The Mystery Of The Injustice Grass In The Great Demon God Tan

1. Mysterious footprints

This is an ancient ordinary courtyard house with green brick walls and iron gates with mottled black paint, silent and mysterious. When Chu Jiu came to this small courtyard, it was at noon of the day, and the courtyard was full of small milky white flowers. Under the dazzling sunlight, the tiny white flowers were like children's eyes, hiding under the leaves and panicking. Peeking out anxiously. In fact, it is a very strange herbaceous plant. The wide leaves are covered with sharp barbs, guarding the small white flowers below. Chu Jiu knelt down and sniffed, it was strange that the flower didn't have a trace of fragrance.

"This flower is called Hanyuancao. You can't smell it, let alone touch it. It's poisonous…" A woman's voice came from behind. It was a woman in her thirties with a pale and tired face. It was she who reported to the police that her 8-year-old daughter Diandian disappeared strangely in her yard.

"When did your daughter disappear?" Chu Jiu asked in front of Diandian's mother. "Three days ago, when I went out in the morning, Diandian was still at home. When I came back at noon, I saw that the door was locked, but Diandian was gone. Diandian is a dumb girl. She never interacted with other children, and never went out alone. I searched all over the place. Diandian’s father disappeared in the same way last year when the flowers bloomed, and there has been no news from him since then…”

The woman's voice seemed to come from a distant unknown place, fluttering and unreliable.

The assistant Xiao Wang looked at Chu Jiu, pointed to his own head, and then pointed to the woman, which meant that her brain was stimulated, she had some mental problems, and she spoke incoherently.

Because there were too many people who came to help find Diandian in advance, the yard was full of messy and overlapping footprints, the scene had been severely damaged, and no useful clues could be found. The technicians all turned their eyes to Chu Jiu, hoping that the footprint tracking detective could find some clues from these messy footprints.

Under a cluster of grievous grass, a pair of clear small footprints caught Chu Jiu's attention. From the size of the footprints and pressure points, it should be left by a child about 8 years old. Is it little footprints? The edges of the footprints are staggered, and there are virtual marks of twisting left and right, which are very similar to those left by looking around in a panic. From the hardness of the soil when the footprints were formed and the traces of insects crawling, the analysis time is about before the sun comes out. , At dawn when the dew is still heavy, what do you do in the yard at this time?

Chu Jiu followed the direction where the small footprints were standing and jumped forward to search. Two steps away, he found two small footprints with blurred lines, but they were disturbed by other footprints. Suddenly, among the messy footprints, a pair of familiar footprints came into her eyes.

Those are the footprints of the left and right feet left by two men when they were walking, and the direction of the footprints is exactly the pair of small footprints heading towards the grass of injustice——Dian Dian. The footprints were formed at almost the same time as the footprints left by Diandian. According to the analysis, the age is about 40 years old, the height is about 1.75 meters, the body leans slightly forward when walking, and the left ankle bone is everted.

A walking human figure flashed in front of Chu Jiu's eyes immediately, a walking figure with obvious walking characteristics, walking towards a little bit. She is too familiar with this person's walking posture. Where did these footprints appear? Since this man has left his footprints in Diandian's courtyard, it is impossible not to leave traces elsewhere.

Chu Jiu expanded his circle around the scene and searched every inch of land around Diandian's house, but he couldn't find the person's entrance or exit or any trace. The so-called trace must be left behind. Could it be that this person flew away?

The dog handlers used the underwear and shoes worn by Dian Dian as the source of smell, and asked the police dogs to demarcate the area in the village to search for it, but there was still no trace of Dian Dian.

When Chu Jiu came to the house, everything in the house was neat and tidy, without any traces of tampering. She stood by the shoe rack in Diandian's room. The shoe rack in Diandian's room was full of shoes of various styles. She carefully inspected each pair of shoes. Judging from the characteristics left by the time, it is the same person as the pair of small footprints under the weeds in the yard, and it really was left little by little.

Chu Jiu cast her eyes on Diandian's mother again, and said to Diandian's mother in a relieved tone, "Can you tell me about your relationship with Dad?"

Diandian's mother moved her eyes out of the window, looking at the white-flowered weeds, and sighed quietly: "Diandian's father and I have been married for less than a year, and I started to go to the Northwest to do business with a few friends. He only came back once. On one night in the winter of the second year, when the door was closed by heavy snow, he pushed open the door covered in snow, holding a small figure in the sheepskin jacket. It was a girl. She was only three years old that year. , so thin that only a few bones remained. He said he picked it up in a wild cemetery in Northwest China…"

"A little bit?"

Diandian's mother nodded: "Yes, it is the current Diandian. Later, I heard from a villager who went out to do business with him and came back, that the child was born to a woman in the local area, and the woman died after giving birth. Diandian, this child is very weird, and she often does things that adults do not expect, and she planted all the weeds of injustice in the yard."

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Last summer, after Diandian's father came back from the Northwest, he said he would never go out again, and stayed at home to live with his Diandian. There was a smile on Diandian's face, and he always followed his father every day, but who knew he I still left, without making a sound… Everyone in the village said that the grievance grass is an ominous thing, and there is a lingering ghost under each grievance grass. As long as it takes root and blooms in someone's house, there will be Unfortunately happened. "

Chu Jiu looked at the white flowers and those messy footprints in the yard, thinking. Based on her intuition and years of experience in handling cases, she felt that Diandian's mother seemed to be hiding something from her. Is there any relationship between the disappearance of Diandian's father last year and Diandian's disappearance? Where did the footprints of men walking towards the yard appear? Her brain was spinning rapidly, and suddenly, a pair of bloody footprints appeared in her mind, and gradually became clear, and she felt a chill in her heart: If it was really him, that little bit might be really bad luck …

Second, crying in the middle of the night

Less than 30 meters from the backyard of Diandian's house, there is an old-fashioned old house. A man named Song Er lives here with his stupid father who is paralyzed in bed. I heard from the accompanying village head that this old house and the courtyard house of Diandian’s house were built by an old rich man during the Republic of China. Then somehow the old rich man’s eldest wife suddenly hanged at home, and the youngest wife and the old rich man also became strange overnight. disappeared. Recently, I heard that this old house is often haunted, and there is often a woman crying plaintively in the middle of the night.

It was almost dusk, and the dilapidated old house was covered with a mysterious veil by the setting sun. Stepping into the courtyard, Chu Jiu always felt that there seemed to be a pair of eyes watching her quietly in a certain corner of the courtyard. Suddenly, in the open space among the weeds, several footprints came into Chu Jiu's eyes, and they were women's footprints. The analysis time should be left last night. Next to the footprints is an altar made of broken bricks, on which a bunch of freshly withered weeds and a few sticks of burning incense sticks are inserted. Chu Jiu picked up the withered weed of grievances, wondering in her heart: Who is offering sacrifices here? Pay homage to what? Is it this bundle of injustice grass?

The village chief said: In the village, only Diandian’s family and Song’er’s family had grievances, and both families suffered misfortunes: Diandian and her father disappeared strangely; Song Er’s brother died, and his father became crazy and silly Silly and paralyzed on the bed. People in the village avoided them like the plague, and rarely interacted with the two families. "

"You mean that Song Er's parents had a grievance? When?" Chu Jiu stared at the village head and asked. The village chief was taken aback by Chu Jiu: "It was at this time last year, and Song Er pulled them out because of taboos."

Listen to Diandian's mother: this scorpion grass was brought back by Diandian's father when he was doing business in the Northwest. Seeds, because after sunrise, the seeds of the grass will explode automatically under the sunlight, so Diandian should pick the seeds of the grass at dawn when the sun is not out and the dew is still heavy, and store them away. Injustice Grass likes damp places and often grows next to graves, so people in the village are very taboo. Only in the courtyard of Diandian's house can weeds grow. How could there be weeds in this old house where Song Er lived? Chu Jiu stood in the weeds and looked out of the wall. The thick courtyard wall was high, and he could only see the gray brick roof of Dian Dian's house not far away. A little bit of my mother's weird words sounded in her ears again: "People in the village say that this grass is an ominous thing, and there is a lingering ghost under every grass. Misfortune will happen…"

The night fell amidst the singing of unknown birds.

In the middle of the night, when the wind blew the trees, Chu Jiu and Xiao Wang quietly lay in the grass outside the wall of Song Er's house, waiting quietly.

Xiao Wang slapped the mosquitoes that came up from time to time, and asked softly, "Will that female ghost really appear?"

A breeze blew, the night grass was lurking, and a strange fragrance wafted in. Chu Jiu said softly: "Shh – she's already here."

As soon as Chu Jiu finished speaking, a woman's mournful cry came from the old house…

The two of them slowly approached the wall of the old house with their heads up and down, and looked inside. Suddenly, "Ga——" a crow's night cry sounded above their heads. It was Xiao Wang who touched the tree trunk and scared the crow into the air. At the same time, the sound of crying in the courtyard suddenly came, and everything fell into silence.

Chu Jiu hesitated for a moment, and immediately whispered: "Quickly, go over the wall and go in, be careful not to make any noise." The two jumped into the backyard of Song Er's house, surrounded by pitch-black, deserted people, and an unburned incense stick Flickering in the dark night, like will-o'-the-wisps.

Chu Jiu turned on the miniature flashlight, and found a bunch of blooming weeds on the mound, and there were fresh footprints on the ground. She squatted down to check carefully, and suddenly, she remembered that she had paid attention to Diandian at Diandian's house. Judging from the characteristics of the footprints, Mom's walking posture was indeed left by Diandian's mother.

Chu Jiu walked to the depths of the backyard, where the weeds covered the small iron gate on the back wall, and outside was a dark mountain, where the wind passed by, the trees swayed and hummed——Chu Jiu suddenly remembered something , shouted: "Hurry up", and after finishing speaking, he jumped over the wall and ran to Diandian's mother's house quickly.

When he arrived at the door of Diandian's mother's house, Xiao Wang gently knocked on the door. After a while, the door light came on, and with a creak, the door opened, and Diandian's mother appeared under the light in her pajamas.

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Xiao Wang looked at Chu Jiu in puzzlement. Chu Jiu looked at the woman in front of her and was puzzled: If Diandian's mother ran home from the back door of Song Er's house, she would have to go around half a mountain ridge, and she would never be able to get home ahead of them anyway, unless she flew back. of. Could it be that the woman who was crying in the backyard of Song Er's family just now wasn't Diandian's mother? But why are there some mother's footprints left there?

Diandian's mother looked at Chu Jiu with sleepy eyes, as if she had just been woken up, but Chu Jiu could still see a trace of panic in her eyes swollen from crying…

Three, bones and ghosts

Diandian's mother died strangely on the bed. The room was filled with a strong "dimethoate" pesticide smell, and the neat bed sheets were covered with fragmented leaves and tiny white petals. Diandian's mother was holding a bottle of highly poisonous pesticide in her right hand, her eyes were wide open, as if she had seen some horrible scene before she died.

The results of the on-site inspection: the courtyard gate and the room door were locked, there were no signs of climbing or fighting on the wall, the steel bars on the windows were intact, and there were no other footprints or signs of fighting in the house except for the footprint of the reporter Song Er. time

Around 3:00 am. There are various indications that Diandian's mother may have committed suicide.

Chu Jiu carefully and patiently surveyed the inside and outside of the house. Finally, she squatted under the bed in Diandian's mother's bedroom, and carefully drew a circle with white chalk. There was a vague footprint there.

After a long time, Chu Jiu finally stood up and said firmly, "Mother Diandian committed suicide!"

"Although there are all kinds of signs at the scene that seem to be suicide, there are too many suspicious points. According to my investigation, Diandian's mother is left-handed, but how can she habitually grasp the medicine bottle with her right hand? The deceased took a high dose of dimethoate pesticide, and the potency During the attack, she would convulse and struggle, but the sheets were clean and there was no trace of mess, and there was no residual juice of the weed in the palms of Diandian’s mother. Who sprinkled the flowers and leaves of the weed on the bed sheets? Obviously, the murderer wanted to make a suicide scene Deliberately camouflaged; the floor of the bedroom has obvious traces of scrubbing, and the footprints left by Song Er are dust and layered footprints, which are left after scrubbing the ground. That is to say, someone came here before Song Er arrived .”

"Look," Chu Jiu squatted down, pointing to the footprint circled by white chalk under the bed: "This is a dust-reduced footprint, left before the ground was wiped clean; the front palm of the footprint moved backwards, The back heels overlap and the front palms are strong, which means that the person stood in front of the bed and leaned forward. What is he doing in front of the bed? Did he stand in front of the bed and commit a crime, then clean up the fake suicide scene and leave From the characteristics of the footprints, the footprints of this person and the footprints of the mysterious man at the scene of Diandian's disappearance are left by the same person.

Chu Jiu stood up and turned her eyes to Song Er who was standing aside: "What I don't understand is: the doors and windows at the scene are locked, and there is no trace of entry and exit. How did the suspect enter and commit the crime? The deceased's eyes were wide open, and he was extremely horrified before he died. , What did she see before she died?"

Song Er stepped back in fear. Chu Jiu approached Song Er and looked straight into Song Er's eyes, "When did you find out that Diandian's mother was dead? Why did you come to find Diandian's mother? How did you get in? When the police came, the doors and windows of the deceased's house were still locked. You didn’t turn into a mosquito and flew in, did you?”

Song Er was terrified, his whole body trembled, his head started to sweat, and finally collapsed on the ground, crying loudly, "I'll tell you everything, I'll confess… But I really didn't kill her…"

Chu Jiu calmed down and said, "Although the murderer is someone else, there are indications that you can't break away from the possible accomplice relationship. You can only remove the suspicion against you if you answer my question truthfully."

Song Er stopped crying and told the secret he had been keeping in his heart.

Song Er and Diandian's mother have been dating for 2 years. They have been secretly dating at night, but they have not been discovered. The reason is that there is a secret passage between his old house and Diandian's mother's house. This secret passage leads all the way to Diandian's mother's bedroom, and the two have been dating secretly through the secret passage. I don't want to have a tryst at midnight and be discovered by Diandian who wakes up at night. From then on, Diandian hated her mother and ignored her again. I don't know why, since then, Diandian has often gone to the backyard of Song Er's family, as if looking for something. After Diandian came to Song Er's house, the yard of his house began to grow the grievance grass that the villagers taboo.

After Diandian disappeared, Diandian's mother always suspected that Song Er had harmed her Diandian and her husband. Diandian and his father's ghosts are showing up, and they threaten him to report him to the police station. He knew that Diandian's mother was mentally stimulated, and no matter how much he tried to persuade her, it didn't work…

"Last night, Diandian's mother was frightened during the memorial ceremony. I came to see Diandian's mother this morning, but she died on the bed… But Diandian's mother was really not killed by me, and I did not kill Diandian and her Dad…"


Song Er wept bitterly, his face blurred with sweat and tears.

According to Song Er's identification, the police handling the case moved Diandian's mother's bed, and there was a hole underneath.

Entering the secret passage, Chu Jiu lit up the flashlight in front and searched carefully and slowly. She found that there were obvious traces of cleaning in the cave. It seems that the suspect really entered Diandianma's bedroom through the secret passage to commit the crime, and then passed through the secret passage Leave, and clean up the traces. But how did the murderer know this secret way? Does he have anything to do with Song Er and Diandian's mother?

Chu Jiu asked Song Er beside him: "Who else in the village knows this secret way?"

Song Er shook his head: "It's only been two years since I moved into the old house, and I don't know why there is such a secret passage. This old house has been deserted before, and I don't know who else has been here."

After about ten meters away, the front was much wider, and a ray of light came down from the top of the head. Chu Jiu looked up, and saw a crack bending down from the ceiling of the cave, until it reached the wall of the cave. Under the silky light, she suddenly found that there was a soft and tender weed grass protruding from the ground illuminated by the light. Chu Jiu squatted down and inspected carefully, only to see the floating soil arched, and a tiny bone worm slowly crawled out of it. With a movement in her heart, she carefully peeled away the floating soil layer by layer, and a skull was exposed inside. After removing all the floating soil, a corpse was completely exposed to the ground…

Under the grass with grievances, white bones and souls. Whose bones will be buried in this dark secret passage? Looking at the tender weed of grievances beside the corpse, the first thing Chu Jiu thought of was Diandian's father who had been missing for a year.

Four, the ghost of the solitary grave

Diandian's mother was killed, and the appearance of secret road bones made the case more complicated. A mysterious man appeared again at the scene of Diandian's mother's murder, so Diandian's disappearance was probably hijacked through this secret passage.

At this time, City F sent a picture of the footprints at the scene of a murder last year.

A year ago, there was a robbery and murder case in F city. The murderer fled with the stolen money after committing the crime, leaving only a blood trail on the scene. At that time, Chu Jiu was on the scene to help solve the case. Since no suspect was found, the murder case remained an unsolved case. However, the suspect's footprints and walking posture were deeply imprinted in her mind. Chu Jiu carefully analyzed and compared the footprint photos sent by City F with the footprints left at the scene of Diandian's disappearance and the murder scene of Diandian's mother.

What puzzled her was: City F is thousands of kilometers away, how could the murderer appear in this remote village? Why does the target point to one family? Does it have anything to do with Song Er? Chu Jiu decided to visit Song Er's family.

Pushing open the door of Song Er's house, a musty smell mixed with stench rushed out, making people feel nauseous. The room was damp and dark, and Song Er was scrubbing the body of the stupid old man who was paralyzed in bed. Song Er's father's eyes were cloudy, staring at Chu Jiu in a daze, saliva dripping down the corner of his mouth…

Chu Jiu covered her mouth and nose, and carefully inspected every pair of shoes in Song Er's family. In a corner, there was a pair of old dusty shoes. Chu Jiu held it in his hand and inspected it carefully, and his eyes lit up: the degree of wear and walking characteristics of this pair of shoes was exactly the same as the footprints at the murder scene in F City. After asking, I found out that the owner of this pair of shoes was actually Song Er's brother Song Da.

The suspect finally surfaced. From the characteristics of the footprints of this pair of shoes, it can be determined that Song Er's brother Song Da is the murderer who committed the murder in F City, and also the mysterious suspect in the case of Diandian's disappearance and the murder of Diandian's mother. But the owner of the shoes, Song Da, fell into the sea and drowned two years ago when he was working outside. How could a dead person commit a crime?

At the same time, the inspection report of the dead body in the secret road came out. According to the comprehensive analysis and identification of the bones, teeth and hair of the dead body, the deceased was Diandian's father who had been missing for a year. How did Diandian's father know this secret way? How could he die in a secret passage?

When the police were investigating the cause of Song Da's death, a villager reported a strange thing: Yesterday evening, he saw a figure in Song Da's cemetery in Houshan, which looked like the dead Song Da!

Chu Jiu felt that something was wrong, so she rushed to the back mountain with a few policemen who were handling the case. Chu Jiu searched carefully around the tomb, and found that Song Da’s tomb contained fresh soil that had just been dug. She slowly squatted down beside a bluestone. On the bluestone was a dried-up soil footprint. She was very familiar with the characteristics of this person’s footprint. I said: It really is the footprints of Song Da, the murderer in City F!

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It is impossible for Song Da to die and come back to life, the only possibility is that Song Da did not die at all! Since Song Da is not dead, who is buried in this tomb?

The village chief recalled: Because Song Da drowned in the sea while working outside, his body was not found.

The tomb was quickly dug up layer by layer, and the rotten coffin was uncovered, and a complete skeleton lay inside! The village head was very surprised: because Song Da was working outside and drowned in the sea, he couldn't see his body. He was also there when he was buried. What was buried in the coffin was only Song Da's clothes. How could there be a skeleton now?

Chu Jiu squatted next to the bones and examined them carefully. She slowly picked up an object from the bones and wiped them carefully. It was a rusty copper cigarette pouch with the word "Song" engraved on it.

Chu Jiu brought the copper cigarette bag to the village chief to identify it, and the village chief said with certainty: "This is Song Ziyun's, the second father of Song's! That's right, he also said that it was a relic handed down by his grandfather, and he often carried it with him. It's as rare as a baby."

How could Song Ziyun's cigarette pouch appear on this corpse? Could this corpse be Song Ziyun? Who is that paralyzed crazy father next to Song Er? Could it be…

Chu Jiu's heart moved, and she asked the technician to send the bones for examination immediately. She and her assistant Xiao Wang went to see Song Er's crazy father immediately! When Chu Jiu pushed open the door of Song Er's house, Song Er's crazy father was no longer on the kang, only two pairs of messy quilts were piled there. Song Er's eyes were red and swollen, and he said in a hoarse voice: His crazy father suddenly disappeared last night…

Fifth, the manifestation of injustice

According to Song Er, he went to bed at night after taking a bath for his father. When he got up early in the morning, he found that his crazy father was gone.

Chu Jiu looked at Song Er suspiciously: "Isn't your father paralyzed in bed? How could he suddenly be able to walk on his own and still get lost?" Song Er looked at Chu Jiu blankly and shook his head: "I'm also puzzled, since After being paralyzed, I have to take care of him for food, drink, and diarrhea, and I have never seen him go out by himself, so why did he suddenly disappear?"

At this time, the village chief led a young man in and said, "He is called Datou, and he surrendered himself." He pushed the young man in front of the police, "Speak for yourself and be honest!"

Datou groaned for a long time, and said something that stunned Chu Jiu and the police present: He killed Song Er's crazy father by mistake…

Datou narrated what happened: Datou was an idler in the village, a lazy man who sneaked around and often gathered a few friends to drink and play cards. Last night, a few young people drank until midnight, when they suddenly heard chicken frying outside, a group of people ran out to have a look, one head got into the chicken coop before he had time to escape, they also drank too much, He yelled and beat him with a stick. Seeing that the man was silent, he pulled it out and saw that it was Song Er's crazy father, who was already dead. Because they were afraid at the time, they didn't take a closer look, so they buried him in the backyard together. Afterwards, Datou was always worried, terrified, hesitated again and again, and finally found the village head and led him to surrender.

According to Datou's on-site identification, the criminal police team dug up a corpse in the weeds in the backyard of Datou's house.

Song Er shouted: Dad! He rushed forward and cried loudly.

Chu Jiu had someone pull Song Er up and asked, "Did you see clearly? This man is really your real father?"

Song Er wept and said, "Will my own father still admit his mistake?" Chu Jiu asked someone to bring clean water to wash the dirt off Song Er's crazy father's face, and all the gray beard fell off, revealing the original The real face, from the age point of view, is only in his 40s, and he is really not Song Er's crazy father!

The village chief who was standing aside exclaimed in shock: "It's Song Da!"

The murderer, Song Da, was finally found, but he was already dead, and he was killed by mistake. How could it be such a coincidence, how could Song Da suddenly go to Datou's house to steal chickens at night? Chu Jiu carefully inspected the courtyard of Datou's house. Among the messy footprints, she accidentally found Song Er's footprints, and they were heavy-duty footprints. Judging from the time, they were left in the second half of last night——

Song Er was taken to the Public Security Bureau.

Chu Jiu stared at Song Er: "Where were you around 12 o'clock last night? Why did you leave your heavy footprints in the courtyard of Datou's house? Why did your elder brother's tomb lie with your father's bones? How did your father die? Song The crazy father who pretended to be you has been by your side all the time, can't you even tell the difference between your real father and your real brother?

Song Er lowered his head deeply, without answering a word.

Chu Jiu: "Actually, you are the real murderer behind the murder of the Diandian family."

"After committing a crime in Song Da F City, he pretended to fall into the sea and drowned on a fishing boat. He didn't see his body, and then quietly returned home, pretending to be his father, pretending to be a lunatic and paralyzed on the bed. , people in the village have never been in contact with your family , and Song Da and his father's body shape and face are very similar, so the villagers have not discovered his true face. In fact, since your brother Song Da committed a murder in F City When you sneaked home and brutally killed your old father, you already knew the whole truth. When you witnessed your old father being murdered by your own brother, you wanted to report Song Da, but Song Daba robbed him in City F When you put the stolen money in front of you, explained your situation, and promised to share the stolen money with you, you were shaken, and your conscience was wiped out in front of the money. At that time, you became your brother's accomplice and accomplice. To be precise , you became the mastermind behind the murder of Diandian's family, and your brother Song Da didn't know that you had been using him as a gunman until his death. The reason why you didn't attack your own brother for a long time is that he was still It is valuable to use and can be your gunman to kill people for you. What's more, the stolen money was secretly hidden by your brother Song Da, and you haven't found out where the money is hidden. After taking out the stolen money buried in the cemetery, you finally revealed your black heart, got rid of your brother, and took the stolen money to yourself.

Chu Jiu took out the autopsy report: "The autopsy showed that a large amount of tetramine was found in the stomach contents of the deceased, and the cause of death was poisoning. At around 12 o'clock last night, you poisoned Song Da's tea to death." Song Da, and then carried the body to Datou's house, put the head of the deceased into the chicken coop door, and then opened the sky gate of the chicken coop, frightened the chickens and exploded the nest, leading a group of drunkards like Datou to beat the chicken thieves with sticks , making them mistakenly think that they accidentally killed Song Da."

Assistant Xiao Wang put a physical evidence bag and a stainless steel cash box on the table: "This is the tetramine residue extracted from the teacup of Song Da in your house, and there are traces left on the stolen money found in your kang cave." Your fresh fingerprints."

Chu Jiu put a young grass seedling in front of Song Er: "You are familiar with this grass, right? Although the grass grows in a cold and humid place, it is called an ominous flower, but its vitality is extremely strong , no matter what kind of bad soil it is in, it will germinate and arch out of the ground three days after being buried in the soil. It is this injustice grass that made me discover you, the murderer behind the scenes step by step!"

"You don't know: Diandian's mother said before she was alive: Every time she picks up the seeds of the scorpion grass, she puts them in her father's clothes bag; and when her father disappeared, she wore the same clothes that contained the scorpion seeds. When you Instigate Song Da to kill Diandian's father and bury the body in the backyard, and the seeds of the grievance grass will also be buried in the soil, so there will be grievance grass in your backyard. Although Diandian is only eight years old, she is a thoughtful Dumb girl, there are scorpion weeds in your home for no reason. She thought that it must have something to do with her father’s disappearance, because when her father disappeared, he wore clothes with scorpion seeds, and only one family in the village planted scorpion weeds. Why did the weed suddenly appear in the backyard? So Diandian goes to your backyard every day to look for it, just want to know where the weed in your backyard comes from, and where is her father? The appearance of the weed makes you shudder, Diandian His patronage made you even more terrified, so you moved Diandian's father's body into the secret passage and buried it, so that the grass of grievances would grow next to the corpse in the secret passage! Diandian's frequent appearance made you and Song Dayue closer The more you feel that things are not good, you think that Diandian saw or knew something, so you instigated Song Da to kill Diandian, who is only 8 years old. After Diandian's father disappeared, Diandian's mother felt very guilty. She already felt that it might be you When Diandian mysteriously disappeared again, she felt more and more that you were the murderer with bloody hands! But her suspicion had no evidence, and she was afraid of revealing the affair between you, so she was full of remorse and became mentally disturbed , in order to get rid of the psychological pain, I ran to your backyard late at night to pay homage to the grievance grass, in order to get rid of my mind. You were afraid that Diandian's mother's behavior would arouse the suspicion of the police, so you encouraged Song Da to kill Diandian's mother…"

Song Er touched his head to the ground, wailed loudly, and shouted hoarsely: "Stop talking, I'm not human! I'm not human…"

According to Song Da's account, after being strangled to death by Song Da, Diandian was buried in the backyard, and the exact location is not known.

Chu Jiu said with a serious face: "Before Diandian disappeared, she was picking the seeds of the grass in the yard. If my guess is correct, she should also have the seeds of the grass on her body. Today is the third day since Diandian disappeared. The backyard of Song Er's family should be There is a new grievance grass coming out…"

In the backyard of Song Er's family, the police officers pulled out every weed in a row, and carefully looked for every new weed that grew up.

Chu Jiu bent over in the weeds, sweat slipped from his forehead, and fell gently into the weeds. The weeds were pulled out one by one in her hands, and her heartbeat was also accelerating. She was eager to verify the answer of her reasoning, but she was afraid of witnessing the truly heartbreaking scene.

Finally, in a piece of rubble buried by weeds, she saw a plant of grievance grass that had just been arched out, its tender leaves sticking out of the ground like a child's little hand…

The police officers squatted in a circle beside the grass, gently picked up bricks and rubble, and carefully removed layers of floating soil, for fear of waking up a sleeping dream and hurting a young creature.

As layers of bricks, stones and soil were pulled out, a child's body was finally exposed to the ground, which hurt the eyes of the police officers: the bony fingers of Dian Dian's right palm were covered with white roots . More than a dozen seedlings of grievance grass bent to support the weight of bricks and rubble, and held up a seedling in the middle to arch out of the ground tenaciously…

Chu Jiu gently picked up the wronged weed, and felt heartbroken: Diandian’s mother said before she was alive: Diandian’s father once told Diandian that the wronged weed brought back by her father was picked in front of her mother’s grave in Northwest China…

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