"Once Upon A Time In College Station" A Short Thriller Ghost Story

Yesterday, I read the dormitory story shared by my friend Xiaomiao. It reminded me of a university town in Hebei where I lived in my first year of undergraduate study. She and I met through a copy of Mr. Yang Jiang's "The Three of Us" at a book market in a university town on a drizzly spring day, and we later became very good friends. One day, I was shocked to hear in the alumni QQ group that a murder with mutilated corpses occurred on the third floor of the food street in the university town! It seems that in a blink of an eye, I have left the university town for almost sixteen years. It is really shocking to think about it. … Continue reading"Once Upon A Time In College Station" A Short Thriller Ghost Story

The Unleashed Bizarre Archives Read Online

This murder is unforgettable, but because of the cruelty of human nature and the extreme disappointment of a woman. It is said that she is always hooking up passing tourists and getting pregnant constantly, but no one has ever seen her child for a long time, and some people suspect that she makes a living by selling her own children. Forensic autopsy and search for missing persons, based on 6 or 7 clues, took 2 months to investigate more than 2,000 people, and only confirmed the identity of the corpse. Therefore, it is suspected that many Asian women who were kidnapped and bought abroad or those who studied abroad disappeared actually became the protagonists of these films. … Continue readingThe Unleashed Bizarre Archives Read Online