Corpse Holding A Hoe

He was getting closer and closer to the light, and finally he was close enough to see the figures clearly. He saw someone digging with a hoe, and another person eating something. For the first time in more than 20 years, Teacher Li did not come to class. The villagers searched for Teacher Li's way home and found Teacher Li's body very close to the school. His brains were splattered on the floor and his hands were Still holding a hoe tightly! … Continue readingCorpse Holding A Hoe

Kill Silently

Guan Laosi put down his work and ran towards Nanshan like the wind. Before the figure could react, Guan Laosi grabbed the figure's neck. He didn't know what sleepwalking was, nor did he know that he would do some horrific things during sleepwalking, such as cutting off the heads of corpses, but he didn't know it after he woke up. But no one else showed up that night except him and me. He was the perpetrator, and I was a coward.

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Mr. Ding's Wax Museum Online Reading

Anyway, Mr. Ding began to teach Jinyan how to make wax figures. This wax figure was also newly added, and Jin Yan had not seen it during the day. Recently, they received a report that Mr. Ding’s house had a wax figure made of a real person, and it wasn’t even one. There are indeed wax figures made of real corpses in Mr. Ding’s house, and there are not just a few, but hundreds of them, and they are kept in the darkroom in the basement.

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folk Ghost Stories

One day, as it was sinking to the west, there was an old road passing Saihua Tuo Medical Center. Then he came up to talk to him and said, "I wonder what the immortal master is doing at the door of my hospital? Saihua Tuo asked the old man to sit in the hospital room for a while, while he went to get a brazier to help the old man get rid of the cold." The aunt's eyes widened. He said in a daze: "Sir, you don't know the weird things outside in the medical clinic. The yamen has just been built, so this place must not be as comfortable as our medical clinic."

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long Ghost Story

I am a timid person, and such a simple story scared me for years. It's really unfair to God, for letting me, a timid person like me, encounter a particularly terrifying thing. Therefore, the process of each massacre by Guan Laosi seems to be a wonderful performance that the people of Changshou Town never tire of watching. A famous horror novelist in our country once said: “Digesting terror becomes the nourishment of courage.

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Chapter 260: Anomalies In The Corpse

If nothing else happens, his body will hang here to rot and get maggots, and in the end only a skeleton will be left. The body that had been dead for several hours was actually shaking in the air. At the same time, Yang Jian, who had a peaceful face, suddenly began to tremble, and black liquid was gurgling on his body. The ghost rope around the neck of Yang Jian's corpse had begun to be gradually soaked with black liquid and began to be stained with a layer of darkness.

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Folk Introduction To Corpse Transformation

Another reason is that cats or dogs passing by the corpse will also cause the occurrence of corpse transformation. The reason is that the static electricity on the cats and dogs stimulates the cathode of the corpse. There is a widespread rumor on the Internet about how to make a zombie: not just anyone can do it, but only those with "bad luck" can do it.

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"Together" Sisters Ghost Story Online Reading

Xiao Si placed a bowl of vegetables in front of Sonny and said mechanically: "Sister, let's eat together!" Xiao Si giggled: "Sister, do you want to see Ling Han?" Xiao Si wants him to see Sonny become like him with his own eyes. Sonny shed tears and said with difficulty: "Xiao Si, don't…" Xiao Si approached Sonner, her tone was cold and almost froze Sonner, "Sister, the three of us must be together forever, okay?

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The Full Text Of The Earthquake Ghost Story "The Man Carrying The Corpse"

A few days ago, a netizen told me about a series of experiences that happened to his cousin, mother and son on the day of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake. It made me sigh once again that there are many inevitable deaths that are as if they were prompted by ghosts. At that moment, the floor leader suddenly realized that he had been carrying people who died in the earthquake for days! In the blink of an eye, eleven years have passed since the Wenchuan earthquake. I wonder if the ghosts of those who died have passed away and have a new beginning.

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Read "Strange Car Accident" A Ghost Story About A Truck Driver Online

When Ade experienced the same car accident on the same mountain road and at the same turning point for the third time, he slumped down to the side looking at the very familiar corpse. He was so frightened that he had no choice but to call the police. Ade felt that the police were asking questions knowingly, so that such a big body was lying next to the car and could not be seen? The next day, a local traffic hit-and-run case that had not been solved six months ago was finally solved. It was said that the perpetrator was a truck driver who hit and killed a young girl because of fatigue driving at night.

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