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With a family's tragedy at its core, this story unfolds as a quest for truth and revenge. The death of Lin Zhenxia and the subsequent explosion set the tone of suspense and horror for the entire story. Lin Su and her mother embarked on the road of revenge because of their persistent pursuit of the truth and desire for justice. The revenge plan in the story, the danger of secret visits, and the dark side of the food factory all form important elements of the story and provide readers with rich imagination space. Lin Su's mother's brain death and organ donation after the car accident, as well as Lin Su and her brother's revenge against Li Wenbao, are the climax of the plot and a concentrated expression of the emotional conflict of the story. These plots not only advance the story, but also deepen the characters' personalities and motivations. At the end of the story, Li Wenbao's death brings an end to the Lin family's revenge, but it also leaves readers with deep thoughts about justice and revenge. On the whole, this story is emotionally profound, has a compact plot, and is full of suspense and thriller elements, which can attract readers who like the discussion of social issues and psychological suspense themes. It is not just a simple revenge story, but a story about family, justice and sacrifice.

Asura (Part 1)

August 25, 2008.

Lin Su dragged her heavy suitcase on the way to the train station in Haimo City. In the dark dusk, her mother, who was just in her early fifties, followed listlessly behind her like an old camel.

"Mom, my little brother has never liked studying since he was a child. He experienced something like that before the high school entrance examination. If he doesn't want to study, don't force him to go to college. Repeating studies all the time is too stressful for him. You'd better help him go to a technical school to learn some skills. Bar."

Lin Su turned around and glanced at her absent-minded mother, and couldn't help but feel a sore nose. How many years has it been? How many years has mother continued to live in this mental state? Why doesn't she come out?

The lights in the waiting hall were very bright, and her mother looked even more haggard. Her cheekbones were sunken and her eyes were dim. Lin Su saw her slightly peeling lips move, and then she took a deep breath: "Su Su, you and my little brother are not the same." Similarly, you have been smart and sensible since you were a child, and your mother has never worried about you. You chose this major just to inherit your father's legacy. You will graduate from college in two years, and I have no objection to you going to a bigger university. The city strives for development, but you have to remember that here, you still have a career to complete. This is not your career alone, it is the career of our whole family. Since…"

"Mom, here you go again! The car is coming soon. I'll get in first. Please be safe on the way back. Please think carefully about my little brother's affairs. I won't graduate until two years ago…"

What the hell , Lin Su dragged her suitcase to the ticket gate. At that time, the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games the day before was replayed on the screen in the hall, "This is Beijing, China, the host city of the 29th Olympic Games! This is the glory that witnessed the miracle of 16 days of hard work." City! Olympic Games Beijing…"

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba_What kind of ghost_Hauki Zetsukei Sleeping Ghost

The host's impassioned voice teased the people waiting for the bus, and Lin Su couldn't help but glance at her mother in the crowd. Her gray and empty eyes stared straight ahead without any focus. She knew that her mother's worries were growing wildly day after day and year after year, never stopping.

Her mother, who was in a trance, gave her an ominous premonition.

Shura Field (Part 1)


The night of June 25, 2010.

When Lin Su got off the train, Haimo was completely shrouded in night. The scattered passengers who got off the train quickly dived into the boundless darkness. She walked into a 24-hour drinking bar in front of the station, ordered a cup of iced milk tea, and browsed casually. Free newspapers provided in the drink bar.

"The employees of Tianxia Food Industrial Park have had three suicides. The city health department wants to send psychiatrists to Tianxia Park. It is imperative to strengthen psychological counseling for employees. Li Wenbao, president of Tianxia Park, said that the suicide incidents were not caused by corporate factors, but were caused by employees' personal reasons…"

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba_What kind of ghost_Bauki Zetsukei Sleeping Ghost

A series of deaths followed, and these events were undoubtedly brewed within the company invisible to outsiders. Their complex brewing processes were invisible, and only the final outcome could be made public. At the end of the news, some editorial comments were published. Various self-righteous speculations abounded in the paper. Lin Su drank milk tea and smiled coldly: None of these so-called scholars have really gotten close to the secrets of Tianxia Garden.

The wind picked up on the way home, and Lin Su's mood was like the iron-blue sky in winter, gloomy and breathless.

When she got home, the bedside lamp in her mother's room was still on. Lin Su changed into her pajamas, turned off the lights, and lay down face to face with her mother, gently touching her face.

"Do you know what is the biggest news in Haimo right now?" her mother asked her in a deep voice with a gloomy face.

She didn't answer, nor did she want to answer her mother's question. The bright and cold kitchen and the skinny mother confirmed that this place can only be called a house now, not a home at all.

"Mom, where is my little brother?" she asked.

Her mother didn't answer her, but her two dim eyes in the darkness suddenly pierced her heart like two sharp and bright knives. Then her mother turned over and curled up and ignored her. She seemed to see her mother's body getting smaller and smaller, as if she had shrunk into the shadow that she could not see, and finally became a part of the darkness.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba_What kind of ghost_Bauki Zetsukei Sleeping Ghost

She slept badly that night, and the thick and acrid black smoke spread in her dreams, until the thick smoke closed all the gaps and finally became one in her field of vision.


From "Tianxia Poultry Delicatessen Factory" to "Tianxia Food Industrial Park", although they are all eight words, in Lin Su's view, it is a completely new change.

Standing on the sidewalk across the street and admiring this industrial park lined with high-rise buildings, the high-rise buildings are like rolling mountains. Lin Su believes that there are all kinds of magical things living there, and ghosts are one of them – inner Ghost, alien ghost, ghost pretending to be human, person pretending to be ghost…

She heard that Li Wenbao kept ferocious people like the Five Tigers and Twelve Leopards, all of them fierce killers. Their presence in Haimo and even the whole country made even the regular city security forces daunted. In just a short period of time, Li Wenbao relied on his background as a gangster and the protection of the white gang to get where he is today. He acquired and integrated several companies in the food processing industry in Haimo City. He was no longer satisfied with his monopoly on poultry cooked food, beverages, Pastries, finished and semi-finished products of various meats, rice dumplings, Yuanxiao, moon cakes that are essential for various festival tables… all have formed a considerable industrial chain under his banner. As long as you can think of it, there is no way for him to reach out. Places that cannot be reached.

She knocked on the door of the human resources department, pulled out a photo and said straight to the point that her brother was missing.

"His name is Lin Le?" The human resources director looked at the photo and said, "I don't have any impression. Let me check it out."

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba_What kind of ghost_Hauki Zetsukei Sleeping Ghost

The ending was just as she expected. The supervisor said that such a person had never appeared on the employee list.

"How is that possible? He has been working here. He even wrote a letter to his family two years ago. The mailing address is here! He has lost contact with us for three weeks. You must take full responsibility!"

The supervisor shrugged: "There's nothing we can do about it. Our employees have detailed file records here. This name and this person's photo are simply impossible to find."

"I understand, it was you who killed him…" Lin Su showed an expression of realization and left with a weird smile.

She wandered around the industrial park and entered every place she could. She took the photo and asked around. When she saw the face in the photo, people would mysteriously avoid her and ignore her.

She became more and more angry and unruly, smashed several trash cans in the park, spit several times on the lawn of the green belt, and finally left under the warning of the security guard.

The younger brother disappeared completely as if he had never existed, leaving no trace behind.


"Missing person case? Then we should go to the police station in the jurisdiction." The criminal police captain of the city bureau opposite looked at Lin Su in confusion.

"This is not a simple case of missing people. I suspect this is a deliberate murder." Lin Su said mysteriously, "My brother works in Tianxia Enterprises. I suspect that his disappearance is closely related to those who committed suicide by jumping off the building."

"Another Tianxia Enterprise." Criminal Police Team Zhang frowned, and Lin Su saw the words "Xi Musen" written on his badge.

"Those three people definitely did not commit suicide. Like my brother, they were forced into a desperate situation. The three of them chose death to escape the sanctions of those people, while my brother embarked on a road of escape. They deleted They also banned other employees from mentioning my brother . I suspect they are already on the way to kill my brother.”

Captain Xi raised his head and squinted his eyes to look at Lin Su, and suddenly realized that she seemed like someone he knew.

"You said you were a reporter?"

"Yes, but I haven't officially taken office yet."

"Journalists are good, they reveal the truth, guide public opinion, and sometimes experience all kinds of thrills in life."

"It's a pity that this profession is always full of dangers. A real reporter is not as simple as squatting in an entertainment star's apartment or villa to make some bloody and devalued gossip."

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