Infatuated Flower Soul

As an older "old man" among Gardenias, I enjoy the bathing in the sunshine. I loved Gardenias during my lifetime. After my death, I did not want to be reincarnated and only wanted to be a Gardenia, just to wait for one person, a person. The person I loved very much when I was alive, I heard from Grandpa Yama that he was reincarnated here. He also likes gardenias very much. Maybe it’s the vague memories of his life that make him fall in love with them.

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long Ghost Story

"The meaning of saying this was to remind the rude man in front of him to pay attention to the injury to Lin Yuer's left ear, but Tang Yuanren didn't even look at Lin Yuer's eyes, and immediately grabbed Zhuang Qin's slender finger with his thick palm. He wanted to teach this young man a lesson and tell him to be careful when he flirts with women in the future. Huh, how dare you flirt with his Tang Yuanren woman?

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The Emotional Ghost Story Of The Married Wife

The woman sat in a corner of the room, quietly watching the man pack his things in a hurry. I encountered a ghost, and I bumped into my wife for no apparent reason. Maybe he was someone with a similar face to her? The woman remained silent just as she had listened to the man's promise that day. After that night, I saw the woman's soul every day. The man went to wash himself, looked at the woman, and suddenly became mischievous and asked playfully: The man gasped in fear, and the woman looked at him with a determined look, refusing to let him leave the room for even half a step.

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I said that I was in the Third Hospital now, and the two protagonists in the news were both my short-lived classmates. I started browsing websites that serialized my novels. This is a habit I have when writing. When I can’t continue writing, I especially like to browse literary websites. I suddenly felt that the things I experienced this day were bizarre and terrifying enough, so I thought I might as well write them down first, and maybe I could write a thriller novel! … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Long Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Long Ghost Stories

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Without the control of his family, he indulged himself even more, often being obsessed with casinos and staying up all night. Before going home, he went to a hotel he frequented and bought a bottle of wine on credit. Then he said to him: "My dear, when you go back, don't gamble anymore, and don't sell your home. You must live a good life, so that your mother and I can rest in peace underground." "After that, he floated into the cemetery and disappeared with the gambling friend. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Ghost Stories At Home>Browse Articles Ghost Stories At Home

Lead Him Into A Dream Online Reading

I dreamed that the senior was standing alone in the playground. I walked over and he told me that he had always liked me, and then hugged me tightly. While washing up, I excitedly whispered to Mei that I dreamed about my senior, and we even hugged and kissed. The next day, I really dreamed of my senior again. After the two of us kissed, we talked sweet words of love on the grass. I felt even more satisfied. The thing that led him into his dream was just an adolescent joke. … Continue readingLead Him Into A Dream Online Reading

Dead Girl Turns Into A Ghost Killing Her Son

In that era, many men in barren areas were addicted to alcohol, and it was not uncommon for a drunk to beat a woman, so even though the young man's mother was beaten by his father twice every three days, no one really took it back. Take things seriously, let alone stop them. A tiger does not eat its children. It is hard for me to imagine that there are mothers who would go out of their way to harm their children. The souls of those who died suddenly have deep obsessions, and it is the most difficult to breathe. … Continue readingDead Girl Turns Into A Ghost Killing Her Son

Pay Off The Tears Owed By The Previous Life

But that man swore that the tears he owed in his previous life would be paid off in this life. Who is this man who looks like himself? Wu Xuelian, who was lying on the hospital bed, suddenly felt that she was the man in her dream , to pay off the tears owed to Bai Mengjie in the previous life. Of course, Gan Zixuan also knew that he had no choice but to marry Lin Yunxi, and that he had indeed ruined Lin Yunxi's life, so he said coldly: "I owe you all the tears in this life, and I will definitely pay back in the next life. … Continue readingPay Off The Tears Owed By The Previous Life

The Girl In Red Read Online

The girl in red who was driving poked out a frightened face from the car window. The blood in my body was draining little by little, and before I lost consciousness, I vaguely saw the woman in red who had killed my wife that day, looking at me with a smile in front of me. A young couple was involved in a car accident. The husband pushed his wife in front of him. As a result, the wife was killed by the car, but the husband was only slightly injured because of the relief. In the lower right corner of the news report is the photo of the scene of the car accident that day. Although it was a black and white photo, I recognized the woman who died in vain at a glance. She had facial features that were too similar to the girl in red who hit me with a red sports car. … Continue readingThe Girl In Red Read Online