folk Ghost Stories

Qin is a carpenter who makes a living by going out to work for others. I thought, this wolf is really humane and knows how to worship the moon. There were already doubts in his mind, and Qin didn't dare to rush forward to see what happened. Walking to the place where Qin had seen last night, there were only deserted graves, messy grass, and nothing else. So someone went down the mountain and called everyone nearby to discuss whose house it belonged to and what to do about it. This long-term worker from Dongyang, a landowner from Jin, fell ill. He couldn't treat the disease well and died just like that.

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Black Tooth Ghost Long Ghost Story

I smiled. Recently, the old editor of the newspaper insisted that I serialize ghost stories on the side page, which made me look for excitement and a bit of horror in the dead of night. …" It was the editor's unique voice that sounded like a toothless old woman. The editor patted me on the shoulder and said with a smile: "I'll tell you some good news. A publisher wants to publish the ghost story you wrote. You are almost finished! It was pitch dark, and I was thinking about how to write the story on the way back.

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The Eyes In The Corner (Part 1) Read Online

When I was young, I didn’t know if I had seen it wrong. I told the adults that I saw an unknown woman hiding in the corner of the woodshed looking at me. I picked it up and looked at it. This distorted human face was indeed a bit scary. I never thought that my cousin would like to play with this kind of thing. We walked in slowly and saw that the bed was empty, and we became more and more confused. I looked at Lao Qian in confusion. He had no expression or looked at anyone. Why was my mother looking at him like this? Was it just casual? … Continue readingThe Eyes In The Corner (Part 1) Read Online

Hospital Ghost Stories: Small Town Ghost Stories Online Reading

"Zichou, when will you finish that "Spiritual Void"? Let's just say that your novel is outstanding, so you have to hurry up! Their theme is: horror stories. To be honest, Zichou He is an out-and-out atheist, although he is an author of horror novels. The men and women in the hospital are like this, like walking corpses! Haunted House August 22, 2023 [Long Ghost Story] Font: … Continue readingHospital Ghost Stories: Small Town Ghost Stories Online Reading

Which Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

Jin Qilin, what's the matter with you? Isn't there a Mr. Yin Yang in your village who is a god or something? The elder of the Li family offered another cigarette to Master Wang: "I can't bear to say anything, and besides, we don't want to make any publicity. The baby's father, my nephew, is in trouble. Alas, I'll tell you secretly. You know what happened in 1989?" Did someone in our village dig up a golden unicorn? Years ago, in the autumn of 1989, my nephew plowed the fields and found a golden unicorn as big as a broken baby's fist. "No wonder, this matter is really damaging to one's moral character. No wonder, let’s do this, I’ll give it a try and see if it works. Whether it works or not depends on God. According to Master Wang, these symbols and patterns are used to eliminate the hostility of the deceased. … Continue readingWhich Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

Snake In Dream

Sister Liu hesitated for a moment and said, “Remember, your mother probably won’t live long. If you dream about that snake next time, don’t be afraid. The snake is hungry. You must give it something to feed.” Feed it, must remember! After the snake ate the apple, he looked at her helplessly, saw that she didn’t continue to feed him apples, waited for a while, and then left… Sister Liu couldn’t stop saying that Li Fen was so stupid, why didn’t she take the apple in her hand? The snake eats all the apples? Finally, my mother said, if you dream of that snake again, just beat it to death. I don’t believe there will be any results. … Continue readingSnake In Dream