Chapter 31: The Ghost Appears In The Finale

After the sky became completely dark, the moon gradually rose. I found a tree nest to lean on, and for the first time I felt a little shaken in my heart. I was thinking, did I go in the wrong direction? Did I follow the wrong traces all the way before? I also forgot whether I learned it from TV or the fat man taught me the method of finding traces based on trees. , is it completely bluffing?

"It's just the first day." I immediately said in my mind, thinking about what kind of actions the fat man would take last night. If he found out that I was knocked unconscious, he would not be able to go back alone and continue to move forward with the troops as if nothing had happened. Because both the fake Wu Xie and I were gone, he would definitely guess that I must have been led by the fake Wu Xie. gone. He will definitely go back and inform others.

No, he won't notify anyone else. Judging from his performance, he doesn't trust anyone now. Moreover, what would he say about such a thing when he goes back?

If Pan Zi was here, he might inform Pan Zi, but now, he will definitely look for me outside alone.

Continuing to speculate, now that I am him, what will I think about first? I will feel that I was taken away by the fake Wu Xie, and the fake Wu Xie will definitely take me back to the team of foreigners, or he may take me away. Kill.

He will judge which possibility is more likely based on the situation at the time and take appropriate measures. Anyway, there's a high chance that he's alone and looking for me nearby.

Of course, I will not ignore another possibility, that is, after the guy finished me, he will go back to ambush the fat man, but I believe that the fat man is not someone who can be ambushed so easily. The guy dragged me so far and pushed me down the steep slope. , and definitely want Fatty to not be able to find me. Judging from this sign, the possibility of an ambush is not high, but it is still more reliable to think that Fatty is looking for me.

But the fat man has good eyesight. But under the circumstances, they could only shout and ask me to come and look for him, but I was in a deep coma at the time. If I shout to someone all night, that person will not respond. What would I think? I must be waiting for dawn to look for traces.

Fierce ghost novel_ Fierce ghost on the road_ Fierce python in time travel by Gui Chou

Obviously Fatty didn't find me. However, this area is very large and the search may not be completed in one day. It is very likely that he is resting somewhere in this area now. With Fatty's character, he will not give up so quickly.

Thinking. I looked up at the moon in the sky. There was silence all around, with only a few insects chirping. It was much quieter than the midsummer when we first came. I realized that this was a good opportunity.

I found a tree and wanted to climb up, but found it very difficult, so I continued to climb up the gentle slope until I could clearly see the entire valley, and stopped at a gap in the canopy. I started shouting at the top of my lungs: "Fat man!"

With one sound, almost all the insects stopped. This angle seemed to be a coincidence. As soon as it went down, there were echoes in the mountains on the opposite side, and a flock of birds started flying in the valley.

I was a little surprised, but I didn't care. I immediately kept barking loudly, barked a few times, stopped, and listened carefully for any reply.

There was no reply, so all I could hear was the sound of wind.

Maybe the fat man's voice didn't have such an amplifier, so I couldn't hear his echo. I said to myself, just thinking about it. Do you want to get some torches out so that he can have a direction to look for? By following the sound, he might be able to find me. Suddenly, I heard the sound of trees rubbing against each other in the gentle slope of the bushes below me.

Fierce ghost novel_ Fierce python in time travel by Gui Chou_ Fierce ghost on the road

I didn't have a flashlight, so I looked down by the moonlight. It was mottled below and I couldn't see anything.

"Fat man?" I called out immediately, and heard the movement of the bushes, running from one side to the other very quickly.

I immediately shut up, thinking that if the fat man could move so fast in the bushes, he must be a ninja of the Fat He style. There must be an animal down there, it's not too small to hear the noise.

I thought of the lynx in the mountains. I grabbed the rocks around me and touched them again. I thought I was lucky, there were so many rocks around me, and then I threw them towards the place where there was movement.

The stone hit the tree and bounced several times. I threw two more stones. I was sure they wouldn't throw the bad guy in the middle , but the movement left quickly. The bushes shook and then stopped.

I thought to myself that it was a wild boar or something, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought that I must find a big tree to climb up, otherwise in this case, the possibility of encountering a wild beast is very high. I must have a good rest tonight, otherwise, tomorrow I was useless in one day. If I delay it for another day, my chance of survival will be smaller. If I can't find any clues at noon tomorrow, I will have to go back to the stream to drink from the monsters on the road , and find a way to get out along the stream.

That stream should lead to the stream channel next to Banai. At least I hope that's the case.

Fierce python in time travel by Gui Chou_ Fierce ghost on the road_ Fierce ghost novel

I held on to the tree trunk and walked down the gentle slope again. At this time, I was very exhausted. I just wanted to find a mountainous area with big trees quickly, shout a few more times and go to sleep. After only walking a few steps, I suddenly felt something was wrong. In the dappled moonlight, I saw a strange looking dwarf tree in the darkness.

I was startled, stood still and looked carefully, and suddenly realized that it was not a tree, but a person.

It was a figure with completely slumped shoulders, like a ghost. He stood in the darkness, motionless, and I couldn't even tell if he was already there.

I froze in that place, not knowing whether I should pounce and catch him, or turn around and run away. Then I realized that I couldn't do either of these actions now. The choice should be his.

I simply stopped moving and just stood there looking at him. He didn't move. In the darkness, I didn't even know whether he was facing me front or back.

If his back was facing me, then he would be motionless with his face pressed against a tree. It was a really creepy sight. Is this thing still human?

My palms began to sweat, and after being in a stalemate for a while, I suddenly saw him standing in a very strange posture. Maybe it was because of his body structure. The posture didn't look like something a human could do.

The Fierce Python in Time Travel by Gui Chou_The Fierce Ghost Novel_The Fierce Ghost on the Road

I took a few guesses and realized, that was for me to walk over. I couldn't help but buzz in my head. Before I could react, the shadow had already moved and moved towards the bottom of the gentle slope.

Is this, asking me to follow him?

I was confused, so I saw the shadow take a few steps, stop, and make a movement. I still mean, let me pass.

I thought about it and realized it didn't need to be this way if it wasn't good for me. In the wilderness, he wanted to kill me no matter what, and if I didn't go, he would be really unhappy and kill me again, and it would be uneconomical for me.

I held on to the tree trunk and walked forward with him.

I walked all the way, and I don’t know how long I walked. Every time I couldn’t hold on, he would stop and wait for me. After walking for a while, he suddenly stopped, and I stopped immediately. I didn't dare to get too close to him, because I felt a sense of fear from the bottom of my heart about his true appearance.

Looking up, I found that there was a huge rock in front of me, so big that I couldn't even see the top. Under the moonlight, a huge cave entrance appeared on the rock wall. From the cave, there was a faint light of fire.

The Fierce Ghost in the Road_The Fierce Python in Time Travel by Gui Chou_The Fierce Ghost Novel

He walked into the cave without looking back. I hesitated for a moment, thinking that I couldn't get into the tiger's den, so I followed him in. A few minutes after entering the cave, the fire light started to brighten up. I saw the man sitting beside the fire, and the original dark shadow was suddenly clearly illuminated.

He motioned for me to sit down in front of him. My heart beat faster. Looking at his face and body, I felt a slight explosion all over my body.

This person looked like a ball of wax. First, it melted rapidly, and all the skin was covered with pits and rotten skin. However, the melting process seemed to have stopped quickly, and the whole person was like a ball of waste wax. He had almost no shoulders, and his hands hung at his sides because all the flesh on his shoulders was wrapped with his body. Through the thin skin covering the bones of his shoulders, the joints underneath could be seen.

His face was completely melted, and his hair was very long and unkempt. And it was almost all knotted together, but I noticed he had no beard.

If the hair is this long, the beard should be very long anyway, but I can't see a beard on this man's face.

I was a little confused and thought of a possibility that made me uncomfortable: could this be a woman?

His upper body is bare, but it is completely impossible to tell whether he is a boy or a girl from his upper body. It is in such a damaged state that it makes no sense whether he is a boy or a girl. But if a man becomes like this, I can still accept it. . After all, I can immerse myself in this kind of life, and I feel that as long as my heart sinks, it's not something I can't handle. If it were a woman, how pitiful she would be.

Maybe it's just that the hair follicles on his face were damaged, I said to myself, I can't grab his pants to see.

He didn't say anything, but he picked up the dead branches and leaves on one side with his hands, and then threw them into the bonfire. The bonfire slowly became more prosperous, and I slowly saw that there were some other remarkable things in the cave.

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