short Ghost Story

This is a true story my late grandma told me (she said it was true).

My grandma gave birth to 8 children in her lifetime, but unfortunately the first three died in infancy. According to my grandma, life was hard in those days. Due to little food and malnutrition, the survival rate of her children was very low.

My grandmother put the dead child in a dustpan and buried it in the mass grave behind the house. The mass grave was just a mass grave . In that era, it was very common for people to die, so no one knew how many people were buried in that mound. They only knew that there were many earth mounds, each of which was buried in a mass grave. Each bag represents one or more people buried inside.

At that time, my grandparents lived in a village surrounded by mountains. There were only a few families in front and behind. If we wanted to buy something or have something to do at home, we would wait until the men from several families went out together, because it was a long walk out of the mountains. There is a section of mountain road. It is said that tigers were still in the mountains at that time, and then you have to pass the mass grave.

And my grandma told me that she heard with her own ears that there were ghosts crying in the chaos at night, which was a very scary and desolate sound. So to sum up the reasons mentioned above, absolutely no one would dare to pass that place alone at night. However, the more terrifying the experience, the more involuntary it is. When my now-eldest uncle was 2 years old, he suddenly had a high fever one night. Seeing that my grandma had finally raised an adult-shaped child, she was afraid that she might have another child. , so I repeatedly begged my grandfather to go to the other side of the mountain to ask a doctor to take a look.

My grandfather was only thinking about his children and walked out the door without saying much. Maybe grandma had the savvy to catch up with him from behind and stuffed a green bamboo pole into him, saying that it was used to fight animals and drive away ghosts. My grandfather took such a green bamboo pole with him on the road. You can imagine that What does it feel like to walk several kilometers of mountain road alone without being able to see your fingers? My grandfather said that he was scared all his life in that night. (This is another story)

Let me first talk about how my grandfather walked that stretch of road that night. According to the old man himself, he didn’t think about anything at first. He just wanted to ask the doctor to come back early to treat the child. But as soon as he arrived at the chaotic post I felt a chill down my spine and couldn't move. Because with the help of the moonlight, he could clearly see the "will-o'-the-wisps" flying all over the mountain with a strange cry-like sound of "woo-woo". (When talking about this, I asked my grandpa if I was afraid. Grandpa told me, can I not be afraid? Although he has heard of these things, this is the first time he has experienced it personally.) At this moment, grandpa thought of the green bamboo pole in his hand, and he He raised the bamboo pole in his hand and cursed loudly to encourage himself as he walked forward. Although the hillock was only 30 meters high and about 100 meters wide, Grandpa felt that it felt like walking 10 miles, but in the end Grandpa I walked over anyway and asked the doctor to come back and cure my uncle. But he was still so frightened that he became seriously ill, but fortunately the impact was not significant.

Although my grandparents passed away almost 10 years ago, I still remember the true past events they told me. I feel that strange things do exist, but they cannot shake the true love of parents for their children.

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