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If one day I die, will you marry another woman? "I remember asking this on my first wedding anniversary with you. At that time, he was busy fighting with the fresh fish in the pot and had no time to pay attention to me.

"Ah? Oh, maybe! You have to wait until you are really dead to say that." "What?" I feigned anger and hugged him from behind: "You hate me so much?"

Jun smiled, turned off the fire, turned around and hugged me: "Silly girl, I promised you not to lie to you. If I said I wouldn't marry but I did marry later, wouldn't I have lied to you?"

I laughed too, hiding in his arms, as happy as a bird. "Okay, you are allowed to marry her. However, she is not allowed to touch my beautiful dolls." "Why?"

"Because, that is the token of love you gave me. After you die, I will be there to watch you!" "Wow! It's so scary!" Jun laughed and hugged me tightly. "Silly boy, your life is… It’s growing!”

Now, I live among these dolls. I can’t imagine that in just ten days, I will be separated from you.

I died in a car accident. Everything happened so suddenly. At that time, I was thinking about where we were going to travel on the weekend, and the car came quickly. In fact, there was no serious pain. When I woke up, I saw people rushing to carry me into the ambulance. I just felt funny because I knew it was unnecessary. I was not at all sad to realize my own mortality. I have never had any friends, only you. Now I can still stay with you, just look at you. No matter what form he is in. Thinking of this, I strode home.

In front of my house, I hesitated. I remember hearing that souls could cross walls. I tried it and it worked! This excited me so much that I tried again and again. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a soul. At least the keys are saved!

After entering the house, I walked around, but you haven't come back yet. Suddenly I remembered that it was working time. So he kept wandering around the house again. Admiring our house is my favorite thing in life. Of course, death is no exception. Although, this room is very familiar to me. Because, here, I spent the happiest and happiest 375 days in my life. To this day, I still remember the way you looked at me in front of our house on your wedding day. He said: "Girl, this will be our home from now on! Ours!" Yes, mine and yours. From that day on, I kept dressing it up until today, when I could no longer serve it.

I saw the pink curtains in the house, the big cartoon carpet and the pile of dolls that filled most of the bedroom. Suddenly, I remembered Jun’s helpless and loving look every time he stroked my hair and whispered, “You are such a child.” Yes, if I can make my home look like a toy store, what am I if I’m not a child? It's a pity that I can no longer see Qun's expression when he said this.

I sighed and went back to the pile of dolls to sit down. Unknowingly, I fell asleep. , it is already dark. I felt a chill. I complained that Qijun forgot to take me back to the warm bed. Then I suddenly remembered that I had disappeared from your life , which was as painful as death , and it was very complete. I got up and started looking for him around the house, and finally found my beloved Jun in the bathroom.

He was lying on the bathtub. There were many empty wine bottles next to him. The ground was littered with vomit, and a pungent smell floated in the air. I pinched my nose in displeasure and knelt down to look at him. Unexpectedly, I found tears on his face. sky! My king will cry! He who was so strong actually cried! How incredible! I tried to pull him up, but my hand went through his body! I tried again and again, and after exhaustion, I decided to give up. For the first time, I knew I was so incompetent. When my husband is so convulsed, I don't even have the ability to hold him back. What is the use of such a wife?

I kissed his lips gently and sat down next to him. Apart from accompanying him like this, I can't think of any other way.

"Girl, don't go, don't go." I heard Jun calling me. I knew he was talking drunkenly. I laughed: "Fool, I love you so much, how could I be willing to leave you?"

A month later, life gradually returned to normal. My husband still goes to and from get off work on time, but he no longer likes to laugh; and I am still the happy little housewife, staying at home with my babies, but you have never noticed; we still live our life like that In the two people's days, nothing in the house has changed. Until one day, Ling appeared.

When Ling rang the doorbell, Qun was working overtime in the study on his plan, and I was beside him silly. I can't think of anyone visiting at this time of night? When I walked to the living room, I saw the sexy Ling and the dull Jun.

This is my first time meeting Ling. She had long curly hair and wore a sexy black suit and heavy makeup. The smell of her perfume was all around. I couldn't help but look down at the babydoll skirt and bunny slippers I was wearing. Compared with her, I am a real child.

"I moved here." When I heard Ling say this, I noticed the luggage bag next to her. Moving here? Where to live? Is it your home and mine? I looked at her strangely.

"Don't be ridiculous, please call me back." Jun seemed to be angry. This was the first time I saw Jun angry, very fierce. I am afraid.

"Why? Your wife is dead, shouldn't we be upright now?" Ling smiled brightly, but I felt cold. "Look! Your wife died so well. You are so good at choosing the right time. Even You don’t have to tell her about the divorce.” “Pah!” I saw Jun slap Ling. I was stunned! Why would you hit someone? He usually never even cursed. How could such a gentle man hit someone? How much is there about him that I don’t know about?

"Hmph! Hit me now! Have you forgotten the days when you talked sweetly to me in my bed? Don't forget that you promised me to divorce your wife and marry me." Divorce! Do you want to divorce me? He does not love me? He actually wants to marry Ling? Why didn't I notice it at all? I couldn't listen to a word Ling said anymore. I stumbled back to my pile of dolls. Hold them. I felt my nose was sore, and a wave of heat came out of my eyes.

It turns out that the soul can also shed tears!

Ling just moved into Jun and I's home and slept in our bed like a hostess. The only difference was that Jun moved to the living room. She replaced my cartoon rug and pink curtains. Take away the babydoll dresses from my closet and the bunny shoes from my shoe rack. She threw them all into the trash can.

Jun didn't say anything, just silently picked them up, washed them, and put them into the pile of dolls I loved so much. Then he kept saying to me: "Girl, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for you!" I looked at you and shed tears of distress. But I don't want to forgive him! I can't accept the appearance of an inexplicable Ling in Jun and I's lives. She was like a queen gesticulating in Jun and I's house, squeezing me out little by little; turning the small house I had carefully decorated into her home. What makes me particularly intolerable is your deception. He cheated on me for Ling! He said he wouldn't lie to me, and he didn't even want to lie to me about what happened after my death. Why was he with Ling when I was still alive? For a moment, the happy days I had with you seemed so pale and feeble.

"Throw this pile of garbage away!" Ling pointed at the tip of my nose and said to Jun. I looked around and realized she was referring to my precious doll. These are all given to me by you. It is a souvenir of every happiness we have. First date, first meal, first kiss. We all cherish it very much. He also said that he would leave it to the children in the future and tell them how happy their parents were, but now. sky! What did I see? You are taking care of them! Was he going to throw them away? Did he forget that I said I was living among dolls? He really doesn't want me anymore? Don't you miss his girl at all? I shook my head desperately, but couldn't stop his movement.

When Jun collected the dolls into a pile, Ling smiled with satisfaction: "Hurry up, throw them away, we have to forget the past and start a new life." Jun looked at Ling and ignored her. Just kiss each doll's face very gently, just like kissing me before. "Ling, let's go! I beg you! Leave the home of me and my girl! I won't throw them away, and I can't throw them away! My girl is living inside, and she is watching me!" Ling said angrily Looking at Jun: "You said you love me, you are mine!" "No, no! I'm sorry, I lied to you, the girl, and even myself!" Jun burst into tears, "I only love the girl. , I only love her! No one can replace her, but I understand it too late." I ran forward and hugged his back as before. Tears were flying everywhere, I had to forgive him!

Soon, Ling moved away. As hasty as they come. I didn’t even say goodbye to you. I thought she was sad. I looked at her melancholy back and wanted to do something for her, but I was powerless. I don't hate her, I just hope everything will be fine for her in the future. Just like I don't hate you, I know that once love goes deep into my bones, I don't understand how I can hate you.

After Ling left, the quiet and deserted days returned to before. You restored our house to its original condition. When I have nothing to do, I hold my photo in my hands in a daze. Or just work night after night. He closed himself off. Looking at his increasingly thin face, I couldn't tell how I felt.

It was at that time that Xin broke into Jun's life.

The acquaintance between Xin and Jun was unremarkable. That day, Xing just moved into the empty house next door, but the fuse broke, so he came to borrow it from Jun.

I know that when Jun saw Xinshi, he was stunned and it hurt like death , because I was also stunned. Xin looks eerily similar to me. It's just that there is more maturity between the brows. I saw Xin's inexplicable and embarrassed expression when Jun hugged her tightly and called her girl. Couldn't help but laugh. My Lord can be so stupid sometimes! From then on, Xin and Jun began to have a seemingly non-existent relationship.

Xin is a very gentle woman. It’s completely different from the creative naive me. She often comes in and out of your cabin and mine, cleaning the house for you and making delicious meals, but she never stays overnight. I just sit among the dolls every day, watching her wipe my photos, clean the dust on the dolls, and listen to you tirelessly telling stories about me and him.

I yawned loudly. I thought I was tired and maybe I should change places.

Jun and Xin's wedding was so natural. I don't even have a hint of jealousy. After marriage, Xin was the same as before. She didn't change any of the little furnishings in the room, including my pile of dolls that Ling once called trash. Looking at her busy life every day, I feel like a warm and beautiful painting. Suddenly I found that I was already so redundant. However, I don't want to leave you.

Xin is pregnant. This makes you very excited. The joy of becoming a father for the first time is beyond words. He pampered Xin just like he pampered me before, even more.

I think Xin is happy. But what should I do? This question has always puzzled me until that day.

That day, Jun went out. I saw Xin standing in front of the pile of dolls, touching her belly and saying to herself, "Baby, you will be very happy, because you have two mothers to hurt you." Then, she touched the doll's face: "Girl, you are also very happy." She loves our baby. Right?" I understood that Xin was not talking to herself, but to me.

I was relieved. Stand up and stretch. The bright sunshine outside the window shines warmly on me through the glass. I know that a baby can only feel pain from one mother. Then I got up and left my beloved dolls. I believe we will see you again soon!


The story is full of emotional and supernatural elements, showing the protagonist's deep love and sacrifice for her husband. The protagonist in the story continues to care about her husband's life even after death, and her soul bears witness to her husband's grief, new love, and ultimate happiness. At the end of the story, the protagonist chooses to leave, reflecting her love for her husband and unborn child. Overall, this is a heartwarming and touching story that provides a deeper understanding of love and sacrifice.

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