family Ghost Stories

Erjin was originally a production line worker in a chemical factory. He was in his forties and above. He needed skills but no skills, and no attitude. He complained all day long about all the unsatisfactory things at work. No one in the whole factory likes to talk to him, not because he lacks class sentiments and finds him annoying, but because it is well known that Erjin has a particularly mean habit and likes to tell bosses about his colleagues.

Many colleagues have been tricked by Erjin. Seeing him complaining endlessly, they would casually chime in with a few words, and then turn around and become black material for Erjin to report to the leaders to ask for credit and rewards. The ghost doctor Mommy stole a baby novel came and went, and the big guy hid when he saw Erjin, and no one talked to him in detail anymore.

Countless facts have taught us that it is impossible to guard against evil forces just by hiding. No, there was a female driver in the factory who fell into Erjin's hands. He accidentally caught her using a bus to earn extra money. Erjin originally wanted to give her a hard blow to enrich his own pockets, but the female driver had been divorced for many years and had to support her daughter alone. Her tight livelihood made her angrily reject Erjin's shameless request. Erjin, who was conscious of his shame, said viciously: "Okay, you old ladies who don't know how to live or die, just wait for me!"

Within two days, the workshop leaders held a meeting to severely criticize and deal with the female driver, who was fined 500 yuan. The extremely angry female driver said with tears in her eyes at the meeting: "You're an unscrupulous person who snitches and you will die a good death!" Everyone knew that it was Erjin who was responsible for the dirty deeds. After this incident, colleagues became more like Beware of the two pounds as if you were hiding from the plague. After two years, Erjin felt that he was boring and couldn't survive any longer, so he had to resign and find another way out.

Feng shui takes turns, and everyone has a few years of great luck that come and go. Erjin switched jobs to a small company to work in sales. With the skills of flattering and gossiping that he had developed over many years, he actually became a small department leader. Everyone in the company knew that Erjin's true abilities were not all based on his words, but they couldn't stop the leader from appreciating him, so everyone had no choice but to flatter and endure without being angry.

That year, a new female college student was assigned to the company as an intern. She was as beautiful as a fairy, but she was also honest and shy, and she didn't talk too much. Erjin was as energetic as chicken blood. He hung around the female college student all day long, talking endlessly about his love and appreciation for her. He also did not forget to complain about his unfortunate marriage in order to win the girl's favor. pity.

The female college student was neither humble nor overbearing from beginning to end, and kept a polite distance from Erjin. But as the old saying goes, if you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid of being remembered. One night, Erjin asked a girl to accompany him to meet an important client. The girl was very resistant. However, Erjin was her direct boss and did not dare to refuse. I had to bite the bullet and go. Erjin got the girl drunk during the dinner, and then used the excuse of sending the girl home to do something inappropriate in the car.

The girl had lived an innocent life for more than twenty years. After she sobered up, she naturally could not accept such dirty things and ran away from home in shame and anger. The girl's mother rushed to the company to ask for help in desperation. Erjin was dumbfounded when she saw her. They really are enemies. The mother of the female college student is none other than the female chemical factory driver who was fined 500 yuan by him for snitching a few years ago. Erjin never mentioned the evil he had done that night, and denied that the girl's disappearance had anything to do with the company. The female driver back then suffered from the lack of evidence and was unable to do anything, so in the end she had no choice but to let it go.

Less than a month after this happened, Erjin went out to eat and drink with two friends. After drinking and eating, the car rolled over the guardrail of the viaduct, and the car fell on all fours into a mud pit less than two meters deep under the bridge. When people found out early the next morning, all three people in the car were dead. The most incredible thing is the novel about a ghost doctor who steals a baby . The two friends are the "clients" Erjin made an appointment with that night.

The whereabouts of the missing female college student are still unknown. The girl's mother thinks about it day and night and has a mental problem. She keeps talking all day long and doesn't know what she is talking about.

Some people say that the deaths of Erjin and the others were retaliation. The poor girl may have been dead for a long time, but it was her ghost who came back to claim her life, resulting in three enemies. But I secretly prayed that the unfortunate girl just went away to a foreign country and changed her identity, and would one day come back to reunite with her mother and start a new life.

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