The Scary Bed In The Bedroom

The new semester has arrived, and the students came to the school dormitory with dust. Haoming and Lianfeng found their dormitory, dormitory 204, opened the door and walked in.

Haoming first took a fancy to bed No. 05 on the top, put all his things on the bed, pretended to breathe a sigh of relief, and then glanced at Lian Feng who was still standing beside him, and said "Lian Feng, what are you still lingering on? Find a bed quickly and put your things there! Look, I have already found a bed that is both ventilated and comfortable. You hurry up and choose one!"

Lian Feng didn't say anything and walked silently to the innermost bed No. 9. He put everything on the bed and stared at the bed carefully for a long time. Haofeng looked at Lian Feng's strange behavior in confusion and said nothing. Because Lian Feng is a person who rarely talks and likes to be quiet and alone. So although Haoming has been friends with him for a long time, he still can't figure out what he is thinking. In Haoming's view, Lian Feng is a veil that can never be revealed or broken. And Haoming himself is a sunny, straightforward, cheerful and lively boy. Although the two have different personalities, they have the same hobbies and the same ideals, so they have become good friends.

After a day of classes at school. Haoming and Lianfeng returned to the dormitory feebly and lay heavily on their respective beds. The classmates in the dormitory also came to their respective beds. When there are too many people talking, it is natural to have a few chats. At this time, the dormitory director Feng Hui mysteriously told everyone such a thing: "The story I told is the true story about our dormitory. Because I once lived in this dormitory, and to be honest with you, because I My grades were very bad, so my parents forced me to stay in the first grade. So I am still in this dormitory. So I knew this horrible thing." Then Feng Hui coughed a few times deliberately and deliberately, and continued, "We Bed No. 9 in dormitory 204 was once slept by a dead man, and that person has not been found yet. That bed was once slept by a very fat man. This fat man really loved eating. Every time his mother comes here When he was at school, he would bring him a lot of snacks, such as chicken drumsticks, cakes, hamburgers… and then give him a bank card to buy a lot of snacks. He would often go to bed when he was full and satisfied. Lying down……,

Horror ghost story: Entering a thatched house_Horror gif picture_Horror gif animation The thatched house is suddenly haunted

Until one day, when his mother came here to see him again, she found that his fat son was not in the dormitory, and he was nowhere to be seen in the classroom. His mother became anxious and called the police. Later, the police came here. After careful investigation and interviews, there was still no result. In the end it had to end with a disappearance case. Later in the dormitory, roommates would often hear the sound of chewing food from the empty bed No. 9… Sigh! The classmate sleeping in bed No. 9 should be careful at night, lest the fat man from before eat him as a snack. Fall!" After hearing this, Haoming felt a little worried and nervous for Lian Feng, because Lian Feng slept on bed No. 9. He quickly said to Lian Feng, "Lian Feng, are you afraid? If you don't dare to sleep on that bed , you can come and sleep with me. Lian Feng replied calmly, "What's the matter? These are just rumors and feudal superstitions. There is nothing to be afraid of!" Feng Hui said, "This is true. I didn't lie to you! At that time, all of us heard the noise coming from bed No. 9. Forget it if you don’t believe the voice. If something happens then, don’t blame me for not warning you!" Lian Feng said nothing and fell asleep silently. Hao Ming listened to the movement of bed No. 9 with his ears raised, but Nothing is heard.

The next morning, everyone got up lazily. Haoming noticed that Lian Feng looked tired and knew that he must not have slept well last night. Didn't sleep well. After finally getting through a day of classes. Horror Ghost Story entered a thatched house at night. Haoming bought a lot of snacks and stuffed them all for Lian Feng, and said to him, "Lian Feng, I know you didn't sleep well last night, so I bought you these snacks to replenish your body." Food. You must eat it all." Lian Feng frowned with dissatisfaction when he saw so many snacks. "Haoming, you know, I don't like snacks." After hearing what Lian Feng said After saying this, Haoming said angrily, "You really don't understand my kindness. If you don't eat all these things, then we can't even be friends!" After saying that, he rushed into his bed and buried his head in the quilt. inside.

Horror ghost story: Entering a thatched house_Horror gif picture_Horror gif animation The thatched house is suddenly haunted

At ten minutes in the middle of the night, Haoming heard the sound of chewing food coming from the lower bunk room No. 9. He knew that this must be Lian Feng eating the food he gave him. Thinking of this, he smiled proudly! Because all this was a trap deliberately set by Haoming, just waiting for Lian Feng to escape.

In fact, Haoming has always been a scheming and sophisticated person. In the eyes of others, he and Lian Feng were very good friends and talked about almost everything. But in reality, Haoming hated Lian Feng. In Haoming 's eyes, Lian Feng is cold and ruthless, almost inhumane, and always indifferent to him. Hao Ming's enthusiasm is like putting his hot face against Lian Feng's. Cold ass. Moreover, Lian Feng is more handsome than him and his family background is much better than his own. In fact, these are not the main reasons. The real reason why I hate Lian Feng so much is that the girl I love likes Lian Feng instead of me. He really hated it, hated the heartbroken feeling, and even more hated Lianfeng's indifferent and selfish attitude. So, he decided to teach Lian Feng a lesson.

Horror ghost picture_ Horror ghost story: Entering a thatched house_Horror gif animation The thatched house is suddenly haunted

And Haoming happened to be in the dormitory when he heard the dormitory director telling everyone about the horrific deeds of the missing fat man. That night, he deliberately asked Lian Feng if he was scared. If he was scared, sleep with me. This was to make Lian Feng feel scared and nervous. Until that morning he discovered that Lian Feng was yawning repeatedly and was in a very bad mental state. Haoming knew that Lian Feng must have thought about the missing fat man last night and was so nervous and scared that he didn't sleep well all night. Haoming himself has never believed in these weird things. He is a typical materialist.

He felt that although Lian Feng said he wasn't afraid, he was actually very scared, which was why he didn't sleep well. So Haoming came up with a plan. Just tonight, he prepared a lot of snacks and gave them to Lian Feng, waiting until Lian Feng secretly ate his own snacks in the middle of the night. Dressed up as that damn fat man, he suddenly appeared in front of Lian Feng and reached out to him to ask for snacks… Haoming smiled evilly. He thought that even if he couldn't scare him to death, he would still have to scare him silly.

Horror gif animation: The thatched house is suddenly haunted_Horror ghost story: Entering a thatched house_Horror thatched house pictures

Thinking of this, Haoming immediately took action. While everyone else in the dormitory was already completely asleep, he put on his makeup and looked left and right in the mirror. He really looked like a fat man who had eaten to death. Even Haoming himself had to admire his superb makeup skills. He got out of bed gently and cautiously, and heard the chewing sound of Lian Feng getting louder while eating snacks.

"This kid said he doesn't like snacks, but now he's eating so happily while hiding in bed." Haoming thought.

Horror ghost picture_ Horror ghost story: Entering a thatched house_Horror gif animation The thatched house is suddenly haunted

He came to Lian Feng's bed and lifted off his quilt. And said in a sinister voice, "You are eating snacks, why don't you share them with me? Come on, bring me some food." After that, he slowly stretched out his hand to ask for it.

After a while, the man in the quilt slowly turned his head. When Haoming saw it, he was immediately frightened out of his wits. Lian Feng has long since disappeared, and the man lying on the bed now is full of fat, pale, and his eyes are full of white eyes. From those eyes, lines of bright red blood began to flow. The swollen body seemed to have no support, and it was all spread out on the bed. The fat man took a chicken leg in his fat hand and stretched it towards Haoming. A more sinister and sad voice came out of his mouth, "Do you want to eat? Here you go…" After the fat man finished speaking, he smiled sinisterly. Several times.

Haoming could no longer suppress his terror, screamed, and fainted on the ground.

The fat man looked at Haoming who was unconscious on the ground, slowly took off his mask, and said to Haoming, "Brother, why are you doing this? Why don't you get along well with me? In fact, I already knew it. You are dissatisfied with me, so I have been cooperating with you in acting! Hehehe…"

Lian Feng's smile, which had been smiling for a while, suddenly froze, because he saw a very fat man sitting on the edge of his bed in the dark dormitory, giggling at him, and took it from his hand. Got that chicken leg!

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