Ghosts On The Trading Floor: Yu Jing’s Unfulfilled Wish Read Online

Near the close of trading, there were less than ten people in the empty stock trading hall, including two security guards and one selling box lunches.

Alas, I made too many lunch boxes again. The fat lady selling box lunches held a vegetable spoon and looked at the deserted trading floor and said: "This guy can't find anyone with bad eyesight. It would be great if Planned Parenthood could get this job. My grandma can do it too." You won’t be squeezed to death when you go to the mall to collect gifts.

"Here's some blood tofu," Uncle Jin said. Since his home was far away, he could only eat lunch in the hall.

"I want one too," said a little girl.

The fat lady glanced at the little girl, was stunned for a moment, and then said with a smile: "Uncle Jin suffered a lot from stock trading, so he can only eat blood tofu. How can a beautiful girl like you eat this?"

The little girl smiled.

Returning to his seat, Uncle Jin stared at the blood tofu in the snack box in a daze.

"Uncle, why are you just not eating?" the little girl walked over and asked.

Uncle Jin smiled bitterly and said, "I'm counting the dollars. This box of blood tofu costs a total of 18 dollars. I lost another 18,000 dollars this morning. This blood tofu is exactly 1,000 dollars a piece."

"You made a mistake. A piece of blood tofu costs less than a thousand yuan," the little girl said seriously.

"You can't be wrong. I have been playing stocks for more than ten years, so I can settle the score."

"You must have miscalculated," the little girl said stubbornly, "You still have a box of rice."

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Uncle Jin was stunned and said with a smile: "Yes, uncle made a mistake in his calculation. Hey, you are so young and you still speculate in stocks?"

The little girl shook her head and said, "I live in the hospital opposite. There are too many patients, so I came here because I was tired. Look, how nice and quiet the environment here is."

"Oh, we can't be calm in our hearts. The fire is about to burst out."

"Uncle, don't get angry. Eat first. Eat this blood tofu while it's hot."

"I can't eat it. In the past, I always had lunch with my chess friends while playing chess, but now…sigh"

"Where's your chess friend?"

"I have a total of three chess friends. Last year, the stock market exploded. One chess friend jumped so beautifully that he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. This year, the stock market plummeted, and a chess friend suffered a myocardial infarction and passed away. The third chess friend's name is Wu Laoliu , this person is not bad, both physically and mentally, he has a strong ability to withstand blows. Despite the ups and downs of the stock market and the ups and downs of the sky and the earth, Wu Laoliu has nothing to do. "

"That's great, what about the other guy?" The little girl suddenly asked with her long eyelashes flashing: "Why doesn't he come and play chess with you?"

"can not come"

"Huh? Why?"

Uncle Jin sighed and said: "It's all because this old guy didn't listen to advice. After the stock market plummeted, I said that the market had not bottomed out. Wu Laoliu said: Experts have said that there is no room for decline, and we should buy the bottom to cover our positions. So, He borrowed a hundred thousand.”

"An old man can borrow 100,000 yuan at a time. He is so popular. How is Wu Laoliu doing now?"

Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke's self channel_What does Diao Tan mean_Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke's own channel_Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke's self channel_What does Diao Tan mean _Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke

"How's it going? I'm in the hospital for rescue."

"Oh, how pitiful. Uncle, don't just talk but don't eat."

"I really don't want to eat it. Hey, little guy, you're pretty good. Did you eat a box of blood tofu while you were talking?"

“I love eating this.”

"Eat my box too"

"Thank you, uncle." The little girl's dark eyes smiled like crescent moons.

"What's your name?"

"Rain Quiet"

"That sounds good, what disease are you in hospital for?"


"Yeah, I'll tell you that." Uncle Jin nodded.

"Uncle, I have to go."

Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke's self channel_What does Diao Tan mean_Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke's own channel_Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke's self channel_What does Diao Tan mean _Ghost Stock Market Tan Diao Ke

"Well, after the doctor finishes checking the bed, we can come over and play in the afternoon."

The little girl looked back and smiled: "Thank you, I will come as long as there is no one in the hall. The blood tofu here is so delicious."

In the afternoon, the little girl didn't come, but Wu Laoliu came. It seemed that he was still not very good at kicking. He was holding his left hand and swinging his right foot outward in a circle every time he took a step. There were about ten people fishing in the ghost stock market in the hall. He was kicking three of them as he walked. .

"Brother Six, why are you here?"

Uncle Jin's upper body swayed and he was almost knocked down by Wu Laoliu.

"Also, still, still…"

Uncle Jin quickly raised his hand to hold the corners of Wu Laoliu's trembling mouth: "Brother Six, please tell me."

"It's not because of you!"

"What's wrong with me?"

"What do you think?" Wu Laoliu pushed Uncle Jin's hand away and said, "Sister Li went to the hospital to see me just now. She said you were crazy. You sat there talking and laughing all day long, and the market opened in the afternoon. At that time, you shouted at the empty door: Wait for the doctor to finish checking the bed, come and play in the afternoon! Are you crazy? I am here to advise you, if you earn money, you will lose it…"

"Yeah, yeah, that's nonsense. I can talk and laugh all by myself? Didn't anyone see that little girl?"

"Don't be ridiculous. I was not far from you at that time. Where could there be a little girl?" At this time, Sister Li also came.

"That's the little girl wearing a navy shirt, short ear-length hair, handsome eyebrows and big eyes, who looks like a Dongying doll. Did you not see it? Yes, she also ate a box of blood tofu from me…ah?" Jin Uncle suddenly found that there was not a single piece missing from the box of blood tofu placed next to him.

Uncle Jin suddenly turned pale, and Sister Li was also worried: "Uncle Jin, don't scare people. In broad daylight, you can't really see a ghost?"

Uncle Jin suddenly felt a chill in the back of his neck and was so dumb that he couldn't speak.

Wu Laoliu, who had suffered a stroke, was very calm, with a solemn look on his face, without anger or authority. If it weren't for the drool dripping from the corner of his mouth, he would really have the demeanor of a general.

"Brother Six, you were the police chief before you retired. You said that the stock market, which was bustling with people and full of energy not long ago, became haunted in the blink of an eye?" Sister Li didn't have a stroke, but the corners of her mouth kept shaking.

Wu Laoliu shook his left hand, swung his right foot in place and said, "First, first, first, first…" Uncle Jin raised his hand and pressed the corner of his mouth again: "Go to the hospital to investigate this little girl first."

"Don't investigate. Please ask someone to exorcise ghosts." At this time, the fat lady selling box lunches suddenly appeared in the ghost market . She said with a look of horror on her face: "I just came from the hospital and found out that the little girl It’s truly a ghost manifesting itself.”

"You, you, you, you…" This time it was not Wu Laoliu, but Sister Li. Uncle Jin hurriedly took over what she said and asked Fat Sister: "Why did you go to the hospital to investigate?"

The fat lady held the protective Buddha hanging between her neck and said: "I just invited this Buddha to ward off evil spirits. Let me tell you, when I first saw this little girl in the hall at noon, I felt something was abnormal. Her upper body did not move at all when she walked. , she didn’t take any steps, and her body had drifted far away. Looking closely at her, there was no blood on her face, and it was so white that it made people feel nervous. When I got outside, I saw the door of the hospital opposite, and I suddenly remembered that a few days ago Some family members of the deceased were holding photos of the deceased at the entrance of the hospital to demand justice. The portrait with a black border was of this little girl. When I went to the hospital, I found out that the little girl’s name was Yu Jing and she died last week.”

"Oh, it turns out that little girl Yu Jing has become a ghost. No wonder she loves eating blood tofu so much."

Upon hearing this, the fat lady turned pale with fright: "Oh my god, I didn't plan to come here to sell box lunches again, and I'd have to pay for it. But, if I don't come tomorrow, will she find my house and ask for blood tofu?"

"That's enough, the little devils are all greedy!" Sister Li said.

"Ah? How good is this? It seems I really have to invite a table of monks to exorcise ghosts."

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