The Emotional Ghost Story Of The Married Wife

"Then, after dinner…"

"No, I'm going there now."


The woman sat in a corner of the room, quietly watching the man pack his things in a hurry.

She is a woman with good looks. Although the years of poverty have made her a little rough, she is still a beautiful woman. She came out to run for life very early, so the woman has not studied for a few years, but she is a sensible person, never noisy, and not a person who likes to quarrel with others. She always has a smile on her face, lightly, And there is an aura of forbearance hidden inside.

The man quickly packed up.

"Then…I'm leaving." A little embarrassed.

The woman stood up hastily.

"Is everything packed?" The voice was full of reluctance.

"Yeah." It was crisp and – cold.


"What else? I'm pressed for time." The man said impatiently. Hurry up, hurry up, get out of this small, crowded room.

"Let me give it to you." The woman begged softly.

The man was stunned for a moment and did not respond. He only nodded slightly.

The two of them walked silently on the street with the lights on, speechless.

The man secretly glanced at the woman, who was walking in a daze, like a zombie, with her eyes open blankly, not even blinking. It had been a long time since I had taken a good look at her, and she suddenly looked so haggard. The man felt a little sad.

"Just send it here." The man grabbed the woman who was still walking forward.

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The woman's hand was cold and clammy. The man retracted his hand as if frightened, turned sideways and began to say:

"I know, I'm very sorry for you. You have suffered so much with me, and I should have treated you well… But don't worry! I can't treat you badly in the future. I will help you buy a big house of 100 square meters. Every day I send money to you every month. You don’t have to go out to work anymore, you can just enjoy the happiness at home…"

The man kept talking, initially apologetic, but gradually his voice became more and more excited. The woman stood aside and listened to the man's speech without any reaction.

"…Don't blame me. We can't be tied together until we die. Now that I can stand up and stand out, it's not a bad thing for you. You have been with me for so long, and I will never leave you alone." ."

A long while.

"Can I hug you again?" the woman asked quietly, her eyes filled with sadness.

The man hesitated and nodded slightly.

The woman stretched out her pale and skinny arms.

A cold hug.

A taxi approaches.

The man hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop her, "I'm going to take the car." The man pulled away and left, unwilling to leave any more warmth, and never looked back.

The car drove like wind into the dark night, and the woman still stretched out her hands blankly, condensing into a lonely black shadow.

The man sat in the back seat with his arms and legs stretched out.

How dare you reach out to hail a car before? Every morning I get up early and go to the crowded minibus, fighting for a seat like an ignorant shrew. When I get off the bus, my cheap suit has been crumpled into a piece of crumpled paper. After more than ten years of hard work, he was now a great young man with a bright future. He worked hard to get into a big company but was depressed. He was always on the bottom step of a high-rise building. Everyone was stepping on it, and he had to help others dust off the steps with a smile. Do evil!

But eventually someone picked him up as a treasure. When the president's daughter took him to a high-end restaurant on her arm, the upper-class people who had stepped heavily on his head suddenly had to rely on him, with their flattering faces smiling like dogs. Despicable! People's hearts turn faster than a helm in the wind! But it’s also fun! It turns out that walking on people is so satisfying, it’s so addictive!

"No need to look for it." Throwing down a large bill, the man got out of the car gracefully.

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The novel about the ghost bride_The ghost bride listens to the book_The ghost-eyed bride listens to the novel’/>

This is how to be a human being! Keep your waist as straight as you want, and raise your head as high as you want! If you keep your head down all day long, no matter how much dignity you have, it will all fall to the ground and become a piece of grass! This is the life that I should live, and I am a talented person. Why can't I get ahead?

The man stopped in front of a mansion. The palace-like house is splendid, brightly lit, and when I passed by it in the past, I felt it was getting filthy. I never imagined that one day I would live here. The usually high-spirited manager came out to greet him in person, treated him respectfully, and treated him like an ancestor. snort! Snob! However, the man then thought about it and realized that he was not a dog, a dog used to please the lady. Like the poodle held in the hands of a lady, she is pampered and given everything she wants. Others are amazed and compliment her, bending her waist even lower than the dog. yes! Even as a dog, you can sometimes lift your head higher than a human. I used to live a worse life than a dog.

The man gradually calmed down.

Everything always comes with a price.

Early the next morning, the man received an emergency call from the police station, with a thrilling "ring ringing sound".

When we rushed there, the woman was already lying cold in the gloomy morgue.

"There was a traffic accident, but the driver was not at fault. Witnesses said she was walking in the middle of the road as if she was lost. Calling her was useless, and finally something happened." The policeman briefly told the man what happened.

"Who is she?" Finally, she couldn't help but ask curiously, "She only has your phone number in her bag."

"She is my…ex-wife…"

The man's eyes were blank, and the policeman walked away knowingly.

The woman lay there like a piece of white paper, a crack on her forehead was shockingly red, and her two big eyes were open and refused to close.

His first wife had just concluded a sincere engagement with her yesterday, and today they were separated forever.

The man stared straight into those absent-minded eyes.

Her shoulders shrugged, and a tear fell on the woman's face. It rolled into the deep wound, and when it came out, it was already blood.

When he returned, the man had a calm look on his face, and he felt more relaxed than ever before while holding the young lady in his arms. The death of his wife seemed to be a passport for him to join the upper class society.

One month later, he married the young lady and became a father-in-law; he was promoted from the lowest level to the general manager; three months later, he learned the behavior of all the playboys, and he was already coaxing and cheating on the young lady, and secretly flirting with female stars. He was living a life of luxury and wealth, living a life as gorgeous as a floating dream, but having a wife was just a bubble in the past gloomy life, swaying up to the surface of the water, and when it burst, it was just a ball of air.

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The novel about the ghost bride_The ghost bride listens to the book_The ghost-eyed bride listens to the novel’/>

The days passed with golden light.

That day, a man was having a passionate fight with a porn star on the dance floor. Suddenly he heard a faint sigh in his ears. He raised his head and saw a figure with a longing look and big sad eyes. It turned out to be his wife!

The man was immediately out of his mind. He pushed the octopus-like porn star away anxiously, and stumbled out of the dance floor with a livid face.

"Qiao Qiqiao, are you leaving so early today?"

"Qiao Qiqiao, what's wrong? Did you bump into Madam's spy?"

"Qiao Qiqiao,…"

The man was driving wildly on the night road as if he was in a nightmare, with gusts of cold wind blowing into his body from his armpits, making his hair stand on end. I encountered a ghost, and I bumped into my wife for no apparent reason. Maybe he was someone with a similar face to her? The man comforted himself, but unexpectedly he heard another faint sigh. He was so shocked that his scalp stiffened, his hands trembled, and he turned the wrong steering wheel and rushed towards the center of the road.

"Chirp————" A harsh braking sound.

The man was sweating profusely and collapsed on the car seat. The only sound around him was the night wind. The man thought he was dead, but there was a burning pain on his forehead. When he touched it, his hands were full of blood, and he realized that he should not die. He rolled his eyes feebly, but his wife's soul was still beside him, still looking at him sadly without saying a word.

The man reached out and easily penetrated his wife's body. The man was horrified and waved his hands hysterically, "Go away! Go away! Why do you stay in this world after you die! Do you want to ask for your life? It's not me who killed you! I said I wanted to compensate you. of……"

The woman remained silent just as she had listened to the man's promise that day.

The man shouted until his voice became hoarse.

After that night, I saw the woman's soul every day. In broad daylight, he stayed close to her. The strange thing was that others didn't notice and continued to joke with him through the woman's soul.

Only he can see her!

When alone, the man would kowtow and implore the woman to leave. He would invite a mage from time to time to save the souls of the dead, which aroused the lady's suspicion and dissatisfaction. He himself was exhausted both mentally and physically, and he was in a daze.

"What is your nostalgia for?"

The ghost bride listens to the book_The novel about the ghost bride_The ghost-eyed bride listens to the novel

"What I owe you in this life will be repaid in the next life!"

"Are you determined to torture me to death before you are willing to do it?"

Women should never say a word, just sigh and stare at him resentfully. Sometimes a man seems to be dazzled and catches a glimpse of tears glistening in a woman's eyes. How is that possible? A female ghost who complained about herself would shed tears?

As time went by, the soul of his wife did not show any harmful behavior, and the man gradually got used to it. He just thought that there was a heavy shadow behind him, and he continued to live in luxury.

In winter, the CEO and his family are going to the South for vacation and take the 12:00 flight. The young lady had made an appointment with a group of ladies in high spirits early in the morning, and was going to have morning tea and bond before leaving. The man fell on the bed still dazed from his hangover. I woke up sleepily. It was already 10 o'clock. I looked around and saw that the woman was still beside me.

The man went to wash himself up, looked at the woman, became mischievous, and asked playfully:

"Let the ghost-eyed bride listen to the novel . I will leave this city today, so you won't follow me. Do you want to take a plane?"

Uncharacteristically, the woman took a quick step, and the man's eyes were blurred, and his hair and clothes had all been messed up by the woman.

The man was taken aback, and then shouted angrily, "What are you doing, don't you want me to go on vacation with her? She is already dead, what else can't you think about? The paper money I gave you on your birthday and death anniversary It won’t burn less, what else are you dissatisfied with?”

The woman just looked at him, and once the man tidied up, she went to make trouble again. The man saw that time was slowly passing by, and he was afraid that he would miss his flight, so he became anxious and stopped tidying up. He just rushed out, but was bounced back by a strong force. inside the house. The man gasped in fear, and the woman looked at him with determination, refusing to let him leave the room.

One hour, two hours, three hours…the plane had already departed, and the man looked at the woman hatefully, daring to be angry but afraid to speak.

"Now you are satisfied!" Finally, he couldn't swallow this breath.

The woman slowly walked towards the man, and suddenly stretched out a pair of pale hands , caressing his face gently, once, once, so tenderly. In a trance, the man seems to have returned to those days and nights in the past. No matter how tired and grievances he feels, when he returns home, he can finally rest in the warm embrace of a woman.

The man felt inexplicably moved and nostalgic in his heart. It had been a long time since his new life had provided him with fine clothing and food, but it had never given him such peace of mind as it did now. The man raised his head and tried to hold the woman, but failed.

Women are gradually becoming transparent.

The ghost bride listens to the book_The novel about the ghost bride_The ghost-eyed bride listens to the novel

She smiled faintly at the man, like a beautiful and beautiful flower that gradually bloomed until it withered. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a drop of warm tears fell on the man's palm.

The woman completely disappeared.

The man sat in a daze, holding a broken tear that had turned cold in his hand, as if he had had a bizarre dream.

After finally coming back to his senses, it was already getting dark, so he hurried to the airport in a hurry.

When we arrived at the airport, there was chaos. Some people were sitting in despair, while a few were crying and screaming. The man was confused and grabbed a man in uniform.

"You don't know yet!" the staff member said in surprise.


"Something happened. The 12 o'clock flight crashed not long after its flight. Tsk tsk, no one survived…"

The man felt that all the blood in his body had left his body, and he could no longer hear anything. He could only see the staff's lips moving on their own.

The man understands everything.

She came to save him!

It turned out to be him who my wife couldn’t forget!

I remembered that beautiful smile and the last gentle touch.

My first wife has left and will never come back.

The man covered his face, squatted on the ground and started crying.

His first wife once told her that she should "hold your son's hand and grow old with him" and once told her that "no matter how difficult it is, we must support each other and never leave." His first wife. He still thought about his first wife until he died!

The man fell to his knees and burst into tears. The people around him suddenly became quiet, looking at this grief-stricken man with great sympathy. Tears were streaming down his face. They couldn't stop for a long time, and couldn't stop for a long time…

—Time Ghost—

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