Pregnant Women Dream Of Being Scared By Dead Snakes

★ pillow

I accompanied my wife to the furniture market to buy pillows on weekends. My wife wanted a special pillow, but after wandering around the furniture market for a long time, I couldn’t find anything that was right for me.

On the way back, my wife was attracted by a stall selling miscellaneous things like bed sheets. She rummaged through a pile of pillows for a while, and found a half-black, half-red, gossip-like pillow that didn’t quite look like it was turned over. come out. My wife looked at it for a while and decided to buy it home.

Maybe it's because men and women have different aesthetics. I don't like that pillow, it always feels evil. Thanks to my wife all the way, my wife regretted buying it, and finally threw it to me angrily, saying that she would give me a pillow for sleeping in the future.

Seeing that my wife was angry, I didn't say anything anymore, and I obediently put the pillow under my head at night. Pregnant women dreamed of being scared by a dead snake , and told my wife that it was actually not that bad.

I seldom dream at night, but I also had a weird dream. I dreamed that my house became an ancient courtyard, and there was an ancient tree in the courtyard.

When I woke up early, I found that my house suddenly changed, and it turned out to be exactly the same as in my dream. I looked at the pillow in amazement, and felt an ominous feeling in my heart. Since everything in my dreams can come true, wouldn't bad dreams also come true? So I quietly hid the pillow and told my wife that the pillow had gone.

The next day when I got home from work, I saw a person hanging from an old tree when I entered the yard. That person was not someone else but my mother. I yelled and rushed under the tree. Yingying leaned against the door and looked at me.

I asked in fear, "What did you dream about?"

"I dreamed that your mother was hanged."

As soon as I finished speaking, a big stone flew from nowhere and hit me on the head.

The wife touched the pillow and spit out the second half of the sentence quietly, "And you were crushed to death." Then she sneered and went back to sleep with the pillow in her arms.

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