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"Get out of here right now, that thing – it's in the room!" Zhuang Qin turned around and hugged Lin Yue'er, covering the girl's sight with his body, not wanting too much blood to stimulate and pollute her clear eyes. Being embraced by his strong arms, Lin Yue'er let out a desperate sigh in shock, lost her footing and collapsed in Zhuang Qin's arms.

Zhuang Qin ignored Lin Yue'er's misunderstanding at this time. The horrific scene in the room left a strong mark on his heart. Facing the terrifying bloodthirsty person who came and went without a trace, no matter as a person, As a doctor or as a man, he has the responsibility and obligation to protect the girl as tender as a flower in his arms. He took Lin Yue'er and took a few steps forward, then stopped.

A man with a cold expression stood in front of them, blocking Zhuang Qin's way. Looking at Zhuang Qin and Lin Yue'er in Zhuang Qin's arms, he snorted, walked forward calmly, and stretched out his hand to Zhuang Qin. He held out a hand: "Yue'er, why don't you introduce your friend to me? Should I express my gratitude and gratitude for him taking care of you for me?"

This man is Tang Yuanren, Lin Yuer's husband.

Tang Yuanren is tall and rude. At first glance, he looks like an uneducated rough man. In fact, he is. He started out as a painter and accumulated wealth by any means, and finally became a rich man. Rich people all have a smart mind. Tang Yuanren was very aware of his own shortcomings. For him, Lin Yue'er was not only a beautiful toy, but also a way to improve his personal taste. But in front of him, this overestimating man actually put his hand in He fell into his bed, which made him feel even more embarrassed.

Tang Yuanren suddenly appeared here, which surprised Lin Yue'er. She thought he really went to another place as he said, but now she realized that this was just a trap to confirm whether she was loyal to him. The horror that had just happened at home The strange thing was making her panic. When she saw Tang Yuanren, she didn't realize the significance of it.

Seeing Lin Yue'er stunned but unable to think of an explanation for the embarrassing situation in front of her, Zhuang Qin had no choice but to smile bitterly, put Lin Yue'er down, and took a step forward to introduce himself: "Zhuang Qin, Ms. Lin's doctor." The meaning of this sentence was to remind the rude man in front of him to pay attention to the injury of Lin Yuer's left ear, but Tang Yuanren didn't even look at Lin Yuer, and his thick palm immediately grasped Zhuang Qin's slender hand. , he wanted to teach this young man a lesson, telling him to be careful when he flirts with women in the future. Huh, how dare you flirt with his Tang Yuanren woman? Just kidding, Tang Yuanren is not someone to be bullied.

Suddenly feeling the force of Tang Yuanren's palm, Zhuang Qin's heart trembled. He knew that this man had misunderstood him, but he had no time to explain. This guy's palm was as thick as a bear's paw and extremely powerful. He had to use all his strength to compete with him. .

Tang Yuanren was sneering. He wanted to crush this man's hand bones with all his strength so that he would remember him forever. He tried harder and harder, but was surprised to find that he seemed to be holding a piece of hard iron in his hand, and he was unable to achieve his goal. He was not good at hiding his emotions and looked down in surprise.

Zhuang Qin smiled: "I am a doctor, and this hand is used to hold the scalpel." This sentence is both true and false. He is a doctor, but not a surgeon. He just wants to remind this sudden appearance man, reminding him that his approach was too reckless.

Realizing that he could not achieve his goal, Tang Yuanren let go of his hand angrily and turned to Lin Yue'er: "Yue'er, there is something I must remind you. Maybe you still can't convince yourself to fall in love with me, but our marriage is a fact, and what's more important is What’s more, you have the reason and obligation to remain loyal during the contract period agreed between you and me.”

Lin Yue'er lowered her head, her pale lips trembled and remained silent. Tang Yuanren glanced at Zhuang Qin coldly, and continued: "You must have a conscience and a grateful heart. If it weren't for me, Tang Yuanren, who paid 600,000 yuan for your father's surgery two years ago, your My father may not even have ashes left now. And the price for my help is our marriage. This is clearly written in the contract. I don’t want you to be accused of ingratitude because of the breach of contract."

Zhuang Qin stood aside, and the more he listened, the more bizarre it became. It turned out that Lin Yue'er was willing to become a canary. It was not because this girl was greedy for vanity. There was such a reason. He took a step forward: "Wait a minute, Mr. Tang, I think you may have overlooked one thing. Marriage and love are not a transaction that can be clearly marked with a price."

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There was a disdainful sneer on Tang Yuanren's lips: "Young man, you know nothing. When you reach my age, you will know everything. Remember one sentence, rich and successful people like us will never He would say stupid things like money can't buy everything." Then his domineering eyes turned to Lin Yue'er: "Okay Mrs. Lin, the happy game is over now, let's go home." After saying that, his thick arms Without any explanation, she grabbed Lin Yue'er's slender waist and walked back to the room.

Zhuang Qin followed two steps behind: "Mr. Tang, I find that it's not that you don't love your wife, but there is something wrong with your way of expressing it. Why do you have to remind her that you have helped her before, thus psychologically oppressing her?" What? You love her, isn't that everything?"

Tang Yuanren turned around and smiled at Zhuang Qin. He really wanted to tell this ignorant young man that an outstanding man like him, Tang Yuanren, has an endless desire to pursue beautiful women. Recently, he just had an affair with a girl named Yi. Liz's Spanish girl is caught up in a passion and is planning to divorce Lin Yuer, and divorce means the division of property, which Tang Yuanren doesn't like. Fortunately, Lin Yue'er exposed Zhuang Qin in front of her eyes, which made Tang Yuanren feel a strange sense of gratitude towards Zhuang Qin, so he just grinned but couldn't explain much.

Seeing that Tang Yuanren and Lin Yuer were about to enter the room, Zhuang Qin was shocked and hurried forward to stop Tang Yuanren: "Mr. Tang, you can't go in."

Tang Yuanren looked at him in surprise, then at the pale Lin Yue'er, and asked in confusion: "Why? This is my home."

"You know what it is in the room. It eats people. It has bitten off one of Ms. Lin's ears and just ate a cat."

Only then did Tang Yuanren notice the bandage on Lin Yue'er's ear, and his expression changed involuntarily: "What is it? So scary?"

Zhuang Qin shook his head: "I don't know either, but judging from the mangy cat that was cannibalized cleanly, it should be a creature similar to the man-eating ants in Africa."

"Man-eating ant?" Tang Yuanren was startled for a moment, turned around and glanced at the towering urban buildings all around, and couldn't help laughing loudly: "Your name is Zhuang Qin, right? Hahaha, I must admit, Yue'er's There is something wrong with your appreciation. Please get out of the way." After saying that, he bumped Zhuang Qin with his shoulder, pushed Zhuang Qin aside, took out the key and opened the door.

Zhuang Qin couldn't stop Tang Yuanren from entering his room, but he still refused to give up and followed behind: "Mr. Tang, you don't have to believe me, but I want to ask you to take a look at the blood splattered in this room. Look at that poor one that was cannibalized to nothing but its skeleton…" His voice suddenly stopped and he looked at the room in infinite surprise.

The room was littered with cat hairs here and there, but there was no blood, not even a drop of blood stain. Zhuang Qin shuddered involuntarily. What kind of terrifying monster could lick all the blood stains so cleanly in such a short period of time?


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A pair of lips were caressing her cheeks. The movements were light and the skin was intoxicated. Lin Yue'er couldn't help but moan. She has a sensitive constitution and a light sleep. She always has trouble sleeping and will be awakened by the slightest movement. However, the movement of this lip kiss is so gentle, as if it has a slight electric current, which soothes her long-term loneliness and weakens it. Her alertness and sleepiness could not help but deepen.

Those gentle lips moved to her earlobes. Instantly, her whole body was numb and tingling, and her body trembled involuntarily. Who was this person? Is it Tang Yuanren? Or Tang Yuanyi? She couldn't be sure that the two brothers had the same gentle appearance, but they were completely opposite in their sexual behavior. Tang Yuanren was like a piece of ice. His indifferent indifference would make Lin Yueer fall into his arms involuntarily and crazily. Tang Yuanyi was like a ball of fire, rolling up on the ground and melting every inch of her body.

The figure in the dream was blurry and could not be confirmed, but Lin Yue'er's hazy consciousness still remained somewhat clear. She knew that this person was not Tang Yuanren or Tang Yuanyi, so who was he? Could it be the young man I met in the bar last night?

Yes, that's him. At that time, he was sitting on his seat, with a pair of misty eyes on his quiet and delicate cheeks. His eyelashes were as long as a shy girl. When his eyes met hers, she saw him raising his wine glass to her. He gestured with a smile. His smile had an irresistible power, which instantly defeated Lin Yue'er's reserve.

Lin Yue'er had forgotten how she walked to his seat. She only remembered that she was sitting opposite him, looking at the man's face in rapt attention. She was conquered by his elegant demeanor and his sunny smile. Fascinated by her, his voice was so gentle and sweet, and his eyes were so hot and full of passion. Lin Yue'er felt that her body was melting. Later, the man's hand lifted her up, and the warm man's gaze was intoxicating. Without her, she was already on an unstable footing.

The man took her all the way back home.

In the dream, Lin Yue'er's eyelids suddenly jumped. No, no. After the man sent her back, he poured a glass of water for her and asked her to drink it. Then he carried her to the bed, covered her with a quilt, locked the door and left. . His name is Zhuang Qin. He is a gentleman, a man with a proud temperament. He does his own thing and does not avoid suspicion, but he will never take advantage of others' danger. So that means… who is this person who is igniting the passion of her life with his graceful movements? How did he get in?

Lin Yue'er woke up suddenly. In that moment, the tender caress on her left ear turned into severe and heartbreaking pain. She screamed involuntarily and sat up from the bed.

The light in the room was dim, only the wall lamp was turned on, and the door to the living room was open. The soft light shined through, reflecting a crystal as transparent as crystal in the living room. It was Lin Yue'er's Purple Moon Orchid, her most beloved. things. She gasped in shock and vaguely saw a pair of exquisite high heels outside the door with the help of reflected light. She remembered that these were the men named Zhuang Qin who took them off for her after he sent her back. He did not take these shoes off. He threw it casually beside the bed, which shows that he is a careful man.

A man like this is a rare thing in this world.

Lin Yue'er couldn't help but feel a little sad. A woman like her is like a canary in a cage, like a beautiful goldfish in a fish tank. She can only be kept by wealthy men. Apart from that, she has no other choice. Survival ability, this situation determines that she and Zhuang Qin can only meet by fate but cannot be together. Life has too much helplessness, and Lin Yue'er has long been accustomed to this helpless reality.

She was too infatuated last night. Lin Yue'er lifted up the quilt and put a snow-white foot on the carpet. The elegance of the man Zhuang Qin made her forget everything. She didn't even feed Ziyue Lanzhu, laughing in her heart. Following her own willfulness, Lin Yue'er jumped out of bed and jumped a little. She has a body as elastic as a mermaid, exquisite and convex, slender, full of vitality, and as beautiful as orchid. She is more infatuated with her perfect body than anyone else. … Her admiring eyes fell on her chest, but she was suddenly stunned.

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She saw blood!

Blood was flowing down her shoulder, and it had been flowing for a while, but because the warm comfort numbed her consciousness, she didn't even notice it.

Only then did she suddenly remember the severe pain in her left ear when she was born. Her hands trembled and she tentatively touched her left ear.

The beautifully curved, tender and round ear was gone, and she could only touch a piece of torn flesh.

Staring blankly at her hand covered in fuzzy flesh and blood, a long time passed before Lin Yue'er felt the heart-wrenching pain at the wound and screamed uncontrollably.


"Maybe it came from the sewer pipe," Lin Yue'er had a bandage on her left ear. She looked indescribably weird. As she spoke, she opened the bathroom door, looked inside, and suddenly saw A pair of his shorts were casually hanging on the bathtub. His face couldn't help but blush. He hurriedly closed the door and walked to the kitchen door: "Maybe it ran in from the drainage pipe. That mouse, wait until I wake up." By the time, it had bitten off my ear and ran away."

"No matter where the mouse came from, the most urgent task now is to find the bitten off ear as soon as possible, otherwise the opportunity for transplantation will be missed."

Following Lin Yue'er was Zhuang Qin, who was holding a mangy cat in his arms. Last night he took a break and went to the bar to relax his overstretched nerves. He accidentally met Lin Yue'er. The enthusiasm and impulsiveness of this beautiful girl made him very embarrassed, but he was also very touched. However, he was a traditionalist. A man who couldn't convince himself to indulge or do irresponsible things, so he sent Lin Yue'er home and left politely.

Unexpectedly, he had just taken a shower when he returned to his home. When he was about to fall asleep, the phone rang suddenly. It was from the emergency room. The nurse said that there was a strange patient in the hospital. The doctor on duty could not handle it alone. Please call Zhuang. Qin hurried back. When Zhuang Qin arrived at the hospital, put on a white coat and hurried into the treatment room, he was surprised to find that the patient was Lin Yue'er whom he had just sent home.

Lin Yue'er's injuries were really serious. Her entire left ear was bitten off by some ferocious animal, and a piece of skin on her cheek was also torn off. Zhuang Qin carefully inspected Lin Yue'er's wound and found that it was covered with fine tooth marks. Judging from the tooth marks distributed on the wound, Lin Yue'er's left ear was obviously not bitten off in one bite, but was gradually eaten away from the outside to the inside by that hateful animal.

In other words, Lin Yue'er's ears were eaten bit by bit. This process should be very long. The strange thing is, how come Lin Yue'er didn't feel it during such a long time of nibbling?

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Lin Yue'er was frightened to death. Her body couldn't help twitching. Tears welled up in her eyes. She grabbed Zhuang Qin's hand and refused to let go. Zhuang Qin knew what she needed most at this time. Even for comfort, he had to bite the bullet and let Lin Yue'er hold his hand in front of everyone, but he was thinking about the scene he saw at Lin Yue'er's house not long ago.

Although Lin Yue'er lives alone in a huge mansion, she doesn't have any cats or dogs. She only has an expensive purple moon orchid in the fish tank in the living room. This kind of ornamental fish is popular as a pet in Europe. The price on the market is as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lin Yue'er is just a twenty-year-old girl with no career and no marriage. How can she afford a luxury house and raise such valuable ornamental fish? Zhuang Qin knew that this mansion was just a larger and more gorgeous fish tank, and Lin Yue'er was just a goldfish kept in the tank.

If the beauty of an aquarium fish is irreparably damaged, its value will plummet.

However, regardless of whether Zhuang Qin agrees with Lin Yue'er's way of living, as a doctor, he has the responsibility to help patients get rid of pain. What's more, Lin Yue'er regards him as the only friend who can turn to him in this situation. Zhuang Qin Qin also cannot let his friends down.

Holding Lin Yue'er's delicate palm tightly, Zhuang Qin began to calmly consider how to handle the matter.

There may be a glimmer of hope. The man-eating creature may not have bitten all of Lin Yue'er's ear and swallowed it. Maybe it just bit off the ear and dragged it into its cave to store it. And this animal… The most likely possibility is that it's a rat, maybe a mother rat that's pregnant with pups. So Zhuang Qin borrowed a mangy cat from a friend overnight and sent Lin Yuer back home, hoping to catch the man-eating rat.

To catch mice, you must use a mangy cat. Because pet cats are too cute and are good at pleasing their owners, they have achieved a pampered and comfortable life. Instead, their ability to survive has completely deteriorated. Zhuang Qin once saw with his own eyes a grunt cat that was scared out of its wits by a few mice. It huddled in a corner and did not dare to move. It was bitten by the vicious mice until its fur was messy and blood was everywhere. Because of their unsightly appearance, the mangy cats are not loved by humans, so they are forced to survive on their own, and their instinct to catch mice is getting stronger and stronger.

The mangy cat borrowed by Zhuang Qin was indescribably ugly. Lin Yue'er didn't like its straight-faced look, but in order to find her missing ears, she had no choice but to allow it. An ugly stupid cat entered his house. But the thing is strange. As soon as the mangy cat was put down, he quickly ran into the bedroom, jumped onto the top of the wardrobe, purred, and refused to come down.

Lin Yue'er wanted to find something to knock down the mangy cat, but Zhuang Qin stopped her: "Look," he said, "There seems to be something in your room."

Lin Yue'er took a closer look and found that it was indeed true. The fur on the mangy cat's body was standing on end, and its tail was hanging straight up, as hard as a gun. Its green eyes stared straight into the living room, and there was clearly something that made it feel scared.

Infected by the appearance of the mangy cat, Zhuang Qin and Lin Yue'er couldn't help but become nervous. They walked into the living room and took a closer look, but found nothing unusual.

Observing the living room carefully, Zhuang Qin had to admit that Lin Yue'er was a girl with very aesthetic taste. The layout in the living room is very casual and full of personality. All the furniture is placed asymmetrically, the fabric sofas are arranged in a fan shape, and unique flower plants are placed on some walls. The style and the environment form a strong conflict, and the one near the door Several classical tables, flower stands and 20-style classical style multi-drawer cabinets cleverly unify the overall style.

<img src='https://i1.hdslb.com/bfs/archive/96b8c10084351151050ae108e72e32dd4768a7bc.jpg' alt='


Although the living room is gorgeous and exquisite, there are no signs of life except for the purple moon orchid in the round fish tank. At this time, the beautiful Purple Moon Orchid was swimming slowly in the fish tank. Its color was a brilliant purple and golden yellow. It had three wide tails and red pom-poms on the nostril folds. It was beautiful. The most beautiful of all goldfish. Looking at the leisurely Ziyue Lanzhu, Zhuang Qin couldn't help but feel confused. Everything was normal here. What made the mangy cat so nervous?

"Maybe it's because of the unfamiliar environment?" In order to comfort Lin Yue'er, who turned pale with fright, Zhuang Qin explained vaguely: "Don't pay attention to it, maybe it will be fine after a while."

After a while, the mangy cat got under the bed and became silent. Zhuang Qin and Lin Yue'er chatted for a while. Looking at the girl's fiery eyes, Zhuang Qin couldn't help but panic. The injured Lin Yue'er looked even more pitiful. The charm of desire made him confused. For fear that he couldn't control it, he stood up in a panic: "That mouse…it will take time for the mangy cat to catch it…we… Um…should we go out to eat something first?"

Lin Yue'er pursed her seductive lips and naughtily leaned her soft body towards Zhuang Qin: "No, I'm a little tired."

"You should eat first if you are tired," Zhuang Qin simply closed his eyes, dragged Lin Yue'er out and locked the door. The mangy cat quickly jumped out from under the bed, wanting to go out with them. , but it was a step slower and was locked in the room by Zhuang Qin. It let out a burst of frightened screams and scratched the door with its claws uneasily.

Zhuang Qin took Lin Yue'er to eat in a restaurant outside. Lin Yue'er felt tired and hinted several times to him to send her back. Zhuang Qin's heart was beating wildly, knowing that if he went back, things might go wrong. He couldn't control her, but he couldn't just leave her behind, so he had no choice but to finally return to Lin Yue'er's home after several delays.

Opening the door, Lin Yue'er's eyes widened in surprise. She was so frightened that she could not utter a exclamation.

"What's wrong?" Zhuang Qin hurriedly protected her and looked into the room. A strong smell of blood hit his nose. The tragic sight made him groan involuntarily.


There was splattered blood everywhere in the room, on the walls, on the carpet, and on the ceiling. The blood was scattered with messy and dirty cat fur. The mangy cat only had a snow-white skeleton left, showing a twisted and struggling posture, and was abandoned on the snow-white bed. The bones are still connected, as if they were carefully set up by the murderer.

Zhuang Qin held his breath and slowly took a step towards the room. No matter what the ferocious bloodthirsty was, it was definitely not a mouse. Even if it was a mouse, there was no way it could eat the muscles on the skeleton so cleanly.

His absent-minded eyes fell on the round fish tank. The water in the fish tank was clear, like an intoxicating crystal. The beautiful purple moon orchid was swimming leisurely in the water. Her two protruding eyes met Zhuang Qin and then drifted away. It was just a deformed fish, nothing more.

Zhuang Qin's eyes were fixed on the Purple Moon Lanzhu. It was obvious that the carnivorous killer who hunted the mangy cat was jealous of water, so this beautiful goldfish would be safe and sound. This was a reflection of the current bloody incident. one of the explanations.

Apart from this, no more reasonable explanation can be found than this inference.

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