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Asong's son was lost when he was four months old. In order to find his son, Asong traveled almost all over China. But twenty years later, still nothing.

It's time to change tactics, he told himself. The new strategy he thought of was to use supernatural means. When the current technology cannot help him find his son, maybe this method can.

He heard that there was a master of prophecy who could help people predict the future.

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After a lot of hard work, Asong finally met the master. The master is indeed a master, and he is willing to help Asong even if he knows that he is penniless. After asking for details, the master meditated for a moment and said, "Close your eyes." Asong followed the instructions and closed his eyes.

"Next, I will take you to witness the future scene. What you see may be the scene of being reunited with your son, or you may see his son's bones. You must be mentally prepared and don't collapse when the time comes." Asong said calmly Said: "I'm ready." "Then let's get started."

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Half an hour later, Asong woke up with a smile on his lips.

The master asked: "What did you see?"

The Ghost Bride's Novel_The Ghost Eyed Bride Audiobook Still _The novel about the bride is a ghost

Asong was overjoyed, his voice sounded excited and eager: "I found my son, he…he…"

"Don't be anxious, speak slowly."

The Ghost Bride's Novel_The Ghost Eyed Bride Audiobook Still _The novel about the bride is a ghost

"My son is still alive. I saw him with my own eyes and hugged him. What happened was like this. I was in a strange place. Suddenly, my grandfather, who had been dead for many years, appeared in front of me. The Ghost Eye Bride audio novel is still , He still made me happy as before. After listening to my appeal, grandpa pointed me to a place. He said that on the street opposite, a family picked up a child. The child's appearance was the same as what I described. Very similar. Grandpa took me and knocked on the door of that house. Sure enough, there was my son inside. He was as lively and cute as before…"

After saying these longing words, Asong said goodbye to the master with great gratitude and hurried to the place in his dream. Looking at his retreating figure, the master shook his head deeply.

Later, the audio novel "Ghost Eyed Bride" still existed , and Asong found his son in the place he dreamed of. All the scenes are exactly the same as in the dream. However, that was already after his death.

At the beginning, the sudden hope blinded his eyes, leaving him no time to think too much: Twenty years have passed, and his son should have grown up long ago. If he was still alive, how could he remain unchanged?

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