Wild Fruits On The Grave

I once heard a ghost story told by my grandfather. When he was young, one summer he went to the market to sell salt. After selling the salt, he still went to a restaurant in Jishang, ordered two taels of peanuts, bought half a catty of bulk sorghum wine, and sat there eating and drinking alone. After he had eaten and drank enough, it was almost dark. Taking advantage of the wine, he picked up the empty salt basket and hurried home.

At this time, he was walking on the country road, and he felt that the willow branches beside the field ridge were gently swaying with the night wind, and the frogs and toads in the field were croaking, which always made people feel very scared and panicked. Grandpa has encountered ghosts several times before . Grandma tells rural ghost stories . He knows that it is easiest to see ghosts at night like this. It is inevitable that he will be frightened by such a gloomy environment and break out in cold sweat. He doesn’t think much and speeds up. Grandpa Nai told country ghost stories and hurriedly ran towards home. However, when he ran to a cemetery, he saw an old man sitting in front of a grave and sighing.

Grandpa walked over and asked him: "Master, why are you sitting here?"

The old man didn't even look at his grandfather, but still sighed and said: "Forget it, I went to the market today to sell apples, and so far I haven't sold a single apple. If my wife finds out, he will be very angry. I don't dare to go home." , just sitting here, worrying about these apples."

At this time, the moon had risen. Through the moonlight, grandpa saw a basket in front of the old man. The basket was full of red and big apples. Grandpa rushed to the market all day and drank some wine. He felt thirsty, so he stared at his apples greedily and said, "Master, how many kilograms of apples do I want from you?"

When the old man heard about the business, he immediately got excited. He quickly took out the weighing tool and weighed a few kilograms of apples to his grandfather in the bright moonlight. At that time, my grandpa took the apples and put them into the salt basket. He didn't bother to eat them. He just wanted to go home and eat these apples with grandma.

After grandpa said goodbye to the old man and returned home, he asked grandma to bring a lamp and eat these apples together. But the weird thing is that grandpa saw that the big and red apples in the salt basket have now become the usual ones on the grave. Those indescribable small, black wild fruits I saw on the road. Grandpa thought: This is bad, the old man may not be a human, but a ghost in the grave, so he quickly threw the wild fruits in the basket outside the gate.

The next day, grandpa came to the grave and saw that there were many small and black wild fruits on the weeds on the grave. However, some of the weeds still had traces of newly picked wild fruits, which showed that these wild fruits had been harvested. The wild fruits were all taken and sold to grandpa by the ghost old man last night.

The old people in the village said, never eat the wild fruits on the graves, otherwise you will be haunted by ghosts. Fortunately, my grandfather found something wrong with the "apples" he bought from the old ghosts in time, and dropped them in time. , otherwise grandpa will really be haunted by ghosts in the future.

Haha… I hope that after reading this ghost story, everyone will never eat the wild fruits on the graves, otherwise you will be haunted by ghosts, and those ghosts will haunt you for the rest of your life…

Post-note: There are many graves in the countryside, and some wild fruits always grow on these graves, such as: red seeds, cow rice (er), crutches, azalea, mulberry (er), etc. These wild fruits are very delicious. , produce fluid and quench thirst, and have a sweet aftertaste, which makes people never tire of eating them. However, because these wild fruits grow on graves, they have a strong yin energy. If people eat too much, they will be prone to illness and even evil. Therefore, these wild fruits Although it is delicious, no one dares to pick it off and eat it.

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