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2 cut eyelids

It was already past eleven o'clock in the evening when Liang Xiaoyu returned home. She lay on her bed a little tired and fell asleep soon.

She didn't know how long she had slept when she felt someone moving around her room. That was the sound of high heels hitting the ground, and her bedroom was paved with tiles, so the thud of the shoes on the ground was so clear that the sensitive Liang Xiaoyu suddenly opened her eyes.

But the sound disappeared at the same moment she opened her eyes.

Liang Xiaoyu glanced around the room alertly. This is my own bedroom, and I live alone, so it is clear at a glance that there is no place to hide, except for the large wardrobe erected on the wall.

She grabbed the scissors placed in the lampstand next to the bed, held them in her hands, and then quietly approached the ear-slicer ghost in the closet. She listened carefully, and she heard a sound coming from the closet.

"Click!" It was the sound of cutting something.

"Ah!" A sharp female voice came from the closet, breaking the tranquility in the room. Scared, Liang Xiaoyu nervously opened the closet and yelled: "Who is it!"

Then, she was about to point the scissors in her hand forward, but she suddenly discovered something that made her heart palpitate. The scissors she had just held in her hand were missing, and what she was holding now was a long piece of False eyelashes on the upper eyelids.

When Zhou Hai knocked on the door and entered, Liang Xiaoyu was pretending to be calm and sitting on the sofa outside the bedroom with all the lights turned on, his shoulders shivering.

"Captain Zhou." Liang Xiaoyu called him tremblingly, and then said with a cry: "I really don't know what happened. I don't know when the scissors in my hand disappeared, and they became eyelashes on those toys. And eyelids.”

Zhou Hai observed the rubber cut just along the eye sockets and the half-meter-tall Barbie doll standing quietly at the bottom of the wardrobe, and found that her upper eyelids coincided with the eyelids Liang Xiaoyu was holding, and A pair of scissors is lying quietly under Barbie's feet.

"Perhaps this case has brought you too much mental pressure." Zhou Hai comforted Liang Xiaoyu who was about to cry, but his eyes were looking at the Barbie doll in the closet who was dressed almost the same as the one he found during the day. A conclusion was drawn: "Serial murderers all have specific hobbies. Perhaps Zhang Tianhu's hobby is to kill these girls dressed up like Barbie dolls."

"What?" Liang Xiaoyu glanced at the Barbie doll that was still smiling, and then quickly changed her gaze. The Barbie doll itself was made lifelike. Now, because there is no upper eyelid, she is like a reluctant girl. He closed his eyes and glared at Liang Xiaoyu fiercely.

The look in his eyes was filled with resentment and hatred, full of weirdness.

At this time, Zhou Haizheng made a call and asked the bureau to investigate the missing persons reported in the past month. Then, he received another call from forensic doctor Xiao Wang.

Ear knife ghost_What is the word for ear knife ghost_What is the pronunciation of ear knife ghost

"Xiao Wang cut off the rubber covering the victim's face." Zhou Hai said to Liang Xiaoyu: "The victim, like your Barbie doll, has no eyelids."

When she heard the words "upper eyelids", Liang Xiaoyu couldn't help but tremble a few times. Zhou Hai asked her, "Do you want to take a look?"

3 can’t see

When Liang Xiaoyu did not dare to enter the autopsy room in the bureau, but also did not dare to stay at home alone, he followed Zhou Hai to the bureau and waited outside the autopsy room.

"It's a bit scary." As soon as he entered the autopsy room, Xiao Wang, who was holding a scalpel, reminded Zhou Hai, who had changed into a white autopsy suit.

Zhou Hai smiled slightly, but as soon as he approached the corpse lying on the autopsy table, the expression on his face seemed to be frozen.

It was a pair of pupils that had dilated into black glass balls, embedded in half a circle of blood-colored eye sockets, fixedly facing everyone who looked at her. And a face that was pale under the spotlight of the operating lamp was solemn and puzzled, as if it was accusing her of why she was taken away by death at such a young age.

"There are blood stains on the upper eye sockets, which proves that the deceased's eyelids were cut off by the murderer before death." Xiao Wang continued with regret: "This girl is probably only in her early twenties."

At this time, Liang Xiaoyu opened the door and came in. After taking a look at the corpse on the operating table, she didn't show the cowardice she had just shown at home. There was only heavy sadness on her face.

"How painful it must be to have your eyelids cut off while you are alive." She said, not noticing that Zhou Hai and Xiao Wang had already exchanged glances in mid-air.

"Have you found the murder weapon?" Zhou Hai asked Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang shook his head: "The rope that strangled her was with the blanket, but the murder weapon that cut off her eyelids has not been found. It is initially concluded that it should have been cut with a sharp knife."

"No, it was cut with scissors!" At this time, Liang Xiaoyu interrupted the two of them excitedly: "I must have cut it with scissors."

"Is Xiaoyu under too much mental pressure?" Xiao Wang asked Zhou Hai with some doubts.

Before Zhou Hai could answer, Liang Xiaoyu had already yelled: "This is the girl Zhang Tianhu killed. Why don't you go catch him? Do you really want the dead girl to die with her eyes open?"

"Liang Xiaoyu, investigating the case is not about reasoning. We can't arrest people without real evidence." Zhou Hai snapped, making Liang Xiaoyu look at them blankly as if he suddenly woke up.

Ear knife ghost_What is the word for ear knife ghost_What is the pronunciation of ear knife ghost

"I don't know what happened to me. I'm sorry, Captain Zhou." She seemed to be stunned by herself, and she actually apologized in a low voice.

Zhou Hai glanced at her with his eyes, and then asked Xiao Wang, "Usually there is such a weird murderer, is he worried about something, so he cuts off the victim's eyelids?"

"Well, it is possible. I have heard a saying that the eyelids of someone who died unjustly are cut off. In this way, after the death of the deceased, the soul cannot see the person who killed him, and the unjust spirit cannot avenge it. Hatred can only wander endlessly in the world of life and death." Xiao Wang said after immersing himself in it.

"Maybe Zhang Tianhu is also afraid of this, so he always takes such a step before killing someone." Zhou Hai frowned and said affirmatively.

4 Zhang Tianhu

When Zhou Hai saw Zhang Tianhu, he was wearing casual clothes and practicing indoor golf in his garden.

"Why, Captain Zhou's arrival is too much to welcome us from afar." Zhang Tianhu waved his stick without any intention of welcoming him.

Zhou Hai showed his police ID and then asked, "Where were you between 8pm and 1am the night before yesterday?"

"Hey, Captain Zhou, I'm a patient with a mental illness, how could I remember so many things?" Zhang Tianhu laughed, not looking like a murderer at all.

"Do you need me to apply for an arrest warrant?" Zhou Hai really wanted to hit this person hard, but as an experienced policeman , he told him that this would not be helpful to the case.

"Maybe." Zhang Tianhu finally looked at Zhou Hai, "But to be honest, the law is always lenient towards mentally ill patients, you should understand."

"But the dead don't." Zhou Hai said calmly, and sure enough, a trace of fear flashed across Zhang Tianhu's face.

"Haha, I don't believe in those things." Zhang Tianhu started to be careless again.

"That's the best, because things haven't been right with my assistant these days. I suspect that she may be possessed by the deceased." Zhou Hai pretended to be mysterious and left this half-truth, and then turned and left.

Zhang Tianhu sneered behind him, not paying attention to his words. At the same time, Liang Xiaoyu was sitting in front of the mirror, looking at himself in the mirror with heavy makeup, and screamed in horror.

She felt like she had entered a dream, and saw a blurry figure sitting in front of the makeup mirror, lining her eyebrows, applying black eyeliner, putting on long false eyelashes, and arranging her long hair into an elegant style. Curly hair, and layers of powder on her face, but when she came back to her senses, she saw everything in front of her clearly. The girl dressed like a ghost in the mirror was herself.

What is the word for ear knife ghost_What is the pronunciation of ear knife ghost_Ear knife ghost

When Zhou Hai returned to the bureau, Liang Xiaoyu was in the office with his hair in a mess, staring blankly into the air without saying a word.

"Liang Xiaoyu, I think maybe I should grant you a few days off and let you see a psychiatrist." Zhou Hai observed her for a while and inquired.

"I'm fine." But she interrupted Zhou Hai firmly as if she had changed. "Until the murderer is caught, I can guarantee that nothing will happen to me." After saying that, she laughed.

Zhou Hai looked at her weird smile and recalled her incomprehensible words, his doubts growing in his heart.

But he didn't have time to think about it. At this time, in the missing person's information, he found a girl who had disappeared recently. Her hairstyle, age and height were very similar to those of the previous victim.

Xiao Wang walked into his office with a stack of laboratory reports and said to Zhou Hai: "The blood on the victim belongs to the missing girl."

"Five years ago, Zhang Xiaohu imprisoned and tortured the victim for a month before killing him. Therefore, I suspect that the missing girl may still be alive." Zhou Hai's eyes revealed a firm look. This time, He must send Zhang Tianhu to prison again.

"Well, of course, as long as the person is alive, the blood will not solidify and will be splashed on the deceased." Xiao Wang paused and said, "I just hope that this time, Zhang Tianhu can really get the sanction of the law."

"If we rescue the missing person, we will have human witnesses and physical evidence." Zhou Hai glanced at Xiao Wang, "I believe it must be on that blanket and the missing pair of scissors."

Xiao Wang nodded and said as he walked out of the door: "There is something wrong with Xiaoyu."

5 Never die in peace

Something was indeed wrong with Liang Xiaoyu. Zhou Hai had noticed this a long time ago. Since the incident, Liang Xiaoyu has become less and less like her before.

What he said to Zhang Tianhu that Xiaoyu might be possessed by a ghost was not just to scare Zhang Tianhu, but also to express the growing truth in his mind. Xiao Wanggang also told him that from the wounds on the deceased's eyelids, it was determined that the wounds were caused by scissors. Liang Xiaoyu had already stated this fact before.

But he didn't believe in these ghosts and gods. He is a detective.

However, he was actually vaguely expecting that Liang Xiaoyu was indeed possessed by a ghost. After all, she had brought a lot of rare evidence to the investigation of the case from the beginning.

At this time, the phone rang. When Zhou Hai saw that the call was from Liang Xiaoyu, he quickly pressed the call button.

Ear knife ghost_What is the word for ear knife ghost_What is the pronunciation of ear knife ghost

"Captain Zhou." Although it was a woman's voice on the phone, it was not Liang Xiaoyu's.

"Who are you?" Zhou Hai asked sternly.

"I am the one who was killed by Zhang Tianhu." What came over the phone surprised Zhou Hai.

"You're kidding me!" he said every word.

"If you drive near the hotel where my body was found, I can immediately prove that what I said is true." The woman on the phone said to him with a relaxed smile. "The missing girl is in the converted basement of the hotel."

"Wait, where is Liang Xiaoyu?" he asked immediately.

"I said I won't let anything happen to her." After saying that, the woman hung up the phone. When Zhou Hai called again, the phone was turned off. Zhou Hai thought for a while, then called the bureau and asked for on-site reinforcements. Then he drove directly to the hotel.

That hotel is Zhang Tianhu's property. Although he was arrested five years ago, the hotel has been operating prosperously. Recently, the entire basement was sealed due to renovations. Zhou Hai loaded the gun, then carefully looked around, and walked inside step by step with the help of the weak light in the basement.

At this time, a faint cry came from inside. Zhou Hai followed the sound and found the girl who was chained to the water pipe in the basement and her body was covered with scars.

"Don't be afraid, you are safe now." Zhou Hai walked over and softly comforted the nervous girl. When he came closer, the girl suddenly raised her head and smiled at him.

Zhou Hai felt as if his heart had been knocked hard, and then it started beating wildly uncontrollably.

The girl's hair was messy and long, but her face was surprisingly pale when exposed to the light, and her eyes, without the upper eyelids and eyelashes, looked like glass balls protruding from the eye sockets. On that girl's face.

That girl's face was not unfamiliar to Zhou Hai at all. It was the face of the girl who was still lying on the operating table in the bureau's autopsy room.

Then, the girl suddenly disappeared like smoke. There was only a lone chain left at the scene, and not far away, the missing girl who had been tortured until she fainted was fainting on the ground. Zhou Hai calmed down and quickly carried the unconscious girl out.

At this time, a man suddenly blocked his way with a gun.

What is the word for ear knife ghost_What is the pronunciation of ear knife ghost_Ear knife ghost

"Oh, Captain Zhou, I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to sit in prison for five years, but I didn't expect you to show up at my door yourself." Zhang Tianhu proudly pointed his gun at Zhou Hai, who was holding the girl but could not resist.

"Zhang Tianhu, murder is a capital crime. You cannot escape!" Zhou Hai secretly observed the surroundings, looking for hiding spots, while talking to Zhang Tianhu to delay time. He had to save this girl no matter what. "Now. If you let us go, you can still get some forgiveness for your crimes."

"Haha, Captain Zhou is really good at joking." But Zhang Tianhu pointed the gun at him and sneered: "A mentally disturbed person does not need to bear legal responsibility for killing someone."

Zhou Hai looked at this cold-blooded killer with sadness in his heart. Five years ago, although he had gone through great troubles to catch this murderer, he was not given the death penalty he deserved because of Zhang Tianhu's financial resources and influence. He was even allowed to be at large now. Now, he never thought that he would be wronged by this man. One of the souls.

In this way, he will not be able to rest in peace even if he dies!

6 truths

At this moment, a gunshot rang out throughout the basement.

Zhang Tianhu opened his eyes in disbelief, then slowly turned around with his last strength, but his face immediately turned into one of horror.

"You, why are you?" In the end, he fell to the ground with an expression of guilt and fear, making a heavy sound.

Zhou Hai breathed a sigh of relief when he looked at Liang Xiaoyu, who was holding a gun and dressed like Barbie with trembling hands.

"Thank you, Captain Zhou." Liang Xiaoyu said gratefully to Zhou Hai. "Thank you for allowing me to personally execute my sister's killer."

"I didn't do anything for you." Zhou Hai said to her sternly: "Whenever a prisoner threatens people's safety with a gun, the police have the right to shoot the murderer on the spot. It's me who wants to thank you."

In fact, from the very beginning, Zhou Hai discovered that Liang Xiaoyu looked very much like the same person. It was only when this murder occurred that he remembered that Liang Xiaoyu looked very much like the girl who was killed five years ago. Then, in order to solve the case as quickly as possible, Liang Xiaoyu deliberately pretended to be possessed by a ghost, just to intimidate Zhang Tianhu and make him dare not act rashly for the time being to ensure the safety of the missing girl. At the same time, it was also to allow Zhou Hai to discover the suspicious points in the case and arrest Zhang Tianhu as soon as possible.

When Zhou Hai handed over the blood-stained scissors for cutting girls' eyelids that he found from Zhang Tianhu's home to Xiao Wang, Xiao Wang couldn't help but mutter to himself: "How did Xiaoyu know they were these kind of scissors? The scissors are of different lengths. And it’s usually difficult to tell which type of scissors caused the wounds on the victim.”

"My sister told me." Liang Xiaoyu heard what he said and told him excitedly: "My sister reports dreams to me every night, and I will show you those clues deliberately. She said that if Zhang Tianhu is not rectified, She died with her eyes closed, and she could only become a wandering spirit. Let me tell you another news, I don’t know how to put on makeup at all. The makeup I wore at that time was really not done by myself, it was done by my sister for me. But after Zhang Tianhu died, I didn’t do it anymore I dreamed about her.”

"It's so amazing!" Xiao Wang didn't believe it.

"If you don't believe me, ask Captain Zhou." Liang Xiaoyu naughtily pushed the question to Zhou Hai, who was silent at the side.

Zhou Hai was silent, he smiled lightly and thought in his heart, the girl who cried in the basement that night should no longer wander around in this world and went to the place where she should go, right?

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