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This murder is unforgettable, but because of the cruelty of human nature and the extreme disappointment of a woman. It is said that she is always hooking up passing tourists and getting pregnant constantly, but no one has ever seen her child for a long time, and some people suspect that she makes a living by selling her own children. Forensic autopsy and search for missing persons, based on 6 or 7 clues, took 2 months to investigate more than 2,000 people, and only confirmed the identity of the corpse. Therefore, it is suspected that many Asian women who were kidnapped and bought abroad or those who studied abroad disappeared actually became the protagonists of these films. … Continue readingThe Unleashed Bizarre Archives Read Online

Build A Building For The Dead

Building a building for the dead A householder who runs a family hotel often has beautiful clothes hanging out at home. Everyone is very surprised how they can afford those good clothes from an ordinary family? What is more chilling is the way they deal with the corpses. They dug a big pit in the yard, collected a certain number of corpses, and placed them side by side in the pit, then put cement on them, killed people, and hid them again. Make up the number of corpses, and when you have enough, put them in place and put cement on them. In this way, when the corpses were lifted, those people seemed to be built into "buildings of corpses". There are more than 40 corpses in total, living in the "building" with several floors underground… … Continue readingBuild A Building For The Dead

Chapter 70

The name of the deceased was Shenjiro, and his elder brother would come from Iwate Prefecture, Japan in the near future. It is said that this person was an onmyoji with a great reputation in Japan, and wanted to personally participate in the investigation of the case. Xu Feng pondered for a moment, then said: "Didn't there be a corpse robbery case in Babaoshan last year?" Taoist Master Xufeng thought for a moment and asked, "Where is the file of the last corpse robbery case?" This incident probably has something to do with the Hakka nanny, Xu Feng thought to himself, this case happened a few days after she came to Beijing, she must have secretly stolen Shenjiro's body for You Liang to heal his broken arm. … Continue readingChapter 70

Cremator Lid

Lao Wang opened the door of the cremator, I pushed the corpse in, Lao Wang slowly closed the lid of the cremator, and was about to switch on the electric switch, when suddenly there was a puff of green smoke from the electric switch, followed by a cloud of It was pitch black, and I knew it was a short circuit. It seemed that the fire would not be completed today, because the electrician had already gone home. Nothing happened in the room, the lid of the crematorium was still intact, maybe I misheard. … Continue readingCremator Lid


Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to sing, some people like to read books, and I like to listen to stories, or it is more appropriate to say that I like to listen to supernatural stories, and I don’t hesitate to spend money on stories. My name is Ye Tian, ​​and I am an ordinary office worker, but I have a very different hobby, which is to collect supernatural stories. The number of living beings means that they can feed so many people, and they often die of starvation and disease. There is no end, I finally knew why he was fat in vain at that time, it turned out that he was a cannibal! … Continue readingCannibalism

Chapter 55 Monsters

The male corpse hidden in the skin and flesh coffin of the Wuyang King, although it has been dead for hundreds of years, but the man is as alive, the heroic spirit in the face is condensed but not scattered, with a jade crown on his head, wearing a black robe, and holding a whisk in his hand. There is a vaguely immortal posture, but a gloomy and abnormal corpse aura is shrouded on the corpse’s face, indicating that it is definitely not a fairy, but a dead zombie. They should be monsters that have grown into spirits over time, but Huangpizi is different from common sense. It’s just that they can understand people’s hearts after they have lived for more years. , In the end, it was not lost by me and the fat man. … Continue readingChapter 55 Monsters