Goddess Resurrected After Death

The goddess's surname was not God, but she liked to believe in gods and tell fortunes. She was more effective in divination and drawing lots, so she passed it on to ten people and hundreds of people. She became very famous in Fangyuan. After that, everyone used to call her the goddess's mother-in-law.

The mother-in-law has no children, and she and her wife depend on each other for life and death . They have a deep relationship. In half a century of marriage, I have never blushed. Unfortunately, three months ago, the goddess's wife suddenly passed away due to cerebral hemorrhage. She was so grief-stricken that she went to her husband's grave every day and cried incessantly. Sometimes she stayed with her husband's grave all night long.

Maybe the feelings are too deep and I can't extricate myself. One dark night a month later, the goddess hanged herself. She left a lot of savings during her lifetime, and a distant nephew took care of her funeral affairs in a glorious way.

The local custom is that after a person dies, the body is laid out overnight. Taoist priests do this, and relatives and neighbors keep vigil before being buried the next day.

At night, it was very dark. The body of the goddess has been placed in the coffin. The lid of the coffin will be closed after the Taoist priests have finished the rituals and the family members have seen each other for the last time. The appearance of the old lady after hanging was very horrifying: her eyes were half-opened, her tongue was sticking out of her mouth, her face was a little black, and her face was hideous. Many people in the village did not dare to approach, and only a few who were bolder helped with the work.

In the middle of the night, the Taoist priest beat the drum and muttered words, concentrating on the Goddess's practice of salvation. Some people watching the excitement gathered together from a distance, talking and eating melon seeds.

At this time, a black cat jumped out of nowhere. With a roar, it jumped onto the coffin, jumped over the body of the old lady like flying, and then fell to the ground with a thud and disappeared.

Before everyone could react, something strange happened: after the coffin shook greatly, followed by an unusually terrifying sound, the goddess lying in the coffin grabbed the edge of the coffin with both hands, sat up suddenly, and then turned over. He came out of the coffin, his eyes unblinking, staring straight ahead, his hands straight, jumping up and down.

Everyone was stunned by this horrific scene.

When they came back to their senses, people's hair stood on end. They let out a frightening scream in unison and then broke into chaos. They ran away, and while running, they shouted, "It's bad, you're a corpse!"

The courtyard suddenly turned into a mess

The Taoist priest had never seen such an occasion. Holding the magic weapon in his hand, he shouted at the old lady: What, who are you trying to scare with a dead man? After saying that, he threw the magic weapon over. Unexpectedly, the goddess didn't pay attention to the thing at all, and still jumped forward.

When the Taoist priest saw it, his face turned pale with fright. He turned around and ran away, shouting: "It's a fake corpse!"

What’s even weirder is that normally, if someone barks loudly in the middle of the night, the dog will definitely bark, but this night, no one heard the dog barking.

The news that the goddess had faked the corpse spread throughout the village. Everyone was extremely scared, fearing that the goddess would rush into their home, so they closed the door tightly every day. If there was a slight noise outside, they could only peek out of the window.

Three days later, the village gradually returned to calm. Two brave villagers came to the grandma's house to find out what happened: it turned out that the grandma didn't go very far before she fell straight outside the threshold of her home. So they called a few brave men to put the body of the goddess into the coffin, and buried it hastily without any more rituals.

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