Unsafe School Dormitories

Anjie is a junior student at a certain university. Because my home is not far from school, I go home on weekends. But this Saturday, he was too busy, so he had to read at school.

Anjie also worked very hard for the exam, reading from 3pm to 3am. Finally, he was too tired, stretched out, and subconsciously looked out the window.

Anjie's dormitory was on the third floor, and it should have been pitch black when he looked out. But this time it was different. He saw a beautiful girl with long flowing hair looking at him with a smile and knocking on the window. Anjie didn't realize that it was abnormal for a girl to be outside the window, so he naturally reached out and opened the window. The closer her hand was to the window, the more smile appeared on the girl's face.

Just when his hand was about to touch the window, a golden light suddenly flashed on Anjie's hand. Then he heard the girl's scream. He suddenly woke up and realized that he was dreaming. He took a deep breath, cleared the table and went to bed to catch up on his sleep. Anjie did not notice that several of the beads in his hand had cracks to varying degrees.

Ghost stories in the dormitory in 50 words_Ghost stories in the girls' dormitory short stories in 50 words_Ghost stories in the girls' dormitory short stories in 50 words

Anjie had a restless sleep, always dreaming. The scenes in the dream are all different, and many people come and go. The only thing that remains unchanged is the girl he saw in that dream before. At first, the girls always smiled and were very nice to him. But at the end of every dream, her face would always be peeled off, her whole body covered in blood, and she would pounce on him with ferocious eyes. Several times, he was seriously injured in his dreams and was bitten several times by girls.

When Anjie finally woke up from his dream, he could clearly see that his arms and face were covered with scratches from fingernails, and the sheets were already stained with blood in several places. He stared at all this blankly, really wishing that he was dreaming now.

After finally sorting it out, he began to read seriously again, hoping to forget all these terrible things. Time continued to pass, and it was 3 o'clock in the morning again. Anjie was so absorbed in reading that he didn't even notice that a familiar yet unfamiliar woman had appeared in the room at some point, the girl who appeared in the dream.

Stories What stories are told in the girls’ dormitory_Short ghost stories in the girls’ dormitory

The girl stood behind Anjie, motionless or speaking, just looking at him silently. When Anjie was finally tired and wanted to take a walk and rest, she suddenly flashed in front of him. The eyes that originally looked normal suddenly turned red and shed tears of blood. Anjie was so frightened that he fell back, hit his head on the corner of the desk, and fainted.

This fainting was serious because Anjie didn't know that he had fainted at first. Because his first reaction was to stand up, when he saw that his whole body was transparent and there was someone lying behind him, his mind went blank and he didn't know what happened.

"Come play with me, don't make yourself so tired." The girl returned to her normal appearance, with a smile on her face that made people feel uncomfortable. Anjie wanted to avoid her, but her hand was grabbed hard and he couldn't get rid of it. The two of them walked through the door and headed outside the school.

Ghost stories in the dormitory in 50 words_Ghost stories in the girls' dormitory short stories in 50 words_Ghost stories in the girls' dormitory short stories in 50 words

Along the way, Anjie saw many people on the road that he usually couldn't see. The originally quiet school suddenly became lively. Anjie felt very embarrassed. He did not dare to answer anyone who greeted him along the way. The girl was a little unhappy when she saw him, and tried her best to drag him to chat with various people. But Anjie just didn't speak, for fear that he wouldn't be able to go back if he spoke. In fact, he had already guessed that his soul had left his body since the two of them passed through the door.

I don't know how much time passed, but Anjie saw someone not far away holding a glass of water walking towards their direction. Perhaps because of his natural vigilance , he told himself very clearly that he must not drink that glass of water. If you drink it, you might not be able to go back.

Sure enough, the man held the water and asked him to drink it. Anjie could still say at first that he was not thirsty and would not drink, but as time went by, everyone started staring at him, and everyone's expressions were surprisingly consistent, hoping that he would drink the water. Some people in the crowd even had the urge to hold him down and pour water into his mouth.

Short stories ghost stories in the girls’ dormitory_Ghost stories short stories 50 words in the dormitory_Ghost stories for girls What stories do you tell in the bedroom?

An Jie took the risk, poured the water, and ran back desperately. The people behind them immediately caught up with them. They looked normal at first, but suddenly they were missing arms or legs, or were covered in blood or injuries. Their expressions were very ferocious, and their screams were shrill and terrifying.

Anjie didn't know where to run, his only thought was to return to his body. But no matter how he ran, he couldn't find his dormitory, as if he had entered a maze. All the roads are the same, with only trees around them, and even the roads disappeared without knowing when. What's even worse is that different ghosts will run out of the bushes at any time and want to throw him to the ground, and each one is more fierce than the last. Anjie felt that these people had lost their humanity.

Perhaps because he had turned into a ghost, Anjie never felt tired no matter how much he ran, but his nerves were already extremely tense. There are more and more ghosts surrounding him, and they have even reached the point of devouring each other. The ghosts that devoured other ghosts were more powerful and almost caught him several times. Fortunately, Anjie is a ghost, and he can barely survive in these dangerous situations every time.

After running for a long time, Anjie finally saw something different. It was a ball of white light, very comfortable and warm. He felt that he should have seen hope and ran faster. But the ghost behind him also screamed louder, ran faster, and even transformed into several clones to block his way. Some ghosts also looked frightened after seeing the white light and did not dare to pursue them. But for Anjie, it was like an oasis in the desert, the only motivation that allowed him to continue to survive.

Closer, closer, Anjie felt more and more excited, and his body felt warmer and warmer. Finally, he jumped suddenly and flew towards the white light. Many ghosts intensified their efforts to hunt him, but when they came close to or came into contact with the white light, for some unknown reason, they seemed to have encountered sulfuric acid, and their bodies and hands suffered varying degrees of corrosive damage. In this way, although he was very reluctant, Anjie still escaped under their noses.

When Anjie opened his eyes, he had been lying in the hospital for a week. For a week, even the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. But Anjie knew very well that he had gone around the gate of hell and finally got out.

When he returned to the dormitory, he immediately asked about the girl's story. Only then did he know that several people in the school who died of unknown causes said they had seen this girl before they died. This girl once committed suicide by jumping off a building in this school. From then on, the school was not peaceful. And Anjie had seen all those dead people, and when he was fleeing…

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