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Chen Jingui's suspicion cannot be escaped, and Wu Qiujiang is still not sure who Huang Mao and the dark figure who appeared in the hospital that night are, and he is afraid of exposing Chen Jingui too soon. Later, I didn’t want to kill anyone anymore, so I just wanted Li Fu to leave the factory, so I staged the headless corpse case using the dying Zhao An, and started the machine in the middle of the night to create terror. … Continue readingAuthor: Ghost House

What The Hell? Asura Online Reading

Asura (Part 1) Asura Field (Part 1) The news finally published some comments from editorialists. All kinds of self-righteous speculations were buzzing on the paper. Lin Su drank milk tea and smiled coldly: None of these so-called scholars really Get closer to the secrets of Tianxia Garden. She heard that Li Wenbao kept ferocious people like the Five Tigers and Twelve Leopards, all of them fierce killers. Their presence in Haimo and even the whole country made even the regular city security forces daunted. … Continue readingWhat The Hell? Asura Online Reading

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Back and forth, everyone would hide when they saw Erjin, and no one would talk to him in detail anymore. The girl's mother rushed to the company to ask for help in desperation. Erjin was dumbfounded when she saw her. Some people say that the deaths of Erjin and the others were retaliation. The poor girl may have been dead for a long time, but it was her ghost who came back to claim her life, resulting in three enemies. But I secretly prayed that the unfortunate girl just went away to a foreign country and changed her identity, and would one day come back to reunite with her mother and start a new life.

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They took me to the woods and found the place where I met Lu Xu that day. Then, they asked me to simulate the escape scenario that day. They hoped to find the recording pen through my escape route. Finally, they found the recorder in a bird's nest. This is specially used for me to practice speaking. It records a lot of clips of me reciting English, and in the last clip, Lu Xu’s voice appears.

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Scary Ghost Story: The Coffin That Eats People Read Online

The old lady naturally didn't want people to know about the ghost coffin and only said that Lan Ruoli was talking nonsense. But one day, Lan Ruoli came out of the old lady's dormitory – the old lady never allowed others to enter her room. . "Shengyu is a cruel child, but she is too stupid. When I put her into the coffin, she looked shocked, just like her mother. … Continue readingScary Ghost Story: The Coffin That Eats People Read Online

The Scary Bed In The Bedroom

Haoming and Lianfeng returned to the dormitory feebly and lay heavily on their respective beds. The classmates in the dormitory also came to their respective beds. "Then Feng Hui coughed a few times in a deliberately pretentious manner, and continued, "A dead person slept in bed No. 9 in our dormitory 204, and that person has not been found yet. "After saying that, he rushed into his bed and buried his head in the quilt. … Continue readingThe Scary Bed In The Bedroom

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"Zhou Hai said to Liang Xiaoyu: "The victim is just like your Barbie doll, with no eyelids. "Liang Xiaoyu, investigating the case is not about reasoning. We can't arrest people without real evidence." That's the best, because the assistant's situation has not been right these days. I suspect that she may have been possessed by the deceased. What he said to Zhang Tianhu that Xiaoyu might be possessed by a ghost was not just to scare Zhang Tianhu, but also to express the growing truth in his mind. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Long Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Long Ghost Stories

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This murder is unforgettable, but because of the cruelty of human nature and the extreme disappointment of a woman. It is said that she is always hooking up passing tourists and getting pregnant constantly, but no one has ever seen her child for a long time, and some people suspect that she makes a living by selling her own children. Forensic autopsy and search for missing persons, based on 6 or 7 clues, took 2 months to investigate more than 2,000 people, and only confirmed the identity of the corpse. Therefore, it is suspected that many Asian women who were kidnapped and bought abroad or those who studied abroad disappeared actually became the protagonists of these films. … Continue readingThe Unleashed Bizarre Archives Read Online

The Mystery Of The Injustice Grass In The Great Demon God Tan

Diandian's father disappeared without a trace last year when the weeds were blooming, and there has been no news since then…" Chu Jiu picked up the withered weeds, wondering who was here to pay homage Is it this bunch of weed grass? Chu Jiu said with a serious face: "Before Diandian disappeared, she was picking the seeds of weed grass in the yard. If my guess is correct, she should also have seeds of weed grass on her body. Today is the third girl who disappeared. God, there should be a new weed in the backyard of Song Er's family…" … Continue readingThe Mystery Of The Injustice Grass In The Great Demon God Tan

Ghostly Grandson Season 3 Chapter 15 Old House

Guo Ruchang was skeptical, but still had some concerns: “If this is the case, you have to be more careful. I don’t want you to spend your whole life in this dark navel, so go up there.” Guo Ruchang nodded: “There is Secretary Xing here.” By his side, Dad is relieved. Youliang and the others saw them leave Fenglingdu in the woods, Secretary Xing’s plan worked, who let them occupy Guo’s ancestral house by force. Youfu was shocked when he heard this name. In the forest behind Fenglingdu, in order to expel the so-called ghost of Guo Er from the chief’s body, that evil dwarf Song Diweng brutally killed the villager Guo Erxi. … Continue readingGhostly Grandson Season 3 Chapter 15 Old House