short Ghost Story

That day, I knew that Lu Xu was not holding anything back, so I not only brought a knife, but also a voice recorder.

However, when I ran away in panic, I didn’t know where I fell.

The forest may be large or small, but the police have searched it many times and found nothing suspicious.

They took me to the woods and found the place where I met Lu Xu that day. Then, they asked me to simulate the escape scenario that day. They hoped to find the recording pen through my escape route.

Naturally, I fully cooperated. After all, this concerns my life.

Dozens of police officers searched with hounds for three days, but found nothing.

They began to suspect that I was lying, and one even suggested using a lie detector.

But Captain Zhang did not agree. He said that if a child could have such a careful mind, then the lie detector test would be invalid.

This case had already attracted the attention of many people during the disappearance stage. At this time, it has attracted even more attention. Countless netizens are waiting for the results of the police investigation.

The pressure on the police is not as high as usual, so many powerful people have been sent to assist in recording ghost stories .

Later, a very powerful forensic doctor found a clue.

Because he found that the forest would be home to some small wild animals, such as rabbits, weasels, squirrels, etc., and the most common ones were birds.

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Finally, they found the recorder in a bird's nest.

Everyone can't help but praise the magic of nature.

The recorder was damaged after being exposed to rain, but the technicians were great and quickly repaired the contents inside.

This is specially used for me to practice speaking. It records a lot of clips of me reciting English, and in the last clip, Lu Xu’s voice appears.

There were still many customers in the barbecue street at midnight. So many police cars drove over, scaring the boss and his customers to run around.

My mutton kebab stall was no exception, but I didn’t have time to run away. The police directly surrounded my stall.

"Officer, it's just a stall. It won't make such a big noise, right?" My father asked carefully, licking his face.

"Su Qi." A policeman locked his eyes directly on me, and I looked at him. He was probably in his forties, his face was stern, but there was a little bit of unbearability in his eyes. He took out the arrest warrant, "You are suspected of killing a high school student. Lu Xu, now we arrest you according to law, come with us."


"How is it possible? My daughter can't even kill a chicken."

At this time, my hands were cuffed, and someone put a black hood on me. I vaguely heard the screams of the police, which were gradually drowned in the comments of the crowd.

"You are too courageous. Do you dare to kill someone at such a young age?"

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"The news came out. I heard that the boy bullied her, and she killed him."

"My friend at the Public Security Bureau said that the body seemed to have been dismembered. The blood-stained clothes were buried under a Tianzhu laurel tree several meters deep. Even the police dogs couldn't smell the smell. I heard that the police were digging in the forest. It took me three feet to find the clue."

Lu Xu's disappearance has caused quite a stir and has been on the hot search several times, so everyone seems to be quite familiar with the development of the case.

As soon as I arrived at the door of the Public Security Bureau, I felt someone rushing toward me, "You little bitch, give me back my son."

I was pushed to the ground, and my hood fell off in the chaos. I saw a lady being pulled by a group of policemen, crying heartbreakingly, "I'm going to kill you, kill you."

I roughly guessed that she was Lu Xu's mother.

As expected of a wealthy family, my mother is already showing her age, but she is still very graceful.

I looked at her and said comfortingly: "Auntie, Lu Xu's body has not been found yet."

Suddenly, the whole place was silent. She suddenly stopped scolding, and then crawled in front of me like a dog, "My son, my son is just a little rebellious. He is not a bad boy. I am sorry for him. Please tell me." , you didn’t kill him, right? He’s still alive, right?”

I said innocently: "Auntie, I didn't kill him."

I felt her eyes suddenly light up. At this time, I added: "But I don't know if he is still alive."

Watching her collapse, I laughed.

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How many times did Lu Xu smile and watch me cry, watch me crawl on the ground, watch me pull at his trousers and beg for mercy.

High school students kill people.

High school girl commits murder.

A female high school student who scored 691 points in the college entrance examination committed murder and brutally dismembered her body.

Although, I didn't look at my phone, I could imagine the storm on the Internet.

No matter what the police asked, I always insisted that I did not kill anyone.

"Then why is there your DNA on his clothes?"

I answered fluently: "Because that day, he slapped me in the face. When the corners of my mouth started to bleed, he wiped them with his sleeve for me."

"Who told you that DNA was detected on his sleeve?"

I stared at the policeman who was interrogating me. They all called him Captain Zhang.

After Lu Xu disappeared, everyone who had been in contact with Lu Xu was invited to investigate, and he was the one who asked me at that time.

This time I was a suspect, and he put some pressure on me to plead guilty.

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I just said calmly: "Officer Zhang, I'm just stating the facts. Didn't you detect my DNA on my sleeve?"

"You mean, when Lu Xu was still alive, he wiped the blood from the corner of your mouth with his sleeve."

I answered: "Yes!"

When I saw Captain Zhang, he looked like I was obviously lying.

I know, I seem to be underestimating the police collection of evidence.

Sure enough, Captain Zhang said: "Do you think that after disposing of the body, there will be no evidence left? Today's detection technology is so powerful. Even if the clothes are stained with blood, you can still tell which blood was stained first." Go on, which blood was stained later? Your blood was obviously stained after Lu Xu died."

He suddenly walked up to me, raised my right hand to record the ghost story , "Did you carry a knife that day? Was your hand injured?"

He directly lifted up my sleeve. There was indeed a knife scar that was encrusting on my arm.

"On the day after the college entrance examination, Lu Xu was waiting for me at the school gate. He threatened me that if I didn't follow him, he would post the videos he had taken on the Internet."

My voice was very low, with a hint of crying. Captain Zhang keenly sensed something was wrong, "That's not what you said when I took notes last time."

"Last time, I didn't know something happened to him. I didn't dare to say nonsense for fear of his revenge later."

"So this time, are you sure something happened to him?"

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I couldn't help but curl my fingers, "Didn't you tell me that something happened to him?"

Captain Zhang looked at my defeated look and shook his head, "Child, you have a motive for murder, you have the time to commit the crime, and your DNA is on your clothes. This forms a complete chain of evidence. Now, it's not us. You have to prove that you are the murderer, but you have to prove that you are not the murderer. If you don't tell the truth, no one can save you."

Captain Zhang's expression suddenly became kind, "You did so well in the college entrance examination and have a bright future. If it were you, if you confess now, you can get a lighter sentence."

"If it weren't for you, you would have to cooperate with our investigation. Otherwise, it will not be so easy for you to reverse the case in court."

"If you don't think about yourself, at least think about your parents."

"I really didn't kill anyone." I buried my head very low and sobbed: "Lu Xu took a video of me. I wanted to get the video back, so I followed him to the woods, but he actually wanted to violate me. , I brought a knife just for self-defense, but our strength was very different, so not only did I not hurt him, but I hurt myself."

"Then what?"

I gritted my teeth, looked at Captain Zhang and said, "He pushed me to the ground. In a moment of panic, I picked up a stone on the ground and hit him on the head. At that time, his head was covered with blood, but he didn't Damn it, he was still chasing me, I just ran away, and I don’t know what happened next.”

"Why didn't you say it last time?" Captain Zhang looked like he hated iron. "Do you know, if you had said it last time, maybe things wouldn't have become so complicated. Maybe, we would trace the blood traces immediately. , send someone to search the forest, maybe he won’t…"

"I'm afraid." I shuddered.

"Now that things have happened so long ago, everything is just your word. After the incident, it rained heavily twice. If we look for it again, I'm afraid I won't find anything."

Team Zhang felt sorry for a while.

I was silent for a while, then summoned up the courage to say, "I have evidence."

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