr. Hu said: “Benefactor can save my life with three pieces of meat, why can’t I save my life with my own flesh? Although I am a fox, I am also kind and righteous. There is just a word of advice to benefactor, Don’t drink too much in the future. I got drunk at your house for the first time because of my good wine, and almost died at the hands of hunters the second time. And you, my benefactor, were almost framed because of drinking. It can be seen that this wine really can’t be drunk. !”

Su Sanhao seriously thought about Mr. Hu’s words, and it was indeed the case. Isn’t it all because of good wine that my life has not improved these years? While he was meditating, he suddenly felt a gust of cool wind blowing. He looked up and saw that there was no mansion in front of him. It was obviously a messy graveyard, and Mr. Hu had disappeared.

Su Sanhao shouted into the distance: “Friend, I have written down your warning. There will be a later date!”

From then on, Su Sanhao was no longer greedy for alcohol, and her life became better day by day. Later, she married a wife and had children, but that’s another story.

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