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The old corpse in the mountain village: The evil spirit haunts subtitles_The old corpse in the mountain village 3 (The evil spirit haunts) movie_Old movie The corpse in the mountain village haunts the evil spirit 3D

Growing up in the countryside, I often heard ghost stories told by my elders. Our village is a very big one in the local area, and there are production brigades below the village. Our home is surrounded by mountains. When we were in primary school, we had to pass through a ravine called Jiangmiao. My elders We always tell you not to play there after school!

After careful questioning, I found out that before the Cultural Revolution, there was a Tutu Temple in that place. Behind the temple, there was a strange-looking crooked-necked tree standing at the foot of the mountain. Later, the temple was demolished by the Red Guards, but the tree remained intact! During that dark period, our small mountain village was not immune. One after another, relatives and neighbors were persecuted. Many people could not bear the torture and chose to hang themselves. However, they all regarded the Crooked Neck Tree as the last stop of their lives.

At that time, several families living opposite Jiangmiao often saw a corpse swaying in the bleak wind at the foot of the mountain when they opened the door in the morning. I don’t know why those people were so fond of this tree. Some people said that the tree had become a spirit. , Some people say that the father-in-law of the land is taking revenge on the world, but from then on, people living nearby can always hear a few shrill screams piercing the night sky in the middle of the night. Some people often say that they have seen an erratic figure and want to take a closer look. When I watched it, there was nothing about the movie "The Evil Spirit Haunted" . In short, Jiangmiao became a scary place.

Later, the crooked neck tree was also cut down by the villagers, but when it was cut down, red sap like blood flowed all over the ground. Later, Huahua (goddess) was invited to perform several rituals, but the strange things did not stop. The place has become an ominous place!

My grandfather had four brothers, the second of whom died when he was very young! So the third oldest child was upgraded to my second grandfather. The story I’m going to tell next is about him. My second grandfather made quilts. At that time, quilt makers used a special large bow to play cotton. One day, because it was approaching the New Year's Eve, business was particularly busy.

Grandpa Er worked late that day and was walking home alone with a big bow on his back. The only place he had to pass was from his place of work to Jiajiang Temple. The moon sifted through the dense woods and cast white flowers all over the place, and the shadows of night walkers were also stretched very long. Thinking about those supernatural things, I felt a chill running down my spine. At this moment, he suddenly vaguely heard the sad cry of a woman. The second grandfather muttered to himself that this was the woman from that family who was sad alone in the middle of the night, but then he thought that it would be better to have a figure than to be alone; so he went faster I stopped walking and walked around the corner. I saw a woman in white beside the crooked neck tree crying with her back to the road. People were simple at that time, so the second grandfather walked up and wanted to say a few words of comfort. The second grandfather asked: "Who are you from? Why don't you go home and cry here alone in the middle of the night?" But the woman didn't say anything. She still turned her back to the second grandfather, and her shoulders were shaking from crying. Second Grandpa smiled naively and said, "You are an interesting woman." As he said this, he wanted to see which woman this was, but the woman in white also turned around, never letting Second Grandpa see his front. The second grandfather wondered: "You woman, don't you know that people are infiltrating this place? Go back quickly"?

Just then the second grandfather got excited and shouted "Oh my God"! Just run away. It turned out that the moment I lowered my head to speak, I suddenly realized that there was no shadow of the woman under the moonlight! But how could that thing let the second grandpa go? No matter how fast the second grandpa ran, it followed him as fast as he could, and kept making shrill cries. But no matter how fast Second Grandpa ran, there was no way the female ghost could float as fast as him. But strangely enough, the female ghost only followed him from a distance and never came close! The second grandfather suddenly had an idea , took off the long bow from his back, and used the greatest strength in his life to draw the long bow to full capacity. There was only a sharp "chirp" sound piercing the air, like a silver-white sword shooting through the female ghost who was following from a distance. With a shrill ghost cry, the female ghost in white disappeared into the miserable moonlight.

It turns out that the bow is a tool to ward off evil spirits, which is why the female ghost did not dare to face the second grandfather head-on. After returning home, the second grandfather secretly rejoiced, but he also became ill for a long time because of this.

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