Ghost In Water

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, a neighbor moved in downstairs from my house, a middle-aged couple with their 10-year-old son.

At that time, I was always carefree and could run around the whole building and play to my heart's content. Slowly, I and some friends got to know the 10-year-old boy. Because of the passage of time, I have forgotten his name, so let’s call him Brother Gui.

Although Brother Gui is a young boy, his ideas are very different from ours. Whenever he sits down quietly, he likes to tell us some supernatural events he has encountered.

His father has been running boats for a long time, so most of the stories Gui Ge tells us are related to water.

(1) The first story Brother Gui tells is his own.

One summer afternoon, Brother Gui thought the weather was too hot, so he carried his parents down to the river to swim. He was about 7 or 8 years old at that time. He knew the water well because he lived on a boat all year round.

He got into the river and was so happy to feel the coolness of the water that he swam far away without realizing it.

As he swam, he felt something was wrong. He felt like something in the river was tickling the center of his feet. It was not the kind of feeling that only comes from touching garbage in the river.

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Brother Gui was a little scared and started to swim to the shore. The feeling of being tickled still came from the soles of his feet, which made him speed up.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Brother Gui's foot and pulled him into the water. Brother Gui began to struggle desperately and shouted for help.

People on the boat heard Brother Gui's cry for help. Someone jumped into the river, swam to Brother Gui, and pulled him to the shore. When they arrived at the shore, Brother Gui's parents were also there. They scolded their son for being disobedient and checked his body.

They saw a bloody wound on Brother Gui's right ankle, and the flesh was turned outward, as if it had been pinched by something.

Afterwards, Brother Gui told everyone what happened in the water, but no one expressed belief or disbelief.

Later, Brother Gui learned that everyone who worked on the ship would have experienced some things that ordinary people could not understand. After Brother Gui finished telling this story, he rolled up his trouser legs to show us his wounds. The wounds had healed, leaving only white scars.

(2) The second story was told by the helper on Gui Ge’s father’s boat.

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One winter night, after finishing the work on the boat, everyone rolled up their quilts and chatted for a while before falling asleep.

In the early hours of the night, several boatmen who were sleeping lightly were awakened by a burst of singing. They strained their ears to listen to who was singing on this winter night.

If you listen carefully, you will see that there is more than one singing voice, and the voices are all men's voices.

A brave man got down to the ground wrapped in a quilt, opened the door and went out to take a look. I saw a few black figures walking on the river. The strange thing is that these black figures followed one after another, as if the first person could see and the people behind were all blind, holding hands on each other. Walk.

The man who saw this immediately stood up with chills. It was obvious that the things on the river were not human at all. How could a human stand on the river? He had seen a ghost.

He quietly returned to the house, closed the door gently, wrapped himself in a quilt and lay down on the bed without saying a word.

When others asked him what he saw, he revealed his head and said softly: "There are ghosts on the river, so everyone should sleep with their heads covered." &rdquo

Can carp survive if it is going to die_Carp die in summer_Three major reasons why carp die

The people listening were frightened, especially those who had never encountered anything strange on the ship. Everyone hid under the quilt one after another, not daring to take a breath.

After a while, the singing got closer and closer, as if the singer was on the boat. The boatmen who had not woken up just now were all awake now, and they were all muttering about who was staying up late at night and was out of his mind.

Those people who were covered in quilts were so scared that they didn't fall asleep. They all showed their heads and told those who had just woken up to shut up and stop talking. It's a dead carp in the summer . Those ghosts just now may have boarded the boat.

Everyone was so frightened that they didn't dare to take a breath, and hid in bed one after another.

Gradually, the singing came outside the cabin door. It is said that ghosts have no feet and walk silently. It is true. No one heard any footsteps outside, only singing. The singing voice was a bit ethereal, with the tone sometimes sad and sometimes sobbing, but the words could never be heard clearly.

The singing didn't disappear until the sky became white. The older boatman on the boat said: "I'm afraid I've met someone who died unjustly." &rdquo

(3) The third story is about a water monster, which was told to him by Gui Ge’s grandfather.

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Brother Gui's grandfather lived in the countryside when he was a child. There was a small river in the village, and many people drowned in this river. Therefore, the adults prohibited children from playing in the river or even by the river.

The villagers drink well water and only go to the river together when washing clothes.

Legend has it that there is a monster with many arms and legs in the river. It lives by eating meat, whether it is human flesh or animal meat. However, no one has seen the monster.

When Grandpa Gui was twelve years old, his family, with the help of a relative, had to go to the city to work and live, so the whole family had to move.

Grandpa Gui Ge was very reluctant to leave the village, so he went to the river alone and depressed.

Of course he remembered the adults' warnings, so he stayed a little far away from the river. He found a stone and sat down, holding his hands and staring at the river in a daze. He imagined the scene of going to the city in his mind.

Before you know it, it was getting dark, and Grandpa Gui got up and planned to go home.

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Carp die in summer_Three major reasons why carp die_Can carp survive if it is going to die’/>

At this time, he found that the river water was rippling strangely. After a while, something crawled out of the river.

Grandpa Gui cleverly lay down in a haystack and looked at the thing. It was just like the legend, with four arms and four legs. It walked like a giant crab, but it was not a big crab, but more like a giant crab with long limbs. Humanity.

Its head and face are like those of a human, with sparse hair dripping with water, and a fish in its mouth.

It took the fish with one hand and chewed it. It seemed to enjoy the meal. It never found Grandpa Gui. After eating, it lay down by the river and seemed to enjoy it until Grandpa Gui's mother called Brother Gui in the distance. After finding out Grandpa's name, the thing crawled into the river.

Grandpa Gui told others what he saw, but no one believed him.

Later, when I had a grandson, I told Brother Gui about it, and Brother Gui told us.

This world is constantly reincarnating. Life comes and goes, and comes again. There are many things that humans cannot understand.

Many things seem true or false, only your own eyes are the truth.

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